Killzone Mercenary: New Single-Player & Multiplayer Details

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Killzone Mercenary: New Single-Player & Multiplayer Details

Killzone Mercenary: New Single-Player & Multiplayer Details

Single Player: Lightning Strike

Two years after the Helghast attack on Vekta, the ISA are taking the battle to Helghan, their fleet gathering above the capital Pyrrhus.

You are Arran Danner, a mercenary currently under contract to the ISA. Your mission is to infiltrate a battery of Arc cannons and direct their fire away from the ISA fleet, instead targeting the Helghast cruisers overhead and opening a way into the city. This is critical to enabling the invasion of Pyrrhus to begin in earnest.

Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

The covert nature of your mission commences with a wing suit drop into the facility; the only way to avoid detection by Helghast surveillance. Once inside your objective is to locate and hack the systems controlling the Arc cannon battery and unleash its devastating power on the unsuspecting Helghast cruisers above.

This won’t be an easy ride, the battery is heavily guarded and the security protocols protecting the control systems will require you to interface directly with them using your VAN-Guard, right under the nose of the garrisoned troops.

Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

How you approach this task is up to you; will you maintain your covert approach, avoiding direct encounters and choose instead to pick off patrols with silenced weapons and stealth melee attacks or go for a full frontal assault loading out with heavy weapons and explosives.

Whichever strategy you choose to employ, one thing is certain, this mission is going to be a good earner, the more of the Helghast and their equipment you destroy, the better the paycheck!

Multiplayer: Inlet

Corinth River; the bloody focus of the ISA invasion of Helghan. The beach around the jetties and sluice gates provides the backdrop to this epic encounter between the ISA and Helghast forces.

The terrain is pockmarked with craters, trenches and discarded cargo containers. This dangerous “no-man’s land” offers both cover and the fear of ambush in equal measure.

Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

A huge bridge spans the river and beach provides a ferociously contested vantage point, control of this area giving a significant tactical advantage to whoever holds it.

Whether you decide to fight them on the beaches or rain down death from above, one thing is certain; both sides will fight to the last!

Key Features

  • An open and free form area, there are very few defined routes; considered, tactical movement is required to stay alive.
  • Extreme lines of sight open opportunities for snipers and other long range weapons to be highly effective.
  • The wide open terrain offers little in the way of cover from aerial VAN-Guard attacks, but a broad selection of hard cover points for on-foot engagements.
  • This war-torn landscape is perfect for setting traps, ambushes and flanking maneuvers.

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  • The only fps series I play. Can’t wait.

  • Hope Killzone 3 get’s a PS+ release before this comes out to get the people not interested, interested. Such an underrated series I remember when I was a teen I’d play Killzone(1) with bots for like 4 hours at a time. Hope there are still bots in Mercenary for the less competitive KZ players.

  • @48: Please be quiet. Vita needs exclusives just as PS3 and PS4.

  • Btw sony how about the warriors lair for ps3 and ps vita? Any news? Canceled? Or wat? Ruin>warriors lair > canceled?

  • Please include offline bots multiplayer into Killzone Mercenary. @killzone @offlinebotsMP @killzonemercenary

  • This needs better graphics they need to be more like Watch Dogs does not look realistic enough

  • Looks amazing! I’m definitely going to get this, but please add bots. They are a must have for portable games like this.

  • So i saw some multiplayer gameplay of this game on youtube and it seems to big for a 4v4 match. Hopefully only this map is this large or there is a patch for 6v6.

  • @freshahhniqqa This is a vita not a ps4 i bet this game looks like a ps3 game in person what else do you want for a portable it’s the best quality on- the- go and it still isn’t out.

  • agree please put offline bot in killzone mercenary like in ps3 killzone..

  • A AAA title! Somebody create a trophy so we know one existed!

    Dear Sony,

    Please make more AAA titles or something that will actually go above 1 GB on the PS Store. I have posted something simlar to this on probably 4 articles/posts because I am that desperate. I have already pre-ordered Tearaway and Tearaway as well as a Killzone Mercenary Beta code.

    What else is coming!? Gamescom is coming up!

  • Finally, a true FPS for the Vita.

  • yes this is the only game im waiting for…. all games so far suck on ps vita

  • @63 ^^^

    Gravity rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Persona 4 Golden, Wipeout 2048, Soul Sacrifice, ACIII Liberation, Little Big Planet, Resistance Burning skies and Zero Escape. What about these? do they all suck?

  • Cannot wait for this game!

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