Destiny: E3 HD Gameplay Revealed

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Destiny: E3 HD Gameplay Revealed

Hey, PlayStation fans.

If you saw the PlayStation Press Conference at E3, or watched the live stream from the Sony booth, you may have witnessed the worldwide gameplay reveal for Destiny. If you missed it, we have no intentions of leaving you behind.


One thing that should be experienced first-hand is the first glimpse of Destiny gameplay that we shared with the world from that stage in Los Angeles. Now that we’ve had some time to unpack and settle in at home, we’ve recreated the show we put on in lovely HD. Settle in and scrutinize the adventure all over again, or for the first time.

Destiny: E3 HD Gameplay Revealed

Over on, we’ve released this video with as part of our week-long celebration of Bungie Day. Each year, on the seventh day of the seventh month, we take a moment to thank the members of our community for their passion and enthusiasm for our games. We’ll be releasing Destiny goodies all week long, and you’re invited to the party. If you intend to join us for Destiny, now is a great time to register.

We can’t wait to welcome PlayStation gamers into our Fireteams, and to show you more of Destiny. Tell us what you think, because we’re listening.

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  • are there any GLBT characters in the story, and can we choose to express GLBT qualities in- game?

    will the audio on PS3/4 be 24-bit and/or lossless?

    any tie-in app/game with Vita?

  • Generic lame FPS #874,983,253

  • I have a friend who is a youtuber, his name is NewOB. He would love to have a PS4 sent to him so he can review it. You can look up his channel on youtube he would be honored. He is also a PS Vita fanatic. Thank you Sony!

  • Oh great!….Not! I was so excited for this game until I read more here, the ?s and answers section. It’s just another MMO. No room for us Single Players who feel passionately about our campaigns. I love open world and everything you said sounded better and better until you replied to the SP ?. What is this gaming world coming to?? MMOs, CoOps, ppppllleease, it doesn’t have to be like that! SP will pay for your awesome games. Just don’t force me to play with a bunch of children who refuse to “play by the rules” and in turn destroy the game as it was meant to be!
    Saddened, truly sadden here…..

  • Sangetsu- Do you know how many YouTubers there are who would love a PS4 to review for their channel? I for 1+ 894,009,546 or more!

  • @ 53

    Yeah…and so over 70 million plus gamers. I hope you weren’t being serious.

    Anyway, buyer beware, Destiny is Not for you if…

    1- If You are hoping for single player “OFFLINE” mode. The game will useless for those without an internet connection.
    2-If you Don’t like microtransactions. Yeah, theres no montly subscription But remember who’s bankrolling this project…Activision, the folks who lead the way for $15 map packs and season passes. They want the return on their investment asap.
    Those kool kats at Bungie are buttering you guys up with some good bullet points but at the end of the day…

    “Shared world” is another fancy word for an Mmo Just like “call girl” is a fancy word for a hoooker.

    My .02

  • Would we able to make the decision of adding witch side of our weapon attachments would we want to be place at? (for example: if i unlock a laser sight, would i have the option to place it left or right on my gun).

  • This game looks amazing! :) To bad it isn’t a launch title :( but I will be getting it as soon as it comes out for my PS4. :)

  • Destiny is amazing. My hype shot out the roof when I heard about it back in feb. Most Anticipated for next year, with second son and the division. For this year, WATCH DOGS AND PLANETSIDE 2 PS4 VERSION

  • What is it about this game that makes it look so awesome? Definitely adding this to my list of Killzone: Shadow Fall and Assassins Creed: Black Flag. I gotta tell you, PlayStation is amazing. All it took to get my cousin to switch from Xbox One to PlayStation Four was showing him less than half the E3 press conference gameplay trailer of Killzone: Shadow Fall. Now I have over twenty buddies to fight alongside in my squad. Can’t wait.

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