The Drop: Week of August 19th 2013 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of August 19th 2013 New Releases

Saints Row IV arrives on PS3 and PSN this week. The head honcho of the Saints has been elected to the Presidency of the United States. But the Saints are just getting started. Now the larger-than-life insanity of the Saints series gets a new twist with a catastrophic alien invasion, and the aliens have transported the Saints to a bizarro-Steelport simulation. Wield gargantuan superpowers and fight to free humanity from alien granddaddy Zinyak’s mental grasp. Escape the simulation that’s trapped the Saints crew, or die trying.

As a Cross Buy and Cross Play title on PS3 and PS Vita, Divekick distills the essence of the fighting genre into a two-button, no-joystick, rage-inducing form that can be enjoyed by anyone. You have no traditional directional movement.

Enjoy this week’s The Drop!

Saints Row IV

(Also on PSN) — In the next open-world installment of Saints Row, Deep Silver Volition continues the story of the Third Street Saints by elevating their status to the highest level – the leaders of the free world.


Saints Row IV lets players delve into an arsenal of alien weaponry and technology that will turn each Saint into an ultimate entity of destruction. Utilize out-of-this-world superpowers to fight all the way to the top. With intensified action and enhanced customization, players can use their newfound superpowers and leap over buildings, outrun the fastest sports cars, or send enemies flying with telekinesis in the greatest, most insane installment of Saints Row yet. Save the world, Saints Style.

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity unlocks the freedom to play with some of your favorite Disney and Disney/Pixar worlds like never before! You can experience adventures in the worlds of Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles and Monsters University — take on the role of Sulley, the naturally gifted ‘scarer’; become Captain Jack Sparrow, the sword-wielding pirate; or transform yourself into Mr. Incredible, one of the world’s greatest crime-fighters. Battle enemies, solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and complete a variety of other unique quests.

Games-Disney Infinity

Or create your own world! Unlock virtual toys, characters, buildings, weapons, gadgets and more — and bring them into the Disney Infinity ‘Toy Box’ where you can mix them all up to create your own game. In the Disney Infinity Toy Box, there are no rules and you can create any adventure you want. Share your creations with your friends with up to 4-player co-op play. The more you play, the more you unlock so the story never ends. It’s up to you and your imagination — infinite possibilities, infinite ways to inspire your imagination!

The-Bureau-XCOM-DeclassifiedThe Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The battle of humans against an invading alien force erupts in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, a new story and unique gameplay experience set inside one of gaming’s most storied and beloved franchises. Set in 1962 at the height of the Cold War, The Bureau tells the origin story of the clandestine XCOM organization’s first encounter with a mysterious and devastating enemy. Originally established as America’s covert defense against the Soviet Union, The Bureau must adapt and overcome a threat unlike anything the world has faced before. As special agent William Carter, players will call the shots and pull the trigger, leading their squad of agents in the high-stakes secret war for humanity’s survival. Paramount to repelling the outside threat is The Bureau’s ability to cover-up the enemy’s existence in order to prevent worldwide panic.

In the spirit of the XCOM franchise, The Bureau’s calculated combat design requires players to think and act tactically. The game’s third-person perspective gives the player a sense of spatial awareness and grants them the freedom to transition in and out Carter’s unique Battle Focus ability seamlessly — heightening the tactical shooter action. The Bureau also fully embraces the concept of permanent consequence. As our last line of defense, every command can mean the difference between life and death for Carter, his squad and mankind.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

The United States has a military presence in two thirds of countries around the world. A group of 12 have had enough and initiate a terror ultimatum called the Blacklist — a deadly countdown of escalating terrorist attacks on U.S. interests. Sam Fisher is the leader of the newly formed 4th Echelon unit: a clandestine unit that answers solely to the President of the United States. Sam and his team must hunt down these terrorists by any means necessary, and stop the Blacklist countdown before it reaches zero.


Unleash the power of the most lethal agent to ever exist. You’ve been given the ultimate freedom to protect innocents against the Blacklist terror attacks known as — the freedom to use limitless force, to break every law, and to become the globe’s deadliest operative. If you succeed, the President of the United States will deny you exist. If you fail, millions will die.


(Cross Buy + Cross Play PS3/PS Vita) — You can only dive into the air with the Dive button (it’s a jump) and then propel yourself toward the ground with a mighty kick, using the Kick button. Kicking while on the ground will cause you to bounce away from your opponent. The first hit wins each round; first to five rounds wins the game!

As simple as this sounds, trust that underestimating your opponent is a dangerous mistake. Movement is unorthodox, and players are unable to guard against incoming attacks. Finding the optimal spot to stand in order to score a counter is key, but actually standing in that position is a lot harder than you’d think! Players can also build up their Kick-Meter to activate Kick-Factor, a super charged mode in which your character dives higher and kicks faster. Watch your head, however, as one solid foot to the face scores a headshot and leaves you with a concussion in the next round. Stunned players don’t dive as high or kick as fast, leaving them at a massive disadvantage.

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers combines authentic Second World War settings and a fictitious story that will lead the player through arcade-flight action.


PlayStation 2 Classic

Naval Ops Commander The true sequel to the original Kurogane no Houkou, Naval Ops: Commander returns to the series’ heavier tactic-oriented roots and emphasizes construction and strategy over action. New features include the TBG Tactical Battle Group System (which allows players to have real-time control over their primary warship), additional camera viewpoints, 200 different weapons, 1000 different ship parts, and over 80 varied stages.

Kessen III Follow-up to Koei’s first two strategy games, set in ancient Japan.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases, Retail Descriptions, from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • My Big Question is will Saints Row lV be available for download on the store at 12.01 EST like the steam verison will be.So SONY can you finally answer one of my questions . its been over a month iv adked different questions about saints row lv and never once got an answer back. so pleace answer this one or atlest someone answer it for them.

  • @51 Really? So why is WII U and 3DS kicking both the PS3 and VITA eh?

  • Okay, you people might need to be prepared for a late update. Don’t freak out about it.

  • @ 46 I disagree with you about SR4. I think Splinter Cell looks way better than SR4. SR4 doesn’t even resemble the 1st and 2nd games, and not to troll but I think SR4 is a slap in the face to the fans that made the series popular in the first place. I want some more PS2 Classics. good ones this time like Dark Cloud 1 and 2, Rogue Galaxy or Dragon Quest 8.

  • Nothing that peaks my interest.
    For your Vita sale, it appeared very nice until checking the scores on them.

    So far , I have decided for Marvel vs Capcom.
    As for the rest, other than DOA, they still needed more of a price drop.

    Muramasa Rebirth looks good, but will continue to wait.

    Would like to see the PSones Abe’s Collection to go on sale, as well as Guacamelee.

  • @ Rey Gutierrez I think you were replaced by aliens and that’s why the drops have been so bad lately And why you haven’t replied to anyone in over a year. If you’re not a robot or alien, proove it by replying to anyone! I dare you!

  • And Maybe the Sigma Plus Collection, since Metal Gear dropped that low.
    If you did not pick it up, go check yourself in at the nearest emergency room.

  • As for Dive Kick.

    It definitely looks like a dive, or a Mike Tyson victim.

  • What the frick. Sony, I’d actually like to see more classics from Sega. Sonic Adventure 2 and Jet Grind Radio are good, but they had a lot of great stuff during the 32-Bit era. Yes, around the time you did that PSX. I’d actually like to see Radiant Silvergun (even as a cross-buy for the PS3 and Vita). Also, and HD Remake of the Shenmue’s would be good. If Sega could sell enough of these, it might motivate them to drop Yakuza and go back to what’s currently popular among their fans. Could be awesome. Really, Radiant Silvergun HD is already done. They just have to convert the code. Panzer Dragoon Orta HD would look AMAZING! Gunvalkyrie HD. There’s a lot of good stuff from Sega.

  • Oh, and Microsoft wouldn’t touch it just like they didn’t want to bother with the Oddworld games because they’d already been done on the Xbox. Nows your chance to re-establish a good relationship from the 16-Bit days of Sony Software that turned into bloodshed during the 32 and 128-bit era. Get them back on your side again. You helped them and they can help you. Just sayin….

  • @NeoMahi I agree with Shenmue series. Especially Shenmue 3 since I believe they canceled the Dreamcast version and I never got to play that one. I would love Panzer Dragoon Orta on vita as well. That would be amazing!

  • @50 agree

    also how much is dive kick.

  • @53

    we don’t need you fan boy crap here just leave.

    @60 i would love to see more SS classic Three Dirty Drawf’s ring a bell… and die hard arcade or it’s squeal.

  • @41

    there. is. NO. MGS1. OR. MGS:PO. in. American. PS. Store.
    there’re only MGS HD Collection and MGS Peace Walker.

    They even say here:!/en-us/games/metal-gear-solid-(ps3-psp)/cid=UP9000-NPUJ00594_00-0000000000000001?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=SEN%7CUS%7CB%7CGames%7CEvergreen%7CDesktop%7CTier+1%7CExact&utm_term=ps%20store&utm_content=sANPzvMsd&pcrid=20839171739

    that MGS1 is NOT available for Vita. Even Russian PSstore has both MGS1 AND MGS PO. Sony Must correct this. Otherwise I will never stop posting this.

    you also should at least SOMETIMES check Vita’s PS Store MORE carefully.

  • GTA V pre-order…

    Make it happen…

    That is all.

  • waiting for Diablo 3!!!!!!! hope they have really good deals for this week.!

  • Nice tournament, Sony for the win wooo!!!!

  • XCOM !!!! =]

  • Saints Row 4 looks good but I’m waiting. I just started The Third. I wish GTA IV was like that game. It’s exactly what I liked about the GTA games on PS2.

  • No mention of Flashback huh? You’re fired Rey…..

  • 2 more weeks until GTA V release and no PSN Pre-Order? I’m sad x(. Come on Sony , make this real! Open Pre-Orders on PSN for GTA V.

  • *heart attack* where’s the walking dead for PS vita?!!
    and i will be getting saints row 4!

  • instead of releasing the ps2 games nobody wants why don’t u release one that thousands want like socom 2 HD

  • i can’t wait for my Splinter Cell Blacklist retail game midnight release ^^

    Escape Plan DLC Sales

  • Word of advice, never ask Rey anything here, he’s a senior social media specialist but he won’t take a few minutes out to answer any of your questions.

  • Is the Saints Row IV $1,000,000.00 edition still for sale?

  • Sweet, Kessen III, knocking another game off my wishlist! Koei is pounding the classics onto PSN lately.

  • NHL 14, wondering if the full game actually works?

  • Hopefully Sony tests the game before they let EA rip us off and crap out our PS3’s.

  • Xbox Defender Squad are saying that The Reveal was a 2 part-mini series with E3.
    That the Reveal was all about the TV and E3 was the second part that talked about games.
    And I completely agree with them!
    Xbox is all about TV, Gaming is an Aftertough…

  • When the Saint row IV is going to be in the store i want to preorder !!! :)

  • Yeah its finally here Saints 4…cant wait….will be getting Blacklist as well and gotta try that Rayman Legends demo….Origins is great….and so must be Legends.Thats a nice week drop.

  • I never saw the dive kick video, great to see you guys do some charity work.

  • @64 In order to get MGS1 on your Vita, you need a PS3, download the game on your PS3 and then install it on your Vita using Content Manager. It’s stupid that you have to do it like that but that’s the only way you’ll get MGS1 on your Vita. I can confirm this because I got MGS1 on my Vita and that’s how I did it. I also got MGS VR Missions on my Vita which I got through MGS Legacy Collection.

    There are some other games do that as well like Gran Turismo PSP. I think MGS: Portable Ops might be on the same boat. you need a PS3 to get the game on your Vita. I don’t own the digital version of Portable Ops so I’m not entirely sure about that game.

  • @41 Where is MGS1 on Vita? I have a Vita and I can’t find it anywhere on the store.

  • Nevermind. I just read #86’s comment. Thanks for posting that!

  • I can’t wait Saints Row IV is gonna be awesome

  • Will be trying out the demos for NHL 14 and Rayman Legends, but would like to see Digimon World 2,3 , Card Battle, Rumble Arena, Rumble Arena 2, Tales of Destiny 1 & 2 come onto PSN. I was also going to say Beast Wars Transformers and The Lion King Simba’s Might Adventure as well, but I just bought those online.
    It also doesn’t seem like they have been releasing PS1 or PS2 games lately.

  • @86

    I see. But unfortunately I don’t have PS3:(
    But still Sony should do that. Maybe i’m not the only PS3less Vita owner with problem like this.

  • Brigindine! PsOne classic..that game goes for like 100 buck on me, theres a demand.
    Do it. ;)

  • Some good sales for the Vita, planning on picking up a couple titles. I really want the new Splinter Cell: Blacklist. But I can patiently wait, as I’m still working on getting platinum for Mass Effect 2 and 3. Also excited for the Rayman Legends demo. Is it out for both the Vita and PS3?

  • hey 52 you are on crack if you think the wii u is beating anyone then you are very delusinal the system is dead , I should no I have one and the 3ds is geared to the little kids and there moms and there are a lot of kids in the world , were the vita is made for the older gamer that’s why there is not one game that plays better on my 3ds then my vita . The vita is better in the graphic quality department and the controls but hey if I wanted little kid stuff like pokemon and building bob I would of only stuck with the 3ds but I like adult themed games so I had to get a console quality handheld on the go.

  • why the hell isnt saints row 4 on the store yet , its passed 12:01 est sony . hurry the hell up and upload the game so i can buy it and play the hell out of it.

  • @91 I’m definitely sure that you’re not the only person with that problem. I do agree that Sony should put up MGS1 on the US Vita PlayStation Store for purchase & download alongside other games that are compatible for Vita but can’t be purchased or downoaded from the Vita.

  • Hey, just wondering if it’ll be here in a few minutes, or on tuesday. Thanks :D

  • Sorry, it’s bugging me gotta make this 100 comments

  • Actually, no because that’s pretty much spam. I will not be a part of it.

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