PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th

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PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th

Thanks again for your huge support during E3 this year. If you missed any of the great trailers from the show, check out our wrap up post.

In order to continue bringing you the best online games experience on PSN, we will perform routine maintenance beginning the morning of Tuesday, June 25th. This maintenance will start at approximately 9:30AM PT (10:30AM MT / 11:30AM CT / 12:30 PM ET) and will last until around 4:00PM PT (5:00PM MT / 6:00PM CT / 7:00PM ET). During the maintenance period, you may receive a maintenance notification when attempting to access PSN.

The PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home and Account Management will not be available during the maintenance period but you will be able to access online play and apps provided that you have signed in to the Network at some point between now and the time of the maintenance. So please be sure to sign in now if you wish to access PSN during Tuesday’s maintenance window.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your support.

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  • Uggghhh so that’s mean a late PSN store update again!!!

    • Our teams worked hard over the weekend to ensure that this update can be released later tonight (night of June 24). This will allow you to hop into the store tonight ahead of tomorrow’s store update post, and pick up your purchases prior to the Tuesday downtime. Since this is an early update, be sure to take advantage of any current sales now, while you can. We recognize that Tuesdays aren’t the best day for these, but it was required. As noted, we did our best to ease the pain that this may cause.

  • Are you going to add anything new? more options are always better.

  • Wow, what are the chances that the Soul Sacrifice logo would appear at the top of the page? I’m expecting another one of those delayed updates, similar to the April 16/17th Soul Sacrifice demo day.

  • I hope with Ps4, since we’re paying for multiplayer, that there will be no maitenances.

  • Haven’t you idiots learned anything. You said you took feedback and wouldn’t do maintenance on store update days. Guess you were lying.

    I’m sure we are all looking forward to waiting another three days for the store the to update and to be able to access psn. Honestly you guys need to change the way you handle you servers. You can’t do this trash with the ps4. If you treat you network like a low quality project compared to Xbox live, that’s exactly what it becomes.

    • As noted above in my reply to Spine999, we took that store update into account, and worked to be sure that this update could come early (later tonight), so there’s no need to wait any longer that you might normally have. You can pick your titles up before the maintenance begins.

  • If you guys charge for online multiplayer, you better be using that money to cut this BS maintenance and slow speed trash

  • Are you serious? Why cant you do this on Mondays! Tuesday is my one day off, I look forward to the drop and ps+ update. But now the store will be down almost all day, 12 to 6 for me. Awesome. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the info

  • @freshprincepbg @IzoGray You people do understand that maintenance s going to happen for any service regardless of you having to pay for it right? Lets not be ignorant.

  • I understand and appreciate that maintenance needs to be done, but does it have to be done on a store update day?

  • Is the Pinball Arcade (Vita) download will get fixed?

  • The update is probably related to the issues with the firmware update. They’ve stated that there will be a fix this week for those that were impacted by it.

  • why do you guys continue to schedule maintenance on tuesdays when the PSN store is due to update on those days.

    Almost every single time you do maintenance on tuesdays the PSN store ALWAYS updates late because maintenance always runs longer than you say it will. You guys should either pick a new day to do maintenance or update the store on Mondays….

  • Most probably they are doing it on update day because thats the day when they had to make a change at the store, (i.e. add some new stuffs, update the price, etc) so cos and timet wise its most reasonable to make the maintenance during that day.

    Its a free service right now so its only fair for them to minimize the costs, right? Lets just hope they dont fix whats not broken.

  • Does this maintenance have to with PS3 owners whose HDD’s were screwed with patch 4.45? If it’s another store update, then that would just be sad. :(

  • The PSN Maintenance down time won’t effect me much if at all because it seems it will start when I’m at work and end shortly after I get home from work which is fine just as long the store updates shortly after maintenance is done.

  • Why Steam doesn’t have this problem since like ever?

  • @IIL0YDII this really has to be a dumb comment….

  • on Hotline Miami day, of all days…

  • For the past year, I have read a lot of these comments. I, myself have never made one. Today, I just have to. PSN has done an excellent job since the hack job of 2011. I, myself joined PSN right afterwards and have been satisfied with the results. If they have to do the maintenance on a Tuesday during the Update day, so be it. I have been a gamer for well over 30 years and I have never seen so much complaining because of a scheduled maintenance. I wouldn’t care if that maintenance took all day. If it means that my system and updates are going to run better, I would rather have it that way, then to run into the cluster that took place two years ago. My son in law was livid for the days the system was done. So, you guys and gals out there let these people do their jobs, so we can game on when its time to do so….

  • @Valkyria-Edge care to explain? your comment looks like a dumb one.

  • Absolute BS!

    #5 Keep dreaming :) This blog clearly states this is “ROUTINE” maintenance. Get use to being jerked around because you’re gonna need it when the PS4 rolls out and all the good games get delayed and what not

  • @IIL0YDII you brought steam up trying to make a point that just made you look silly :/ Steam it self has updates and maintenance but it doesn’t have downtime because its not a closed system I don’t see what was the point of that other then to complain about downtime on a console.

  • What’s wrong with people? Ungrateful idiots want it their way RIGHT NOW! I’ve had my PS3 since launch and don’t complain when they have to do maintenence. Would you rather be hacked again?

  • Ok Np hope the new 4.45 is better and faster when it comes out too

  • LOL! Only PS+ subscribers that posted.

    Kinda funny.

    Personnaly, i’ve learned not count on store updates on tuesdays… I’m in atlantic time, so here, if they decide to update the store very late, like at 11pm pacific, its 3 Am my time. So i just count on it for wednesdays. That way, i’m not dissapointed.

    Sad but true!

    I got burnt once with an update where a bunch of games showed up as free but were not … that is another reason why i wait…

  • I understand the need for maintenance, but why is this always taken care of on the day that the store updates? You have six other days of the week from which to choose. One would think that someone at Sony would take this into consideration, but then again Sony isn’t exactly known for their outstanding customer service.

  • @25 I like to get hacked again so I can get myself 4 Free games or maybe 5 (2 for PS3, 2 for PSV, and 1 for PSP) lol.

  • why sony do you have to do this on same day you do updates? why?? why is that a good idea.

    the update never seems to come before 6pm (roughly sometimes 5, sometimes not till 7 or later) really? thats horrible, its so late in the day that those of us that work first shift never see an update until wednesday afternoon.

    fingers crossed that the people behind this are not involved with the ps4 updates/maintenence.

    i understand the need for it, i understand it is good to do. but dont do it the same day you do updates, updates that are so late in the day already anyway.

    and to those pitching a fit at those of us complaining…your entitled to your opinion as much as im entitled to mine. but yours is wrong.

    still sony all the way. but little things…oh well.

    • As mentioned in an earlier reply, we’ve recognized that this is an inconvenience to some, so we’re updating the store earlier than normal this week.

  • wait….i retract everything if number 14s reply is legit.

    THAT is what we want to see. responses. even if you’d said, “sorry due to technical issues we have to do it the same day” would be fine.

    but complying to such a request.

    THANK YOU. we arent asking much, just a little change in when things are done. very pleased by this.

  • Thanks for having an early store update tonight ( :

  • @ Paul Sullivan,

    Awesome! Thanks for updating the store early. Next time something like this happens, could you mention that in the original post? There was some unnecessary hostility, and I think there actually would have been a positive reaction if people had known that the store would update early as a result. Thanks again!

  • Good on you paul :D

  • @21 – Ah! A voice of reason. Sadly, we’re greatly outnumbered here (as we would be most anywhere on the internet).
    Seriously people, is it really that big a deal whether you get a game / content / whatever a few hours later than you would (or even a day or two)? Do you require a new game / content to continue living? No, you don’t. No one’s lives will be endangered by having a late update, nor will anyone’s standard of living be reduced in any way.

  • @Paul Sullivan when you mean update early do you mean like this afternoon. Meaning Plus members will be getting Zero’s Last Escape today?

  • Awesome that you’re updating later tonight instead of tomorrow!!

    But one thing that I’d really like to see happen, while we’re on the subject of PSN downtime. If I download Virtue’s Last Reward to my PS3 and the downtime happens to start right after that…The PS Vita can’t connect to the PS Store, so I can’t transfer the game. Which peeves me off. I’d really like to see a patch that can allow us to transfer content while keeping the evildoers at bay.

  • I hope you guys have learned from this gen. The store updates need to come out on Fridays so you guys have all week to work on them and make them happen early in the morning. This would allow new game purchases to happen 4 days earlier than brick and mortar stores, a plus we should recieve for going digital, since there is no discount for the lack of physical media. Thanks for making sure our consoles are secure by doing these updates to the system, and thanks for pushing out the store update a day early because of this. I just hope you guys improve this aspect of the service, as your going to have a lot more users to please, in the next generation.

  • Is this going to fix my system that you guys bricked with the 4.45 update or do I have to still wait till the 27th for that?

  • Please, please PLEASE do something about the PSN Store on the Vita–it’s become a glitchy, buggy disasster! The store has crashed my Vita at least once every Tuesday, and the only way I can get downloads to start is by going to my “Transaction History”.

  • I notice that mine and another person’s comment on this matter seem to be ignored. Is this going to fix the systems that SONY bricked with 4.45 update or do we have to wait until the 27th?

  • xFuzylilManPeach

    I have to agree w/ agentk28, if they have to do maintenance on Tuesday then its no biggie, at least the effort was made to update the store later this evening so you everyone can get their downloads done prior. I myself will have plenty of things to play that are not online that Plus has provided for me. Do what has to be done Playstation! :)

  • @Paul Sullivan: Hey would this maintenance would fix most of the gaming shuts off ? Because now when I play grand theft auto 4 and trying to save it, and it would shut off my ps3 is like there’s an issue with the patches of codings on disc or on the system. So this maintenance is like a bug clean up ? Because I really want to play I troubleshoot it many times and this came. So would this fix the coding bugs on battlefield 1943, grand theft auto 4 and other games that people having problem like AC3 ?

  • on a TUESDAY… are you kidding us ? the same day as the playstation store update ? what is this world comming to…. <======= that was going to be my original replay until i saw that you said it will update tonight as a result. now thats the way to do it. would of been nice to added that in the post though.

  • @Paul Sullivan, I just want to say thank you to the PS team for providing an early update and sorry if i sounded like a jerk on my previous comment. I know how hard you guys worked to provide us this update :)

  • I haven’t been able to access PSN through my PS3 for a few weeks now. It seemed to have started when I got a new router however I can browse the internet no problem. I keep getting “The connection to Sony Entertainment network has timed out”. Any suggestions? obtains IP address and succeeds in internet connection.

    • If you’re connecting wirelessly, change the wifi channel in the router’s settings. I had to do that when i moved once, worked like a dream.

  • Ugh, of all the luck!
    I’m travelling on the 27th and was hoping to play Zero Escape over the vacation. Guess that’s out of the question now.

  • Woot thanks Paul Sullivan for the replies letting us know the store will update tonight. Good job guys for doing this for us! We do appreciate it :)

  • Awesome. Playing Hotline Miami and Muramassa Rebirth will be awesome to play tonight.

  • I would just like to say not ALL of us are unreasonable. Maintenance is required for a service to continue to operate. I am absolutely fine with having to wait for store updates if there is a reason for it, but you have a reason to delay it and instead you release it early. I just wish more people actually appreciated the great work Sony does, instead of always demanding more for less.

    Keep up the great work and I will continue to be a life-long Sony fan.

    On a side note: Your great work with PS+ has convinced me to finally get a Vita (Which I had originally said I would never get)

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