Grand Theft Auto V Update

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Grand Theft Auto V Update

Regrettably, some people who downloaded the digital pre-order of Grand Theft Auto V through the PlayStation Store in Europe were able to access certain GTA V assets. These assets were posted online. We have since removed the digital pre-order file from the PlayStation Store in Europe. We sincerely apologize to Rockstar and GTA fans across the world who were exposed to the spoiler content. GTA V is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year with a very passionate following, and we’re looking forward to a historic launch on September 17.

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  • whats the big deal again? they downloaded stuff that its already ready for download… pfft… no big deal

  • and GTA sucks anyways

  • Yet another PR Issue that was created by whiny fans.

    So you got a few spoilers… big whoop.

    If you hadn’t been rummaging around in the Pre-Order files you wouldn’t have seen them anyway, so be definition you have no place to whine because you were the curious one who went digging.

    Either way, ITS JUST A SPOILER.

    It’s not like the game is ruined. You are still going to love it, you are still going to put countless hours into it.

    Just stop putting so many hours into whining about it guys. For the love of all things good…

  • The hackers can’t start GTA5 anyway its locked until release date.

  • this just ruined it for the rest of us. I can see this incident preventing other publishers from letting Sony do preloads on games before release. Which will continue to put psn decades behind steam.

  • Its locked, nobody can run it.

  • What about Saudi Arabia ???

  • i dont care, i aint seen any spoilers myself because i have my eyes shut for this on, ok i have seen a few ads for the game, and had a peek at the online, but thats it, if you know the spoilers then more fool you for wanting to know b4 the release dat…lol

  • If I buy the game on the US store, will I get the portuguese-BR subtitles? ²

  • They might do the same thing they did with The Last Of Us hopefully. That game let you start playing at 50% downloaded. With the game being so huge it would be finished downloading before you even got halfway through.

    Only problem is GTA 5 map is open from the beginning. So that might not be possible unfortunately. I say who cares about spoilers. Nobody will see them unless they are looking for it. So pleeeease let us preload the game at least a few days in advance.

    Otherwise I might get impatient and cancel my PSN preorder and instead go pick the game up at the midnight opening at my local best but. But I bet the game forces you to install the disc version too. So you’re going to be waiting either way.

  • Is going to have a Pre-Load a few days before on PSN ? the PSN WILL CRASH on day 17 if it is for everyone

  • I really wish a pre-load was possible in North America. Unlocking the game on the 17th with the 15+ gb download out of the way is a huge PRO. With my slow PSN download speeds I’ll just have to go physical then

  • where hell is the PSN USA pre load for gta v? jesus freaking christ, please speed up on availability this god damn!

  • I think it’s kind of silly that they are surprised. The files for PC games are leaked onto torrents anytime they have an option to pre-load through STEAM. That way you have the files ready, just like a legit customer, and all you need is to wait for the crack files after that which are only a few Megabytes. But you can’t actually run the game until a crack is made. Which is usually not until after the game releases, so they can get the decrypted executable from STEAM.

    If SONY actually thought they were going to offer a pre-load for the most anticipated game of the last 5 years, and nobody was going to leak files from it, they are either completely out of touch or just crazy! Plus all those people in Europe markets got to pre-load the game if they downloaded it before it was taken off. Not fair to the USA.

    The Last Of Us day one digital pre-order was a disaster because there was no pre-load. So of course PSN was so swamped with people trying to download the game at the same time that the entire Playstation Network CRASHED and you couldn’t even start the download until 1PM EST the following day

  • That’s why I went and pre-ordered a physical copy of the game at Best Buy. If they don’t offer pre-loading within the next few days I’m just going to grab the physical copy at the Best Buy midnight release instead.

    I rather wait the 15-20 minutes it’ll take to install the 8GB of data required with the physical version. Rather than wait a possible 12 hours or so to download the full game. Especially since there will almost certainly be issues getting the download to even start due to the heavy traffic.

    If The Last Of Us crashed PSN then I have no doubts the same will happen with GTA V. Unless by some miracle Sony has setup the new servers already in preparation for the PS4 and mandatory PSN Plus for multiplayer. They claim they are going to improve PSN to be more like XBOX Live. Pre-loading would put them AHEAD of XBOX Live since XBOX doesn’t even offer Day 1 Digital at all. Come on SONY!

  • Will my PS+ Automatic update start my GTA V download when its available? or will I have to stay up until 12:00am PST to manually start my download?

  • Will not have the same pre-load?

  • I ordered psn preorder assuming that there would be some kind of preload. Usually you can’t charge someone for nothing in the states.

    Either way… Sony…
    Why the hell is there no preload for the US? Male it happen you dinosaurs. It’s ridiculous.

  • I think Sony should allow pre-loads only 24 or 48 hours in advance of launch. Then you protect the data until the eve of launch and still we can play at 12:01 am (because we can’t wait another minute!)

  • That’s perfect @Big_Slick

    that way PSN wont crash and we all be able to download and play it on “day 1” if reall this in US is going to be just @ midnight… prepare yourselfs to play just in Set 18-19


    come sony, you dont need to pre load 1 MONTH before, but at least 48hrs before.

  • Let’s hope they do something to shorten the download time because I plan on calling into work sick on the 17th. I don’t want to miss two days in a row.

  • Seems like they aren’t going to have a preload, otherwise they would announce it to attract all those buyers who are on the fence. Since they didn’t announce it, I preordered through Rockstar Warehouse. They are offering free release day shipping, and a t-shirt. Might actually be playing before those who ordered through PSN.

  • So, wait… I just bought the game via PSN so I didn’t have to drive 50 miles to get it at 12 am EST. All ti find out now that this huge 36 GIG download wont be available till 12 am PST, now with PSN download time I am guessing I will probably finally have the game downloaded and ready to play somewhere just after Christmas!!! Plus I am sure since the game is so big that PSN servers are going to go down for hours because of the traffic…. I WANT REFUND… I WILL DRIVE!

  • Sony… PLEASE PUT A PRELOAD option for the NA too! We need this, i don’t wanna wait another eternity to play this game! PLZ!

  • Honestly though, the only reason why I may get infuriated is if after downloading and it starts installing; the installation stops at 14% then gets an error message and somehow turns the entire file into a corrupt file. Which of course causes you to re-download the whole game. Thats what im running from.

  • May I also add that from experience that it had already happen to me with LA Noire….another rockstar title.

  • Imma pray that it dont happen again with gta5. Cause it took me 18 times over the source of 6 to 7 months to finally download and successfully install LA Noire which was a 13 gb file. I wish i could start downloading today.

  • Sony really dropped the ball with this one. Preordered this and took a vacation day on 9/17 assuming preload would happen the way Skyrim did for me on Steam. It is available in the EU, so it is certainly feasible. PSN Store downloads are slow enough when hundreds of thousands of people aren’t all trying to grab the same game at the exact same time. Last time I do a digital preorder, and remaining multiplatform games for this generation are all going to be 360 as my own little form of protest.

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