Vengeance is Yours Today in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

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Vengeance is Yours Today in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

One of the reasons I keep coming back to Call of Duty is the fast action – and the action is fastest on maps that really encourage interaction. When you know all the players are packed tightly together – when every corner you turn can lead to a high-caliber engagement – that’s when the game is the most fun for me. And I think it’s why maps like Studio, Hijacked, and Nuketown 2025 are voted up so frequently in multiplayer lobbies.

Uplink - Shielded Cargo

The four multiplayer maps in the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC collection, Vengeance, were designed for players like me – folks who don’t want to run around forever before they get someone in their sights. That cuts both ways: I know when I get caught in someone else’s sights, it won’t be long before I’m back in the action. That’s certainly true on Cove, which strands players on a small tropical island – a beautiful place for a vacation, if the vacation didn’t look like it might last forever. With just natural rock formations for cover, the debris of a recent plane crash, and endless ocean surrounding you on all sides, there’s no avoiding the enemy in a situation like this. Detour takes place on top of – and just below – a shattered bridge, and while the stranded cars and debris offer cover, they don’t offer a way to truly disappear; you’ll find someone (or be found!) before long. Rush offers a lot of variety when a real firefight breaks out in a paintball facility – both indoors and outdoors – but the spawn points for both teams in Domination are not all that far away, so it’s merely a matter of seconds before you engage the enemy. And Uplink is a re-imagined version of Summit, a classic map from the original Black Ops, featuring face-to-face meetings inside small rooms, down twisting stairways, and plenty of other CQC settings. Basically, it all comes down to two words: No escape.

Rush - Shooting HotDetour - Under Construction

The new Zombies adventure, Buried, sticks to a similar ethos. You begin above ground, but quickly find yourself falling underground and into an old west town that’s been swallowed up by the earth. And that’s to say nothing of the mansion, or the maze…! If you think you’re getting out of here, well, that’s a nice thought – but at least you aren’t alone. Suffice it to say that you can make powerful allies in Buried if you learn the right motivations. I won’t spoil anything, but…use your friends wisely.

Buried - Ray Gun Mk. IIBuried - Wailing Souls

Whether you’re the kind of player who has your plan of attack all mapped out or you don’t know where you’re going, Vengeance will get you there fast. And as usual in Call of Duty, getting there is all the fun.

The Vengeance DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II is available today from the PlayStation Store for $14.99, but if you’re a Season Pass member, there’s no additional fee – just download the newest content from the in-game Store option in the multiplayer menu. You’ll also find a fresh selection of six Personalization Packs – each offering a weapon camo, a calling card, and three unique reticles – in the Store as well (update: available August 22nd), for just $1.99 each.
See you online!

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  • I guess i will pass. Thank for updating this.

  • Not my type of game, but I did enjoy reading your editorial about threatening game developers. Keep it up!

  • wished I played COD, still haven’t touched the PS Plus Battlefield freebie yet

  • I just play Call of Duty for the zombies mode. Just played Buried, it’s freaking awesome!

    • Glad you liked it! I have been slow to getting into Zombies, but I jumped on with some friends in Buried recently and really enjoyed it. It certainly helps to play with friends.

  • I wish they’d bring back Dempsey and the crew in a more meaningful way than just sound bytes around the map. A lot of the magic of Nazi Zombies was those 4 voice talents. The new character actors are decent, but it just isn’t the same at all. That said, I hope Buried is all it’s cracked up to be. Some of the recent maps have left something to be desired. I do particularly like the prison, and the skyscrapers aren’t bad either.

  • Hi, Dan:

    Yes, I read your article also. I don’t play these types of games since I would be killed so quickly it would be no fun for me, but I’m thinking your game must encourage this type of anonymous internet pseudo tough guys. Every time I read something about internet bullying, trash-talking (I can’t list the types of slander because Sony uses filters for the words) about people’s origins or orientations, COD is cited. Specifically, COD on Xbox, due to the “robust” chat feature.

    Maybe your devs need to also look inward and ponder their own unwitting contribution to the sorry toxic atmosphere?

    • I think jerks are going to be jerks wherever they can be jerks. I don’t think it’s confined to or specifically encouraged by any one game or console.

      This, of course, is not what the blog above is about. :)

  • Once upon a time, map packs were $5, as they should be.

    • As with anything, you have to weigh what you get with what you pay. For me, four MP maps and a full Zombies adventure feels fair at $15. If it’s not to you, that’s fine, and I like a good bargain as much as the next person — but an arbitrary hard price cap ignores the actual value of the content. I’m more concerned that I get value for my money than fixating on any specific price.

  • Another $15 rip off and no sale.

    Guess they will never learn.

    • If it’s not of interest, whether for content or price or some other reason, that’s fine. But I don’t feel it’s a rip-off; lots of players are getting lots of value out of the maps at this price. And some gamers got the Season Pass, which lowers their price-per-pack even more, so there were alternatives to full price. Sorry if you missed out on them, but they were very loudly advertised. :)

  • I love buried and now I’m playing zombies a lot more because of buried, thanks! P.S loved summit thanks for bringing it back!

  • I’m not a big fan of the multiplayer anymore. Only addictive CoD I loved was CoD4. I played multiplayer for like over a year straight and still loved it further on. Since then every game only last me a month at most including the nowadays CoD but this game made me go further than one month. Only thing I like about it is the zombies. I think that price is crazy for people that only like the zombies. Just not worth it at all as some of us or even a lot of us don’t play the multiplayer.

    Perhaps if you guys done different packages? Say a package of only multiplayer maps like what CoD4 had done and for same price as it was, another package well for the way it is right now at the same price and then a 3rd package containing only the zombie maps together.

    I would never buy these dlc cos the price is too steep for those of us that don’t play multiplayer therefore would be a big waste of money and only want the zombies. But if you can make a package containing only zombies then I would buy that as that would be getting our money worth

  • what ever happened to the lava flow in Magma? that was supposed to be a big feature, but ive never seen it happen.

    • Not sure I understand…the lava is there, and it’s deadly if you touch it. But it’s not like Hydro, where it suddenly bursts forth at different points in match, and I don’t think it was ever supposed to be; is that what you’re thinking of?

  • I was just wondering why treyarch went from having gore in waw to no gore in the black ops series multiplayer?

    • Every game is different. There is blood in Black Ops II MP by default, but I think you can also turn it off.

  • Wish I had picked up the Black Ops 2 season pass; but now we’re so close to Ghosts I’m not sure if I should!

  • Considering that I ate at Wendy’s yesterday and it cost me $12, that was immediately gone into my tummy and the toilet… $15 for new maps to freshen up the multiplayer and bring me back to playing, I’d say its a decent price for anybody that plays Black Ops.

    If COD is your gaming choice after a long day at work, then $15 for hours of fun is not a big deal. If you don’t see that value in that, then simply don’t buy it. I really don’t see the relevance in posting on the forum to complain about the price of MP DLC.

    “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” – learn some manners kids.

    • That Wendy analogy made me laugh — while I nodded my head. :) I feel the same way. It’s all about personal value; some people will think it’s a bargain at $15, others will see it as something they don’t want. That’s only natural.

  • while i hate activition and call of duty i always come to see adams blog about call of duty. its too funny to see all CoD players go mad crazy on a person who brings news about the game they play… ridiculous XD

    If u dont like being treated as “second plate” as u all say, dont support them simple as that. :/

    If u know u are still buying their games over and over again, then dont come here yelling at adam for it dont u think?

  • Can’t believe 2 maps are old recycled maps, this is disgraceful…for the amount of money you charge for these map-packs they should all be new.

    • I can’t believe two maps are recycled either — because it’s actually not true! :) Uplink is a new take on Summit largely by popular demand, but the other maps in Vengeance, listed above, are completely new.

      This is something of a catch-22. During the original Black Ops, Treyarch generated nothing but new maps — until the requests from fans for old maps were too strong. So rather than just release the same exact thing, they turned Cliffside into the golf course. That way it’s built on something old — something familiar, something loudly desired — and yet it’s not just stagnant content, it still looks and feels new (and the developers get to have some fun with a creative challenge of redesigning something — which is not easy but is creatively rewarding).

      Studio is a reimagined/reworked version of Firing Range, and I have yet to hear anything but positive reactions from players. Many have told me they like it more than the original!

      So…”disgraceful” is not a word I agree with here. Giving fans what they repeatedly say they want — “bring back Firing Range! Bring back Summit!” — and doing so with an extra shot of creativity is not “disgraceful.”

  • Same thing will be on the next game. Milk that cow till it is no longer useful, got dogs to feed and kids to work

  • @squirtbot
    I wouldn’t call it complaining. Consumer feedback isn’t a bad thing. 15 dollars isn’t much, sure. But considering its 3 times what it used to cost me to get new maps, it’s worth noting. People would refuse to buy the game at all if it were suddenly at retail for $180. And a consumer that doesn’t care about a zombie mode isn’t going to see additional value there to justify the cost. We’re all entitled to our criticisms and comments here, positive or otherwise.

    • What game are you referring to specifically when you recall the $5 price point, and how many maps did you get for that $5? I know I’ve seen some $10 map packs that came with three maps, but I cannot recall a game that had five maps for $5, unless it was on sale for a limited time or something. What game’s DLC are you thinking of here?

  • Was this on 360 first aswell? if so ill pass, you screwed me for waiting, i screw you for not buying or playing. i hope all ps3 and p.c owners slowly start to follow the same path.

    • Yes, the COD DLC appears on Xbox 360 first. The idea of a time exclusive is a pretty common practice in the games industry — so much so that I hope this is not a policy you have for all the games you play, because if you were to avoid all games that some sort of perk for one platform or another, you’d be missing out on a lot of major titles and good games. has some historical perspective on this practice…and points out some of the many times that PlayStation owners have benefited from it! But I don’t think you should take it personally as nobody is intentionally trying to “screw” you. It’s just a common business arrangement, and there’s no emotion or judgment behind it.

  • @7 oh get over yourself. Do you have any idea how self righteously obnoxious you sound?

  • I know every game is different. I just wanted to know why the gore/body detachment is in Black Ops single player and not the multiplayer? I loved it in waw multiplayer. Also is this the last dlc ?

  • Good for you Dan. You are brave to answer all the criticism, real or unfounded. Many people in the industry should learn from you.
    For instance, Playstation Latin America Blog Administrator disappeared because criticism.

    • People would not write if they didn’t care. Every comment, even when it’s one that I don’t agree with, or it’s dripping with sarcasm, or it’s downright nasty, comes from someone who stopped gaming long enough to express an opinion — and that means they want to be heard.

      I understand that. I would prefer to answer questions without the nasty stuff, but I know that underneath that anger is often a real desire to offer feedback, get information, or just make a connection.

  • just a suggestion why not sell the maps/zombies separate for people that don’t like the mp maps or the other way and sell them at a lower price?

  • The cheaper maps being referred to above probably has to do with Killzone 3 in particular. Right now without a sale price I can pick up eight maps for Killzone 3 for $9.99. Breaking it down that’s less than $1.20 per map. In contrast, you all are selling off four maps for $14.99. That breaks down to roughly $3.75 per map. Even with the Season Pass you’re effectively charging $110 for a “full product”. Without it would be $120. That’s effectively the cost of two full retail titles while you’re only getting one.

    Now, off that topic a little, how does Activision justify having a $49.99 price tag on a Vita title that has seen no support after launch and has been labeled a complete failure of a title with a Call of Duty name attached to it? How does Activision justify leaving their price tags on years old CoD games as high as they do, even having nearly $100 prices on a “complete” game that’s over two years old?

    I don’t expect to get answers to these questions, at least ones that will fully justify the means or logic. I’m just glad knowing I sold my copy of Black Ops 2 and realize why I won’t be looking back or at future releases like CoD: Ghosts. 10th prestige BO2, 14th prestige MW3.

    • That’s a good deal for Killzone DLC. Did it start at that price?

      I would like to challenge the idea of a ‘full product” though. The full product is right there on the disc for $60. Everything else is an option. If you play online without the additional, optional DLC maps…you are still playing the full game, and you will be matched up against other players using the same collection of on-disc maps. There are plenty of gamers who do not feel a compulsion to own everything that is released. DLC is very much optional; if it looks good to you, it’s there for you. If you don’t want it, play the game you bought as long and as often as you like. DLC is an offering, not a requirement.

      Game pricing is not an area of my expertise, but I believe COD games generally don’t drop their prices quickly because they still are still selling at the full price. There are still lots of people playing Black Ops and MW2 online, let alone MW3 and Black Ops II. And every time I’ve jumped on Declassified for Vita, I find players for MP, so I am definitely not one of those people “labeling it a complete failure.” The fact that I still find people playing it suggests otherwise!

  • i am angrykevin170 im wiling to make a vid about 8 hours of zombies on buried and i need some skilled players that can go rounds please i will pay for being in video with me

  • Dan i know what it means, and im not missing out on “all games” just one that i used to love but got tired of waiting a month for, just takes the fun out of it so i choose to move on from the series. but i respect your defensive approach. good job.

    • Honestly, I respect that the game just isn’t fun for you — I’m not trying to convince you that it is. Nor am I trying to tell you that you have to support a system you don’t like.

      But…it’s not a personal attack, and it’s not uncommon, and I’ll even wager that you have probably enjoyed a PlayStation game that enjoyed some sort of benefit that other consoles did not get at the same time (or ever). So I’d ask that you consider that before getting too upset. Sometimes it’s in your favor, sometimes it’s in their favor, and sometimes it’s dead even.

      Sorry if I came off as defensive, but you came off as aggressive by using words like “screw” and seemingly reacting as if a DLC biz deal was somehow engineered to cause you personal pain. And I’m just here to assure you…that’s not the case.

  • I have a question about COD I thought you might have an answer to it(Activision support does not have an answer to my question)

    Why doesn’t Treyarch support COD Elite like Infinity Ward, it seems like Treyarch has decided not to support COD elite. Black Ops 2 doesn’t have clan titles, and Double XP awards for clan ops. Elite doesn’t even display results for clan ops anymore and no one has fixed that issue yet.

    Also great work on Vengeance I played it this morning and I really liked it.

    • Treyarch supports COD Elite — I check the mobile apps often to see my stats, and sure enough, there they are — and offers things like Zombies tracking, which has not been available before. But keep in mind that Treyarch does not run the Elite service; Elite is created and maintained by Beachhead Studio.

      I don’t have a clear answer for you on this one, though, other than things change over time. If you have feedback for Beachhead, post in the forums — the devs do read those.

  • I won’t be buying the DLC map pack, I find that the current maps on black ops 2 are very good. I rather keep the money and buy call of duty Ghosts for PS4 instead. Not saying the pricing of the map packs is a rip off or anything, but I don’t think it worth it for me as I only play the multiplayer now and then. Fair play to you Dan for replying to all the commentators on this blog, it shows you care about your job. Now get back to COD ghosts!

  • For the MASSIVE amount of work devs put into making the game AND the DLC’s, I’d say 15 bucks is MORE than fair.

    Bought it! :)

    God Bless!

  • I apologize for making it seem personal by saying “screw me” lol it was intended as a ps3 customer.

    And for sure its a great game from what i remember, i just got tired of the fact that i had to wait a month to enjoy some DLC for a game that i waited in a huge lines for, and to top it off at the same price. But i assure you im not the only person who’s felt that way, so its not just me, and at the same time i know a few that enjoy it and ignore the fact.

    but of course i get it, its business. Its just my take on it. no hard or personal feelings lol but yeah you have a tough job bro, thanks for replying!

  • @Dan There are still many people playing MW2 yes, and even COD4 and WAW. I’m one of those people. But unfortunately, it seems as if support for the multiplayer to those games has ceased because hackers have completely taken over the game. I literally cannot play a game on WAW without hackers and I frequently find them in COD4 and MW2 as well. Please, I’m begging you, PLEASE get these cheaters off your game so I can once again play these incredible games like I once could. I own every Call Of Duty game on the PS3 and enjoy playing all of them on multiplayer. I’ve logged many, MANY hours into these games over the years and it’s incredibly depressing to see that these older games are being left to be exploited by cheaters whereas in the past, they were mostly cheater-free. Please fix this. Thanks Dan.

    On a different topic, this DLC is AWESOME! The maps are great and the zombies feels very different! Loving it! Will also be buying those camos ASAP ;) great idea to introduce them btw! Very happy with them! I was wary about the idea of microtransactions at first and wasn’t going to buy them but now here I am, own them all haha :p keep good quality camos coming and I’ll buy them all :p

  • Just buy the Season Pass, it’s worth it and much better value than buying each map pack separately. All great maps (except Cove). BO2 season pass and BF3 Premium have been the best value for money for me.

  • I wish Activision would make the zombies stand-alone instead of having the base that enjoys zombies buy $15 map packs :(

  • Hey, Dan. Thanks for responding to so many people’s comments, some don’t (Rey).

  • Well aren’t I glad I got the season pass…

  • no its a rip off. most everyone i play with are pretty exclusive either MP players or Zombie players. yeah they mess about or a experiment every once in a blue moon but 99.7% play either MP or zombies exclusively. Rip Off!

    • I am confused by this comment All your friends play MP and Zombies — great to hear, hope you’re all enjoying it together — but how is buying MP maps and Zombie content a ripoff if you’ve just said that you’re spending the majority of your COD time in those modes? Sorry, I just don’t follow what you’re trying to convey here.

  • it appears i misunderstood the trailer. he says the lava flows through the level and there was a scene where a player got killed by moving lave, but a closer look showed that he walked backwards into the lava. Too bad, i was excited for such a dynamic game changer

  • FPS genre is pretty godawful. FPS need to die.

    Why are almost all FPS the exact same?

    Activision, I hope your company goes belly up, sooner rather than later. YOU SUCK!

    • Have you tried Skylanders? It’s a really good action/RPG that’s very welcoming to kids and new players to the genre — I think of it as “Diablo Jr.” It’s very popular and one of several non-FPS games Activision publishes for PS3 (NASCAR The Game, Angry Birds Trilogy, Deapool, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron…there are, of course, many more)

      On behalf of fans of Killzone, Resistance, Doom, Unreal Tournament, and yes, even Halo…don’t bother hating the genre. Just don’t play it. What you do not enjoy does not need to be destroyed, you know? Play what makes you happy. That’s all that really matters.

  • If you want more money, do sales from previous DLC on older COD games. You’ll make more money that way and the consumer and company will be happy. I still haven’t bought all the DLC for the first Black Ops yet, so here’s an opportunity for a consumer like myself to not pass up. To tell you the truth, I would rather spend my $15 elsewhere.

    @Ryumoau PrimeroIncognito’s right. You’re such a jerk. Why do you even bother posting?

  • Just finished downloading the maps. Can’t wait to check them out once I get home from work tomorrow. Very excited to see the different take on Summit as I absolutely loved what you guys did with Firing Range/Studio.

    Thank you!

  • FPS are filthy garbage and ruining the video game industry.

    F U to Activision for influencing the destruction of the video game industry. I sincerely hope that the video game industry crashes, and that you, Activision, burn in hell (if that fictional place existed) for eternity for being to blame.

    The video game industry would be far better off if you were not there to ruin it.

    Activision, I hate you and I spit on you. I spit on you and it lands in your eye, mouth and nose. I spit on you again and again and again, until your face is covered in mucousey spit. Then I go and spit on all your crappy FPS “games”.

  • Buried is already ruined by hackers.

    • If you are seeing issues with the game, you can do two things:

      1) Use the in-game menu option to report hackers when you see them. This is also the way to report boosters/cheaters and offensive content.

      2) Contact (or /activisionassist on Facebook, or @ATVIAssist on Twitter) and report, in detail, what you see/what exploits are ruining the game. They can investigate and work with the developer to fix those problems.

      Mistakes happen, but if you’re proactive, you can help make them disappear. Thanks.

  • Multiplayer is unavailable to play so I’m not sure why you keep making multiplayer maps. This game sucks except zombies. CoD = Lag

  • @neuropunk youre the dumbest person I’ve ever seen

  • I appreciate Dan’s contribution to the blog and his posts and articles.

    I don’t recall the last time I actually purchased a game from your company, aside from Barbie for my kids, the last time would have been the 1990’s. Having said that, I don’t think the industry would be better off with out a large publisher, hopefully you find a way to help out the less known games to go along with COD.

    • COD gets all the headlines, but there are so many other games (and other game genres) that Activision publishes. I noted a few up at #39, but there are plenty more. The Cabela’s hunting games don’t get much attention in the press, but they are consistently successful. I generally talk about all the games Activision publishes over on my blog, — it’s not just COD central. I’m well aware that everybody is not a COD player, and I’m glad to see Activision isn’t just a one-game company.

  • Hey Dan, I just wanted to say I love zombies and what you guys have done with it. I love that you listen to the criticism and reply. (Sony Santa Monica should learn from you with the PSASBR DLC.) Anyway, I have been playing Activision games for a while now (Guitar Hero was the first game I ever played and now I can play the guitar because of it) but I would like to know how long the Xbox timed exclusive DLC will last. I’m not mad, I’m just wondering. I would be really happy If you replied. I’m a big fan of your work.

  • I absolutely love the COD franchise and have all the games. Black Ops II however is a little too kumbaya for me. Black Ops II is where COD and I part company. My daughter tells me glowing things about Battlefield. We’ll see.

  • Its really tense those $15 price tags for all CoD DLCs…I really wanted to buy all the DLCs for the 1st Black Ops but I didn’t because they never did a sale for the half of price at least….I bought MW2 DLCs when they were at sale for half the price and it was worth it…but paying $15 only for online maps and a new zombie map is too much…and activison knows that…but whatever hu CoD playas keep buying…this way they’ll never low their prices since they keep making profit out of it.Its sad…I really want MW3 DLCs because of the extra special ops mission but they’re bundled with online maps which I have 0 interest.I wont be buying any B.O 2 DLCs unfortunately.Anyway I love your posts Dan.

  • Sadly after CoD4 they havn’t kept my interest. Still buy them tho lol. Still play CoD 2 and CoD4 on PC tho. Best CoD games ever made United Offensive right behind them!

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