Destiny: E3 HD Gameplay Revealed

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Destiny: E3 HD Gameplay Revealed

Hey, PlayStation fans.

If you saw the PlayStation Press Conference at E3, or watched the live stream from the Sony booth, you may have witnessed the worldwide gameplay reveal for Destiny. If you missed it, we have no intentions of leaving you behind.


One thing that should be experienced first-hand is the first glimpse of Destiny gameplay that we shared with the world from that stage in Los Angeles. Now that we’ve had some time to unpack and settle in at home, we’ve recreated the show we put on in lovely HD. Settle in and scrutinize the adventure all over again, or for the first time.

Destiny: E3 HD Gameplay Revealed

Over on, we’ve released this video with as part of our week-long celebration of Bungie Day. Each year, on the seventh day of the seventh month, we take a moment to thank the members of our community for their passion and enthusiasm for our games. We’ll be releasing Destiny goodies all week long, and you’re invited to the party. If you intend to join us for Destiny, now is a great time to register.

We can’t wait to welcome PlayStation gamers into our Fireteams, and to show you more of Destiny. Tell us what you think, because we’re listening.

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  • Become legend, PlayStation fans. Ask me your questions about our gameplay reveal. I’m here to listen to your feedback and wade deep into your curiosities about Destiny.

  • Destiny looks so amazing. Really can’t wait to get my hands on it. =)

  • Beattie_theBeast

    Any chance this is going to be splitscreen multiplayer?

  • this game looks amazing. the main guy leading the demo got annoying pretty quickly but the game looks like it’s going to be an amazing project. love the quirky weapon names and the character models look cool. futuristic but not overdone and corny. looking forward to it.

    • You have specific opinions about character models? How would you like to design your own? Your character is totally customizable, and you’ll evolve and change over time as your adventure makes you more dangerous.

  • Nice 2nd look at that same game section. This is a close 2nd to Infamous as my most anticipated PS4 title. Really looking forward to getting it Bungie!

  • Awesome! that was great! I was wondering when we can get info on the exclusive content.

  • I’m really excited for ‘destiny’ just one question: Is the game running on PS4? I gots to know please!

    • What we took to E3 were our super-secret dev kits. Those are the hardware tools we’re using to make the game. If you thought that looked pretty, you can totally expect that level of polish on your PS4. The great thing about our new engine is that it lets us squeeze every bit of awesome out of every platform.

  • Hi Bungie!

    Are there any competitive multiplayer modes in “Destiny”?

    I own all the Bungie developed Halo games and ever since I moved over to Playstation I wanted a Bungie multiplayer game on a Playstation console. I’d love it if you guys had competitive multiplayer modes similar to Halo 1, 2 and 3 for “Destiny”

    • One of things that we love to say about Destiny is that is has activities for your every mood. Competitive Multiplayer will absolutely be one of them. Like you, I was a digital warrior in all the Halo games. It’s why I have my job. I’m loving the way multiplayer is shaping up in Destiny. Joining a Fireteam to reconquer our solar system with your friends will be fun, but so will battling your fellow Guardians for glory.

  • This was my most hyped game to see at E3 and it freaking delivered! I’m just curious about when we’ll see PS3 gameplay? If this game has cross-save, I’ll probly buy a PS3 copy and a PS4 copy. Also, those spaceships that the characters arive on in the beginning? Are those pilotable in realtime? If this is truly open-world then you guys held back soooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh at E3 without showing other aspects of gameplay! Why so mysterious? I’m so hyped for this.

    • Our E3 demo was just a sliver of this game. One of the things we wanted to share in our first introduction to Destiny was the shared experiences that will bring different Fireteams together to kick lots of ass. There is so much more about this game that we can’t wait to reveal. Those bombs will drop another time.

  • This was easily my game of E3 and most most anticipated PS4 game. Killzone Shadow Fall is a close 2nd. Destiny looks amazing! Great work Bungie and thanks for not leaving the Playstation Brand behind this time.

    • It will be great to bring you along on this adventure. At Bungie, we love games that create community. Enabling more people to play allows for a better community. Be sure to tell us what you think. We’ll be listening.

  • oh man, the game looks awesome!!, please, please, pleaseeeeeee… make a split screen mode too!, and portuguese subtitles, yes.. i’m asking too much…sorry…but is just because I loved the game!

  • I honestly think this game has a very good chance of going down as THE greatest game made to date! But I have one huge question that’s eating away at me! What planets and moons do you get to explore in this game? I know obviously Earth and I believe our moon and Mars are the only ones I know of. Please tell me we get to explore them all! :) I honestly wouldn’t even know what to do with myself I’d be SO EXCITED!!!! :D

  • Soemting I really love from Destiny, apart from the stunning visuals is the story that it has.
    And plus, now I realize that our characters are fully customizable, great job Deej :) can’t wait to play online with friends :)

  • “Those bombs will drop another time.”

    OMG lol, thanks for replying.

  • My most anticipated game pf E3 i really like what i saw, My question is how deep is the clan system and the social feature in Destiny?

    • The game is built from the ground up to be more fun when you play it with your friends. Destiny places a deep emphasis on the social aspects of playing an online multuplayer game. While I can’t confirm clan support or the existence of clans at this time, I can tell you that I’ll be playing this game with a clan that I started on back in Halo 2. If you need real estate to start your own clubhouse and recruit people to join your Fireteams, you can start your own private group on our site.

  • Not really interested in this game…but it may awaken my interest…I only want to know one thing:…Will Destiny have a decent SP experience?…by decent I mean a well-crafted and long SP experience?….thanks.

    • If by SP you mean Single Player, I can tell you that Destiny will revolve around a rich narrative that is deeper than any story we’ve ever told. While this world will be populated by other players, there is nothing stopping you from charging through and crafting your own adventure unaided by other gamers – although you may find yourself wishing for an ally or two when the Fallen drop a Devil Walker packed with sweet loot in your path.

  • Can Destiny be played offline?
    is Destiny openworld?

  • Just pre-ordered my PS4 yesterday along with Destiny, can’t wait! :)

  • Have you seen Titanfall? Total BS THAT game was named best of show, even more BS Titanfall won “best console game” when the console version was nowhere to be found. It should have gone to Destiny or Watch Dogs, games that look truly next-gen and are bringing true innovation to consoles.

  • Can’t wait to see more of the planets. Snow world = <3.

  • 1) I know this game is not an MMO (that’s what you said at the E3), but do you need to pay per month?
    2) This game is always online, right? You cannot play offline, exact? (just to know)
    3) Do you have a story in the game or it’s mostly exploration and action/raids/quests?
    4) If there is a “main” story, can you finish it? Is the story as important as in the Halo Franchise?
    5) Do we have side quests? Quests?
    6) Can we play in coop/PVP locally (couch coop)? I always loved playing games with friends instead of online.
    7) Can you make “guilds”/”clans” or something like that to automatically play with people you know?
    8) Can we level up / gain abilities with our characters? Can we “build” them over time?
    9) Can we loot equipement from ennemies, like guns/armors/others?

    Thanks! ^_^ The game is looking really nice. I can’t wait to get more informations. Right now we have almost nothing on the game.

    • One question per customer, partner.

      I’ll take your first one. Destiny will not have a subscription fee.

  • Glad to see this in HD. The E3 video was amazing but that one part in the dark room where you said you will get out your ghost….on the E3 video, I couldn’t even tell a difference, still looked pitch black to me. In this video though, it looks great. Actually lights the area up.

    I would describe Destiny (based on what I know so far) as a mash up of Halo/Resistance/Star Wars/Diablo. This looks like an amazing combo I know I really look forward to playing this with some friends. I hope the Free For All is fun too because that’s the majority of what I do.

  • Can not wait for this game, it looks fantastic. I wonder about the number of players that can be in instances/matches though. Right now most games seem to stick to 16. That number works ok, but im kind of looking forward to higher numbers, somewhere between 24-32, with the new consoles.

  • OK I have a question now after looking at a different reply. I’ll reword it though. Do we level up in this game?

    I personally hate shooter games that you level up to get better stuff at. It puts new players at a serious disadvantage in terms of skill and weapons/perks. I like everyone to be even (other than skill). Having different weapons is good but I like it old style where you have to work for them by going to weapon spawn points or something, you can’t just spawn with some noob weapon. I do see where it looks like you build your own weapon which looks sweet, but what happens to it after you die?

    Anyway, this is just my 2 cents. Keep up the great work!

  • Is the PlayStation 4 version releasing the same time as the PS3 or at a later date? And will Destiny support 5.1 or higher for Surround Sound? (Just got myself a surround sound system and while I can play games without 5.1 support, I just love the game that much more with 5.1)

    As someone who wasn’t initially interested, I have to say since the E3 footage, I’m interested…

  • This is definitely on my list of PS4 games to get.

  • Release Dart for Playsation All-Stars!

  • I can’t wait for this game, will be getting it day one on my ps4:D

    WIll there be anymore to our characters than having a spaceship, ie: a base or apartment?

  • Will it look the same for the PS3 in terms of presentation, graphics, and engine? Or will it perform at a lower rate? Really proud of you Bungie for accepting the Playstation Nation with open arms. :) Day 1 purchase.

  • You guys probably mentioned it before but when is the official release date of the game? Thanks!!

  • Sharp-Shooter963

    Destiny looks great! I am looking forward to this and many other Playstation 4 games revealed at E3, I think I am most looking forward to inFamous Second Son, but this game is definitely a close second! :)

  • It will be possible to choose difficulty? I’m asking this because the demo looked really easy and I like challenges =P. I don’t know, maybe because there were a lot of playes.

  • hi , the game looks decent
    can you confirm if the game in next gen consoles have better fov (field of view) ? i’m talking atleast 90 degrees
    i’m asking this because i’m sitting 2 feet away from my monitor when playing consols and i can’t stand the narrow fov (that’s why i never played a first person shooter in my consoles)
    makes sense to me with a new hardware and if we don’t get the option that’s a deal breaker for me and i have to stick with my pc for playing shooters

  • Bungie lauching Destiny and releasing with exclusive bonus content for the PS4 wa the best news for me in years. And 7 is also my lucky number as the Bungie Day kkkk

    I’m a big fan of Bungie, played quite his old franchise games and know all their ability and his masterpiece should still be to come with Destiny. My account on is ready for years and I’m sure that is awaited by all and will also welcomed in Playstation world. Sure PS4 being the ultimate platform to enjoy your new and epic game!

  • when they spotted the ship and joined the multi team party, was that an automatic join? meaning, you don’t have to wait in a lobby for a team to form? bc that would be awesome.. real time multi team events..

    and here i thought i’d miss halo having switched to PS.. this is halo on acid…


    As a long-time Halo fan, I am a big fan of Bungie. I started this console generation as a 360 guy, but now 7 years later, near the end of this generation I’m a PS3 guy. I’m so glad to see one of my favorite developers of all-time going multiplatform! And for all of you PlayStation loyalists, if you’ve never played one of Bungie’s FPS games, you’ve been missing out! Destiny looks somewhat derivative of Halo, but trust me when I say that is NOT a bad thing at all :) Can’t wait for this on PS4!

  • Probably too late to get an answer to my question, but i’ll ask anyway… I’m not very interested in online shooters, never have been.. Give me a compelling reason why I would want to play this game… I personally didn’t like Halo much either…

  • Can’t wait for this. Was my game of E3. Looking forward to playing this with some of my friends who will picking up a PS4 as well. Bungie did amazing work on LIVE and I can’t wait to see what they bring to the new PSN.

  • What do people see in these lame FPS?

  • One of my most anticipated titles. And I’m so happy Bungie is developing for PlayStation consoles. Very interested in seeing how the PS3 version turns out.

  • Will it have cross-platform play? I’d love it if I could play with all of my friends who have a Playstation 3, PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on the Playstation 4!

  • I’m extremely anticipated for this! Bungie is great when it comes to replay value. Their games are always worth keeping because the fun just goes on. My question: I heard that Destiny, although not a MMO, will incorporate some MMO elements to the game. How will these elements tie in with character progression?

  • The game does look good & I believe it will look better run through a console.

    “we’ve recreated the show we put on in lovely HD”

    No you didn’t. In fact the actual full press conference in HD looks better at 720p

  • shyne92599132012

    I got to say this game is excellent. I seen its gameplay at the e3 sony conference and its better for ps3 and ps4. activision and bungie made it like their chris nolan and zach snyder in man of steel. Destiny is this year’s Halo.

  • I have been a Playstation person ever since the Playstation 2. I finally decided to get an Xbox and try out Bungie’s Halo series. I was blown away at how deep the story delved and how action packed the campaign and multiplayer was. I’m so glad that they have made this game to be released on both consoles! I know for sure that it will be an experience worth remembering and experiencing again and again.

  • @ DeeJ

    Thanks for your response DeeJ yes by SP I meant Single Player.

  • Also it raised my interest on the game…I’ll keep my eye on it.Thanks.

  • Hey DeeJ, what ESRB rating is the game being planned for (example: M for Mature, T for Teen, etc.)? Thanks.

  • Yes this game looks amazing.

  • Destiny looks amazing my first game I am getting with my ps4.

    Need to know though will there be an option for split-screen co-op or multi player? aka couch co-op.
    Would love to be able to play this with a bunch of friends on the same system.

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