Stealth Inc. Sneaks onto PS3 and PS Vita Today

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Stealth Inc. Sneaks onto PS3 and PS Vita Today

Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark on PS3 and PS Vita

To start off PlayStation Store PLAY, Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark is sneaking onto PS3 and PS Vita today. Well, we say “sneaking,” but we’re shouting about this from the rooftops. What’s the opposite of sneaking? Unsneaking?

Whatever it is we’re doing, we’re proud to finally be releasing our game after many months of work, to bring you the best version of Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark ever to grace the gaming world.

Stealth Inc is a game that was developed around a simple idea: Why do Stealth games have to be so slow? We love Stealth games in the office. For us, the best parts are the evasion, the thrill of outsmarting your enemies and the satisfaction of working out the ideal path. We wanted to make a game that focused on these parts, and skipped the bits where you’re waiting around for a guard to move out the way, or running back to a hiding place because you’ve been discovered. You know what happens when you’re discovered in Stealth Inc? You explode. We aren’t kidding about that. Except we are kind of kidding around a little bit.

Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark on PS3 and PS VitaStealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark on PS3 and PS Vita

The story is told through writing that appears on the walls, and if you’re hoping for a story about the CIA where a lot of grizzled men with muscled necks say things like “infiltration vector” and “the dark ops team has reached the primary objective,” you might be a bit disappointed. In Stealth Inc, you are a clone. You do your tests. You follow your instructions and you don’t complain. Did we mention the part where you explode?

Those tests involve a mix of platforming precision, stealth and puzzle solving as players guide a clone through 80 different chambers. You’re not armed (unless you classify your wits as a weapon), but along the way you’ll pick up a variety of equipment and gadgets to aid against robotic enemies, security cameras, moving walls and levels that have been designed to make you cry tiny, pixelated tears.

All that aside, we’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to both PlayStation and their fans. Considering this is the Official PlayStation.Blog, it seems a bit trite to say we wouldn’t be here without PlayStation, but really, their attitude and open-mindedness to the indie community has been tremendous. We’re both very glad and very excited to be continuing to work on more great PlayStation games, with two more coming before the year is out.

Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark on PS3 and PS Vita

Likewise, we want to thank the fans. Some people do that as a token gesture, but really guys, thanks. Our game got renamed by two regular gamers, and without the thousands of suggestions from fans, we’d have to have gone with “Stealth Game: Also Platform Game With Puzzles Where you Avoid Things,” which isn’t nearly as catchy.

Pick up Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark today on PlayStation Store for $9.99. Don’t forget, Stealth Inc is part of this year’s PLAY line-up where if you purchase one or more of the other titles you receive bonus PSN cash vouchers. Check out last week’s PLAY post for all the details.

We can’t wait to hear what you guys think about Stealth Inc!

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3 Author Replies

  • This looks fun, but it won’t be a top priority buy for me.

  • Have this preordered. We are getting the Teleporter Chambers today too right? Bidds tweet says they giving them away.

    • Teleporter Chambers is out as well, but the DLC is only free in Europe, where there has been no other discount / promotion.

  • So, why did the game get renamed anyway?

    Have this preordered, looks fun!

  • You guys should put the trailer from the SEN webstore on this blog page, because it’s a freakin’ awesome trailer:!/en-us/games/stealth-inc-a-clone-in-the-dark/cid=UP4395-NPUB31260_00-STEALTHBSPS3FG00

    I pre-ordered it to get it for $7.99. I DL’d the freeware game a long time ago, and have DX too, but I’ve been patiently waiting for this on Vita. Gonna be awesome. Thanks for porting it to where I want to play it.

  • @xeno3d – I think it’s because the original name would be offensive to some of the standard console crowd.

    I have the game on my Linux system at home, it’s neat little platformer. Most of the PC to PS3/Vita indie ports have been really good, and for the price you can’t go wrong.

  • Already got my copy preordered. =) Know the size of the game for the PS3 and Vita?

  • It’s a shame about Stealth Bastard but the new name seems to fit the bill. Cross buy+ preorder discount is also a great way to start as we’re always looking for awesome new content on the go and indies like this are just what we need. A question on level creating though, can you share them online?

  • Teleporter Chambers DLC is $3.99

  • Sounds great! I won’t be grabbing Stealth Inc. this week, but certainly sometime down the road. I for one am very excited about Sony’s growing partnership with indie developers for the PS3, PS4, and particularly the Vita. There are tons of AAA titles out in the wilderness…titles that will keep you busy for hours and days on end. It’s refreshing to have these indie games that you can sit down and play for minutes at a time and come back to and not miss a beat. Wish more developers would continue to publish these kind of games on Vita, since it was made for that type of gaming.

    Question for Sam though: you stated that Curve plans on dropping two more PS titles before the end of the year. I know that Lone Survivor is slated to arrive on PS3 and Vita before the end of the year, but could not figure out what that second title was. What’s the second game?

  • Looking forward to this! The idea of a fast stealth game is pretty appealing.

  • Ooooohhh…forgot about Proteus. Forget my question above…thanks!

  • I really like the look of this game, but I have a bit of a backlog to work through right now. On my second playthrough of the Last of Us on PS3, and I’ll be grabbing Dokuro for Vita, free on PS+ next week. I will definitely be purchasing Stealth Inc though. Just not right away.

    I sometimes feel bad about not buying indie games on day one — you know, to show immediate support for the indie devs I love. But I just want you guys to know that your game looks awesome and I will be getting it later!

  • Preordered here!
    We need more AAA portable titles, but Vita is becoming the perfect machine for indies, its amazing!
    Its the best device to play indie games, better than pc, tablets / mobiles…

  • Wish I had the time to play games like I used to but I don’t. I will be getting this game some time down the road though.

  • Already have this preordered. Any game that is cross-buy will always be a day one purchase for me. Especially Indie games, I love the choice of playing on my console or my vita and getting the same experience on both. So far my fav games of the year have been guacamelee and hotline miami. Both very good games on either system but I enjoyed them far more by knowing I have the choice to play them on either system.

  • dear sam
    i was wonder if theres a patch for jak and daxter collection for ps vita coming to us

  • Looking forward to this game and I hope it sells well, also I’m really glad to see more people supporting cross-buy.

  • Preordered this badboy. Can’t wait to play this on the Vita.

  • I have it preordered so I will be defiantly downloading it later today, now we play the waiting game and hope Sony updates the store early.

  • The perfect game for my PSVita

  • wow this is awesome, going to get it for PSV

  • Cant wait. The store cant update soon enough. Vita love baby.

  • I already have it preordered, I own it on PC but being able to play it on the go on the Vita was enough of a reason to buy it again. Great game. :)

  • Looks great, good job guys!

  • Pre-ordered it and very much look forward to playing. I saw a Giant Bomb quick look on the PC version a while back, and was envious of this game being only on PC.

    Its SUPER great that its come to not only PS3, but Vita as well, thanks guys, your efforts are much appreciated :)

  • Finished Hotline Miami about a week ago on my Vita and hoping that this game will keep me occupied for a long time! Pre-ordered already and thanks for releasing it for the Vita. It definitely needs great indie games like this

  • but I already pre-order this game, will this be free when it already pre-order?

  • Have it on my PC, though haven’t beaten it yet.

    As such, though I think this would be fun to play on my Vita, I’m going to hold off until maybe a 50% discount.

    BUT, if you do a proper sequel and have simultaneous release, I’d definitely choose Vita over PC for this type of game!

  • Preordered this :D Thankfully I managed to get the $1 discount right before my PLUS ran out. Can’t wait to play this. PSN, Y U NO UPDATE STORE FASTER D:

  • if the game is the same great experience who cares about the name? i understand them wanting to make it more family friendly so to me it’s just good business to do so. if the name will keep someone ppl from even trying a game which i’m sure it would then who cares about a name?

    looking forward to checking it out later tonight.

  • Could you add ability to download user created levels?

  • cant waittt to play this todaY. a LEVEL Editor is a hugeee plus. anyways that one guy said Teleporter Chambers DLC is $3.99… if true not feeling that price wish it was free or a bit less. i might get it though il see. ether way this is the most exciting thing for me today.

  • Unf! I really shouldn’t be spending more strapped cash with a backlog so large, but the pre-order themes tempt me (as does anything with limited availability). But, hey, PS+ got Festival of Blood’s theme…

  • jusmoore2-1673 of course…. you already paid for it.

  • First time I have pre-ordered anything on PSN. Will we get a notification when its ready for download?

  • Preordered after reading this article. Also very excited to play this on my Vita.

    Lack of Vita support is whats keeping me from buying Ducktales

  • The DLC is free in Europe but costs $3.99 in America? Why???

  • So… I preordered this in the US… how do I download it? I’ve got the Theme, but don’t see where the game download is.

  • The game will cost the equivalent of $12 in Europe, if you have PS+ it’s basically the same price for game and DLC, if not then it works out more expensive unless you take advantage of the PLAY promotion, if you have PS+ it works out pretty good deal

  • I’d preorder this but Play only has it listed for PS3 and there’s no mention of Cross-Buy or Vita anywhere.

    Don’t want to be burned again.

  • Was there free themes for pre-ordering? I forgot to check.
    Also, What other games did you work on?

  • I played this on my friend’s PC, and I liked it so I preordered. I just think that you guys should have kept the title ‘Stealth Bastard’ rather than changing it to ‘Stealth Inc.’ as I think the former fits the game a lot better. At any rate, it is still Stealth Bastard to me!

  • Disregard my previous comment. Not enough coffee.

  • Preordered! “Stealth,” “2D” and “platformer” are three of my favorite words.

  • Played this on PC, so I preordered as soon as possible on PSN! I want to play this on my Vita! :)

  • Always like to see new Vita games from developers who support the platform more than Sony itself does

  • Hopefully picking this up soon. Too busy right now though:(

  • I just tried to pre-order this from the PSN Web store, but I keep getting an error saying I’m not eligible. No idea what’s going on there. Is it still going to be 20% off for plus members after it’s release or is that just a pre-order thing? Because I would hate to lose out on the deal because Sony’s store sucks.

  • I’m getting the same error saying that I’m not elegible :(

  • When is it going to be available? All I am able to download is the theme.

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