FINAL FANTASY XV Coming to PS4: Watch the Trailer

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FINAL FANTASY XV Coming to PS4: Watch the Trailer

Moments ago, we took to the stage at our exclusive pre-E3 Future of FINAL FANTASY event to confirm to press and fans alike the news you’ve all been eagerly waiting for – FINAL FANTASY XV is in development for PlayStation 4!

Previously known as FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII, the game has been expanded to take full advantage of the PlayStation 4 capabilities, to bring you a FINAL FANTASY game that will surpass your expectations.

At the core of FINAL FANTASY XV we’re still retaining the main concept, world and story of our original vision. Armed forces of Niflheim launch a devastating assault upon the Kingdom of Lucis, casting Crown Prince Noctis and his comrades out of their homes and into the fray.

But the game has evolved to include improved action elements, gameplay and a completely new level of beautiful graphical quality, all thanks to the capabilities of the PlayStation 4.

But don’t take my word for it, have a look at the stunning trailer above and we guarantee your jaw will hit the floor!

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  • Can’t wait for this, even though I know it will still be forever before it comes out. I do wish it was exclusive. C’mon, Square-Enix, fully utilize the potential of the MORE POWERFUL console of the gamers who are MOST PASSIONATE about Final Fantasy and make it exclusive to PS4!

  • PS4 still has time to implement retrocompatibility with PS3 games, PS2 games and PSX digital games and decline Plus being mandatory to play online maintaining online playing free for everyone. If they don’t, I will give the thumbs down to PS4, use my PS Plus account to “buy” free PS4 games and only buy it after it has dropped it’s price dramatically or they add compatibility with PS3 in any way they want to. I encourage everyone that bought over 190 digital PS3 games supporting this company to do the same. RESPECT TO MY PS3 GAMES COLLECTION!

  • My goodness.
    Finally it’s coming to the PS4. Haven’t been excited for a FF game since X. Just a tiny bit disappointed that its not a exclusive anymore to Playstation and even Kingdom Hearts 3. :(

  • let’s just hope it’ll be better than the final fantasy XIII who was way to linear and boring, no exploration no items to found hiden…

  • Will you guys please upload this trailer to PSN! (And possibly the gameplay reveal also!) Need to have this in HD on my PS3! Been waiting for this for a while! (Wish it wasn’t multiplatform though…) Oh well most people are going to buy it on PS4 at any rate! (Its not like the installbase of the other console is going to be large enough! :P)

  • What is this poopy crap?


    I WANT TURN BASED FINAL FANTASY BACK. FF15 is NOT Final Fantasy. I don’t even know what this action crap is.

  • Not sure why people are so damn upset that it”s on X1, FFS people…how many times does Square-Enix have to tell you they’re in financial trouble for you to get it?
    They’re making the new Deus Ex The Fall for iOS/Android if that’s any indication of their trouble. If you’re not going to buy it just because it’s not an exclusive please allow me to assist you in your euthanization!

    It’s gonna be EFFING GREAT!!!!!!! 7 years of blue-balling is surely worth the eventual climax! Thank you SE, I LOVE YOU <3
    Excited for FFXV sequels too!!!!!!!!

  • @56
    FF has continually evolved since branching out from even the SNES to PSX. D&D which it is based on has also evolved. Things change, and sometimes for the better. Yeah it’s not really FF, but neither was FF13. I wish they were new IP’s rather than branding the FF name on it, but seriously to have the Team that made the best FF’s all come together to make one SUPER AMAZING FF is heaven to the traditionalists–which I know you are included in.
    Except it where it is, this will be the first mature FF to date, which I as having started with FF on NES back in 1991 like that FF is aging with me and less “Kids” are saving the world crap.

  • Can`t wait! but i wish it was a ps4 exclusive `~`

  • ossiecastro5
    Are you freaking kidding me? Asking if Square lost faith in Playstation gamers? Of course they did. Instead of Final Fantasy fans supporting their games and enjoying their vision and their games for what they were, all you so called Final Fantasy fans abandoned them because it wasn’t exactly what you wanted. Everyone turned on the Final Fantasy XIII saga instead of showing your support. I would have lost faith in all you freaking cry babies too. All you so called fans should support them in whatever they do if you are a true fan. The games might not have been exactly what everyone wanted but people didn’t have to turn their backs so quickly on them.
    Where are their fans loyalty?
    I have always loved the Final Fantasy series and have never stopped showing my complete support and I will continue to support them for as long as they are staying true to their own vision. Through every epic game down to every mistake, though they may make mistakes or decisions that I don’t like, I will always be a loyal fan.

  • @60
    It actually hasn’t changed at all in 7 years, just the graphics really. It was still an ARPG back then and I never heard anyone complaining back when it was FF Versus XIII. Everyone was so excited that it was going to have a battle system like Kingdom Hearts. Now we can clearly see it is very unique and looks like amazing fun.
    True fans of the series would have been following FFVs13 for the past 7 years and not have been surprised at all by it being an ARPG. So when people say they’re “true” fans, and then are surprised, they’re probably lying.

  • Done deal!
    Saving to get a PS4 on this alone.
    Should be able to slowly save up for it by time it is released.

  • godly stuff!!

  • @61
    You’re absolutely right, they haven’t changed the battle system, its been the same since they announced it.
    I have learned a long time ago not to be too worried about the battle system in any of the Final Fantasy games. There were a few times when I was worried like when they were showing the battle system in FFXII but when the game came out the battle system was a lot of fun, not one of my favorites but it worked very well. So now I just trust in their vision. I really love how they can re-imagine the battle system from game to game and refresh the combat each and every time. Take FFXIII and FFXIII-2 for example. People are really hard on these games but you can’t tell me that the battle systems in these games aren’t some of the best in the entire series.
    Trust in their vision and creative talent people. Most likely you will be surprised and really enjoy what they have created. That’s if you truly are a fan.

  • @Ramza_x

    Guess I’m not a fan. Not anymore.

  • @ArchAngelMai

    Why do you thin SE are in trouble? Where where you at the start of this gen? They made to many silly mistakes, and pretty much turned their back on their fanbase.

  • @Blakseed
    Whether your a fan still are not, I completely understand your frustration. Your absolutely right. They have made a lot of silly mistakes. I have been frustrated as well at all the poor decisions that they have made but I really don’t believe that they have turned their back on us.
    I just think that all their mistakes and the fact that they need to learn to listen to their fans better has made it really confusing for all of us trying to figure out just what the hell they are thinking or doing. They haven’t learned to adapt and evolve well with the changes in the gaming community. I think that if they could get a handle on that then they would be well on their way back to the top. I don’t think that they should give in to every little complaint that they hear but they can’t completely ignore us either. I have faith in Square that they can turn it around and I really truly hope they do because the Final Fantasy Series and other great games that they have made have been such a huge part of my life for so many years that I couldn’t imagine not playing their games in the future.

  • Final Fantasy 7, was the game breakthrough for me.

    It put a story together, worth takng the time to be a part of.

    I joined the Marine Corp shortly after playing that game, and it made some of the challenging times feel more appropriate.

    Square Enix I have found your games to be a Godsend with the messages you help provide.

    Do not ever sell out.

    And if great works of art take time, so be it.

    Your stories are very real in the idea that sometimes heros fall, but to pass the torch.
    Now that can be worth sharing.

  • Avoiding discussions/arguments I’d undoubtedly get myself involved in…

    So, Versus XIII has had a name-change. How ’bout releasing the other FNC title, the once-was Agito XIII, FINAL FANTASY Type-0 for Western territories?(!)

  • I think it was a douch move to move it to PS4 and XB1 only. it was announced as a ps3 exclusve and 2 years in a row Nomura said he was ready to release info about the game followed by radio silence. And then Hashimoto said they were working on a NEW ff title for the ps4 at the reveal in Feb. So we were lied to because versus 13-15 was not really “new”. Don’t get me wrong, I want to get the game but the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    The only question I have that square will never answer is why it was moved to PS4 and why was it still being played off as a PS3 title.

  • Not gonna lie, I’m kind of disappointed that it will also be on the xbox1. On the other hand at least more people will be able to play this. Had my eye on this game ever since it was versus 13 for ps3. Can’t wait to try this bad boy out.

  • Can someone at Square Enix help me and several other players who received our opne beta phase 3 code for PS3/PC!

    The launcher on both PC and PS3 has terribled download speeds, the highest in my case 0.10MB/s. And in PS3 is even worse, if left idle, the game will disconnect from PSN and everything downloaded until then is lost! Making me download from scratch the updates!

    Please someone answer, at this rate, I’ll finish downloading the patches when the beta is ending…

  • some if u come on here an talk crap about the PlayStation if u like it don’t come on here at all ur ridicules about it an talk crap an how much better xbox is it not better xbox is not better I have been playing PlayStation since I was 9 years old im 27 now been studing up on it xbox will never be better I will tell u that now so get over ur self’s an stop talking crap about sony an PlayStation u might regret it in the end u will trust me so if was u Xboxes lovers an never hardly played PlayStation its because u really haven’t been playing PlayStation long enough to no that at all like have been

  • i’m so glad this will be on PS4 but also disappointed that it’s no longer an exclusive
    anyways i’m so excited to play it!!! looks like it’ll be the best final fantasy in years

  • i know many wont read this, this style is like FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII “like they said” but with a “Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy” twist?

  • So when will this be available on PS3 considering we’ve waited 7+ years for it only for Square-Enix to tell us to be patient? Or is this yet another one of Sony’s false promises where they get together with a company that they have stock in to false advertise a product in order to get you to buy their console?

    I’m never buying a Sony console again and I’m definitely never buying a game published or developed by Square-Enix. I hope both companies go bankrupt for the everything they did this gen. Sony & Square-Enix does nothing but LIE to the consumer. lol @ anyone who actually buys a PS4 for a game that they won’t even see announced again until the PS5. Also, enjoy paying to play your games online now when every other platform (aside from the Xbox consoles) can play them online for FREE.

  • This game will just be trash anyway. It will easily be worse than FF13 (as hard as that is to believe) as it’s more generic action combat in place of what should be a RPG. The Final Fantasy franchise DIED with Squaresoft and is now being beatin and dragged by Square-Enix. It’s one thing to put this on the Xbox One but to cancel it on the PS3 when we were told to be patient for 7+ years only for us to find out we won’t get it is A HUGE SPIT IN THE FACE to any fan of the FF games and Playstation fans.

  • Previously known as FFvs13 and Previously known as a ps3 EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!
    I totally love how this game its gonna be but Square U are a bunch of RATS! sigh… Americans are the only ones who will buy xbox ones and americans only use FF games just to mock them, they dont like these games they just buy xbox to play madden, cod and halo. and u give ur precious time to those a$$H0LES!? sigh….

  • I don’t know what this game is, or why they are calling it Final Fantasy but STOP IT! This looks like Final MayCryOnetta. Bring back the good old turn base FF that I grew up with and loved for so many years. Or just call this anything but a new Final Fantasy game. I didn’t want to believe the series was dead after the dreadful FFXIII, but The moment I saw this listed as an “Action RPG / first person shooter” I knew it was.

    It could still be a fun game, but just not a final fantasy game. Hironobu Sakaguchi needs to keep making masterpieces like Lost Odyssey…just for playstation this time.

    There, that’s my cry baby “back in my day” game rant. I’m sure it’s as whiny to read, as it was to write.

  • Damm it looks great, i am not a FF expert but Damm, i want this one

  • that game is supported on ps3 too

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