PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th

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PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th

Thanks again for your huge support during E3 this year. If you missed any of the great trailers from the show, check out our wrap up post.

In order to continue bringing you the best online games experience on PSN, we will perform routine maintenance beginning the morning of Tuesday, June 25th. This maintenance will start at approximately 9:30AM PT (10:30AM MT / 11:30AM CT / 12:30 PM ET) and will last until around 4:00PM PT (5:00PM MT / 6:00PM CT / 7:00PM ET). During the maintenance period, you may receive a maintenance notification when attempting to access PSN.

The PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home and Account Management will not be available during the maintenance period but you will be able to access online play and apps provided that you have signed in to the Network at some point between now and the time of the maintenance. So please be sure to sign in now if you wish to access PSN during Tuesday’s maintenance window.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your support.

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  • Does this mean I’ll finally be able to purchase and add funds to my wallet? I hope so.

  • Jesus flippin’ christ, what is with the hostility?

    Weren’t you all raised by a mother and/or father? Did they fail to teach you anything or is simply being an American too taxing on your ego?

    “SONY you’re sending your fans the bird every time you schedule these absurd maints. on tuesday, you’ve got to fix this like you’ve mentioned before.”
    sounds better than: well several of the comments posted above, I don’t need to offer an example.

  • Dragonslayer_023

    Thanks for taking the store update into account Paul. You guys have been really good about updating the store on time ever since that one week that it was late.

  • I rarely comment online, but I felt compelled to after the first few comments I read. After taking a second job as a CSR at Netflix, and getting cursed out and verbally berated over the simplest things, I came to realize how idiotic and unreasonably entitled most people are. It’s maintenance! Does a car not need routine maintenance to run properly? AC units? PCs? Washer/Dryer, etc.? It doesn’t matter the day or how much you pay (in this case nothing), it needs to be done. You can go do something else during the downtime you know, it’s not the end of the world. If you’re going to whine and moan, keep it to yourself, or at the very least, keep the disrespect out of it. It’s unnecessary.

  • This maintenance stuff is annoying.. this better not happen when you begin charging for online.

  • So update is tonight, will this include PSM Store update too?

  • I hope Sony takes notes and listens to gamers when it comes to the store update for next generation. The PS3 store updates were awful when it came to updates (always updating at different times). I hope for the PS4, and going forward the PlayStation Store updates at a specific time. This NEEDS to happen for the PS4 or there will be an issue.

  • @Madd_Hatter401 Its like people like you fail to understand that maintenance is required in almost all services to keep it working and update..

  • Kinda happy if we do get the store update tonight. Been waiting for Muramasa: Rebirth for so long.

    But yeah, I see how people would get ticked off with the maintenance date… especially if they only find out about it tomorrow when they try logging on…

  • Man I need a new Vita memory card. You guys are killing me. *cough* price drop *cough*

  • thanks for the update of the store on monday. i thought i was going have to wait till wenseday to get my stuff… also i agree with #40 ps vita store is glitchy has pigs in a blanket please i hope the maintenance fixes this…

  • As one of an allegedly “small number” of those bricked by 4.45, I have no problem with this downtime maintenance because

    1) I can’t get on my PS3 anyway

    2) I hope this has something to do with implementing Thursday’s patch/fix

  • So we’re getting an PSN update tonight?! Muramasa here I come. :)

  • Just wanted to say “Thanks!” for the hard work/considerate foresight to push forward the store update. You guys are dong a great job. Congrats on the E3 win, thanks again for choosing to support indie publishers, and arigato for handling this maintenance in a smart way.

    PS: I love the blog. You’re doing a great job.

  • Thanks for the early update but i really hope this maintenance thing doesn’t continue to be this bad in the next generation.

  • I have to agree with several others here. I understand that there’s required upkeep and maintenance for things like this, so I have no issues at all with this downtime. It’s a necessity, and it happens.


    I am rather curious as to what’s currently being done to deal with the “IP Fragmentation” errors some of us have been getting since Friday evening.

  • Darn it just had to be Tuesday but why the update anyway?

  • WOW!! Can you belive how disgustingly people act just because they thought they weren’t going to get their way? And then when they hear they’re going to get their precious store update (which they all complained about and said “nothing for me this week” in The Drop post anyway), they just say “good job” and act all happy as though they didn’t just act like a nasty little, spoiled, rabid animal, without so much as an apology for acting so horribly.

    People disgust me more by the day. The internet is making people more ignorant by the day, ironic considering basically the whole of human knowledge is contained on it for people to expand their minds with it, instead of closing their minds off with it.

    I want off this planet and away from people like this. C’mon Sony, just you and me…..we’ll hop a one way ride to Mars on the Mars One program, and we’ll start a new human society together built around our values and PlayStation. We’ll name the first city PlayStation 1.

  • A lot of people don’t get it. Fin. Thank you Sony for listening. This time.

    what we all get upset about is inconsistentness of it. Sony is a very global company. BIG enough to make good on anything they should be able to say they are going to. But when they say they will update, and some of us don’t see it till 7,8 or even 9 (few times not even the same day) is the problem. Some of you are overly upset, and its pathetic. On both counts. Those of us ridiculing Sony and those defending it. As customers we are somewhat entitled to complaints, when they are legitimate. And missing deadlines, or not setting them consistently is an issue.

    any complaints iI ever have, never loose sight that as a whole iI am pleased with this company and happy to contribute.

    sony keep doing what your doing

  • Sony take as long as you need to do the maintenance that is required. I for one don’t mind the long down time. I can do other things to keep me occupied.

    Again great job Sony.

  • i know this has nothing to do with the maintenance but did you guys and women fix the 4.25 update for our consoles

  • @70 Its 4.45 update and nothing yet. Maybe later this week.

  • Why you guys complaining? You can still sign on to PSN on here you know.

  • Thanks for updating the store tonight… I hope that there are fewer of these when the PS4 comes around.

  • Thanks for the earlier update for later tonight Paul, will definitely download my goodies before the maintenance period, much appreciated.

  • Stop complaining. Wow, so they’re doing a 5-6 hour maintenance that won’t let you play online unless signing in before it happens, and you won’t be able to download some PS+ stuff. Play an online game, or do something else.

    As for the “I hope there’s no maintenance for PS4 since we’re paying”. Well, in World of Warcraft you pay $15/month and their Tuesday maintenance last 4-6 hours, sometimes more EVERY Tuesday. Majority of you guys will be either working, at school (or skipping school) anyways…

  • I wouldn’t mind a maintenance every week either, if it improves the stability of the Network and such..

  • so if store updates today douse that mean i can get my borderlands 2 dlc tonight !!!!!!!!!!!! if so i love you even more sony

  • Just another sign that Sony still doesn’t have it’s act together regarding online. Paul tries to make it sound like they went out of their way to release the update “sometime tonight”. The problem is most people are accustomed to Tuesday updates and won’t even check tonight. The other problem is that they still can’t release updates on anything resembling a regular schedule – so it might be 5 pm tonight or 11:30 tonight.

    The competition figured out how to do maintenance without service interruptions years ago and releases content at precisely the same time each week since their store went online.

  • Will PSN for the Vita finally be fixed after this maintenance? My Vita keeps locking up at the “Preparing to Download” screen forcing me to do a hard reset. Very annoying. Great to hear the update will hit tonight though!

  • Houw bout updating the actual post to let people know you’re going to update the store tonight, instead of making them find it in the comments.
    You know, like how a company would do proper customer relations.

  • Twilightknight69

    Out for a day and everyone goes crazy, Ive been out for days with a 4.45 brick, you at least get to play. It could be worse, Trust me.

  • I like all the replies, this is why I am Playstation, it feels like a family here. God work PS team!

  • can we get a confirmation on borderlands 2 dlc being released tonight? i wouldn’t expect it to be allowed to release before midnight but its also not fair that pc and xbox360 get the dlc in the morning time

  • Thanks Sony :). Looking forward to tonight’s update.

  • Read Sony plans to release the updated firmware on Thursday.

    I’ve read that some cant even get menus to work. Damn. Yet nobody mentions that 4.45 works fine if it went through ok.

    My 4.45 went through and the system did not crash & I don’t have the problems others are having.

    Store update tonight is sweet, Thank You Sony for pushing it through early this time.

  • can’t go to psn store anyway this past week

  • @IzoGray Rude, nothing but a rude person that only cares about buying stuff. Sony has the control and can do whatever they want. What happens they shut down PSN for good? If they did, it will be all your fault because of the comment you posted. Because of that, you should be ashamed of yourself that you caused the shutdown of PSN. I hope you happy when this really happens.

  • Thanks can’t wait to play Hotline on the PS Vita. :)

  • Thank you for updating the store some time tonight to make up for the horrible maintenance scheduling.

    For me, Tues is the one day a week I can game online as much as I want (early in the day) so this sucks for me.

    But I appreciate your efforts to get the store update out early even if it’s a lean week.

  • I’d love to take advantage of this early update but unfortunately that’s impossible. Staring at a bricked PS3 console right now. Lol I really miss being able to use it :/

  • I don’t mind random maintenance, but maybe you could try what your competition does.

    Update the store every week at the same time early in the morning, Tuesday or any other.

    A lot of psn complaints would go away if something as simple as that was done.

    But after 6 years or so… well psn isn’t known for doing things right, easy or simply.

  • Confused i live in New York City what time does maintenance start for me and for how long will service be down? Also BIG THANKS to getting ps plus update out tonight….

  • Yay, another day of constantly checking the blog to see if the Store updates are up.

    Seriously guys, why can’t you do it at the same scheduled time, every time? Pick a time and date and stick to it. Thanks.

  • Paul seriously what time is the store gonna update?

  • You guys better get it straight. I burned through The Last of Us. Just so I could play the Tiny Tina DLC. I do not want to wait 2 days. Also as it turns out Ellie is Booker Dewits daughter, just kidding.

  • But I want to play Tiny Tina’s assault tomorrow….

  • Quality demands maintenance. Sad to see so many people make unrealistic demands and disrespectful comments. Sony delivers people. Keep up the good work guys.

  • @jackwesten: yeah I know but I just wish they’d tell us a time the store is updating “tonight”, cause I’m going to be at work when the maintenance is happening and want to get the dlc b4 I go to bed.

  • +1 @97

    Thanks Sony for the early update! With Hotline Miami and Virtues coming to my Vita I am glad I don’t have to wait until Wednesday. Also, The Last of Us is my GOTY 2013! Thanks for keeping Naughty Dog as part of the Sony family!

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