Grand Theft Auto V Update

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Grand Theft Auto V Update

Regrettably, some people who downloaded the digital pre-order of Grand Theft Auto V through the PlayStation Store in Europe were able to access certain GTA V assets. These assets were posted online. We have since removed the digital pre-order file from the PlayStation Store in Europe. We sincerely apologize to Rockstar and GTA fans across the world who were exposed to the spoiler content. GTA V is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year with a very passionate following, and we’re looking forward to a historic launch on September 17.

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  • Keep up the good work Sid!

  • I just ate a baked potato and large cup of a chili at Wendy’s and I cannot stop farting. Anywho, no big deal. GTA V is going to be the bees knees no matter what. Us finding out some tracks that will be in the game and what not won’t hurt how amazing it’s going to be. Rockstar doesn’t need to worry about anything other than where to put all that cash come September 17th.

  • ok so if i preorder the game online with the day 11 thing will i get gta online free with it?

  • I hope this doesn’t lead to less pre-loads on the EU stores and the feature never coming to the NA stores.

  • Hey Sid, I live in the US and I pre-ordered the game this week. Will the Pre-Load ever come to the US store? It would suck to have to wait until 12:01 am on the 17th. Lots of people will have to leave the PS3s on all day, rather than downloading it a week in advance.

  • 53,99 for plus members? :D

  • The whole game has been ruined for me :-( thanks a lot guys

    I kid I can’t wait I’m so excited for this GAME I have not read anything about GTA 5 because I’ve been too busy with gamescom the PS4 release date and all the games that are coming from the indie developers :-)

  • Sucks that the soundtrack leaked but honestly even if the entire game leaked nothing is going to hurt GTA V. It’s a juggenaut and if this did anything it only gave it more attention.

  • I should pace my pre order when it first came available.

  • So can GTA V be preloaded?

  • It was incredibly naive allowing everyone to download an 18GB file of the most anticipated game of the half decade 25 days early and believing it wouldn’t get data mined.

  • how can you guys be so careless!? that was the one thing I was most looking forward to, not the story, not exploring the rich awesome open world the rockstar has created, and certainly not the multiplayer. thanks a lot, that was a major spoiler. though I will forgive you, if you make a deal with rockstar and release a GTA5 on the vita how a bout it? it doesn’t have to be the this game, just any open world game that has the name GTA or elder scrolls…. pretty please!

  • Please have the Pre-Load 2 days before release.

  • hey sid, if you don’t mind me asking. why is it that white knight chronicles, folklore, and dark cloud are not on the psn? they are all sony ip’s and publish here by them, so why not release them on the psn? or is that too hard because of something that I may not be awared of. if so can you explain that to me, i’m just curious.

  • PLEASE I’m begging you PLEASE let us pre load this! It’s going to be a nightmare trying to get into the PS Store on 9/17. PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE let us preload this! If you don’t, a lot of people will have to wait a horribly long time to play the biggest game in history(?) Please do not let this “leak” affect your decision to pre load this in the US!

  • @6, where the heck did you get that from? It’s still $59.99, plus member or not!

  • No worries, it was just the soundtrack that was leaked (from what I’ve seen)
    AND -I- have been waiting to see a soundtrack list for this game. It’s just too bad it was leaked, rather than officially revealed by Rockstar…

    R* always deliver a great ST for GTA games. And by the looks of it, this one is no different. :)

  • @11

    What’s naive about it? It’s a regular feature on Steam. It’s the idiots who looked at this as an opportunistic event, that you should be blaming.


    PLZ. :´(

  • How about you bring the pre load feature to the US. Why make us Pay immediately for a pre order and not get to download the game early so that on release we can play!

    Sucks for me, as I pre ordered it and won’t get to play it until later in the afternoon. 18GB is no joke!

  • You should have made the pre-load available only for the people that bought the game in the first place.
    The ones who bought the game will not try to hack it. Therefore there wouldn’t be any problems.
    Making the pre-load available to everyone like it was generate problems like that.

  • Sucks that a lot of the story stuff got leaked. Sites like Youtube aren’t going to be safe to go on for a while.

    But the soundtrack looks KILLER and makes me even more excited for the game.

  • @MaKTaiL – are you serious? You assume that hackers don’t ever pay for anything?

  • So much for digital gaming as the future. lol

  • thats whats good its nice to see yall post about this and address it. i hurd it was only Audio that was leaked. this is why we cant have good stuff. all im going to say is F them Spoiler Posters and there BULL ISHHH. now look wtf they done. Smfhh

  • I’m so ready for this game.

  • SMH, these people have to ruin everything good. Thank you sony for taking responsibility and doing what you can, that’s sooo wrong to do, people begged for preloading and these people just take complete advantage. They could have kept it to themselves if they did that

  • Will Grand Theft Auto V have the option to download the game before it is released, so we can play it right away, im getting the collectors edition, and it would be sweet if i could download the preload from PSN store and play it right when i get home.

  • Fire the idiot(s) who put it up far too soon. Sony should have known full well that the release of any data this early would have been torn through by the insane fans of this series. Regardless of size it should have been put up the weekend before release (if you can’t download 17.2-18GB over the course of three or four days you shouldn’t be buying via DD anyway), not over three and a half weeks beforehand.

  • Oh and for the people saying “no big deal” yeah the sound track isn’t a big deal BUT the “breaking news” reports from the radio are because they’re filled with story spoilers.

  • gta: v & gta: online is GotY 2013 .


  • I’m very disappointed in Rockstar not releasing GTAV for the PS4 on Next Gen consoles let alone not even having any details for PC owner’s as well. I’ll be picking up Watch Dogs instead until I hear news they decided to make a smooth port from PC version to PS4.

  • Sid, Now I get that it is something major in Europe… But we’re not in Europe so it didn’t really effect us other than people with an Euro account in the US. But honestly, Been HIGHLY anticipating the arrival of GTAV, Some good spoilers would be nice!!!

  • @Skater_Ricky – Rather they’d work for Current Gen consoles for this. WE’VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH (die hard GTA fans) FOR THIS RELEASE!! Wouldn’t take another so-so many months.

  • @32 Well you’ll be missing the best game ever made, I have nothing against Watch Dogs, but this game is literally nothing compared to GTA V. If you played any other Ubisoft game before you know how generic their games are even though at first sight they don’t seem to be.

    I don’t get why people are saying that, seriously, you will miss this game just because you don’t want to play with your PS3 anymore, the hell? I still play with my PS2 and PSone consoles to this date. The PS4 will be amazingly awesome but so will be GTA V.
    Sorry man… I just don’t get it… this goes beyond my level of comprehension of the world.

  • Im actually happy that SONY is finally doing pre-loads. If only they matched the retailer price it would be good choice to buy games, but of course the prices are way off with market, therefore I rather stick to my Collector’s Edition pre-ordered from R* Warehouse. For the leaked info, I’ve checked the OST and im very happy with the songs they’ve chosen. Many of which is focused on almighty dollar and “money” is the main theme. That gels nicely with overall GTAV experience. Some people aren’t happy with lack of decent Rock/Metal, but I couldn’t care less.
    Roll on 17th.

  • So for those who pre-orderd the game will they get to pre-load it or not?

  • nothing can ruin this game..and with the new GTA ONLINE..nothing can ruin the FRANCHISE..i hope they add new cities as the online game progresses ..that would be DOPE! wish SAINTS ROW would’ve thought of it..but they always seem to play catch-up ..

  • Thanks again for screwing up everything HACKERS! This is why we can’t have nice things!

  • Skater_Ricky , thats just pathetic. you mad cuz you dont want to play with the ps3 anymore ? the system that still looks greattt even compared to ps4 ? owell YOU’RE LOST and have fun with watch dogs. i mean it.

  • Some people just want to see the world burn.

  • Most of the times, you go looking for spoilers and you find spoilers. Sure people who shared it can be blamed but no one forced you all; who are so upset into examining the leaked content so closely. Control yourselves dammit.

  • If I buy the game on the US store, will I get the portuguese-BR subtitles?

  • I personally don’t see what all the hub bub is about. From what I hear all they did was release the radio stations content. That’s not news to me. Just saying.

  • along with story line spoiler audio ….

  • Is that the reason that the playstation store is under maintenance for almost a week ???

  • This is why I’m getting it for xbox instead…


    <img src="

  • Good job, guys. “Live” isn’t anything next to the “PSN Store.” (Sarcasm).

  • People getting mad at the dudes who downloaded the game…Heck, if I see a game, I was waiting for years, on the store to download right away, I’ll do it. They aren’t hackers. They didn’t crack files or stole information from Sony. The company should fired the guy who made the mistake. It isn’t a small mistake, this is Sony, not an Indie company.

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