Virtual E3 Booth Rolls On and the Fourth of July Is Near

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Virtual E3 Booth Rolls On and the Fourth of July Is Near

Hi all! While you may not have been able to travel to LA for E3 this year, you can still get an inside look at the PS4 and all the PlayStation greatness that awaits by visiting the Virtual PlayStation E3 booth inside of Home. Everyone that enters will receive an exclusive Beyond: Two Souls Dynamic Theme! This year’s booth also has set a new record for most rewards given away in an event. Below is the full list of rewards you can earn for visiting the booth. See you there!

  • Blacklight: Retribution™ Mech Statue
  • infamous Second Son Delsin Torso
  • inFAMOUS Second Son™ Beanie
  • DRIVECLUB™ – Burning Rubber Companion
  • Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™: Edward’s Dual Swords
  • Killzone™ Shadow Fall: Mask
  • Destiny® Dynamic Theme
  • The Last of Us™ Dynamic Theme
  • Gran Turismo® 6 Leather Jacket
  • Diablo® III: Hoodie
  • Tales of Xillia™: Teepo Statue
  • Tearaway™: Statue
  • Tearaway Headband
  • Hohokum™: Capeman Costume
  • Killzone™ Mercenary Early Access Beta Code
  • Divekick™: Mr. N’s Neckpillow
  • The Walking Dead – Clementine’s Hat
  • Two Free PlayStation®Mobile Games: Haunt the House and Rymdkapsel
  • PlayStation Plus Gold Sneakers
  • PlayStation Plus Sling Backpack
  • PlayStation®Plus 30 Day Trial and Superhero Cape
  • E3 Leather Jacket
  • Music Unlimited 30 Day trial and Hoverboard


After you check out the booth, be sure to pick up the new items below!


Get your x7 update from VEEMEE this week, including Mini Planes, Classic Sneakers and a new Wrangler update. Meanwhile Evil Tree Studios brings us their Warrior’s Way furniture set, and samurai helmets for men and women. nDreams delivers Retro Outfits and Konami rounds out the x7 Update with a cute Maru companion.

VEMMEE Street Style Items and Ugly Animals

VEEMEE isn’t just limited to x7 this week, as they deliver with Ugly Animal companions and Street Style clothing.


Hellfire Aqua Mounts

A brand new batch of Aqua Mounts arrives this week from Hellfire Games! Swim through the air and instantly boost your speed to 150% with the new Sea Turtle and Seahorse Aqua Mounts, available in the Home Tycoon Train Station and Novus Prime!

Atom Republic Discotheque

Dance the night away in this stylish discotheque personal space! Featuring animated disco balls, spotlights and lasers, this vast underground night-club even contains a rhythm-action dance mini-game. Also available as a clubhouse.

JAM Games Occasions Collection

Check out this large, new collection of clothing for men and women. With items like Grey Scanlon Suit and Red Naveen Dress JAM Games has made sure that you’ll always be ready to arrive in style.

nDreams Apartment Pets

Be sure to grab this cute little kitten as an apartment item, or a companion. Also available as a bundle.

Granzella Summer Yukata and Baseball Items

Baseball locomotion items and uniforms have arrived! Granzella is also adding new Rhinoceros Beetle and Stag Beetle patterns for their Yukata line.

Konami GoGo Dancer

Pick up Konami’s GoGo pieces in all of the colors of the rainbow. Tops, Shorts, Corsets, Fur Boots and Bikinis make up these sets.


Codeglue Express Your Color

The second collection by Codeglue and Home user Dani, designer of the “u love green” clothing line, is here! Express your color with these colorful light dresses and complement them with beautiful matching shoes, purses, bracelets and some stylish glasses. The collection comes as separate items as well as a selection of great-value bundles! Dani, designed for Home’s women by a Home woman!

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to the one and only Ribbie the Rib, official spokesperson of the PlayStation Home 4th of July extravaganza:

“Hi PlayStation Home! As you may or may not know, I am the Grand Marshal and overseer of the Home 4th of July Festivities and want to give you the secret sauce on the event.

People have been grilling me on what our plans are, and being a slab of the people I’m here to give you all an early taste and extend a personal invitation! On June 26, the celebration begins with the launch of our classic decorations in Pier Park, which is always quite the smorgasbord of patriotism. The decorations aren’t the only fun being brought into Home; look forward to sizzling new exclusive rewards for participating in the fun. My team has also been working very hard on my saucy new game, Charcoal Champ, which is also premiering in the event. So put on your favorite apron, and fire up the grill because Ribbie has racks of fun in store for you for the holiday.”
-Ribbie the Rib


As you can see this is a pretty exciting week for the Home Update! Be sure to head in to Home now and pick up all of these great items for you and your personal spaces. Also, be sure to hit up the Virtual E3 booth if you haven’t had the chance yet. Then return back here to the blog and leave your thoughts in the comments. See you around Home!

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3 Author Replies

  • Does anyone know why I can’t sign in psn??

  • Why are the Music Unlimited vouchers not working?

  • @Welmosca,

    All 30 day PS+ trail code require a CC online to add the PS+ 30 days to your account. It’s so they can charge your subscription after the 30 day trial has ended and you didn’t know to turn off the auto subscribe.

    That said you can add them to an existing account if you have a CC onflile.

    Amazon for their black friday Vita bundle had extra giveaways besides the AC Vita, it included the PSAS vita game and 3 months of PS+. Instead of giving one 3 month code, I received 3 1 month trials that when added to my account gave me 3 extra months.

    I added a long expired credit card with a faked expire date long enough to add the codes then deleted it from my account.

  • @TwinDad

    I have an existing account and could not use the code they gave me. I was told that it was for new customers only and would not stack. So I have a useless code for Plus. My subscription runs out the 29th of this month. I’m hoping it works then. I tried to get an answer about it, but couldn’t find out anything.

  • SanAntonioSmoker

    Patiently waiting for an update on the status of the 4.45 patch? Id love to just go ahead and reinstall this new “UPDATE” and hopefully get my PS3 running again so I can visit home and see all these awesome attractions.. P.S calling customer service gets you no where.

  • Is there any event for Canada Day (July 1st)?

  • I enjoyed the E3 booth all my codes worked except music unlimited code did not work anyway i can get some help with that if not at least let my Killzone Mercenary code work in August

  • @50 Keep trying. I was able to get in, helps to increase the cache.

    @2 Not sure.

  • I did the quests and every time I was supposed to get a code it wouldn’t load so I couldn’t get any of the rewards.

  • @ 53 TwinDad – Thanks for your response man….thats a good move that slipped by my eyes….well so its a useless code…the truth is that it was my brother who earned all that stuff from “Home” and he showed me the credit card thing…I find it weird but oh well.Anyway thanks again man guess I’ll be just waiting then to the KZ Mercenary beta…hope that works.Oh also he didn’t win the Beyond theme.

  • @59 Was this days ago? The vouchers weren’t showing for many at the time.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Ryumoau on June 19th, 2013 at 10:52 am said: “@11 oh who cares. Last of Us was pretty predictable anyway. You didn’t need spoilers to see what happens a mile away.”

    So, you’re saying TLOU is just like your posts on the blog? I always sense I’m about to read a big pile of crap when I see your username, and then, sure enough, I read on and find out I was right. So predictable.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ b00kthree

    100+ pages, yes, but most are the same people with multiple posts. If you were to count how many different users are reporting their system is bricked, the total amount would definitely represent only a very small percentage of the install base.

    How many PS3 systems are currently active -Vs.- How many consoles were bricked by 4.45

    It still sucks though, don’t get me wrong. I hope it all works out for you guys. I’m lucky that I didn’t even update before they pulled it. Certainly would suck to lose all that data, for sure. I hope it all works out for you guys. My gamer heart feels for ya’…

  • Please get this new update out ASAP Sony :( I just want to see that everything is ok with my PS3. I’ve put an absolute fortune into this thing(too much to be honest lol) and I miss it :( I JUST BOUGHT The Last Of Us the night before my PS3 got bricked and it’s KILLING me not being able to play it. I have a 360 and a Wii U sitting next to my PS3 that I can play and you wanna know how much more I love my PS3? I have PS3 GAMES stacked on my 360 lol and then the Wii U barely has any games unfortunately. So please get the PS3 update tonight if you can :/ I guess I could always play my Vita in the meantime….anyways, I still love you Sony. Even if I’m depressed :/

  • to people reporting about the update 4.45 getting a black screen, here is what atleast try to do, turn on your ps3, youll see a black screen, unplug the hd cable, then put it back in and see if it works. Ive succesfully installed 4.45 on my ps3 and i am connected to the psn right now in my ps3. i also recieve black screen after updating it to 4.45 but i managed to make it work by replugging the hd cable

  • I am a bit upset the 30 day trial code of Music Unlimited does not work. It states the code not valid. I have the same issue with the 30 day trial of plus i given that code to a friend and he states it does not work? What is the issue? Any help please thanks

  • @64 There is a webstore to check on your download history.

  • heyyyy, is home going to be on ps4?

  • How about the older ps3 wireless 7.1 and Turtle Beach headsets? will they work on ps4? I need to know!

  • Jesus, people. If you’re having problems with 4.45 (I installed it and I didn’t have any), why not discuss it in the forums instead?! I came here expecting to read comments about the E3 booth.

    Anyway, the E3 booth is really the only reason I ever log on to PS Home anymore. You guys did an awesome job!! (Well, other than server capacity and voucher code issues early on…) My 2 favorite rewards are the Tales of Xillia Teppo statue (although I wish its master – whose name I will find out when I play the game, not by you guys – was there as well) and the Killzone Mercenary Beta Access. I can’t wait to play either of them!!

    And FYI, for the PS Plus and MU codes, you do NOT need to redeem them to get the associated Home items, as ALL Home rewards are added automatically. Also, DO NOT lose these codes (specifically, the KZ Mercenary one), as once the virtual show floor goes kaput, you can’t retrieve them!!

  • @68 No idea. Home isn’t on Vita either.

    @69 They should, but the console isn’t out yet.

    @70 I remember when the vouchers didn’t show up for anyone at first. There are 3 PS Plus rewards in E3 Booth.

    I log into PS Home daily for Aurora, Mercia, Casino.

  • I’m a happy owner of the First PS3 edition and it had 80 GB when i bought it. Just last week I upgraded it to 500 GB. Did the update and i have not gotten any problems. I’m wondering if is affecting those who live in certain areas of the country.

    * I’m from Chicago.

  • damit sony i do the playstation plus quest and i get the code but i cant use it becuase i dont have a credit card

  • All I know is the man said BBQ Ribs and Home. I love both!

  • I also would like to know the status of home on the PS4. I asked in the blogs a few months back and didn’t receive a response. I figured we would hear something at E3. Nothing still. I am hoping since Home is still a “beta” we will have a new and updated home that takes advantage of the PS4. Either way, an answer or at least an acknowledgement would be nice.

  • @75 It’ll likely remain on PS3.

  • my code for music unlimited won’t work for me i tried many times too get it to work but it wouldn’t i live in the US the PS+ 3 month trial worked XD

  • Great job on those Killzone Shadow Fall masks!

  • Time to go hunting for that KZ Beta Code!!! PS4 $400!!!! It Only Make Sense!!!!

  • I went to the virtual E3 booth and preregistered, then went back during E3 and tried the challenges, about 1.5 hrs in and over half way through the challenges Home gives me an error and boots me offline!!

    Had to leave and re-enter and start the whole process over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then once I completed all the challenges I saw that I was still required to spend 30minutes in the sony booth watching the press conference.

    I sat there for about 45minutes or longer if add all the times I went there up. The challenge never completed!

    How do you achieve the full completion once all the challenges are done? Where exactly do i have to stand for 30minutes? Is it 30minutes and then watch the entire 3E conference on that shi…..I mean crappy little low res screen?

    And to those having issues with the latest update I feel for you. I understand what its like when an update ruins your system and tons of people keep telling you its your own fault, even Sony themselves.

    When the ps store changed I was blocked from accessing it for months, Sony said it was something I did, it wasnt, they patched the store and I could access it again. Stay strong brethren!!

  • @80 The 30 min one is a pain. Just idle in there, I managed to get it before the E3 booth opened.

  • @54 your code expires before then I am fairly sure they said it expired late June.

  • @81 I thought I did.

    i was actually in there watching the e3 conference before I knew it was a challenge, then went back for over 30 minutes and watched some more, I left the room for well over 30 minutes with the e3 conference board on full screen.

    Where did you idle at? In front of the screen? Somewhere else?

  • @82 End of the month as I recall.

    @83 I don’t remember since it was hard for me to watch as it was lagging. They did make the conference downloadable from the store. Check your rewards for Infamous Second Son as I recall you don’t get a notification for it.

  • @50 Best thing to do if you’re having a lot of trouble getting into Home is re-install it. Just press triangle on the icon to delete it. Then it will be there again. Click on it to install. You won’t lose any of your items in Home because they’re stored in a different place.

  • The playstation4 looks great. The graphics are unbelievable it will sell out for sure. The technogly keeps getting better and Play station home is looking good

  • Thank You PSN HOME For The Oppotrunity To Earn Killer Stuff & Limited Edition Companions ^5

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