Watch_Dogs: Don’t Miss the New Trailer

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Watch_Dogs: Don’t Miss the New Trailer

Hey guys! I’m Kim Belair and I’ve just joined the Watch_Dogs team as a ComDev. I’ll be working with Nik Schmidt to bring you new Watch_Dogs info and content as we lead up to the game’s launch. I’m excited to be here, and extra excited to share a new trailer.

Watch_Dogs: Don’t Miss the New Trailer

As you’ve probably noticed, the buzz around Watch_Dogs has been awesome, and we’ve gotten some great responses from the press. In fact, we recently received more than 90 awards and nominations at this year’s E3. This trailer showcases a few of the amazing things people have said, paired with gameplay footage — some of it brand new.

The reactions and the accolades we receive help to inspire us; we couldn’t be more psyched to be working on something that gets people talking, that excites them, that draws them into a totally new world. And the world of Watch_Dogs is going to be big.

We can’t wait to share it with you on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

For now, you can keep up with the latest news on the Watch_Dogs Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram. To pre-order your copy, visit our official website.

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  • My only question is, will we be able to play multiplayer cross-gen?
    Like me on my PS3 playing multiplayer with my friend who has PS4.

  • 1st game I pre-ordered for the PS4. Looks absolutely phenomenal.

  • Day one buy for me also this is off topic but a funny video.

  • 4th Game I’ve pre-ordered for PS4…. it’s going to be a busy Holiday Season.

    Hey can we see some PS3 footage of this game?

    • Hey there! You can expect to see PS3 gameplay in the coming weeks. When we’ve got the reveal, we’ll be posting it here.

      And thanks for pre-ordering! That’s awesome.

  • Wow there sure a lot of The last of us avatar.

  • If there is only one game I can afford on my PS4 for awhile this will be it.

  • Watch Dogs, KZ:SF, and Knack are the games I am getting with my PS4 :)

  • Preordered for the PS4 (with BF4). I saw the footage from the last-gen consoles and lost my lunch. Maybe it was a mobile version they are working on in secret? In any case it did not have that buttery PS4 goodness.

    Glad to see these look like the next-gen versions of the games.

  • Of all the games launching with the PS4, Watch Dogs is the only no-doubter for me. I already have it pre-ordered along with my PS4.

  • stop with all the last of us avatars. my eyes are starting to go berserk.

  • The real question is…what date does it launch for the PS4?!!

  • Two words: Day 1.

  • First game I pre-ordered for PS4. One of my top 3 most anticipated games this year.

  • Hi, I’m going to do what I did for TLOU and am still doing for Beyond 2 Souls: not watch anything more. Tempt me all you want, but I prefer spoiler free so not going to look.

    I pre-ordered the game hmm, 2 months ago? when gamestop gave me a poster but said it had to be the PS3 version at that time. I need to go back and upgrade to the PS4 version. I’m also intrigued to see how I can use my Vita in the game.

    And, ps: Clickers you can mostly avoid. It’s those d*amm Infected and Runners you have to watch out for. But sign me up for that army.

    • Information blackout? I know we’ll definitely be tempting you, but I’m sure you can stay strong! Although I can promise that even if you watch everything, you’re still in for plenty of surprises.

      Thanks for pre-ordering, too!

      To your PS: The Clickers could be avoided, but my fear levels were so much higher with them than the rest. Anyway, you’re in the army. ;)

  • .. and its sick to think i can play this with Vita – PS4 remote play

  • What the $#!+ Lana? Why didn’t you put that part with Aisha Tyler getting hit by the garbage truck in the trailer? #missedopportunity

  • Watch Dogs keeps looking better and better. When are we going to see some PS3 footage though? I’m curious how the 2 will compare.

  • It’s still crazy to me seeing A PS4 case. This is one of the first games i’ll pick up when I bring my PS4 home.

  • This will be such a beautiful and brilliant game, I cannot wait to get my hands on it! This is actually a kind of game I’ve been wanting for so long, the guy in the awesome coat wielding slow motion pistols at night in the rain, haha. This game has such an awesome “vibe” to it, and tell whoever does the music for this game does a FANTASTIC job, they NAIL IT!!

  • This year is gonna be a good year for gaming. Watch_Dogs and Battlefield 4 will be my first games for Playstation 4. ♥

  • I pre-ordered this first as well for PS4. The love the whole concept, not just the graphics. I think this will be a groundbreaking open world game that doesn’t tie you down to the story only. Keep up the great work at Ubisoft!

    I seen the trailer that looked like a leaked unfinished cut scene. People are confused because the graphics shown looked “early” PS3 quality. This was released a day or so ago.

    Is there a way you can respond to clear up confusion without getting into too much detail. Thanks.

  • Will there be any DLC for this game?

  • i may rent the ps4 version. looks interesting but not enough to buy full price.

  • KZ launch edition preordered, will definitely be picking this up at some point

  • So many good games from ubisoft this year, I’m gona be broke. Watchdogs, splinter cell, rayman legends and AC4. Watchdogs is going to be the game ill play first on ps4, my most wanted game

  • Already preorder watchdogs and 2k14 for the ps4.

  • Can’t wait to play this on my PS4! Looks awesome.

  • I just pre-ordered Watch Dogs for PS4 today. :) Gamestop still had some posters left so I was able to get that for free with the game. (because it is a pre order bonus) :) I can’t wait for the PS4 to release along with Watch Dogs. :)

  • WOW can I just say WOW those graphics are so amazing!!! Wonder how good it will look on the PS3 as I won’t be able to buy the PS4 right away. It probably won’t look as good and crisp, but still might get it.

  • I’m not really sure what exactly the launch lineup of the PS4 will be, but if this game is one of them, then itll likely be the first game i pick up for it… and i wish they’d say what system the trailer is running off of… especially when both PS3 and PS4 are different consoles, graphically… people could be misled into thinking those visuals will be for PS3 when its actually PS4 or PC visuals… i’d almost have to think false advertising in that sense…

  • This will definitely be one of the first games I purchase for the PS4 alongside Killzone Shadow Fall and AC4. November can’t get here soon enough!

  • I have this pre-ordered for PS4 and it looks great.

  • @31 I have AC4 and Killzone Shadow Fall on pre-order for PS4 as well and I can’t wait either.

  • So I need to go change my preorder to a limited edition

  • I pre-ordered this alongside my PS4 and three other games first thing in the morning on June 11th. I’m just waiting for official PS4 system and game launch dates.
    Greatness awaits!

  • of course they can’t do multiplayer cross gen on the same console family (ps3 ps4 for example) – that would make the game itself pointless to own on either system … also all these cut scenes are nice but how about telling us more about the gameplay elements? : D

    Nothing wrong with looking cool but that’s also getting … “Played” out; for lack of a better word. ;)

  • Game looks fantastic.

    There’s definitely a pretty huge difference between the current & next gen versions, which is nice. I was admittedly a little scared that some of the cross gen games were going to be small upgrades, versus what they are ending up as.

  • this looks amazing. GTA V and WATCH DOGS are on my to get list FIRST day.

  • Oh man I think I’m gonna cry, way too many awesome games, way too little time (and money).

    Either way, when I get this, it’ll definitely be the PS4 version baby!

  • @ 1 deathshadow799 – Wow thats a fantastic question…I really wanna see that answered….not only watch dogs but all the games that will be cross-gen.

    Cool trailer…the devs always like to show theirs awards…I would do the same.Anyway besides watch dogs being super overrated its lookin to be a good game indeed and I’m looking forward to play,you guys have an amazing concept there.Any word on a demo?

  • also… BRING IT. i am one man army. you been warned.

  • I will preorder if you can answer my question. Can we use remote play to play watch dogs and can we still earn trophys using the vita to play the game.

  • I can’t wait for this game but I think I should wait until I have a PS4 to play it. I’m not sure when I’ll get that though…

  • This was also my first game preordered for my PS4. I am so damn excited for this game!!!!

  • Watch_dogs + BF4 + AC4

    DESERVES to be played.
    Waiting for 2014 and my PS4

    This games seems fantastic.

  • The First game I have pre-ordered for my ps4 ; it is amazing

  • Speaking of avatars….oh would you look at this ;) hahahaha maybe no one is more excited for Watch Dogs here than I am? ;p

  • Please release a Watch Dogs: Vita Spin-Off. Just like Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation.

  • Whats with the jerky cut outs in the video? Kinda acts like the ps4 played at E3, I hope this is not what is to come….

  • My number #1 most anticipated game, I wonder it it will be at the launch of the ps4 because I think the release date is late November but if the ps4 comes out in late October will they release it before current gen?

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