Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – New Trailer, Gameplay Details

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – New Trailer, Gameplay Details

Time for a juicy bunch of new details for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, this time focusing on the battle system, plus a new location and costume too.

First up, some screens from Yusnaan, the city of revelry, focusing in on one area in particular – The Slaughterhouse. As the name implies, it’s not the most savory of destinations… it’s home to nightly battles between mighty combatants in a brutal arena. I’m pretty sure you can figure out who’s going to end up getting involved in all that, eh?

Also, time to lift the lid on a nice little sync-up with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII by way of some more costume links – this one allowing you to don the garb of the famous Miqo’te character from the forthcoming PS3 and PS4 MMO, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. You’ll be able to equip the Lominsan Cutlass and Escutcheon to give you some awesome rapid attacks and leave enemies dead in your wake.

And last, but by no means least, a bit more detail on the game’s battle system. In some battles, you can destroy sections of a foe, and if you succeed in disabling a specific area then the enemy will not only be weakened but you can also gain different items as rewards once the battle is won.

Plus, there’s also a new counter attack system – by timing your counter perfectly with the enemy attack you can negate it and land a punishing blow of your own that could stagger the foe. However, you need to judge when best to use it – it’ll use up a large portion of the ATB gauge, and it’s only effective against physical attacks… not magical ones.

Finally, check out the new “13 Days” trailer for the game – first shown at San Diego Comic-Con!

That’s it for this update – let us know what you think in the comments. Stay tuned for more updates on the game, up until its release on February 11th, 2014!

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  • @50
    Yes, you totally played 12 when you say it had no plot. It was far more original than 13’s rip off of parts of 7 was. And more amazing than 10’s clincher of being dead the whole time. 13 doesn’t make any sense, and each sequel has contradicted the previous game with its plot.

  • I remember when the Final Fantasy series wasn’t crappy garbage trash.

    Nobody likes these horrible god awful XIII games. MAKE THEM STAHP!

  • Square-Enix needs to get their act together.

    At one point i loved the great stuff they brought to the Ps1 and Ps2 then… they lost their ways.
    Where’s XENOGEAR’S follow up or reboot? Final Fantasy tactics for the Ps3?

    They don’t even want to try to take chances, i would love to see Square-Enix to give Final fantasy characters a Skylander like treatment/ spinoff with a game and collectible characters.

    Or bringing those Cool Lord of Vermilion games and make it compatible with the ps3 eyetoy.

    Sadly until i then… i’ll continue to be disinterested on their PR, upcoming products, announcements..ect ect.

    My .02

  • I haven’t read of this counter attack mechanism until now. Interesting. I hope Square Enix delivers a heck of a grand finale for the Lightning trilogy. :)

  • I find it oddly humorous that so many people have taken the time to complain over a game that has more depth and character, than almost any other game out there.

    While applauds are being made for games like Bathroom Mayhem, and other similar dribble.

    While a day one digital would be tempting, just for a costume of the character that really got me into Final Fantasy, It will probably not be enough to pay that much for a game that I have not played before.

    Especially with the cost reductions shortly after release.

    Looks great though, and you never know, I may just have the money at the time, to donate to a good cause.

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