Remastered Music in Final Fantasy X HD

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Remastered Music in Final Fantasy X HD

You might have gathered that it’s Gamescom week, so there have been lots of goodies coming in recently — like a lovely little trailer comparing some of the gameplay from the original Final Fantasy X with footage from the new HD Remaster version.

It shows off a sequence of battles, focusing on the Overdrive attacks. Check out the difference between SD and HD!

But the new thing we’re showing off here, is the arranged version of the battle music!

Remastered Music in Final Fantasy X HD

It’s worth pointing out that more than 60 tracks from the original Final Fantasy X soundtrack have been rearranged or remastered in HD audio in the new edition.

Excited much? The game’s currently slated for launch this year, and will be available for PS3 and PS Vita. We’ll have more soon, so keep checking back!

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  • is been waiting so so long of this game, the gameplay is so great, now is HD version can’t wait to play, sadly is don’t have released date, only said this year, square enix always like that delay.

  • Will the Vita version be sold to retailer in physical cart?

  • Release date and box art?

  • Please for the love of Yevon, release the PS Vita version at retail. I personally don’t care if it ends up costing more at retail than the PS3 version.

    I want them at retail.

  • yes the retail version is best to collect, i also no like digital download

  • Love it, sounds a lot better than the original. I also like the new UI, looks clean and nice.

    I was afraid that they were going to screw this up, but its looking good so far. However, i hope they don’t change every song in the game, especially ”Wandering Flame” and all the other songs
    Also, i want to add that it looks visually better than ever
    This is my favourite FF game, i really cannot wait to play this in pure HD glory. PS3 version will be my choice.
    Give us a release date!!

  • Really excited for this and FFX-2. So…cross buy yet? =) Just dreaming but it would be super nice.

  • Sounds great! Could you please have an option to switch back and forth from the original tracks to the updated version?

    Preordered my yesterday!!! I CAN’T WAIT! :D

  • I really don’t want to read anymore articles about this game unless its the release date. Also I’m still waiting for my retail copy of The Walking Dead for Vita that I preordered. :(

  • please give us a release date! and some ps vita gameplay.. definitely buying this one in my ps vita

  • SQUARE ENIX! Will Kindom Hearts 1.5 be released digitally on the PSN on September 10th? Please release this title digitally! And if possible, please make avatars as well!

    Thank you!

  • I wish you guys were included an abridged OST with the pre-order. I loved listening to the originals and piano collection(especially that Besaid Island one) , but including a 12-20 track would be amazing!

    Thanks you for all your hard work! Can’t wait to play.

  • Got lazy on the Overkill prompts there Square…… Can we please have a release date for this already?

  • Leaning toward this for the Vita (the Vita has made RPGs incredibly accessible, because I don’t always have time to hover around a TV).

    Any word on release date? Price point? Cross Buy? Would love to know.

    just give us a release date already >;( this game better not be delayed

  • WOAH OKK ;D i just listened to the remastered sample and it’s much better than the original <3

  • I’d understand if there is no Cross-Buy if you release Retail versions on the Vita……

    But if the Vita is going to be digital only, there really should be Cross-Buy option for those of us who have both consoles. :\

    Release date would be wonderful too.

  • So did they add trophy support to this version? Anyone know? Really looking forward to this game, I played it so long ago it will be great to revisit.

  • Release date? Any information on the Vita versions?

  • i dont understand why this build up is in japanese since its a remaster not a remake or even a new game at that.also,i have forgotten that i played this game many years ago but i think the game is so good that it warrants a re-play :)
    yuna is hot btw

  • Just paid off my pre-order for this and Kingdom Hearts 1.5. Can’t wait till this game comes out. Or the release date :)

  • please tell me that this and Kingdom Hearts HD will both be day 1 digital on psn. My ps3 doesn’t read game disks anymore so i’ll only be able to play it digitally. :/

  • Need a release date. Only Square Enix takes 5 years to HD port a game….

  • @18

    All post 2009 ps3 games have trophy support. This isn’t a direct port of the ps2 version, they overhauled the visuals and enhanced the soundtrack, as well as added trophies.

  • top 1 must-have

  • An option to switch between the old music and the remasterd music will be appreciated ;)

  • I guess December 31st is still technically “this year.” I’d really like it if you guys could be a bit more specific with the date though, in all seriousness. It’s getting hard to budget game purchases for the rest of this year, and having a street date for X/X-2 would make things much easier for the consumers.

  • Take note the interesting thing about this is that the PS3 version is better, because you get both. And the PS Vita version you don’t keep that in mind. Because you have to buy them separately which I think will cost more & I don’t think there will be a PS Plus discount either.

  • Eagerly awaiting a definite release date…

  • I can’t wait for a release date and to hear more about the Vita version! I already have mine paid in full for PS3!

  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn early access is tonight at 4am… Where’s the hype? Where’s the post to tell people to preorder? I’ll tell you what though, after early release is over I will come back in a thread or post they made, and will be streaming with a friend.

    So anyone who is on the fence about this great adventure can see for themselves what’s going on out there in the land of Eorzea. What a game!!!

  • Best video game ever made.

  • just give us a release date for the vita man!!!!!!!!!!!

  • release date please?

  • played FFX like 4-5 times – spent most of the time playing that Blitz game

    I love this game the same for Legend of Dragoon ..

    but it’s been so long.. not sure if it’s worth playing again…. even when it’s now in HD..

  • Sounds awesome in HD. I’m not sure it’ll be on my priority list to play with so many great games coming out in the nex months, but it’s a day one buy for me. Besides eventually replaying it, I’ll do it in hopes Square decides to release FF XII HD.

  • Is there Cross Buy? If not is there atleast Cross Save?

  • It sounds quite a bit better. The battle music is much more exciting. It as a good idea to show this, because I want the games more now.

    I’ll echo others in the comments and say that I would like for it to have cross buy. Cross buy adds a lot of value to the purchase. I would buy the game on PS3 for the full asking price. Without cross buy, I would wait until the game goes on sale, and buy whatever version is cheaper. I’m sure that there are people who would buy both versions, but consider that cross buy also has advantages for sales.

  • Finally I’ve been waiting for this game like forever :D

    Day one buy for me!

    If it were to have a release date I would be so happy D:

  • I don’t mind buying them seperate on vita, just please release the game on physical cards please. i already have memory issues with only 32gb especially with FF3-9 (without FFV cause is STILL Does not work on vita…). and to take up more of that space will be soo annoying

  • I really don’t get why this game is loved so much, I couldn’t stand it, or Tidus especially. But, I was like whatever, then they made a sequel…And I was like, alright. Why is this the game that they chose deserves a sequel. Now SE has chosen to HD these games and release them yet again, yet we can’t get HD versions of any of the other numerously superior titles in Final Fantasy universes. I’m not even just referring to FFVII, but 4, 5, 6,…etc. All infinitely better than X. So, what gives? If it was redubbed, I may disagree somewhat, but that ain’t happening. People are gonna realize that it really wasn’t as good as they once thought. Let me frank, it was terribly awful, next to 8, the worst FF game(s) I ever played.

  • Some people really need to research Vita sales… obviously they are too immature to do such a thing though.

  • I agree with you #41 though, this game wasn’t as great as 9 for me at all. Number 7 and 9 are the best FF”s ever created.

  • @41: You can’t do an HD remaster of PSone, or SNES games… you could emulate them, and shove up some boarders at best. You’d have to remake them completely.

    @42: What’s that got to do with anything? The Vita version exists. Wanting a retail version has what to do with Vita sales? It would only help with exposure of the game on Vita. Timmy has a Vita and PS3. Grandma goes into Wal*Mart and shops around. The Vita version won’t get any sale that day, as it has no chance… because it’s not there.

    Never mind the benefits to Sony it would give to have more games on shelves, especially of a popular IP like Final Fantasy. And attach rate on Vita is solid. Doesn’t matter if you have 4 billion systems out there if no one buys games on it.

  • @42 But Final Fantasy 8 was my favorite (tied with 12)….

  • I hope we get our PSP Final Fantasy I & II 20th Anniversary in our NA PSN before the release of FFX-X-2 HD for our Vitas. Whats taking so long?

  • Can we get a release date, and a full ps vita retail copy with the same ps3 bonuses. And how about crisis core and kingdom hearts in the psp store at least or get an hd makeover. Finally where is Final Fantasy Type 0 and a sequel to Dissidia for Vita. People love these hardcore games and I for one would pay a premium for them.

  • Personally the release date for N/A is about 15th October, i guess.

  • From an audio perspective, one thing I really wish Square would do is give us the original Japanese voice acting.

    Japan has received “International” versions of FFX in the past which had English voice acting. It’s unfair that we’re never given the option to have the original Japanese.

  • *listens to SD track* Wow, and I thought FFX-2’s music required headphones to sound right. There’s some very interesting sounds buried in the battle theme that I’d never noticed before. Maybe I’ll move that song into my music player playlist, see if it sounds more robust.

    *listens to HD track* Too robust! Wow, that opens with a nearly offensive wall of sound. That, and my newly-discovered layer seems to be eliminated, or at least transformed beyond my recognition. Started coming together later on (and where’d those guitar riffs come from?), but this is kind of an example why I like music from older gaming machines: there was no way to overfill the damn track, nor make up for a weak composition with instrumentation.

    I’ll be keeping my ear out for other remixes, but this may end up more touchy than even new compositions, since sounding “off” from its original incarnation could just sour me in favor of the PS2 version. But, at least it won’t be a wholly forgettable soundtrack (my bard friend can’t ever recall any of FFXII’s music, for example).

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