Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Coming to PS3

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Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Coming to PS3

We’re excited to announce that the latest installment in the Hot Shots Golf franchise (which has just celebrated its 15th year anniversary) will be winging its way onto PS3 via PSN on July 23rd for $19.99.

The PS3 version offers everybody’s favorite local multiplayer that supports up to four players, as well as new features such as Real Feel Shot where you can swing your way through courses with your PlayStation Move motion controller.

What’s more, for those of you that own the PS Vita version, all of your downloadable content is cross-buy and will be unlocked in the PS3 version! The Vita patch version 1.06 will bring you up to speed with the PS3, enabling you to play with those on the PS3 version in the online tournaments.

What we think is one of the most exciting features is both PS Vita and PS3 can compete against each other online. And with such a vast array of online tournaments available, you’ll never be short of brand new online rivalries! Take advantage of the Level 4 and Level 5 clubs and balls to get the edge over your buddies!

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

In true Hot Shots Golf tradition, there will be a vast amount of tournaments, loads of equipment and unique characters and of course we will be providing new content and tournament through our regular updates.

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

We look forward to seeing you on the golf course!

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  • Will my Vita save work on the PS3 version?

    • I’m afraid we weren’t able to support the cross-save, as much as we would have liked to.

      Comments noted, and will respectfully look into ways to improve the user experience moving forward…

  • More Hot Shots Golf is never a bad thing.

  • nice. my favorite vita game for the ps3. oh, here’s my suggestion. make a new hot shots for the ps4 with a course creator…

  • Cross-buy?

  • Loving the support that this game/franchise is getting. I’m still working on the Vita platinum haha. Any word on cross-buy/cross-trophies? Any benefits for me owning a physical vita copy of the game?

  • I agree with neon_tooth. A course creator and character creator where the creations can be downloaded by other PSN users, like Littlebigplanet or ModNation Racers, would be phenomenal and add a ton of replay value.

  • Can you confirm 60fps? Also, what does this game offer that Hot Shots Golf: Fore does not?

  • Very nice! I love the Hot Shots series! Can’t wait to pick this up next week!! Having this game on both my Vita and PS3 is so awesome. I wish the Clap Handz team would consider bringing the Hot Shots Tennis game to the PS3, I’d loooove that!

  • Can we please also get the Kazuma Kiryu DLC that Japan got? Please?

  • Hots Shots World Invitational Vita was my first Hots Shots golf game and I must say it’s excellent. The challenges are really fun. Glad to see more Hots Shots!

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Finally, it’s about time!! Now some serious questions:

    1) Why did it take you SIX years to come up with another Hot Shots game for the PS3?

    2) Why was Out of Bounds never patched for Trophies?

    Oh well better late than never.

    NOW PLEASE a new Hot Shots for PS4 before I die of old age?!? :)

  • DISCOUNT FOR PSN PLUS PLEASE! Please, give us a nice discount if we’re PSN PLUS because this is one of the ONLY games I want! Love you guys!

  • Very cool .. I got this on the vita not too long ago. Sort of wish a PS3 version was available …. and now … it is! Great

  • This is awesome… I hope my vita save carries over. Love HS Golf.

  • I too would like to know of cross save existence.

  • 3DTV support?!

  • As a few others are saying this better have cross-save support. I really do not want to start all over again, it literally is a deal breaker for me

  • is this gonna be avalible as a blu-ray disc at retail or is it download only.

    just wondering

  • Sweet.

    Two questions:

    1) Separate trophy list?

    2) Plus discount at launch?

  • Already bought it on Vita so for me it’s either crossbuy or nobuy

  • But STILL NO TROPHY SUPPORT, thanks but no thanks!

  • What happen if I buy a brand new physical copy, I will receive free PS3 Version free?

  • 1) Will we be able to play online with PS Move? 2) Trophies?

  • This is cool but since I own it on my PS Vita, I don’t see me buying this again.

  • I hope there is a new Hot Shots Golf coming for the PS4!
    Also I hope the move support isn’t as wonky as the one for Out of Bounds, and there better be trophies!!!

  • Please say this offers some kind of Cross-Save or at least some way to synch your progress from the Vita? I have spent way to much time on this game to start from scratch.

    Kudos on the Cross-Buy for the DLC. I like seeing those kind of things.

  • A console release is welcoming but I wouldn’t mind more new courses and characters as DLC.

  • Interesting. I love Hot Shots and 20 bucks is not bad. Strongly learning towards buying this.

  • I bought Hot Shots Gold World Invitational (Retail boxed version). Does this mean I will be able to download the PS3 version for free?

    It doesn’t look like anyone is monitoring or answering questions in here unfortunately. :(

  • NM, I see its just for the DLC.
    I’d like to play it on the PS3, but I just spend $30 to buy it for the Vita. I’m not going to buy it all over again just to play on a larger screen.

  • Nice!!!!!! More players (I hope)

  • Love the game on the vita! Although I am not that good at it :( I have 4 characters unlocked and the dlc ones. Are those characters in the video new , or are they all in the vita version just I haven’t unlocked them yet? I don’t have any of them, I know that. Anyway , good price, glad the dlc will carry over! :)

  • Will the Kazuma Kiryu DLC be available at launch? or in the US at all?

  • New Hot Shots Tennis please. :D

  • @32
    those characters are all in the psvita version, they can be unlocked by beating every challenge and the versus matches
    keep playing and you’ll get them all soon enough

    wondering why people are asking about trophies trophies, every ps3 game made after 2008 has trophies, it’s mandatory
    older games lke the early hot shots for ps3 didn’t have trophies because no ps3 game did back then , some got parched to add trophies but not all
    ALL ps3 games do now . stop asking does it have trophies, it’s always YES
    and stop saying no crossbuy no buy, $20 for a new ps3 game is cheap especially one this good

  • I’ll be getting this! Hot shots Golf is the only Golf game i play and enjoy.

  • I already have the Vita version but will probably double dip anyway. Now announce Hot Shot Tennis 2 please!!! :)

  • ITt’s a shame the producer, Jun Yoshino couldn’t stay or come back to respond to some of our questions.

    • Sorry he’s been swamped with business travel and hasn’t been able to jump in, apologies on his behalf!

  • I’m very excited about this, I didn’t start playing Out of Bounds until pretty late but I’m definitely ready for more.

  • Cross buy would definitely make this a better idea to buy.

    Not understanding though why Vita games such as Lego Batman, and PS Allstars have not made the PS3 version available to purchasers though.

    It might do wonders.

  • is there a physical copy release ?? and why did it take so long after the Japanese release to come out ? and it’s not 15th anniversary, it’s 16th anniversary.

  • why man why so many freaking games i’m never going get DW8… also i hope there’s going be a cross save for the vita to ps3 and back…

  • I love HSG and I’ve imported the JP version of World Invitational (PS3), but Claphanz (or whoever with authority) really, -really- should have left that awful level 4 and 5 gear DLC in the trash bin, or it shouldn’t be able to be used online in any way.

    I understand that simply because someone has that gear doesn’t guarantee them a win or anything of the sort, but all-in-all, it doesn’t make for entirely fair online competition, and just seems like a greedy form of DLC, or rather, it may have been implemented poorly.

    Just an opinion.

  • It’s sad to see that NOBODY from Sony answers our pledge for cross save on this game. I would buy this one if my efforts on the Vita version can be reflected on the PS3 version.

  • @41: Digital only.

  • Can we have hot shots tennis please?

  • Am I blind or did this not get released today?

    It’s possible that they get released at a certain time during the day and I just don’t know about it because I’ve never actually bought a game the day it came out on PSN.

  • [i]”What’s more, for those of you that own the PS Vita version, all of your downloadable content is cross-buy and will be unlocked in the PS3 version!”[/i]

    This feature isn’t working.

  • Well well, the vita version got an update and some dlc as well. Nice! Thanks!

  • @43 I could not agree more. I love HSG and purchased the DLC bundle for new characters & courses but the Level 4 & 5 DLC is a garbage idea. Basically moving online play closer to a “pay to win” model, which is fine for a F2P game but pretty unacceptable here. Hopefully it doesn’t tilt online play too much in favor of those who bought the “best” DLC clubs & balls.

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