New 12GB PS3 Available Today

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New 12GB PS3 Available Today

At PlayStation, we want to provide the best place to play. That’s why today, we are pleased to announce the North American launch of our brand new PS3 12GB System for $199.99 (MSRP). This new 12GB system is the perfect way to play exclusive titles found only on PlayStation*, and to get access to the entertainment services offered through PSN — all for an incredible value.

12GB PS3

Now is the ideal time to jump into PS3, as it’s been a tremendous year with some of the most highly rated PS3 games ever released, including the critically acclaimed survival-action game The Last of Us. And there are more highly-anticipated titles still to come such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Beyond: Two Souls, Diablo III and Gran Turismo 6. Also, let’s not forget some of the great indie titles you’ve been hearing about including Hotline Miami, Ibb and Obb, and Divekick. According to Metacritic, PS3 has the highest-rated exclusive game library this generation, and our newest model will make it easier than ever for fans to get their hands on all of these great titles.

In addition to this unmatched lineup of games, PS3 offers the most compelling entertainment options, from the built-in Blu-ray player for watching HD movies to a variety of streaming entertainment apps like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Music Unlimited , and VidZone , all of which are accessible with a free** SEN account.

Will you be picking up the PS3 12GB system? What PS3 games are you looking forward to this fall? Sound off below!

*Digital versions of certain games require purchase of additional memory capacity.
**Internet service, subscriptions and content sold separately.

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  • Are you serious it’s been available since Sunday?

  • Thanks for letting us know. This would be great for a present to a young one. But for me, it does not have enough GBs. Plus I already have three.

  • Who in the world would want a 12GB version? You could barely fit 2 or 3 games on the harddrive. It would have made more since the price drop the 120 to 500 GB models instead of wasting resources to make an inferior model. :/

  • The price is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m moving to college next week and this is something that would be helpful.

    Yet, I’m a Plus member. How will I use games on Plus since this has such small GB? Uncharted 3 needs 80 GB to download and install. I can’t download this game on this console?

  • If you want more HDD space, upgrade the HDD. It’s pretty cheap to do so.

  • I guess this is an option for people who can get cheap internal storage. I think an internal 500 GB costs about $50 nowadays.

  • wow 12GB??!!!??? what the FAIL!

  • Wish you guys had never abandoned the original “slim” design. That hardware fit perfectly into a home theater. It passed as sophisticated. This? With the flimsy plastic door? This doesn’t. Congrats on hitting $199, I guess.

  • Can you add a hard drive to this model? Nobody has answered this yet.

  • I think this version is more for people that just want to watch Netflix or other streaming services on it. :)

    I’m loving my 1 TB upgrade to my 80 GB system, digital all the way! :D

  • *Digital versions of certain games require purchase of additional memory capacity.

    Well at least you acknowledged, in the fine print, that you need buy a new HDD if you plan on using it for more than Netflix, Bluray and don’t want to install/uninstall game data a lot.

  • Can a larger hard drive be added?

  • Thank you Sony, now my parents can buy me a new PS3 :D

  • Don’t you need a special attachment to add a hard-drive to this PS3 model?

  • I don’t think 12gb is big enough to install certain games if you buy from PSN…

  • @gerneric123

    No, a standard laptop internal hard drive can fit into the PS3…

  • @13 Yes. but you need HDD bracket which cost around 12$
    @14 yes.. 12 bucks for bracket still worth

  • @16 it has no hard drive holder inside vibration could damage ps3 if you do it fixer raper way

  • Why 12GBs? Should be 32, at least. People that buy this will have to buy an HDD if they want to play certain games, even if the games they buy are retail games.

  • @12 120GB drive 20$ broblem solved :)

  • Will you guys sell a hard drive bracket separately? Some people have extra hard drives laying around but if the PS3 does not come with a hard drive bracket then those people won’t be able to use those hard drives.

  • Great with PlayStation Plus IGC titles like Uncharted 3 …. oh waite…

  • For all the people who believe this to be too small, please realize many people but only a handful of games. Your average person who updates their sports games yearly or only plays CoD isn’t going to see huge storage problems here.

  • 12gb is a smart entry fee, considering you can swap the HDD out, should be a no brainer..might get this, i need a new ps3

  • Not bad. Tryin to get the xbox 360 4gb model customers i see. This is obviously for people who have no interest in downloading games right away and prefer discs. Upgradable if need be, since laptop hard drives are not that expensive. Figure about $55 for a 500gb hard drive… or just buy the 500gb grand theft auto V bundle for $269 or even the 250gb uncharted 3 bundle for the same price. This will attract the gamers that want a ps3 but the $269 – $300 bundles are a bit much for them right now. Kudos tho. Probably would’ve went this route if they offered them earlier. I upgraded the hard drives in both my ps3’s. I do get additional use of the old ones though.. I use them as external hard drives to backup my pc.

  • Just traded in my Xbox 360 for this bad boy. Now I’ve got 2 PS3s and plus I had an extra 500GB HDD not being used.

  • there are some games that are really really big on psn and that are PSN only (looking at One Piece Pirate Warriors) that won’t fit on here. this is good if you plan on buying disk only.

  • What? Is this a joke? I got my PS3 (500GB, INfamous 1&2 , Festival of Blood, Uncharted 1&2 and One month of Plus) for $200. This is a rip-off.

  • It’s an entry model. How hard is that for you Negative Nancys to get? If it was purple I’d get it and swap the HDD.

  • @ 25, don’t forget that you can at least play games even if it’s only 12GB. I couldn’t play anything with my 4GB flash Xbox360 unless I bought a HDD. Ridiculous.

  • @25 Dude, you can get a 250GB 360 for $185 (brand new).

  • @31 yeah, you can get any of these consoles cheaper than MSRP if you catch the right sale… including this one I’m sure. I got a 160gb ps3 with 2 games and a month of ps+ for $199 last year.

  • @30 you must be talking about xbla games. You can play disc-based games no problem.

  • Been available in the UK for over a year now, to all those wondering YES the HDD is upgradable, you need to buy the HHD caddy though which was only £8 over here

  • the only problem, people wouldnt be able to play too many games that require an install like GT5. 8gb..sheesh, lol. but like i stated, swap out the HDD and your good to go!

  • you don’t need a hard drive bracket. I bought this model last year and put a tb hard drive in it so I could keep all my downloaded games nothing extra needed. I do agree though 12 is too small for anything should be 80 atleast

  • I fear that this model (and it’s woeful lack of storage space @ 12 GB) will just be confusing for consumers when they immediately run out of HDD space.

  • PS3 is the number 1 netflix machine, thats who this is for, and those whose ps3’s crapped out can just swap the HDD.

    I would have thought it would be a bit cheaper though.

    But obviously this is the go to model for replacements, gotta love that.

  • How much space goes the OS take up on this 12GB?

    Still a good deal if you’re planing on updating the system.

  • ok this is just stupid as stupid can get. a 12gb model is just a useless system. especially when you can get a 500gb with gta 5 for $269. or a 160gb and 120gb for $250. why waste money paying $200 for a 12gb system and an extra $50 for a 500gb hard drive for a total of $250 when you can get a 500gb with gta 5 for a difference of $20.00 . i just dont understand the logic in creating anoher hacked up system when you could just drop the price of what you already have available and make more money. in my opinion sony should have dropped the price of the 500gb system by itself down to $199 and the 120gb to 320gb original slim down to $150 until they are gone. and if they were going for the 12gb it should be $100.00 for an attractive price point to make quick sales. my 60gb that i put a cheap 120gb hard drive in got the yellow light while installing metro last light so i could use a ps3 for my downloads and the exclusive games like gta 5 without paying a lot for another especially when im getting a ps4 on launch day. i’d be happy with a 12gb only if it was valued with the price of expanding the memory in mind.

  • this model made for people that buy games on DISKS
    i have the 320 GB one But in my Country the internet IS SOOO slow i cant download games
    so i buy disk i know i lot if my frinds that have this model

  • People here keep saying that they can get cheaper and better deals for a PS3 with more GB. Please, message me on how and where to get these. I’m going to college and saving up for a PS3 is tough enough.

  • This has to be dumbest model of PS3 to ever be launched.

    Unless you’re actively monitoring your space, you won’t be able to hold anything.
    RE6 and ACE-R take up 14 GB of space alone.

    What about the games with huge updates? Heaven forbid you want to play DC online with less than 20 GB on your system.

    Thank God this thing uses Laptop Memory otherwise people would be seriously pissed.

  • Does it include the HDD caddy?

  • Why? Parents will end up buying this for their kids, and the whole family will ultimately be getting ripped off. For those who are only buying a PS3 for Netflix, a decent net box is less than $40. Or look into ChromeCast; it’s $35.

  • I would rather pay 270 for a GTA V bundle. For the people that were lucky a couple weeks back the GTA V bundle was only $200 on amazon. I wish I snatched one when I had the chance but I didn’t and now its back to its normal price.

  • Wish a price drop had came on the ps3 instead, seeing as how mine finally crapped out on me, think imma she’ll out the extra 100 bucks to get a 500gb cause 12 just isn’t enough.

  • 12GB??!! i just recently had to upgrade to 320GB!! and probably should’ve gone with a 500GB!!

  • An utterly useless SKU, to be honest.

    The memory limitation on it is so extreme that it’s crippling to the device. Even if one does not buy any digital content, the fact is that nearly every PS3 game requires some sort of install in order to run. Some people will be very disappointed when they get home and can’t play two different games (depending on the games) without having to upgrade the HDD or delete data just to switch games.

    The price point is incredible. The PS3 offers the greatest gaming experiences of this generation in my opinion. This SKU, however, is really underwhelming and, frankly even sneaky and suspicious due to how gimped one’s experience very well could be with this SKU.

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