Project Diva F Out Today on PS3: Hatsune Miku Hits the Stage!

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Project Diva F Out Today on PS3: Hatsune Miku Hits the Stage!

Hatsune Miku - Project DIVA F on PS3

At long last, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F is here! The game is in stores now, and will be available on the North American PlayStation Store later today. We’ve put together a new trailer, seen above, to celebrate the launch of the game. It features some amazing songs, and a look at both the “Miku Room” and “Edit Mode” features in the game.

In the “Miku Room”, you can interact with your favorite characters and fully customize their room with special themes, furniture, and more. You can also buy them gifts using your DIVA Points, and each will trigger a special event!

“Edit Mode” lets you create your very own Rhythm videos with any song you own. The possibilities are almost limitless, and your creativity will let you build the ultimate music video featuring your favorite music. You can upload your creations online to share with your friends and the world — we can’t wait to see the amazing videos you’re going to create!

A long time ago, we asked you on Facebook if you would support Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F. Your responses were overwhelming, and your voices combined into a song that paved the way for Miku’s first console game in the West. It’s because of you we’ve arrived here today, celebrating the release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F on PS3. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you all so much!

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  • This seems interesting indeed,at some point I may check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I really would have love to own a Hatsune Miku theme Vita, but those was sadly only available in Japan :(.

    Looking forward to my Hatsune Miku arrive from America and need to put the PS3 theme on :)

    • Ah, yes… those are really cool! I want one for my collection, too…

      Thank you for supporting the game, Artemis! :)

  • Will wait until VITA :)

    • No news on a VITA version, sorry! But as with the other comments, I’ll pass on internally that there are a lot of people who would love to see one.

  • @aaron: event the vita dlcsongs are in this game!? I’ve been sold for this game when it was announced and I’m so much more excited to pick this game up after work (pre-ordered on day it was available for pre-order) .

    So psyched! Love Miku!

    • Yes, that’s right. Songs like Senbonzakura, Tell Your World, etc – all are already on the disc in the PS3 version. :)

      Thanks again for supporting the game!

  • I’m very happy about this happening.Thank you Sega. I’ve been supporting since the first Facebook post, and with that, the rumors of maybe a port, and I was hooked from that point. Glad to see the process has been made, and ill be buying my copy later today, Thank you once again.

  • Ive waited so long and now its here!!!!!!!!

  • Seems like a rad game, I love Japanese music/games thank you Sony for give us more Japanese titles

  • My copy of the game is being shipped right now. I’ll be getting it later in the week.

    A quick question, will the gamestop DLC be released later on for those that didn’t get it from Gamestop?

    • Awesome, thank you for supporting the game!

      Yes – the Gamestop DLC (Snow Miku 2013 Costumes) will be releasing in the future for those who weren’t able to get it.

  • Please release the Vita version as well, even if it’s digital only. I have my wallet right here. With money in it. Waiting. If you want it, release Project Diva f on the Vita.

  • playstation peoples…you have 30 days to respond to this. then my trial is over and your losing money.

    music unlimted. like it, works. but i need something fixed. the screensaver. yes, that simple. that lame. but i’d like a remedy. it needs to be changed to an ‘on demand’ screensaver mode. i need to be able to hit a button, (2 or 3 even) and turn it on. because when i like/dislike something it cancels out and has to restart.

    so, 3 main options. 1:change it to an on command screensaver. 2: allow the up/down arrows to dislike/like NOT shut the screensaver off. 3:set the timer to something really low, 15 seconds or something.

    or lose a subscription. not an angry post, i enjoy all things sony. and i will continue to should this be done, or not. keep on keeping on.

    sorry to subvert this topic, didnt even read…no idea whats the main focus here. sorry…

    • Hi Passive – sorry, but nobody here is able to respond to that question… (I work at SEGA, actually.) You should definitely try sending a line to their customer service team, though. Best of luck!

  • Picking this up later today :D
    I’m really hoping that this’ll get DLC down the road though. I already own an imported copy of Project Diva f on Vita and DLC is the only thing I feel I’m missing out on.

    • Very nice. Thanks for your support, Bloo! :) And yes, that DLC from Japan (Snow Miku, and the Additional Characters Pack) will be releasing here in the West.

  • Two questions about the localized version:

    1. Is this multi-language (For examaple: Can we select the lyrics to be display in Japanese)?

    2. If I have the Japanese Vita version, will I be able to transfer the save to play on PS3 with this version like the Japanese version?

    • Good questions:

      1.) Lyrics are in Romaji only.

      2.) The Japanese VITA version won’t support save to play with the western PS3 version. (As you can probably imagine, this is for a number of reasons.)


  • oh, not just up/down arrows. EVERYTHING. friends coming online/offline/messages. anything shuts the freaking screesaver off. why??? why is that a thing? the music player when i play cds doesnt do that. i can hit the ps button and turn the screensaver on and it doesnt get interupted for anything.


    • Sorry, you’ll want to send a line in to Playstation customer support!

      I’m just the SEGA guy who’s here to talk about Miku. :)

  • anddddddd bought! Though almost no gamestops have it!! ANDDDD the one gamestop i went to had two extra copies and they told me they couldnt sell it until tomorrow??? Said her boss called this morning and told her not too sell them. But anywaysss found another location and got mine!:)

  • Thanks for helping in bringing the game over to the West, Aaron! It’s still pretty surreal that we’re getting a Miku game in English at all! You have my full support!

  • @64: it only came out today and copies are already hard to find? its like Last of Us all over again :P

    @aaron: hope you guys keep support this game series and thx for porting it over to the west!!

    I already have the JP version, but I will buy the US version(digital) today.
    double miku platinum :)
    waiting psn store update!!!!!

    • Awesome! Thanks Bahamut for double-dipping and supporting the Western release!

      Good luck on that double platinum. :)

  • I have achieved the platinum trophy for the Japanese version on my vita. If you guys can get a vita version in the NA region, I will pick up another copy to support this game. Unfortunately it’s released only on PS3 now. I really don’t know why people here prefer to play such kind of games on a console. If that’s because they don’t want to buy a vita, here is how I think about it: you (Sony and its partners) need to release more games on vita and attract more people to buy the system. You shouldn’t just wait for people to buy the system without releasing games.

  • I don’t have a PS3, but I do have a Vita, and it could always use more TLC ;-)

    Regardless of whether a potential Vita version arises, I wish Sega good luck for the PS3 version.

    Stay cool, Aaron!

  • I like to say thank you for bringing Project Diva to the states. :D I’m having a blast with this game, I have a question though. Are the dlc songs included in the game already?

    • You’re very welcome, Normal94! Glad to hear you’re having a great time.

      Yes – the songs which were DLC in the Japanese VITA version are already included on-disc with the PS3 copy!

  • Sega, I just wanna help you out with this comment, so you understand the Vita complaints better.
    Do you know how it feels to Vita owners when Namco said they won’t localize tales, how it felt when alot of Vita games won’t be localized, FF type 0 still hasn’t been localized, so many unplayable PSOne games on the Vita then when a game like this that quite a few vita owners said will never be localized, hear it’s being localized… but only on PS3, after this was done on a few games like One Piece. It’s mad frustrating, I buy quite a few Vita games just to support, and I actually hate Miku but I would have support anyways. But even so what makes it worse is PSN only releases at full price (If you guys bring any future games to Vita that’s more then $20 please have a physical version) Ohh and can you please let sega know SEGA Genesis collection is waiting to be accessible for PSVita from the PS Store (works with PS3 transfer only)

    • Thanks Teflon! I totally see where you’re coming from and we understand there are a ton of really strong VITA supporters out there who would love to see the game on that platform. I’ll pass on your feedback as well!

  • @e46vrdr my gamestop didn’t have any copies left either (except the preorder pickups of course).

    I may just settle for the digital version, but hopefully the file size isn’t too big.

    • Yes, the physical copies are going fast… hope you can find one nearby!

      Just in case, the file size will clock in right around 6GB.

  • Hey Aaron, damn i´ll have to buy the digital edition of the game (@overseas right now).

    ¿Does the digital edition of the game includes all the DLC´s?

    • Yes, if you buy the PSN version from the North American store, you’ll still have all the extra songs. The physical copy and the PSN version are one and the same… only the physical copies are perhaps a little shinier. :)

  • whoa 68 replies so far!! ok now i gotta check this game out since you’re so excited for it.

    • Haha, and more to come! My goal is to respond to every single person who comments here. Check out the demo and (if you like it) the full game!

  • Been waiting for a DIVA import for years now! XD
    Played DIVA, DIVA 2nd, and DIVA Extend demos, but never bought the games since they were only available in Japan, but today is the day I play F with English text! :D
    Gonna buy it off the PSN store sometime today. ^^

    You guys are so awesome! ^^
    Now I just gotta wait for the release of PSO2. c:

    • Excellent! Thanks for supporting us, Protiek! :) We’re excited to finally bring this game out for fans in the West!

  • i have played the demo, pretty challenging. i meant buying this game

  • So so soooo psyched to finally see Project Diva come to the States! My preorder shipped a couple days ago and the wait is killing me. Thank you so much for listening to the fans, Sega! I really hope this game does well enough to warrant another localization someday.

    • Awesome! Thanks for pre-ordering and supporting the game, NintendoNaut. :)

      You’re very welcome, and it’s thanks to fans like you that this game is releasing!

  • Thanks again sega. Its great to know we are still getting amazing Japanese games in the states. Looking forward to downloading on psn.

  • I can confirm that the game is really fun for those interested in the console version. It is unfortunate that Sega doesn’t want to even publish digitally on the Vita, though I’ll keep hope and otherwise I’ll just import f 2nd when it releases in japan. Thankfully the game doesn’t require any japanese knowledge (I can’t say this about other sega games I’d like to play though).

    Just a question, are the edit songs shared with the japanese versions, or is it separate?

  • Waiting for my pre-order to arrive =D Thanks SEGA … Please bring us the PS Vita versión and PSN avatars

  • Is the Toro/Kuro crossover song going to be available?

    • No news on this one, but the other DLC (Snow Miku 2013, and the Extra Characters Pack with Haku, Neru, and Teto) are confirmed!

  • I am so glad that this game is out. I had purchased both the vita and ps3 versions from Japan. To all complaining about it not being on the vita please realize that they are using the ps3 purchases as a testing ground so to speak. If the ps3 version sells well enough there is a greater chance that the vita version and maybe even the sequel will come to the NA and EU. I don’t know why all of you can’t just appreciate what we’ve been given and stop complaining. Anyway going to pick up my copy when I get off work.

  • Downloading right now :D

    Thanks so much for the localization! I already own the Japanese version, but I just have to support this.
    I don’t get all the hate concerning the Vita version. Seriously, it’s just logical to release such a niche title on the more popular platform first. It sucks for the Vita owners, but it’s not like Sega is at fault for the Vita sales being so horrible. Sony clearly has a lot to do in this regard, like pushing some first-party games on the Vita.

    Anyway, thank you Sega for taking the risk of bringing Miku over, I certainly hope the sales will be more than satisfactory =D

    • You are very welcome, Vivio! Thank you for supporting the Western release – we’re happy to take the risk when we have fans like you behind us. : )

  • I’m guessing probably not (my US copy hasn’t come in yet so I can’t confirm yet), but do JP saves work on US version? Bit of a hassle to re-unlock all the costumes and score i already have, probably won’t get that perfect on summer idol again…>_<

  • I don’t even remember how I stumbled across Hatsune Miku but when I saw her and realized she’s been out for a while I asked myself “WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING?!” I am downloading the PSN version and supporting Miku who knows maybe even bigger things can happen in the future (*hint* *hint* maybe a concert in the west :D) And although she’s not really a human she’s real nonetheless and I will support and can’t wait to enjoy this game after it’s finished downloading haha I hope we get more localization’s from her after this one becomes successful!! :D

    • Thank you very much, KidMafia! Your support (and the support of all the fans) make it all worthwhile. We hope you enjoy the game once it finishes downloading! :)

      I’m off to lunch now for a quick bite, and will respond to more comments once I return!

  • Another vote for vita version here. I already have the japanese version(+100hs of playtime and counting :p), but definitely would buy it again on vita to show my support. Also PSO2 pls :)

    • Thanks Alarion! Always good to hear feedback from fans who own the Japanese version. : ) I’ll pass it on!

  • The insulting thing about not getting the Vita version is that it’s basically the same game. The effort in making a digital-only release for Vita would have been very low risk. It’s understandable that companies like Sega don’t want to invest in costly localizations for a platform that is underselling, but in this case it feels like they’re deliberately trying to bury it without giving it a fair chance.

    The claim that good sales of the PS3 version will encourage Sega to release the Vita version are naive at best. What is likely going to happen is that Sega will decide not to bother because people have bought the PS3 version anyway.

    In any case I will now think twice about buying Sega games again. I do not want to support companies who given the chance will deliberately avoid the Vita even for low risk investments such as this one.

    • The games are similar, but they are not the same. The entire game code is different, the DLC packs are different, and the functionality and some features (like the camera features) are entirely unique. It simply means that it’s not an easy “just push the big port button” scenario, as some people might imagine. So, please don’t be insulted by that – as I mentioned previously, we have to start somewhere.

      It’s always good to get more positive feedback, though, so thank you for commenting and sharing your opinion!

  • I seriously do not understand the mindset of certain vocal “fans”… Refusing to support a title you apparently enjoy or are interested in because you aren’t getting your way and don’t understand that the companies publishing these games are running a business are the very reason we’re getting less and less of these types of niche games. Be happy that we get them at all, tell all of your friends and support the crap out of them yourself, POLITELY let the company know that there is interest for physical, digital, and multiplatform releases as well as any sequels, and try to see things from the other side when things don’t go as you like. And hey, if it’s not your platform/format of choice, no one is forcing you to buy it, just realize that you aren’t doing anything to give that series a better chance of a wider release in the future.

    All the best to SEGA with Project Diva F, thank you so much for giving the series a chance in the states, it’s seriously appreciated. Would also love to see the return of Valkyria Chronicles in the states if it’s at all possible, a digital release of VC3 for PSP/Vita or an HD compilation of the 3 games would be amazing! :D

    • Thank you for that, Saveur. :)

      Likewise, thank you for support on Project DIVA F, and Valkyria! (Another personal favorite of mine.)

  • the only reason why I want the vita version, it’s because I can’t see myself playing this game (even though I love miku) in the living room without having someone breathing down my neck, questioning my sexuality. I may be too old for this, but damn it! I want to play this game and the vita version it’s definitely the only way.

  • Double dipping for this game! I bought the JP Vita version and loved every minute of it. :D And I’ll gladly support Miku’s first venture onto American soil, it’d be amazing if Miku could get some mjaor western recognition

    Anyways, Mr. Sega Guy, will you guys be bringing over any of the DLC songs? I NEED Rin’s Tokyo Teddybear lol. Oh, and thanks for the Snow Miku DLC deal with GameStop. ;D

    • Awesome, thank you Angel!

      And yes – Tokyo Teddy Bear, and other songs like Tell Your World, etc, are already included when you get your copy of the game. :) (You’ll just need to unlock it through normal play!)

  • @Aaron Webber Does you know, if there any plans to bring Project Diva F 2nd to the West?

  • Thanks for localizing Project Diva F! I’m having a blast with my copy! ^_^ I hope this sells extremely well, so we can get the 2nd one and Project Mirai 2 too! Thanks again Sega!

  • i have no interest in this game, but i would like to know if there is any chance of a Skies of Arcadia HD remake on ps3?

    • I haven’t heard anything to that effect, sorry! Personally, I’m a huge Skies fan though.

      If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) as Vyse, Aika, and Fina all make cameo appearances there.

  • Please pass on the word to the upper management that…

    We really want a VITA version please!
    The VitaGAF group would go crazy over a VITA version :D

    (but in any case, thanks for choosing to localize this :D)

  • thank you so much for bringing this over. I really enjoyed the demo. I do have one question is there any songs that have male vocals?

    • Yes, there are! Kaito has his own song, as does Len. They also feature in a number of songs alongside the female singers.

  • Seems like an interesting game… however $50 is too much. Only niche hardcore fans would pay that…
    I might get it when its 20

    • Actually, it would cost you about $85 to import this game from Japan.

      You can call them (and me) “Niche, hardcore fans” I suppose… but we are a dedicated bunch! :)

      Give the free demo a try and see if you still feel that way – I think you’ll find it very addicting!

  • Vita users need to quit crying and stop being so entitled, we should be glad we’re getting this game in the West at all.

    • We’re glad to be bringing it out! It’s good to have feedback, but yes, it’s nice when people can do it politely and without being insulting. :)

  • Thanks for bringing this over Sega! I’ve been waiting so long for this day. Picked it up not too long ago and I’m enjoying every minute of it! Excuse me, I must get back to playing it now.

    New record?

  • I am buying this game on ps store when it update this game is awsome and of course hasune miku is to

    • Thank you, Ethomas! Really appreciate your support, and we hope you’ll have an awesome time playing the game today!

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