Spelunky Lands on PS3 and PS Vita Today

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Spelunky Lands on PS3 and PS Vita Today

Spelunky is arriving on PlayStation Store today for PS Vita and PS3. As part of PS Vita Summer Select, PS Plus members will receive 20% off through September 2nd! Yay!

This is Spelunky’s PlayStation debut as well as its handheld debut. It also happens to be the first game I’ve ever released on a handheld, which is personally very exciting, as portable gaming has been such a big part of my life. And I can’t think of a better game or system to do this with!

Spelunky has two qualities that make it a great portable experience, in my opinion. On the one hand, it’s very much a classic arcade game – challenging, but short. It may take you a thousand tries to finally beat it, but each run will last under an hour (some only a few seconds!). On the other hand, Spelunky also borrows a lot from roguelikes, like the randomization, freedom of choice, and numerous, surprising possibilities. The result, I hope, is a game that you will play for years and years on your Vita: on your bed, on the train, and abroad (maybe even in a real cave somewhere?).

Spelunky on PS Vita

Spelunky on PS VitaSpelunky on PS Vita

BlitWorks has done a wonderful job on the port, making it feel right at home on PSN. It looks and sounds great. And since Spelunky features Cross-Buy and Cross-Play, you’ll be able to buy the game once and immediately play some ad-hoc multiplayer between your PS3 and Vita. Also, on Vita you’re no longer tethered to the “leader” player during cooperative play – because you have your own screen, you’ll be able to move around each level freely. Use that newfound ability to scout around and clear the way for your friends… or, if you’re feeling mischievous, to create havoc and grab items before they can get to them!

A big thanks to PlayStation, BlitWorks, and all the fans for making this happen. And to the PS3 and Vita owners who are about to enter the caves for the first time: enjoy! You’re getting a great edition of Spelunky. I’ll be pissing off shopkeepers right alongside you.

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  • derek saw with anthony carboni on rev3 ages ago, love your work, you seem like a really awesome and talented guy.. bought the vita/steam/xbla version.

    would love the daily challenges for vita if at all possible. looking forward to whatever you think up in the future!

  • @Amir_G_M_US

    You’ve got to take into account the first year of the PSP did NOT have Final Fantasy Dissidia, Disgaea, Assassin’s Creed, God of War, Uncharted, or LBP, either. And we have ALL of those able to played on the Vita.
    Give it a little more time.

    As for discounting “SNES” games, a la indie games… that doesn’t make any sense.. These are different experiences we exclusively receive from Sony and their indie partners that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.. The big name third parties are ignoring the Vita because the install base is low.. This is a good way to raise install base.. and thus raising third party awareness– Getting us big name AAA games in the mid-life and late-life of the Vita. Expect the largest games to come to the Vita soon. Killzone Merc will launch that.

  • Very much looking forward to this! When will it be out in the UK store??

  • I’ve been wanting to pick this up, and couch co-op with my BF and my Vita sounds great, but I read that in other versions you can’t save co-op progress like opening shortcuts. Is that still the case here?

  • no online play = sad…

    otherwise nice game

  • Waiting until late Monday to buy…just in case US PS+ decides to IGC this title. Looks fun though!

  • @Derek Yu, I’m not sure if you’re still reading posts, but if so — thank you, sir, for a wonderful game. I enjoyed the classic version a lot, and I held out on buying the HD version until it made it to the Playstation, because I really felt like the Vita would be the best way to experience this game.

    So far, I feel justified – it looks and plays really well! I can’t wait to try out the multiplayer.

    I hope that the trend of making these indie titles cross-buy for the PS3 and Vita holds up. Spelunky, Retro City Rampage and Sound Shapes have all made cross-buy one of my favorite features for the Playstation Network titles (since I can have the exact same game experience on my TV or handheld without needing to buy the same game twice), and I’d love to see downloadable games from developers like Capcom and Konami following suit.

    (For example, Bionic Commando: Rearmed, Mega Man 9 and 10, Rocket Knight and Contra would all be well-suited to the Vita and a much better value with cross-buy.)

  • At those holding out for the IGC — I’d wager that Spelunky won’t join those ranks for awhile. $11.99 (for Plus members) is a great price for a game that will consume dozens of hours of your life, and it’s always good to support the developers who work so hard to bring these games to us so they can continue to make great games.

    Sony’s also been doing a better job recently of letting indie titles sit on the shelf for a bit before bringing them to the IGC… I’d expect to see titles like Journey, Tokyo Jungle or Sound Shapes hit before anything that’s been released this summer.

  • Great game. Kicks me in ass though. D;

  • Please, I beg you! Add the Daily Challenge to PS3/VITA !

    I LOVE this game! Great work!

  • I bought Spelunky a couple days ago, I was having a blast, then I found a character. My heart leaped with joy! Yet when I went back to the menu to choose to play as that character, a bunch of other hard-to-get characters were there, unlocked. (Such as the gold man, ninja, robot etc.) I tried re-installing the game, but my data was saved, even though it says it would delete all save data. This kinda ruins some of the potential replay of the game for me, but it doesn’t completely ruin the game. But if there was a way to reset character data so I can get them legit, that’d be awesome!

  • Theere is a glitch with cross buy. If you have the demo you can only download 1 version. Also spelunker hd is a snes game while spelunky is a indie game for those confused.

  • When is Spelunky coming to PSN Asia? Any news?

  • I have been playing this game so much on Vita and PS3 (mostly Vita). Also the Vita+PS3 coop is soooo good. My kids and have a blast with that. I’m well over 800 plays now. :) I’ll put in another vote for the Daily Challenge. I am so envious of PC players because of that. But in all other respects this game is fantastic on Vita.

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