Killzone: Shadow Fall: OWL Drone Detailed, Pre-Order Bonuses Unveiled

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Killzone: Shadow Fall: OWL Drone Detailed, Pre-Order Bonuses Unveiled
Killzone: Shadow Fall: OWL Drone Detailed, Pre-Order Bonuses Unveiled

In Killzone: Shadow Fall, being a Shadow Marshal is all about dominating the flow of combat and fighting on your own terms. Your OWL combat drone gives you enormous freedom in choosing how each fight plays out.

Killzone Shadow Fall Pre-Order BonusesKillzone Shadow Fall Pre-Order BonusesKillzone Shadow Fall Pre-Order Bonuses

The OWL has several modes of operation you can activate via DualShock 4‘s touch pad: a stun mode, which creates an area-of-effect shock blast that stuns enemies and disrupts electronics; an attack mode, in which the OWL attacks anyone within range or targets a specific enemy; a shield mode, which creates a one-way energy shield in front of you; and finally, a zipline mode, which allows you to quickly and safely reach lower areas.

To allow you to tailor your gameplay experience even further, we’re happy to announce the Shadow Pack – a bundle of exclusive content you’ll receive for pre-ordering Killzone: Shadow Fall at participating retailers! The Shadow Pack will gain you access to these extras:

OWL Skin

Give your OWL a unique appearance with these exclusive skins. Who says combat drones need to be devoid of personality?

MP Spotlight Move

Celebrate your triumphs over enemy players in multiplayer mode in a new and unique way with this special victory move.

Official Soundtrack

Listen to the epic cinematic score for Killzone: Shadow Fall as it brings both sides of the conflict to life like never before.

Remember, the only way to obtain the Shadow Pack and get your hands on these exclusive bonuses is by pre-ordering the game! Stay tuned to and PS.Blog for more Killzone: Shadow Fall news!

Killzone Shadow Fall Pre-Order Bonuses

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6 Author Replies

  • Digital purchasers deserve a response. These are some awesome bonuses, but I plan on buying all games digitally this generation, and we can’t pre order digitally before launch.

  • This will be one of the games i pick up with my PS4 on day one

  • The first trailer was amazing, but the more I’m seeing the more concerned I’m getting. The helghasts don’t look right, the character is too super powered like… I mean giving your enemies locations away at any time? And slowing down time…? Thats stuff KZ always wasn’t and thats why I liked it, it wasn’t gimmicky. Plus there is no variety here, its just one super soldier (terrible idea for KZ…) against a random asortment of individual enemies…. Just generic grunts and a generic super soldier role…

    Where are the full warfare screens? Where are enemy or teammate vehicles? Why are all the enemies identical? Where is the grit?

  • Will we get these bonuses if we pre-ordered it from GameStop?

  • @19: Want to relive Killzone 2? Play Killzone 2.

    @48: The game I likely on easy. The Last of Us has a ‘highlight nearby enemies’ function too and that didn’t stop it from being amazing, plus on the hardest difficulty you can’t even use it.

    And, shocker, you could just not use that ability that highlights enemies… nah… logic, too complicated.

  • Great news, and that gameplay snippet was amazing! This game is looking better and better each time I see it. I just have a few questions.

    1) Will these preorder bonuses be available for those who buy it digitally? I want to go all digital next gen, but I’d hate to miss out on these bonuses.

    2) Why only the stars and stripes? I would PAY to have a red maple leaf on my Owl ;)

    3) Any plans for a collector’s edition?

  • @53: You’re upset about 8 minutes of gameplay? I don’t think you’ve played any of the other Killzone games, because just from 8 minutes of those you’d likely have the SAME EXACT ISSUES.

  • @ 44 Kaneda_Neo-Tokyo – Great for whom?…lil babies?…KZ never was an easy game…but they changed that with KZ3…but still the game is beyond superb.But in Shadow Fall they’re making things too easy…that drone is a monster…and that slow-mo thing is too overpowered and do not fit in the KZ universe we’re used too.

    @ 53 Blkant – Agree 100%.

  • Yes, please get answers out to these questions.

    1) Will Killzone: Shadow Fall support stereoscopic 3D or PS Move? Really liked both with Killzone 3, in particular with the Sharp Shooter. 3D is also ver immersive. If so please don’t make us choose one over the other this time.

    2) Will there be a CE? I personally preordered the CE from Amazon and it’s absolutely amazing. I gave my child the Cloaked Helghast figure to make him happier but still have the art book/helmet on display. Absolutely love the helmet.

  • So MP at Gamescom right? :P

  • can you guys add dead or alive 5 to the instant game collection for ps plus?

  • is this worlwide or just for US?

  • I live in Brazil and its not available yet. But we love it.

    Go Sony please, we want PS4 too.
    I reserved my money just for this.

    And please check the prices, PS4 for $350,00 in EUA comes here for $800 may be more…

    We want Killzone, BF4, PS Plus and all this stuff!

  • Not surprising that Poria Torkan won’t answer the PS Move and 3D support for this game!

  • @obed17

    He doesn’t need to because they’ve already addressed it. There are no motion controls and no 3D for Killzone: Shadow Fall.

    Hey Poria, is the Spotlight Move going to be like what Far Cry 3 has at the end of a match?

  • I gotta see the online on this

  • is Best Buy one of the participating companies? i already pre ordered my ps4 form there, was waiting to pre order KZSF until i heard about bonuses. would really like to only make one trip when the system/game comes out.

  • What is it about this game that makes it look so awesome? And by the way, if I pre-order a PS4 that comes with Killzone Shadow Fall, will I still get the bonuses?

  • Still weighing my pre-order options for KZ:SF and the PS4 but regardless both will be in my household day uno!

  • If I pre-order a PS4 that comes with Killzone Shadow Fall, will I get the bonuses?

  • Definitely looks awesome, Poria. Will this be released at PS4 launch?

  • WOW nice COD: Shadow Fall game. When is Killzone 4 coming out?

  • @YodaySunrider…agreed. A response to digital preorders would be nice. Not only for KZSF, but for any games.

  • cool. Have this preorder along with Knack.

  • Can’t wait to play this. The game looks stunning, bodes very well for the PS4.

  • I would like to buy this digitally… I get screwed out of ever having pre-order bonuses if I only buy games thru the PSN?

  • I think the lack of response to the digital buyers says it all….no bonus for us

  • What about downloadable content from Killzone 2? The web site is broken so all the extra material by unlocking helghast simbols and vektan dollars can’t be download anymore :\

  • Can I pre-order as a digital download on the PSN? Was hoping to leave blu-rays behind with the PS4.

  • Hey! I pre ordered Killzone Shadow Fall in June before all this stuff was mentioned.. Do I get this stuff when I pre ordered it does it add to it?

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