New 12GB PS3 Available Today

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New 12GB PS3 Available Today

At PlayStation, we want to provide the best place to play. That’s why today, we are pleased to announce the North American launch of our brand new PS3 12GB System for $199.99 (MSRP). This new 12GB system is the perfect way to play exclusive titles found only on PlayStation*, and to get access to the entertainment services offered through PSN — all for an incredible value.

12GB PS3

Now is the ideal time to jump into PS3, as it’s been a tremendous year with some of the most highly rated PS3 games ever released, including the critically acclaimed survival-action game The Last of Us. And there are more highly-anticipated titles still to come such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Beyond: Two Souls, Diablo III and Gran Turismo 6. Also, let’s not forget some of the great indie titles you’ve been hearing about including Hotline Miami, Ibb and Obb, and Divekick. According to Metacritic, PS3 has the highest-rated exclusive game library this generation, and our newest model will make it easier than ever for fans to get their hands on all of these great titles.

In addition to this unmatched lineup of games, PS3 offers the most compelling entertainment options, from the built-in Blu-ray player for watching HD movies to a variety of streaming entertainment apps like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Music Unlimited , and VidZone , all of which are accessible with a free** SEN account.

Will you be picking up the PS3 12GB system? What PS3 games are you looking forward to this fall? Sound off below!

*Digital versions of certain games require purchase of additional memory capacity.
**Internet service, subscriptions and content sold separately.

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New 12GB PS3 Available Today

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  • The jump down in size probably means that they changed storage technologies. A PS3 with a SSD inside instead of a HDD. This would mean faster load times for what little you can fit.

  • You guys are idiots, you only need this PS3 if you don’t buy any digital games. Just buy a different PS3 with larger GBs. Or even better, save up for a PS4. At least this PS3 will have enough space to play the disc version of Grand Theft Auto V. Unlike the 4 GB 360, you can’t even play it at all.

    To answer anyone’s questions about the hard drive being upgrade-able, yes it is. You can find tutorials online.

    @carlpain That’s a bunch of BS. No you can’t, I took a look at Amazon and they’re $285. $100 more than the price you said. Thanks for your dumb lies, made me hyped for nothing. >:(

  • Perfect model for people who only play discs.

    Perfect for those who rent one of two games at a time and can always delete the game data when they’re done to make room for a new one.

    Perfect for people who only play small indie games.

    Perfect for movie buffs who play games sporadically who want a cheap Blu-Ray player that can also connect to Netflix, while being able to enjoy a quick game of Pac-Man or Tetris here and there.

    ^^^ And there are MANY of these types of people.

    If it’s not for you, fine. Hey, it’s not for me either. But there’s nothing stupid about releasing a model like this. Sony knows what they’re doing. You trolls, however, do not.

    Too many idiots in this world. I’m suffering. Why is everyone so stupid…

  • @53 People are not stupid. Apparently the world is changing, for better or worse is how we can see it. ;)

    Now if people keep saying how they can get a better deal on a PS3, please message me.

  • This is perfect timing for me. My old 40gb phat system died this week after 5 years. Now I can just pop the 500gb HDD I put in last year into the new system.

  • Great console for those who don’t play single player/story games. Blu-ray player, multiplayer games and small media for this puppy.

  • this is a good deal since you can use the $50 to buy a bigger HDD(i suggest 1tb so you can use it in a LONG time)

    awesome stuff Sony!

  • 52) Do you have mental problems? Did I say you can get it on Amazon? Is Amazon the only place you know? Try to go outside and look around.
    53) You can’t talk. You are just a fanboy. You will buy a piece of paper for $500 if Sony sells it.

  • Could be that Gaikai will come to PS3 ;)

  • Saw some rumors about this but I thought it was just rumors since it was very hard to believe….what a joke hu…I wonder what someone will do with a 12gb PS3….guess not even casuals can do something.

    My PS3 is the FAT 160gb model….had to deal with 160gbs for almost 3 years and it was very hard…always having to delete stuff…….upgraded last year to 1tb…and its all good…I sincerely think every PS3 owner(at least true gamers) should have an 1tb PS3 and you guys release a 12gb…?…..well you must have a strategy behind that.

  • @ carlpain

    Really… then why don’t I own a Vita? And don’t say it’s cause I’m broke. Not only would it force you to backpedal, but it’s also not the case. I could buy 10 Vitas right now if I wanted to. I just don’t have a use for a Vita right now.

    Are you trying to compete with Ryumoau for the title of “Biggest Dunce on the PlayStation Blog”? Why would you want to do that?

    The only thing I’m a “fanboy” of is the truth. I’m a fanboy of being straightforward and honest at all times. I’m a fan of living in, acknowledging, and accepting reality and disregarding paranoid delusions such as the ones you trolls seem to enjoy muddling around in. You’re a fanboy of acting like an ass.

  • I see this as a PS3 for people who are only gonna buy physical copies of the games. It’s actually a good idea since not everyone likes/or can download all their games to their HDD.

  • @ 62 DJPolie – Even for people who only buy physical copies…12gb is useless….take a game like BF3 for example just the installations with all its DLCs are 11gb….and you wont delete your game data….because if you want to play the game again…then you’ll have to wait again for the installations and updates…quite annoying.I think this 12gb PS3 is only for people who uses the PS3 to watch things and as a media center or people who only rent games.

  • But you can still upgrade your hdd for 70$ you get 1Tb of internal HDD on NewEgg.
    This is a great value.
    There are some gamers that I know personally wo never even touched the HDD at all.

  • 12GB seriously? That holds nothing, the original 20 and 60GB PS3’s are more worth it than this. How is this supposed to hold anything at all? There’s gotta be something special about these 12GB…otherwise it’s a totally useless.

  • My 5 year old cell phone have 32gb storage.

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