Muramasa Rebirth Out Today on PS Vita

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Muramasa Rebirth Out Today on PS Vita

Muramasa Rebirth, the action-packed RPG by Vanillaware, the developer behind the critically acclaimed Muramasa: The Demon Blade, releases today! Enter a world where ancient Japan comes to life on PS Vita. Play as the possessed princess Momohime, or the fugitive ninja Kisuke as they travel throughout Japan in search of the Demon Blades – powerful blades that lust for the souls of the vanquished. Collect all 108 blades, and battle those who stand in your way.

Along with a standard edition retail release, Muramasa Rebirth is also available on PlayStation Network as well as a limited “Muramasa Rebirth: Blessing of Amitahba Collector’s Edition!”

Muramasa Rebirth on PS Vita

Muramasa Rebirth on PS VitaMuramasa Rebirth on PS Vita

In Muramasa Rebirth, Vanillaware re-imagines Muramasa onto the PS Vita system. The game’s beautiful, vibrant hand drawn art is stunningly enhanced by the PS Vita’s OLED screen. The gameplay has been updated to allow for easy gameplay and customization. Remap your controls to your liking and play with ease!

Muramasa Rebirth tells of two journeys: one made by Momohime and the other by Kisuke. Momohime has been possessed by the malevolent spirit, Jinkuro. Her soul travels with her possessed body unwillingly as Jinkuro uses her to accomplish his goals. Kisuke, a fugitive ninja on the run that has lost his memory, also finds his fate intertwined with the powerful demon blades as he comes across people from his past.

Muramasa Rebirth on PS Vita

Muramasa Rebirth on PS VitaMuramasa Rebirth on PS Vita

Encountering monsters, ninjas, and even gods along the way, they will battle through these enemies using the powers bestowed by the Demon Blades; however, these blades lust for souls, and will ultimately consume those who wield them.

Aksys Games decided to create a limited run collector’s edition for those fans who want to deck their PS Vita system out to the Muramasa max! Each collector’s edition comes with a specially designed PS Vita face cover and skin by HORI, USA, a PS Vita pouch, and a specially created Muramasa Rebirth lithograph by Vanillaware. Each component has been designed to fit the look and feel of Muramasa. The lithograph was inspired by Ukiyo-e woodblock printing, and is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of art!

Ready for some high flying, awesome, in-your-face action? Well, pick up Muramasa Rebirth today and prepare yourself for one of the most action-packed rides on PS Vita!

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  • waiting patiently for my LE copy.
    hurry, retailer!!

  • This game is amazing on the Vita! Great job!

  • Downloading this game right now. Super stoked about it. :D

  • Couldn’t find this game anywhere in my area today, BB, Gamestop, Target, Frys, TrUs. Wanted to check it out and support niche titles like this but its hard when you cant find physical copies anywhere (and no I don’t want a digital copy). Threw my money for my game for this month at a huge profile game instead that doesn’t need sales to justify bringing its next game out in Last of Us. Way to drop the ball Aksys remember out of sight , usually means out of mind w/ a consumer. If I ever pick this up it’ll be out of a bargain bin. Sales -1

  • Please bring this to the UK, we’d really love it here too!

  • great job the game seems incredible on the vita’s oled screen i will buy it for sure =)

  • would be nice if this was on ps3 – sadly my vita is kaput

  • Got it yesterday! By the way, those complaining that they couldn’t find the game, the stores are the ones that decide how much stock, if any, they will order. That’s why there’s pre-order. If you want a niche game like that, you’ll have to pre-order to get it day 1. That said, I didn’t pre-order, so I had to buy a copy from an online retailer. No problem there, but saying out-of-sight, out-of-mind is a disservice to the game, and doesn’t really help support titles like this.

  • I bought the PSN version yesterday morning and am very pleased. I am loving the gameplay and the graphics are stunningly gorgeous! It is a perfect fit for the Vita.

  • Agree with #50 here. Watching the videos I don’t think I’ll enjoy the combat at all. A demo could alleviate those fears though.

  • @54: You know you can order things online and they ship them to you.

    It’s almost like magic.

  • Wait…are you kidding me?…I can’t believe in what I just watched….how did I never got lore of this game?…..I wasn’t interested when I saw this game on the week’s drop but damn this game must be amazing….2D fighting style mixed with 2D sidescroller…OMG guys you have my heart.I fell in love with this game…must get it now.

  • Can EU hope for a release?

  • Messed around and preorder it on amazon on the day before its store date…now I gotta wait till Monday T-T. Oh well at lest I get the soundtrack :D

  • is tbere dlc im just wondering becauze its great game.

  • so i got the collectors edition but im just wondering is there a theme that goes with the skin?It would look so much better with one >_>

  • I accidentally saved on two files, is there any way to delete the extra file?

  • By the way: It would be really nice to see Hard Corps: Uprising and/or DeathSmiles on PSVita. I own them, but I would buy them again for sure.

  • Looking forward to getting this game. It looks beautiful.

    I do wish Sony comes up with larger memory cards! I’ve had to delete stuff and I’m not happy about that.

  • pre-orderd a physical copy of this since NONE of my local stores really have anything new for vita ps3 or wiiu. not even wal-mart. lol.

    I’ve really been enjoying this title so far. thank you askys and vanillaware for bringing this game to the states!

  • I Played Odin Sphere way-back-when and wasn’t none too impressed by it. As a graphic designer I couldn’t pass it up simply because of the artwork, but the constant lag issue induce no doubt by the PS2’s limitations and the convoluted story that overreaches due to it being a relatively short game trying to tell the story of FIVE protagonist (similarly to FF XIII), disappointed. Throughout the game I barely cared about any of the characters and their struggles because every other level it switched to another character and a completely different plot and none of the characters and their different plots seemed to culminate in a meaningful way (for me). Odin sphere bashing aside lol, it seems like you guys have learnaded from ur mistakes with dis installment. Smooth gameplay, only two characters and plots to follow and it seems to have a very meaningful and deliberate culmination dis tyme. I am looking forward to playing both dis game and Dragon’s Crown (of which I don’t expect a meaningful plot, but hope to b pleasantly surprised) this summer.


    P4 Arena for vita anyone? cheers.

  • I love you Aksys games. Currently playing through “Zendesu” (Zero Escape: VLR) and having a blast. Getting Muramasa asap. I reckon Kamitani-san’s vibrant and distinct art-style looks gorgeous on Vita’s OLED screen. Further I’d like to express my appreciation for not delaying the game in order to shoe.horn an English dub in. I hope you keep publishing and localizing such gems for many years to come =)

  • go my Muramasa Rebirth Blessing of Amitabha edition :)

    amazing stuff!!!!

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