Watch_Dogs: Don’t Miss the New Trailer

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Watch_Dogs: Don’t Miss the New Trailer

Hey guys! I’m Kim Belair and I’ve just joined the Watch_Dogs team as a ComDev. I’ll be working with Nik Schmidt to bring you new Watch_Dogs info and content as we lead up to the game’s launch. I’m excited to be here, and extra excited to share a new trailer.

Watch_Dogs: Don’t Miss the New Trailer

As you’ve probably noticed, the buzz around Watch_Dogs has been awesome, and we’ve gotten some great responses from the press. In fact, we recently received more than 90 awards and nominations at this year’s E3. This trailer showcases a few of the amazing things people have said, paired with gameplay footage — some of it brand new.

The reactions and the accolades we receive help to inspire us; we couldn’t be more psyched to be working on something that gets people talking, that excites them, that draws them into a totally new world. And the world of Watch_Dogs is going to be big.

We can’t wait to share it with you on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

For now, you can keep up with the latest news on the Watch_Dogs Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram. To pre-order your copy, visit our official website.

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  • Already pre ordered this game for PS3 once it comes out i’ll do multiplayer so join me if you want to but the gamertag I always use is : ToxicRay1

  • Multiplayer is pretty interesting. Do you lose stuff when the other player hacks you?

  • I am extremely excited for PS4, next generation can’t come any sooner. For some reason the Ubisoft titles are the ones that are really grabbing my attention at the moment. Between Watchdogs, Assassin’s Creed 4, and The Division from Ubisoft really has my attention. Not to say KillZone, Infamous, The Order, Destiny, Dragon Age 3, The Witcher 3, Battlefield 4, Final Fantasy 15, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Knack(might have missed one lol) also have caught my attention as well. Any word on when we will be seeing any gameplay footage from The Order, I’m a bit intrigued by this title.

  • I am extreamly excited for this game ! its the 1st game i pre ordered for my ps4, along with Assassin’s creed 4 black flag, killzone SF, and Cod Ghosts. Watch_Dogs will be the first game i will play on my PS4.

  • Kim Belair , what will the PS4 versions of Assassin’s Creed 4 black flag and Watch_Dogs be rendered at (1080p 30FPS)?

  • can’t wait to play this game on ps4 :)

  • Beware of Ubisoft, this trailer (which looks like a PS3 game) might be closer to the final PS4 product than what we saw at E3. Check what they did with the FarCry3 “gameplay”:

  • Beware of Ubisoft, this trailer (which looks like a PS3 game) might be closer to the final PS4 product than what we saw at E3. Check what they did with the FarCry3 “gameplay”:

  • I pre-ordered this along with my PS4, inFamous, and Killzone.

  • Cant wait!!! hope the online is good?

  • Was not interested in WD during E3 week. Seeing more footage and thinking of the dynamic world and objectives it has me rethinking my pre order games.

  • Aiden Pearce looks a bit like Matthew Rhys from The Americans. My silence is no more!

  • Looks completely kick-butt. Hoping the really push the next-gen features. (Besides the graphics which already look incredible)

  • love the fact that it is open world get to try out so many things and in all allow myself to get more immersed in the game :)

  • This was the first game I paid off with my PS4.. I am going to be addicted to this game .. Love the fact you can hack car lights and cause pile ups that will make me laugh for hours…. I love seeing the new game play but I want to see the multi player or how players hack into your games.. I will definitely be trolling there other games as well for lulz (= I love Ubisoft BEST company =D

  • yea i pre-ordered Watch Dogs with my ps4 but i also pre-ordered like all of the launch games and a controller lol

    still really looking forward to this game over most of the other games though ..definitely going to be the first or second game i play cause I’m going to be a busy gamer that week

  • I’ve decided I’ll most likely be buying it on multi platforms.

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