Stealth Inc. Sneaks onto PS3 and PS Vita Today

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Stealth Inc. Sneaks onto PS3 and PS Vita Today

Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark on PS3 and PS Vita

To start off PlayStation Store PLAY, Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark is sneaking onto PS3 and PS Vita today. Well, we say “sneaking,” but we’re shouting about this from the rooftops. What’s the opposite of sneaking? Unsneaking?

Whatever it is we’re doing, we’re proud to finally be releasing our game after many months of work, to bring you the best version of Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark ever to grace the gaming world.

Stealth Inc is a game that was developed around a simple idea: Why do Stealth games have to be so slow? We love Stealth games in the office. For us, the best parts are the evasion, the thrill of outsmarting your enemies and the satisfaction of working out the ideal path. We wanted to make a game that focused on these parts, and skipped the bits where you’re waiting around for a guard to move out the way, or running back to a hiding place because you’ve been discovered. You know what happens when you’re discovered in Stealth Inc? You explode. We aren’t kidding about that. Except we are kind of kidding around a little bit.

Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark on PS3 and PS VitaStealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark on PS3 and PS Vita

The story is told through writing that appears on the walls, and if you’re hoping for a story about the CIA where a lot of grizzled men with muscled necks say things like “infiltration vector” and “the dark ops team has reached the primary objective,” you might be a bit disappointed. In Stealth Inc, you are a clone. You do your tests. You follow your instructions and you don’t complain. Did we mention the part where you explode?

Those tests involve a mix of platforming precision, stealth and puzzle solving as players guide a clone through 80 different chambers. You’re not armed (unless you classify your wits as a weapon), but along the way you’ll pick up a variety of equipment and gadgets to aid against robotic enemies, security cameras, moving walls and levels that have been designed to make you cry tiny, pixelated tears.

All that aside, we’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to both PlayStation and their fans. Considering this is the Official PlayStation.Blog, it seems a bit trite to say we wouldn’t be here without PlayStation, but really, their attitude and open-mindedness to the indie community has been tremendous. We’re both very glad and very excited to be continuing to work on more great PlayStation games, with two more coming before the year is out.

Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark on PS3 and PS Vita

Likewise, we want to thank the fans. Some people do that as a token gesture, but really guys, thanks. Our game got renamed by two regular gamers, and without the thousands of suggestions from fans, we’d have to have gone with “Stealth Game: Also Platform Game With Puzzles Where you Avoid Things,” which isn’t nearly as catchy.

Pick up Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark today on PlayStation Store for $9.99. Don’t forget, Stealth Inc is part of this year’s PLAY line-up where if you purchase one or more of the other titles you receive bonus PSN cash vouchers. Check out last week’s PLAY post for all the details.

We can’t wait to hear what you guys think about Stealth Inc!

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3 Author Replies

  • Hurry up and release the store update so I can play the game!!!!

  • Why am I only able to download the theme>? is there something I’m missing lol, will they send a notification when we can DL the game…. I’ve never pre-ordered off PSN before.

  • Can you get the PSN store on Vita fixed? It keeps locking up at the “Preparing to download” popup

  • Oh no! I waited too long (wanted to get my sister’s input), and now, even though the Store shows it available for pre-order, I keep getting ineligibility errors. Contacted customer service, which reasoned that the Store updates all day (really, Sony?), so the pre-order’s in the process of coming down. Super bummed…

  • Thank you for all your hard work bring this awesome game to PS3/Vita!! Cross-Play is truly innovative. I have NOT preordered on purpose. Want to make sure you guys get my full $10. Thanks again and cannot wait to play this on my Vita tonight.

  • I downloaded it about 30 minutes ago. Preordered earlier today, no issues. Just went to new releases on vita and the option for the free download preorder was there.

  • I could live with paying a couple bucks more, but my main concern of nabbing this now rather than later is the accompanying theme. Will that be available when the Store updates, or have I lost out?

  • Downloading it now :)

  • “Unfortunately, as this game was released today in the store, it is no longer on Pre-order and therefore, you will be unable to get the theme as this was just an incentive for the Pre-order. Please note that when games are released on the store, the sale price/Pre-order price/incentive ends at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time as this time the time that the store begins its update.”

    Bummer! But, at least I now know my deadline. Now if only the Store would provide this sort of information. A countdown, maybe, “like on Steam.”

  • Now this is a game that i would get for sure, by this month or before the promotion ends.

  • Just finished downloading mine. Ready to play now!

  • Why is there no demo? I’d like to buy your game as it looks great. However, there’s no demo for me to determine whether or not it’s worth the $$$ to me. In this day & age of gaming it seems quite strange when companies do not release demos of their titles.

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  • This game is awesome. Thank you Curve for another great game on PS Vita (and PS3 of course!).

  • Awesome game, like the fact that I will be able to play it on my Vita too ( as soon as I get one )

  • @ 4 NinjaMicWZ – Hey I agree 100% with you…I watched that trailer and damn thats some awesome trailer great song…..I missed the chance to buy this game for $8.00 now I’ll have to get it for $10.00….oh well its worth it.And with cross-buy…hell yeah its worth it.

  • Seriously awesome work Sony, just keep these indie games coming! Already got Hotline Miami and Stealth Bastard on Steam, but I’ve already repurchased Hotline Miami on Vita (which, to me, was even more fun than on PC) and I’ll be getting Stealth Inc. in a short while.

    I’ve bought my Vita about a month ago in anticipation of Spelunky HD and Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, since those two games will give me infinite re-playability. So really, thanks for being so open to indie games.

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