Vengeance is Yours Today in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

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Vengeance is Yours Today in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

One of the reasons I keep coming back to Call of Duty is the fast action – and the action is fastest on maps that really encourage interaction. When you know all the players are packed tightly together – when every corner you turn can lead to a high-caliber engagement – that’s when the game is the most fun for me. And I think it’s why maps like Studio, Hijacked, and Nuketown 2025 are voted up so frequently in multiplayer lobbies.

Uplink - Shielded Cargo

The four multiplayer maps in the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC collection, Vengeance, were designed for players like me – folks who don’t want to run around forever before they get someone in their sights. That cuts both ways: I know when I get caught in someone else’s sights, it won’t be long before I’m back in the action. That’s certainly true on Cove, which strands players on a small tropical island – a beautiful place for a vacation, if the vacation didn’t look like it might last forever. With just natural rock formations for cover, the debris of a recent plane crash, and endless ocean surrounding you on all sides, there’s no avoiding the enemy in a situation like this. Detour takes place on top of – and just below – a shattered bridge, and while the stranded cars and debris offer cover, they don’t offer a way to truly disappear; you’ll find someone (or be found!) before long. Rush offers a lot of variety when a real firefight breaks out in a paintball facility – both indoors and outdoors – but the spawn points for both teams in Domination are not all that far away, so it’s merely a matter of seconds before you engage the enemy. And Uplink is a re-imagined version of Summit, a classic map from the original Black Ops, featuring face-to-face meetings inside small rooms, down twisting stairways, and plenty of other CQC settings. Basically, it all comes down to two words: No escape.

Rush - Shooting HotDetour - Under Construction

The new Zombies adventure, Buried, sticks to a similar ethos. You begin above ground, but quickly find yourself falling underground and into an old west town that’s been swallowed up by the earth. And that’s to say nothing of the mansion, or the maze…! If you think you’re getting out of here, well, that’s a nice thought – but at least you aren’t alone. Suffice it to say that you can make powerful allies in Buried if you learn the right motivations. I won’t spoil anything, but…use your friends wisely.

Buried - Ray Gun Mk. IIBuried - Wailing Souls

Whether you’re the kind of player who has your plan of attack all mapped out or you don’t know where you’re going, Vengeance will get you there fast. And as usual in Call of Duty, getting there is all the fun.

The Vengeance DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II is available today from the PlayStation Store for $14.99, but if you’re a Season Pass member, there’s no additional fee – just download the newest content from the in-game Store option in the multiplayer menu. You’ll also find a fresh selection of six Personalization Packs – each offering a weapon camo, a calling card, and three unique reticles – in the Store as well (update: available August 22nd), for just $1.99 each.
See you online!

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  • I like Black Ops 2 a lot but i still agree the Maps are way too expensive plus they completely ruin match making, I do not get any local players anymore when I have the maps on. I only bought the first pack but since I deleted it already to have good matchmaking again, I cant even play it or die rise. Yes Activision thats money wasted for nothing and not being able to get a refund makes you look like a scammer.

    There have been calculations how the map packs and season pass bring in for activision around $100 million and more a year from the biggest fans yet activison only has costs of like $1 million to create those b-maps that are often leftovers or re-designs of existing maps what a joke. Now if I pay $100 million to devs I would expect content worth 25 or 30 million $ at least .

    So thats why its a rip-off even when you factor in everything else, less than $1 of each season pass sold goes in maps and content, thats a complete joke and activision needs to go in court.

    i understand you cant give more than 4 maps because your business essentially is map dealing the only reason people buy a new every year, but there would be a ton of other ways to deliver more content or make an open world COD.

  • Thanks for continuing to put out new maps and support the game with double xp weekends, random dlc, patches etc..

    While I definitely am one of the gamers who plays online less, and often can’t afford the 15$ map pack price, I do understand the reasons it’s like that (and how many other AAA MP games charge less for the same amount of content?)

    When I can afford to buy, or play the new maps at a friends house, I find them to typically be fun/new/interesting. (BO and BO2 that is).

    Btw if you make another Black Ops game, can you add some extra words to the title? Feel a bit odd telling people how much I’m enjoying my time with B.O…

  • Dan Amrich, I applaud you for your PR skills, but at the same time, you have to realize that I am a real gamer who has been gaming since the late 80’s and you just recommended Angry Birds to me. Skylanders is a product designed to milk $$ from the customer with physical DLC.

    Also, just because a game isn’t a generic FPS does not automatically mean that it is good. RPGs are my favorite genre, but just because something is an RPG does not automatically mean it’s good. I understand that you are trying to get me hooked on other Activision products, but it will not happen. Transformers Cybertron games are good, but only because I am an 80’s Transformers fan. I will pick up FoC USED for like $15 or less. I cannot bring myself to support your awful company.

  • FPS are flooding the video game industry and have influenced the death of the turn based JRPG. I have been waiting for PS3 games with turn based combat like Xenogears and FF7-9, but have not received one yet, throughout the lifespan of the PS3, thanks to the FPS genre murdering off creativity. You seem respectful, but analyzing your post makes it seem like you underestimate my intellect. I refuse to support your company even if you make a game I like because supporting your company means that I support Clone of Duty and in doing that would make me sick and ashamed of myself.

    I see past your PR talk and your intent is obvious.

  • Just like CoD to add more stuff without fixing the original problems. Having a high notch internet speed means nothing when the servers can’t hold their own water, Had to put the PS3 in DMZ mode just to survive a match, Then it freezes trying to go back to the lobby after EVERY GAME. Been playing CoD since CoD4 and it’s getting way too much hype nowadays.

  • I have stopped playing call of duty because its just running and gunning now. Back in the days like world at war and the MW2 and MW4 had a variety of maps. Seems like all maps now are made for quick action but its very unrealistic warfare and not everyone likes that. I understand the majority of cod players like that but for me I do like to sit back and actually be able to snipe someone a mile away.

  • Ryumoau on August 1st, 2013 at 2:28 pm said: “@7 oh get over yourself. Do you have any idea how self righteously obnoxious you sound?’

    You’ve gotta be kidding.

    The champ of obnoxiousness himself, calling another person obnoxious… WOW.

  • @ Gamerzlimited

    I’m always right… ha ha…

  • @ neuropunk

    But if it wasn’t for Activision, we never would have had Keystone Kapers!

  • The only Call of duty I like was World at War I like the slow tanks and the dogs and the big maps and No sh#*y Drone strikes and the zombies was ok

  • World at War and Fallout3 for psn plz

  • Buried is a pretty easy map I got to round 40 on my first try I died cause I got bored.

  • I’m glad that x-box gets the maps first, because if theirs any glitch’s they would fix it before they release it on PlayStation . The only thing I wish Sony would change how much many ps3 you can download the maps to, I have three ps3 1 in the bedroom, 1 living room, 1 in the office, but only 2 at a time I can have my maps. Plus what are they planning on doing about this same problem when ps4 comes out?

  • Actually, there is no gore in the new games due to hardware limitations in current gen consoles. They needed to add numerous new features that were “heavy” on the hardware. The ps4’s hardware will probably make it possible for them to incorporate gore. Anyways, I love the map pack! Summit was definitely one of my favorites from black ops 1. It was even better that I went 29-4 (started 19-1) on my first match on the map. Cove and rush are also excellent. I would say detour has too many cars and head glitch spots. Buried is an amazing experience, but it did freeze on me during an online match, so i’ll notify the devs. I don’t care about the xbox exclusive contract for the dlc. The playstation nation is where it’s at.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II isn’t a bad game, it’s the community. They’re always bashing this title because it’s the same repetitive gameplay that hasn’t changed. And to tell you the truth, they’re right. It should have been changed since MW3, but no. It’s the same and it has carried over to the next title as well, but it doesn’t means it bad. For content, it’s good. For gameplay, it’s a disappointment and that’s what steered me away from getting myself a copy of MW3. However, I still think Treyarch makes the best CODs compared to Infinity Ward, content wise. I have more value playing the zombies mode and combat training in Black Ops II compared to survival mode in Modern Warfare 3. I would still rather go back to the first Black Ops as it still has the best content compared to the 2nd one. Please reconsider a sale sometime.

    @PrimeroIncognito And that is why I can trust you in the PS blog.

  • This is a huge rip off. They should offer a 5$ map pack with a optional 10$ zombie addon. I Don’t play that zombie crap and find it a waste of money. Cod never puts the customer first. Its always about the DEV ego. They think they make these amazing maps that players are going to love cause they like it, Then they turn out to be crap. is it so hard to make a great open multiplayer map? Other games are able to do this why not cod? In there games EVERY thing is barrier blocked.

  • Hmm. Looks really cool! I don’t play that much Call of Duty, but I DO enjoy playing it at the time of release. If I still had my copy I’d totally buy these map packs! Good work developers! I hope you guys make much more awesome content in the future to come!

  • Call of Duty is the worst thing to happen to the video game industry.

    FPS, why do they suck so much? Why are all FPS the exact same clones of one another?

  • @neuropunk, why do you suck so much? You like it?

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