Virtual E3 Booth Rolls On and the Fourth of July Is Near

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Virtual E3 Booth Rolls On and the Fourth of July Is Near

Hi all! While you may not have been able to travel to LA for E3 this year, you can still get an inside look at the PS4 and all the PlayStation greatness that awaits by visiting the Virtual PlayStation E3 booth inside of Home. Everyone that enters will receive an exclusive Beyond: Two Souls Dynamic Theme! This year’s booth also has set a new record for most rewards given away in an event. Below is the full list of rewards you can earn for visiting the booth. See you there!

  • Blacklight: Retribution™ Mech Statue
  • infamous Second Son Delsin Torso
  • inFAMOUS Second Son™ Beanie
  • DRIVECLUB™ – Burning Rubber Companion
  • Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™: Edward’s Dual Swords
  • Killzone™ Shadow Fall: Mask
  • Destiny® Dynamic Theme
  • The Last of Us™ Dynamic Theme
  • Gran Turismo® 6 Leather Jacket
  • Diablo® III: Hoodie
  • Tales of Xillia™: Teepo Statue
  • Tearaway™: Statue
  • Tearaway Headband
  • Hohokum™: Capeman Costume
  • Killzone™ Mercenary Early Access Beta Code
  • Divekick™: Mr. N’s Neckpillow
  • The Walking Dead – Clementine’s Hat
  • Two Free PlayStation®Mobile Games: Haunt the House and Rymdkapsel
  • PlayStation Plus Gold Sneakers
  • PlayStation Plus Sling Backpack
  • PlayStation®Plus 30 Day Trial and Superhero Cape
  • E3 Leather Jacket
  • Music Unlimited 30 Day trial and Hoverboard


After you check out the booth, be sure to pick up the new items below!


Get your x7 update from VEEMEE this week, including Mini Planes, Classic Sneakers and a new Wrangler update. Meanwhile Evil Tree Studios brings us their Warrior’s Way furniture set, and samurai helmets for men and women. nDreams delivers Retro Outfits and Konami rounds out the x7 Update with a cute Maru companion.

VEMMEE Street Style Items and Ugly Animals

VEEMEE isn’t just limited to x7 this week, as they deliver with Ugly Animal companions and Street Style clothing.


Hellfire Aqua Mounts

A brand new batch of Aqua Mounts arrives this week from Hellfire Games! Swim through the air and instantly boost your speed to 150% with the new Sea Turtle and Seahorse Aqua Mounts, available in the Home Tycoon Train Station and Novus Prime!

Atom Republic Discotheque

Dance the night away in this stylish discotheque personal space! Featuring animated disco balls, spotlights and lasers, this vast underground night-club even contains a rhythm-action dance mini-game. Also available as a clubhouse.

JAM Games Occasions Collection

Check out this large, new collection of clothing for men and women. With items like Grey Scanlon Suit and Red Naveen Dress JAM Games has made sure that you’ll always be ready to arrive in style.

nDreams Apartment Pets

Be sure to grab this cute little kitten as an apartment item, or a companion. Also available as a bundle.

Granzella Summer Yukata and Baseball Items

Baseball locomotion items and uniforms have arrived! Granzella is also adding new Rhinoceros Beetle and Stag Beetle patterns for their Yukata line.

Konami GoGo Dancer

Pick up Konami’s GoGo pieces in all of the colors of the rainbow. Tops, Shorts, Corsets, Fur Boots and Bikinis make up these sets.


Codeglue Express Your Color

The second collection by Codeglue and Home user Dani, designer of the “u love green” clothing line, is here! Express your color with these colorful light dresses and complement them with beautiful matching shoes, purses, bracelets and some stylish glasses. The collection comes as separate items as well as a selection of great-value bundles! Dani, designed for Home’s women by a Home woman!

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to the one and only Ribbie the Rib, official spokesperson of the PlayStation Home 4th of July extravaganza:

“Hi PlayStation Home! As you may or may not know, I am the Grand Marshal and overseer of the Home 4th of July Festivities and want to give you the secret sauce on the event.

People have been grilling me on what our plans are, and being a slab of the people I’m here to give you all an early taste and extend a personal invitation! On June 26, the celebration begins with the launch of our classic decorations in Pier Park, which is always quite the smorgasbord of patriotism. The decorations aren’t the only fun being brought into Home; look forward to sizzling new exclusive rewards for participating in the fun. My team has also been working very hard on my saucy new game, Charcoal Champ, which is also premiering in the event. So put on your favorite apron, and fire up the grill because Ribbie has racks of fun in store for you for the holiday.”
-Ribbie the Rib


As you can see this is a pretty exciting week for the Home Update! Be sure to head in to Home now and pick up all of these great items for you and your personal spaces. Also, be sure to hit up the Virtual E3 booth if you haven’t had the chance yet. Then return back here to the blog and leave your thoughts in the comments. See you around Home!

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3 Author Replies

  • So what is the news on the update yesterday that broke my PS3? Any word of a fix or even an acknowledgment that it’s being looked into? Thanks.

    • We are aware of reports that the recent PlayStation 3 system software update (version 4.45) has caused the XMB to not display on a small number of PS3 systems. We have temporarily taken 4.45 offline and are investigating the cause of the problem. We will announce when the system update is available for download as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • So we only need one PS+ account on a ps4 to grant multiplayer access to all acounts on the system correct?

  • Crying shame that we had to wait this long after the update to find out what came out in the update, specially when EU gets their info before the update. Crying shame….. And it is a crying shame on the prices of that personal space and clubhouse, specially with no bundle…….. Lastly it is a crying shame that the Home team is going to use the excuse that E3 was going on, when the real world knows, that if you run a business, you make sure that your business will continue to run right, specially with things you offer, no matter what is going on. OR, if something does come up, you at least let your consumers know what the heck, instead of leaving them in the dark. Or someone draws straws to see who will stay behind to make sure things run ok and be able to communicate with their consumers. VERY BAD BUSINESS yall.

  • One more bad communication thing, its very bad communications for leaving loyal users of your product in the dark about the future of Home.

  • Got everything from the E3 virtual booth but the free PSplus because the code wouldn’t work :( awesome year as usual though.

  • Where is the x7 update?

  • i don’t like ps home but i’d be willing to try it again if there was a chance to get that free 30 day ps+ if its added to my existing one. Or i’d even take the two free ps mobile games.

  • Boy. Sure wish I could use my PS3. It was bricked last night by the 4.45 update. I keep hearing that Sony thinks there are a “small number” of us. I sure wonder what makes them so sure it’s a small number. Because there were only 45-50 pages of complaints on the forums last night, and today that thread is much shorter somehow?

    Well, a brick is a brick. Please fix my brick, Sony. An official statement very soon would be most appropriate.

  • Thank you for the response. I appreciate it.

  • I cant access the PSPlus 30 day trial…when I put the code…it asks for my credit card information and also when will I be able to redeem the KZ Mercenary Beta code?

    • KZ Beta code will go live on 8/21/13. The Plus code is good for new Plus customers only, so it’s good to share!

  • Hey, Paul, I think you’re right, it was a “small” number. I had no problems and I have a 160 upgraded to a 500 gig slim. My only problem was that you all secretly took the network offline so I couldn’t sync trophies or read messages until past 2 am pst.

    Every time there’s something–an update, a free game, a game download like TLOU, whatever–a small number of v people come on to complain it didn’t work for them while the majority of us never ever have a problem. Going on 4 years for me and never a problem. So something is wrong with the small number of people who are doing something wrong, or have bad internet or have modded their consoles or all of the above. I swapped my hard drive couple years ago and still had no problems. I did the midnight d/l of TLOU (it was really closer to an hour after midnight in PST zone) and it trickled in for many many hours but it still worked.

    And people in the forums are beyond jerks. I tried to look at the TLOU thread to see if people were complaining about the download still and saw that SOME of you a**holes put spoilers in the thread titles so we’d see them on a casual glance. So never going to forums again.

  • @11 oh who cares. Last of Us was pretty predictable anyway. You didn’t need spoilers to see what happens a mile away.

  • Any news on the 4.45 firmware update?? I get a black screen when I load up the PS3. Controller isn’t synced, and cant turn off PS3 with the button in the front. I have to turn it off by the switch in the back. Sony messed up again and just when they were gaining momentum for the PS4. And the release of The Last Of Us OMG Sony what have you done?

  • I’m not a big fan of Playstation Home, but figured I would give it a try to get an additional 30 days of Plus. Nowhere that I see that it was for new members only, so the code they gave me wouldn’t work. My Plus subscription runs out on June 29th (10 days from now) and I’m hoping the code will work then. I called support, and they said because it was a code from “Home”, they couldn’t do anything except direct me to the community forums, which in my opinion wasn’t very professional. If anyone can verify one way or the other that my code will work (or not) on the 29th, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • not to be “that guy” but doesn’t that look like uncle sam in black face? lmao
    not helping that he’s asking for ribs. i know i know he’s a rib but at first glance it looked like 1 of those racial 1939 images directed at a special group of people lol

  • My PS3 isn’t modded. The only thing I’ve done is install a larger HDD about a year ago. I haven’t had any problems with my PS3 until the 4.5 update. It downloaded and installed just fine, until the required reboot after the installation. Now the XMB won’t load and I can’t power it off. I have to pull the power cord out of the back. Last night it even turned itself on to do a PS+ sync, but it never for past the loading screen. If I could revert back to the previous update without having to format the entire HDD, I’d be fine. But I can’t.

  • I’m the same boat of #1 and #8 my PS3 is bricked on the wavy background….waiting eagerly for a fix.And no its not small numbers…on the PS official forums there are already more than 100 pages of people with the same problem.

  • Hmm..odd I cant seem to sign into PSN and no it’s not a bad connection. Everytime i try to sign in it says the connection with Sony Network connection timed out..anyone know what might be the cause of this by chance?
    Oh and one more thing..any news on when the blue flaming hair is coming out..I kinda need to finish my raver outfit..any infor on that would be appreciated thank you!

  • @Paul Sullivan

    Thanks for your response…yes I agree with you….I said “I” but I gave the code to my brother and he tried to redeem the code on his account and then there was the message asking him about the credit card.

  • Kinda sucks not being able to game right now it almost feels like the time when the playstation network got hacked do you guys remember that? Has anyone heard anything about when the system will be up and running ?

  • Crazyjunkman

    thank god im not the only one having this problem…

  • I must be on the wrong blog. I could have swore this was for the E3 booth….

  • @ klaaymike They shouldnt be talking about the damn E3 booth. BUT the patch that bricks people out of there PS3.

  • The whole Blog Post here is pretty messy.

    Try cleaning up on whats orders. also, missing Title and Information for Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 92 and 4th of July extravaganza

  • Funny how everyone is going off-topic about 4.45 but not PlayStation Home-Related

  • so there was an update and because i wasn’t able to get on until just recently i cant even try to update my ps3 so i’m cut off from online play just a victim of circumstance well can i at least get an idea of when i can even try to update my ps3 i would very much so like to know thank you

  • Isn’t that a customer support issue?? I read on one of the other blogs, where someone called support and they walked them through the process to get it back up and running. My question to you is why is everyone on this blog on here about a support issue? Not being insensitive by no means, but just curious. I know I sure as hell would be on the phone about such a major issue.

  • I entered the “Haunt the House and Rymdkapsel” code and it showed up as I successfully redeemed it, but it didn’t let me download it and it doesn’t appear on my download list. How do I play them?

  • Never mind. I see that you download them straight from the DL list on your Vita.

  • I cant log in to PSN !!!! On my ps3 fix it sony!!!! ‘mmmkay?

  • @12, I care. Unlike what you reveal in your daily posts, I care about things and don’t spend my life complaining on the blog. Jerks and a*holes are jerks and a*holes and it is not up to you to decide what the rest of us get spoiled about.

  • For those who cant log on your accounts..Sony has taken PSN down for maintenance…hope that its to fix the damn update.

  • I hope we get some (I think this is the right word to use) reconsolidation for all of these problems, I was on the phone for about an hour, perhaps longer with both phone calls and the agent’s tried safe mode and they said to just format and erase everything, it wouldn’t let me, it said, system software couldn’t be located, so I’m just hoping all of my information and games/downloads will still be there. Also is there any news of a fix yet?

  • @ crazyjunkman, yay to the raver scene,
    How did i miss getting the B2S theme during E3, i preregistered, and attended the event, got all the other goodies to be had,(it was oddly fun, doing the hunt for the prizes in the E3 virtual both area)

  • @33, I think you mean “recompense” for getting paid back to make up for having problems? Or did you mean “reconsideration” meaning you want them to come up with different solutions? Either way it would be nice for those who had problems.

  • what the heck sony i cant log in to my account and my friend list is gone ive never hack my ps3 the last thing i did was play the last of us muiltiplayer so why cant i log in

  • Network is not down for me. At least, not on my Vita.

  • @fattytwenty

    Go back to the quest station, scroll down toward the bottom and click on “all quests completed”. You should get your code there. I happened to stumble upon it myself.

  • The E3 website said that it is a trade event only, not open to the general public so who is the “you” that your addressing here? My understanding is that this blog is for Sony customers not for the industry and press although obviously some of them read it as well. E3 looked awesome and I live in the general vicinity where it was held but I would not be allowed to attend so I just feel like am being taunted here.

    • Sorry, certainly didn’t mean to taunt. Many people who are not press or direct industry are able to attend. Some are GameStop or BestBuy Employees, some are bloggers. However, the you that we’re referring to is anyone. If you were not able to attend E3, for whatever reason, then you are welcome to check it out in Home.

  • @35 yea meant “recompense” for like credit or something cause I haven’t been able to do anything except use safe mode.

  • Was having probs logging in, worked fine just now. *shrugs*

  • lol @ 25 actually its home related becuase its online , i can get on japan psn so just NA is down

  • See well mine says an error has occured you have been signed out of playstation network, and it’s nothing to do with my connection because I did a connection check and when i did that connection check my ip succeded my internet connection succeded but the Playstation Network failed.. can anyone help me out with this? greatly appreciated

  • @39

    Playstation “Home” had a virtual E3, that was supposedly set up like the actual one. It may still be up, if you have a PS3, check it out.

  • my psn is up

  • @39, cat, Paul means the virtual E3 booth in Home. That’s his dept. at playstation. I “visited” it last week and got a bunch of codes which I’ll probably never use.


    Will PlayStation Home be on PS4?

  • @47 I agree. We deserve a response.

  • Question: Where is the Hogwarts addition to the Pottermore home locations? I only see Hogwarts express train and diagon alley, but the Hogwarts location where you can be sorted and the common room doesn’t appear? When will those arrive? Aren’t they already out in the UK?

    Thanks for any update.

    Also as #47 said, is Home going to be carried over onto PS4 as well?

  • I have tried since E3 to get into PS home but with 2 to 3 hours of waiting/updating/loading and freezing several times, I just gave up which happens often when ever I try the service

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