Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Coming to PS3

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Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Coming to PS3

We’re excited to announce that the latest installment in the Hot Shots Golf franchise (which has just celebrated its 15th year anniversary) will be winging its way onto PS3 via PSN on July 23rd for $19.99.

The PS3 version offers everybody’s favorite local multiplayer that supports up to four players, as well as new features such as Real Feel Shot where you can swing your way through courses with your PlayStation Move motion controller.

What’s more, for those of you that own the PS Vita version, all of your downloadable content is cross-buy and will be unlocked in the PS3 version! The Vita patch version 1.06 will bring you up to speed with the PS3, enabling you to play with those on the PS3 version in the online tournaments.

What we think is one of the most exciting features is both PS Vita and PS3 can compete against each other online. And with such a vast array of online tournaments available, you’ll never be short of brand new online rivalries! Take advantage of the Level 4 and Level 5 clubs and balls to get the edge over your buddies!

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

In true Hot Shots Golf tradition, there will be a vast amount of tournaments, loads of equipment and unique characters and of course we will be providing new content and tournament through our regular updates.

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

We look forward to seeing you on the golf course!

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  • I feel obligated to say that I do love the devs continued support for the game, and I would continue to buy new DLC courses & characters regularly but at least make the Level 4 & 5 equipment only available for Single Player, not Online Play.

  • As a owner of the Vita version, I’d have to say I’m pretty upset right now. Got our hopes all up to play with PS3 owners of the game, but we can’t do regular stroke or match play, but we can enter the lobbies? what’s the point of entering the lobbies with PS3 owners if we can’t play rounds with them?

    Also, no cross-save is really a kicker too. So it’s off to replaying the HOURS of work I did on the Vita game to unlock the same stuff for PS3. Lucky for Sony that I am a really big fan of HSG and have friends playing it, otherwise I would just pass on the PS3 version due to this bull.

  • So basically the cross buy was a lie, you have to re-purchase all over again to get it on both platforms.
    And the cross platform MP was a lie too… you can enter into a shared lobby with PS3/Vita players, but it says right on the screen that Vita/PS3 players cannot play together.

    This is ridiculous.

    Did ANYONE think that when they said cross platform multiplayer they meant you could go into a lobby together, but not actually play golf together?
    That’s absurd.

  • Can you please give us more info on the premium clubs so we can decide if we want to buy them or not. “Increased power, decreased impact” isn’t enough information.

    Screencaps of the bar graphs you get in game should be on the playstation store. It would be even better if we could do the equivalent of “trying them on in the change room” so we can see what our stat roll out will be with various characters and club combinations before deciding which ones we want to buy.

  • I have owned many Hot shots golf games, and I kept my ps2 around just to play Hot shots golf 3. I am so getting this game, and my wife already knows it but she’s not happy! but I am!

  • Hey this game is great! Can you please add 3d?? I will start a kick starter if its a money issue. Just let me know how much. Thanks

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