FINAL FANTASY X/X-2: SD vs HD Video, Pre-Order for Art Book Edition

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FINAL FANTASY X/X-2: SD vs HD Video, Pre-Order for Art Book Edition

Hey everybody! I know you’re all excited about FINAL FANTASY X|X-2 HD Remaster, so it brings me great joy to announce that, in very limited quantities, those who pre-order the game on PlayStation 3 for $39.99 will receive a free upgrade to the Limited Edition art book package!

I’ll go ahead and wait for you to stop jumping up and down or tweeting your friends.

Now on to the fun part! We’re offering you several pieces of original concept art from the early development phases of FINAL FANTASY X and X-2 over ten years ago, lovingly bound in a beautiful 24-page art book package. I mean, just look at that thing! It’s so… gorgeous…

Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster Limited Edition Art Book

But that’s not all! We’ve also gathered quotes and commentary from several of the original development team members, including a special message to you, the fans, from Producer Yoshinori Kitase himself!

In case you’re not in the know, FINAL FANTASY X|X-2 HD Remaster will be available on PS3 for $39.99 and includes the original FINAL FANTASY X and FINAL FANTASY X-2 from PlayStation 2, on the same disc and remastered in gorgeous High Definition. These are based on the International Versions of the game which were previously only released in Japan and Europe, and you won’t have to wait long because it’s coming to you soon!

Pre-order now for your free upgrade to the Limited Edition art book package, and follow us on Facebook for the latest information hot off the press!

Now feel free to resume your up/down jumping and, what the hey, go ahead and tweet your friends too. ;)

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  • For the love of God, Square Enix… Just give us a release date and price, stop teasing us with all these updates!!

  • @afigueroa 101
    The price is $40.

  • Hey Luke, will this offer be for Canadian retailers OTHER than EB Games? Perhaps Best Buy or Amazon to be specific?

  • I just pre-ordered thinking it was for PS Vita.

    This game appeared when I clicked the PS Vita menu of this blog. (You can try it now!)


    Please do something about this SONY, I’ve been waiting for this game for my PS Vita. It should be bundled with PS3 as physical copies.

    Many thanks,

  • Cancelling my preorder. An additional artbook, cool, if it was that. I don’t want my games to be an artbook/case for my game. Those get damaged way too easily. I also store my PS3 games with my other PS3 games and dislike this stupid variation that few games this gen seem to have. FF13-2, Dead Rising 2, and Lords of Shadow limited editions also had this same kind of packaging.

    I’m just going to wait until the game is $20 now since I’m having to wait for the limited edition copies to get sold out first anyways. People would have bought the game anyways. Square Enix didn’t have to add stupid packaging to it.

  • More to add. If Square Enix wasn’t so cheap, we would have got a steel book limited edition and they’d include a separate artbook along with it. But instead we have this $.10 artbook packaging. A way to say. “Hey, we have a limited edition” and also be extremely cheap at the same time.

  • YEEEEEEEEEEES! This and Kingdom hearts HD, It’s what I have always wanted, for an HD upgrade.

  • Release date? “Very soon” in december? Lol come on square enix! Cant wait that long on my ps vita….

  • square enix you have to think! ffxHD is bound to bring you more money via the ps vita on the long run,because the next gen console has already been announce and partnership with the vita and the ps4 are going to increase vita sale alot,so treatin the vita version with less care is not the best move to make,if final fantasy x HD is digital only dont expect it to rack in as much money as you guys expect it to,47% of vita software sales are phisical,some people dont do digital,you think people who dont do digital are going to buy these expensive memory cards just to play a ps2 remaster?theyll be spendin well over $70 just to play it..heres your solution

    for the vita,make final fantasy x HD remaster a phisical copy,with a voucher inside the case to download final fantasy x-2 HD,that will cost you no extra money for capacity and you can price it the same as the ps3 versions,pleasing both phisical and digital customers,listen to the fans!we are afterall your customers

  • i’ll be getting the Japanese version so awesome all around :)

    i might get the US, but ehh will see

  • i have to say, when i sw this i almost cried, when i got into the playstation series, i had the PS1, and the PS2, the storys really captured the human nature that was lacking in most RPGs at the Time, im rpoud to say its coming to the ps3, the storylines i love most will finally come home, Everyone Prepare, these are 2 of the Best FFs on the PS2

  • ..the same thing for PSvita please!!! I love FFX and FFX-2

  • To much demand in ps vita but theyre ignoring ps vita a lot.. Dont fucos on console sony own ps vita also and many ps vita users begging more games..

  • won’t this be available for asia? or can’t they at least ship to asia?? D:

  • Hi, does this include Japanese voice? English voice always feel wired…

  • OMG YAY!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to play this and see Rikku, Yuna, Lulu in hd. Omg and the Aeons!!!!!! Then i get to go beat Final Fantasy X-2 in HD!!!! <3

  • PLEASE PLEASE do INCLUDE the Japanese Voice option! If you do a poll on how many people want this option, you will be surprised! I have been bugged by the “no jap voice” issue in FF13 series for the longest time, simply because English can really miss the mark/tone/mood sometime…big turn off…

  • I got a question. Can I buy this game on the PSN Or is it only CD?
    Please I must know.
    Thank you.

  • Well I googled pre-order for the vita and amazon is actually letting you pre-order it for the vita but I’m guessing the announcing date for it will be around December 31st which amazon has listed.

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