Remastered Music in Final Fantasy X HD

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Remastered Music in Final Fantasy X HD

You might have gathered that it’s Gamescom week, so there have been lots of goodies coming in recently — like a lovely little trailer comparing some of the gameplay from the original Final Fantasy X with footage from the new HD Remaster version.

It shows off a sequence of battles, focusing on the Overdrive attacks. Check out the difference between SD and HD!

But the new thing we’re showing off here, is the arranged version of the battle music!

Remastered Music in Final Fantasy X HD

It’s worth pointing out that more than 60 tracks from the original Final Fantasy X soundtrack have been rearranged or remastered in HD audio in the new edition.

Excited much? The game’s currently slated for launch this year, and will be available for PS3 and PS Vita. We’ll have more soon, so keep checking back!

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  • Hey Square Enix. this is how we want our JRPG’s. Please return them to what made them so good. You know, like Final Fantasy VI for starters.

  • Thanks for the info. I already have my copy preordered, can’t wait.

  • @41

    What gives man? Okay maybe X wasn’t your cup of tea but it was for many FF fans out there. All FF installments were different and attracted certain groups of people. I am a huge fan of 8 and 13 but those two seems to be the dark horse of the FF series. But that’s what makes these FF series so wonderful! Everyone gets their own favorite series! That’s why I am big fan of FF because they keep trying out new things!

  • When the HD Music started it actually scared me a bit. I was not expecting that big of a change. Everything about this game always sounded great (music, enemy sounds, attacks, etc…) and now in HD I can only expect all the sound to be fantastic again. So looking forward to getting my pre-order sent to me in a few months.

  • @31

    I’m right there with you, really glad the servers are fixing to go live for 24/7 now. Been looking forward to getting back to Gridania ever since trying phase 3 (wasn’t able to play phase 4 and probably gonna miss early access as well). Shame on PS Blog for not covering FFXIV: ARR more.

    On topic, I’m also looking forward to FFX HD…not so much FFX-2. I wish Square would go on and give a definite release date.

  • I absolutely CANNOT wait for this. My God!!!!!!!!

  • Question: I’ve noticed the PSP releases of FFIII and FFIVCC have both the original and rearranged tracks in the game, can I assume the same for this? I will be playing with the rearranged but I like to hear the differences in them. I wish FFIX could get a better release on Vita, just cleaned up. I just want to really hear a rearranged soundtrack for it and get trophies for it. Cause I’ll definitely Platinum that if it had

  • I’ve been waiting to replay this game ever since they announced the remaster. I already have FFX as well as KH1.5 preordered. Now to get a release date on FFX/X-2….. :(

    Something tells me they’ll announce a date during TGS.

  • i do hope you change the music to the original one!

    and also Dual Audio! then again i’m buying both JPN and ENG versions so it doesn’t matter to me ^^

  • Overall the original battle music sounds better actually. There are some good parts in the remastered version, though. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have an option which to listen.

  • I started to watch the video and I said: cool, looks nice… I was moving the cursor to quit the video and then… why the video is starting again!?…

  • Already played for about 150 hours of FFX, damn, now I have to finish it again, lol. I had about 45 000 HP with my characters next time, I only lacked the dark aeons (only on this international version).

  • I’m curious as to whether Square remade [A Fleeting Dream] or not, as it was my favorite soundtrack from the game. So beautiful, yet so sad.

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