Project Diva F Out Today on PS3: Hatsune Miku Hits the Stage!

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Project Diva F Out Today on PS3: Hatsune Miku Hits the Stage!

Hatsune Miku - Project DIVA F on PS3

At long last, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F is here! The game is in stores now, and will be available on the North American PlayStation Store later today. We’ve put together a new trailer, seen above, to celebrate the launch of the game. It features some amazing songs, and a look at both the “Miku Room” and “Edit Mode” features in the game.

In the “Miku Room”, you can interact with your favorite characters and fully customize their room with special themes, furniture, and more. You can also buy them gifts using your DIVA Points, and each will trigger a special event!

“Edit Mode” lets you create your very own Rhythm videos with any song you own. The possibilities are almost limitless, and your creativity will let you build the ultimate music video featuring your favorite music. You can upload your creations online to share with your friends and the world — we can’t wait to see the amazing videos you’re going to create!

A long time ago, we asked you on Facebook if you would support Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F. Your responses were overwhelming, and your voices combined into a song that paved the way for Miku’s first console game in the West. It’s because of you we’ve arrived here today, celebrating the release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F on PS3. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you all so much!

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  • An excellent birthday gift!! Looking forward to play it :D

  • Any chance we’ll ever see the Vita version here?

    • No news on a VITA version, sorry. But as mentioned in our original announcement blog here, we are still reading all the comments and passing on that feedback.

  • I want Project Diva f on the PS Vita.

    You didn’t listen to fans at all. When you asked on Facebook, most people mentioned wanting the PS Vita version. Yet… we only get it on PS3.

    I would have bought both to support it. Now I won’t be buying it at all, because I do not want to play this type of game on a console. And I can’t trust that buying this will result in the sequel being localized on the PS Vita too.

    • The Facebook Post was specifically asking about the PS3 version, and the responses were overwhelmingly positive! On the same note, we do appreciate all the feedback and requests for a VITA version, too.

  • And no I don’t care that the PS3 version has “more” to it. Portability >>>>>

  • Mine will be coming tomorrow! Excited to play and glad I could help support it. If you guys were up to it sometime, I would also love to support Yakuza 5!

  • Cool. I’ll be getting this on Amazon since my local stores had “Their copies of this game delayed a week”

    • Thank you for picking up a copy to support the game! The physical copies are selling out relatively quickly (as happens with games like this sometimes), but if you aren’t able to find one, the game will also be on PSN as of this afternoon.

  • Never tried one of these games before and didn’t really know what to think of it. So I tried the demo and it was surprising fun and addictive. Looking forward to playing more.


    Dear Sega,

    Stop messing around and bring Yakuza 5 to the US. Even if it’s digital only, I just want that game.

    • Glad to hear it. :) I was the same way – tried a Japanese version of the game long ago and was instantly hooked after about two songs. Hope you enjoy it!

  • This will be the first time I’ve ever triple-dipped on a game. Already have the Japanese versions for Vita and PS3, but I absolutely want to support the release of this title.
    Picking up my copy later today, along with the Snow Miku dlc.
    I agree with the sentiment that the Vita version needs to be released too. It really is the definitive version – Project DIVA began as a handheld series (on PSP) before moving on to arcades and PS3, and it’s perfectly suited to the Vita.
    Still, I’d encourage anyone to pick this up, even if you’re not a die-hard Vocaloid fan. The Project DIVA games really are some of the best rhythm-action titles out there.

    • Fans like you are the reason Miku is what she is. Thank you so much for all of your support on the Project DIVA series!

  • @3 and 4 They did not bring the Vita version because unlike Japan every other country hates handheld consoles that and this is the first time that Hatesune miku game has been released in america so taking time to localize a non-popular game outside of the country on a not widely supported console makes no damn sense….and yes buying this shows SEGA that its still worth releasing some of their titles without some of these rabid annoying fans screwing them over.

    Anyway going to buy this when i get a check in the next few days going to love it :D

    • Thanks PZ! Yes, this is our first Hatsune Miku title in the west for a console, and we’re very hopeful for the results!

  • Would have much preferred this on the Vita, but I might check it out in the future. Also, Yakuza 5!

    • Check out the demo on PSN and let us know what you think! :)

      No news on Yakuza 5 from me, but having worked in some fashion on Yakuza 3/4/Dead Souls, it’s nice to see so many fans for that series still around.

  • It’s games like THIS is why I bought a PS3/VITA and pre-ordered PS4! You can’t find games like this on the other Green platform! Please bring back more Japanese games like the PS1 days SONY! Bust a Groove, Parappa, Um Jammer Lammy or even new franchises! I’m sure with all the indie support you guys have, a Japanese studio will make some similar stuff. Thank you for bringing this to the West again! o(^0^)v

  • I was wondering when we can expect the 10 credit for the 2013 play promotion, I have purchased all four games and need the 10 dollars to get more today, it’s a vicious circle :)

    • That is a good question… but one I admit I don’t know! :) (I’m a SEGA guy!)

      You may want to try posing the same question on one of the more general PSN update blogs or to their Customer Service team.

  • Game of the year right here;)
    Aaron please pass on to saga to localise yakuza 5 for eu and us ill save 20-40 BG of my ps3 for it if need be!

  • @9: Except the importing fanbase of these games is used to playing the series on handhelds… and this isn’t exactly going to sell to Grandma, or Little Stewie.

    It’s selling to a particular niche, not to the mainstream audience.

    They asked on facebook, and if they actually *READ WHAT WE SAID* – which implies even greater support than simply liking/sharing and moving on with life – then they would know that the niche they’re selling to wanted both versions.

    I’d think pleasing people that took the time to actually write comments about what they wanted, was the better decision.

    You’ve made a terrible argument for yourself.

    They’d be onto a win/win situation if they had localized both, but they didn’t. So they’ve hurt themselves with foolish business decisions, all in the guise of “listening”. When that is obviously NOT the case at all. Go track down that image on facebook if it’s still there and read the comments. They didn’t listen.

    • I’ll take a moment to help address your points.

      It’s clear you’re a really big supporter of a VITA version, which is great – we appreciate that energy and sentiment, and I think that’s a good thing. One of the first versions I played was actually the Japanese VITA version, and I loved it. The game plays beautifully on handhelds.

      The reality though is that any game takes a lot of work to localize and bring over, and it’s not just as simple as pushing a big red “VITA” button and making it appear here. We’d love to cater to every single audience out there if we could, but you have to start somewhere.

      What we need to do now is make Miku a great success on PS3, and with it, create a strong story that games and titles like this can succeed in the West. This will determine how the future plays out.

      In short, while I don’t support being rude about the lack of a VITA version, I do think that the underlying sentiment is good, positive energy, and I’ll share that internally at SEGA.

      Thank you for your feedback!

  • Is the game going to be coming out on the PSN Store too today..or no?

    • Yes, it will! The game will be available via physical copies (at stores like Gamestop, Amazon, etc) and digital download on PSN once the store updates.

  • “And I can’t trust that buying this will result in the sequel being localized on the PS Vita too.”

    No, but you can trust that not buying it will ensure you never get the handheld port. This is a game that is aimed at a very niche audience. I’m thrilled that someone took a chance and brought it out here. I will support these rare imports. My copy has been pre-ordered for a month.

  • Please stop pretending that you’re listening to your fans. Everyone is asking for the Vita version.

    • And those comments are being passed on. :)

      While there’s no news on a VITA version, and while I think saying “everyone wants it” or “the majority wants it” is a pretty strong generalization, it’s always nice to see so much demand and support for it. That’s positive feedback, and I’ll share it with our teams.

  • I didn’t know this was even being released until 4 days ago. Been playin the demo off and on ever since. I’ve never really cared for games like this, so I was really surprised that I liked this as much as I have. Sadly I don’t have the money to pick a copy up, and I didn’t get a chance to preorder so I’ll probably not find a retail copy. Thankfully it’s comin out on PSN so I’ll be picking it up hopefully this Friday.

  • And chance of getting Project Diva F PSN avatars?

  • Already have the japanese version but I really want to support this … so probably will get the retail version when I can!
    hope we can see others releases like this one in the future :D

  • Dis-regard my last comment…I skipped over reading the description… >~< and i'll be supporting the game by buying it off the PSN Stare, I really love Hatsune MIku and the other vocaloids. <3

  • It’s nice that this game came out here, I played the Japanese version… But I’m still waiting on Yakuza 5 and Phantasy Star Online 2 (PC & Vita) localizations. Please, SEGA.


  • I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time, and when you asked in facebook if we wanted the game I was pretty much the first in say YES.
    Thanks Sega for bringing the game to this side of the world, I have my pre-ordered game waiting.

    • Thanks very much, Mike! Appreciate your support, all the way from our initial Facebook post to the release now. Go Miku!

  • Always thought this was such an interesting choice

    I hope this experiment does well for you guys. Been really saddened by the slowdown of localizations lately!

    Time to board the Vita Hype Train SEGA! Bring PSO2, Valkyria Chronicles and Skies HD to the party!

    Also go Easy on Aaron foe the lack of the Vita version. They had no idea it was gonna blow up like it did


  • Still waiting on Phantasy staronline2 for NA/EU

  • @Aaron: That’s why we made it clear in the comments that we wanted the PS Vita version too, because Sega of America is too stupid to know what to do with itself.

    We handed you the evidence that we wanted it on a platter and still nothing.

    Great listening skills!

  • Couldn’t sleep because of the Excitement! I’m going to pick up my copy right now! hopefully my job doesn’t need me today :D

  • Interesting must check it out! Guy’s give us a new Skies of Arcadia ;)

  • I picked up my copy earlier today. Thank you for being active in the comments. I appreciate you bringing this over to our side of the planet :)

    Also, don’t listen to Elvick_, he’s just being a spoiled child. We’re grateful for this, with or without a Vita version.

  • Now give us some Hatsune Miku contents on PlayStation Home (Japanese region of PS Home already have it)

  • Hello, how much is the digital version? I am planning to buy this but as I’m from EU we get only digital version, so if it’s over 40€ forget it, sorry. I would gladly pay more for hard copy version, but not for digital.

    • Hello Zankes – the US price is $49.99, and the European version should be equivalent to that.

      To note, the EU version will release on PSN on September 4th. (Sorry for the short wait!)

  • All I want to know is if there will be an easier way to acquire the huge tap pad for the game or as i like to call it “the giga-controller” I see it all the time at conventions but can’t find it online without trying to translate a foreign language and printing paper and never understand if they are in stock. Plan on acquire the game depending on its functionality with the standard ps3 controller and if there will be a huge game controller released.

    • Ah, yes! The huge arcade-style controller!

      A few friends of mine imported that for Project DIVA F, and I tried it out… it’s pretty amazing. Have you tried checking Amazon? I believe that’s where my friends picked it up, but they got the smaller of the two versions.

  • Any word if there will be song DLCs coming in the future?

    • All of the songs created for the game are already on the disc. : )

      In Japan, the VITA version had additional songs as DLC, but we’ve bundled everything together into a single package here. We will have some costume DLC which you’ll spot today and in the future (As seen in our pre-order bonus).

  • Also nice job with the marketing in EU. Basically there was no marketing at all and when I asked more details answer was “We don’t know anything”, so I assume after EU release we won’t see anymore of this, well I can just import from JP, but it’s expensive.

    • I can’t really speak to the EU marketing, sorry – but thanks for letting me know! I hope that the title will do very well worldwide!

  • Thanks for the post, and bringing us a unique experience.

  • Thanks for the answer and sorry being rude in my 2nd comment… I need to think about 50€ price, because it’s just a digital copy…

    • Hey, no worries!

      I understand you’re passionate about the game and you just want it to succeed, too, so we share that in common. :)

  • Chalk me up as another “would’ve bought the Vita version”… guess I’ll save up for something else.

    Non-Sega, to be sure.

    • Miku is a really fantastic game, and it’s a shame to miss out on it solely because of lack of a VITA version. I get the sentiment, but that only brings negativity, and it certainly wouldn’t help chances of a VITA version.

      Give the demo a try and see what you think, or, if you’re definitely grabbing a different title, I highly recommend Valkyria Chronicles – provided you like RPGs or Strategy games. (Yes, it’s also SEGA, but I think the comments here will agree with me that it’s one of the best RPG’s ever created for the PS3.)

  • SEGA and Sony definatly do not understood = how to make MUCH MORE money!

    MILIONS of people are PRAYING for a game LAUNCHED in another Country (Project Diva for Vita)… and both companies DO NOTHING!

    FACT: Project Diva for Vita in Japan SOLD MORE THAN 500% IN THE FIRST SALES DAY…!

    hahahaha!… Sony and Sega, you make me laught A LOT with your stupid business men in your ETERNAL pathetic decision “to not listen your fans”!

    and… the fans is only MILIONS around the ENTIRE WORLD!


    • Hi Eddie!

      It’s great to see more support for the VITA version. While I don’t have any news on it, I’ll pass on the sentiment upwards here at SEGA. Thanks!

  • I thought this was going to be on Vita? Not a game I’d play on my PS3 but I’d buy it as a portable title…

  • I never even knew what Hatsune Miku was until I tried the demo, and now I’m really happy I did. The game is really fun and those songs are ridiculously catchy. I will gladly be picking this up (any info on the size of the download?).

    And I too would love to see this come to the vita.

    P.S. Please bring over Phantasy Star Online 2!

    • I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Will see if I can get details on the size of the download for you, too.

    • Post 2 – got the file size for you! You’ll want to make sure you have around 6GB of space ready once the store updates.

  • I’m getting this Thursday but now that you see how good this will sell, It would be stupid not to bring over the Vita version, I’ll buy that too. If not then at least bring over the sequel to the Vita, Something!

    • I’m really hopeful the game will do great – we’ve believed in it for a long time! Thank you for picking up a copy to support it – it’s much appreciated.

  • I’ve never liked Miku or these games that much, but after hearing about this game and playing it on the Vita, I think it’s well-deserved to pay full retail price for this game.

    P.S: Bring the Vita version, digitally too!

  • I imported the Japanese Vita version and since the US release has a “stackable” trophy list I will be buying this again for PS3. Very very happy to see it come to North America hopefully we will see international releases of future Miku games as well if this game sells well enough (which I am 99% sure it will).

  • Got a chance to play through all the new songs just earlier. Really enjoying it, and can’t wait to try it in 3D later tonight. Just one thing: If this game performs well, will Project Diva F 2nd be considered for localization? I understand if you can’t give me a solid answer, but even just a positive affirmation that it’ll be discussed is good enough for me.

    Also, even though I’m really grateful for the PS3 version, I’ll still throw my vote towards the Vita one being localized, even if it’s only on Project Diva F 2nd.

    • Thanks for picking it up, Liam!

      It’s too early yet for me to comment on the future of the series, but naturally, we’re all hoping it does really well! I’ll also pass on your feedback regarding a VITA version.

  • hi Aaron,were you guys up or plan to release the Project Diva F accounts PSN avatars to the U.S PSN store ?! ^ , ^

  • I’m guessing the preorder bonuses from stores wont be on PSN since it comes out today? was trying to preorder for a month at stores but they didnt have any copies left. oh well at least i get to play the game. been waiting quite a while.

    if you dont mind me asking. why didnt you release it digitally for the vita?

    • Yes, those pre-order bonuses will be going live in the future as DLC. (They’re exclusive for a limited time.) We heard a lot of similar stories to yours – Gamestops sold out of copies pretty early as demand was very high for the physical copy.

      I can’t go into details on your second question, but as I noted in a comment above, a lot of work goes into every version of the game, regardless of platform. Thanks for your comment!

  • I want a VITA Version I am always on the move and never really home to play games. I will buy this for PS3 even though i still have a HUGE backlog of games on it.

  • Also any chance when 2 comes out, that we will see another release in the west? would really appreciate it. would love more localizations like this.

    you probably get this a lot, but where is yakuza 5? its killing me everyday knowing its not coming.

    • No news on those questions, as they deal with the future and I am not yet a wizard. :) But for now, we’re all eyes ahead on making Project DIVA F a success!

  • Please, bring the PS Vita version too! I don’t have a PS3 and I want this game!
    I understand why we have only the PS3 version. But this is a PS Vita game ported to the PS3, I think it is unfair with PS vita owners, especially with people who own only the PS Vita, like me!
    Please SEGA, listen to us!

  • Huh, I don’t understand the vitriol. I watched the video above and sorry, just sounds high-pitched annoying to me. Must be a really, really tiny niche outside of Japan, a tiny niche that gets pretty rude with this nice person who works marketing.

    I don’t devote my life to researching gaming so I’m no expert but it’s obvious that we don’t get a lot of games from Japan. I’m on a rare second playthrough of a game now, Tales of Xillia. I love it. I really appreciate the resources the company had to spend on the chance that western gamers would buy their product. I support Japanese devs and publishers by buying their products, not yelling at them to give me everything I can possibly want.

    I’m going to try the demo to see what is inspiring such heated emotions but rhythm games are not my cup of tea.

    Thanks, Aaron, for always being so nice.

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