FINAL FANTASY XV Coming to PS4: Watch the Trailer

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FINAL FANTASY XV Coming to PS4: Watch the Trailer

Moments ago, we took to the stage at our exclusive pre-E3 Future of FINAL FANTASY event to confirm to press and fans alike the news you’ve all been eagerly waiting for – FINAL FANTASY XV is in development for PlayStation 4!

Previously known as FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII, the game has been expanded to take full advantage of the PlayStation 4 capabilities, to bring you a FINAL FANTASY game that will surpass your expectations.

At the core of FINAL FANTASY XV we’re still retaining the main concept, world and story of our original vision. Armed forces of Niflheim launch a devastating assault upon the Kingdom of Lucis, casting Crown Prince Noctis and his comrades out of their homes and into the fray.

But the game has evolved to include improved action elements, gameplay and a completely new level of beautiful graphical quality, all thanks to the capabilities of the PlayStation 4.

But don’t take my word for it, have a look at the stunning trailer above and we guarantee your jaw will hit the floor!

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  • My God… it’s beautiful.

  • Is Lightning going to be in this game too?

  • Ezio is in the game too?

  • Where the hell are the PSN Store reps? We need this and the KHIII trailer on the store, stat!

  • Been waiting since 2006, that’s 7 years and counting! When can we expect it to come out? 2020? Seems about right.

    If only it were still a PlayStation Exclusive.

  • I am glad to see this game finally coming out!!!!!!

  • Mostly this looks great, but the scene where the kid laughs at his dad totally pulls me out of the moment. The rapid change in expression is just so artificial…

  • knowing an XBONE version exist.. i have a feeling this is going to be gimped.

  • As I stated earlier… I am so happy to finally see XV. Final fantasy is my favorite franchise. Also haters can hate and say my comment is stupid but, I am VERY disappointed that this will be on Xbox. There is just something about supporting a platform for your whole life and, then something like this happens, not everything has to be about $. Ever since Square merged, things just have not been the same. Say what you guys want that its good for gamers or what ever, I don’t buy that crap, I see exclusives as a good thing, to promote competition, without exclusives we would be fighting over things like move, Kinect, or some of the features like TV that Xbox has, stuff that I don’t care about. So go ahead and make your 100 copies for Xbox, hopefully one day either square just merges with Sony by a good decision, or you guys lose so much money that you will be forced to, then maybe some things will be done right. Yes I am still very excited for the game, it just feels like a slap in the balls.

  • XV is going to change into VX in another 7 years lol

  • Looks amazing. Combat looks somewhat similar to Kingdom Hearts series. They said they were porting it to Xbox one so hopefully they won’t nerf the PS4 version of it to appease m-soft.

  • @Grim__REAFER:
    Technically, by the rules of the Roman numerical system. That’d still be Fifteen.

  • It looks like it is going to be amazing. Might be the directly the series needs… Let’s just hope that there isn’t ridiculous voice acting.

  • Glad they decided to distance this game from FF13. alittle bummed it is now on ps4 instead of ps3, but i’ll be getting ps4 anyway so its not too bad.


    If you download the trailer on the psn you get a chance to enter the beta right?

  • Not buying this, xbox doesnt need this game, why cant you people just leave it as exclusive, is it because square enix are nothing more but a bunch of jews

    You suck square enix

  • Watching this trailer gave me chills, even though most of the time I was focusing on the subtitles at the bottom…lol. Very excited by this news and I’m sure this will be one of the best FF title as you guys have spent many years working on it. Thank you for the nice surprise at the Sony’s Press Conference.


    sigh… to watch the trailer for the 54th time, knowing this won’t be coming out anytime soon, but at least it’s officially coming, multi-platform or not :)

  • well i saw this coming lol :D no wonder they took so long on this game they trolled all of us lol XD

  • Woah!!! I’ve never been a fan of Final Fantasy (because I don’t like turn based combat), but I do love Kingdom Hearts combat system, and this resembled it quite a bit, plus this game is absolutely beautiful! Very nice Square Enix, very nice

  • is it just me or is the video thing black?

  • thundercat17 should be banned from the blog and from PSN.

  • Please Sony & SE, make the Sony platform the ONLY place to play KH3 & FFXV!
    Make Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy XV EXCLUSIVE to Sony’s platform, PLEASE!

  • Once again I am extremely disappointed with SE. After years of claiming this game was a ps3 exclusive you’ve now gone back on your word by making it multiplat. Don’t get me wrong I’m very excited to see that this game is still in development but this feels like a cash grab.

    Sony please try and talk some sense into SE and secure FF XV and especially KH3 as exclusives before your competition throws piles of cash their way.

  • its about time we saw something on this game … honestly I had given up a while ago.

  • Will FF 15 have exclusive PlayStation 4 content?

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Not exclusive so we’ll have to settle for worse graphics and features due to it being on XBone. Big pass for me because of it. If I’m gonna get multiplat games, I might as well get them from good developers like Destiny from Bungie. And if I feel like getting a multiplat RPG, I might as well get something critically acclaimed like Elder Scrolls online and not something that has been run to the ground due to being w.h.o.r.e.d out like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.

  • Man, I can’t get enough of this trailer.

  • thundercat17
    there is nothing wrong with being jewish stop it with the racial remarks

  • @thundercat17 – I agree with DuffBeerLight, that was uncalled for and racist. Completely unnecessary.

    I also hoped this would stay exclusive for the sake of giving me a reason to pick up PS4. I am glad this is in more hands but I generally despise Xbox. Please, I would have PREFERRED THIS BEING MULTIPLAT with the WiiU for god’s sake. I can’t stand the Xbox and its gamers. They aren’t the typical kind of people who will buy this anyways. Announce a timed exclusive or anything.

    I’m sick of Microsoft managing to moneyhat every third party developer like Insomniac and Respawn or Capcom Vancouver while Sony refuses to moneyhat any developer. Capcom has moved Monster Hunter exclusive to Nintendo and Dead Rising 3 is exclusive to Xbox? Even Nintendo has locked Sonic onto their console.

  • Continued…
    I don’t blame Sony for refusing to taking exclusives from third parties but its really frustrating when every other console manufacturer except Sony does this. Sony, you have to face reality. You GOT to pick up atleast a few third party exclusives. Indie games are great, but having some AAA titles would push me over the end to pick up the PS4 quicker.

    Right now its just Infamous and Killzone. I’ve come to the realization that Worldwide Studios is amazing, but not amazing enough to battle Microsoft when they manage to bribe third party develoepers.

    That being said Infamous:Second Son is better than any 1st party studio exclusive that MS or Nint has to offer in the near future.

  • Also Square Enix, when you announce an exclusive game for a platform seven years ago, you should atleast keep your end of the bargain.

    This is disappointing to say the least. Both with Sony and Square Enix for not arranging an timed exclusivity at the very least.

    Enjoy selling the 1000 copies of the game to the Modern Warfare zealots, Square.

  • I love the FF series, but this one just has too much action for my tastes.. i prefer the old school RPGs… i will look forward to the HD re-release of FFX though…
    Wish you guys at SquareEnix would give us a full-fledged Dragon Quest like we had with #8… that was a wonderful game and the closest we got to that on PS3 was Ni No Kuni…

  • So basically I just watched a 7 year old trailer with the only difference being now it’s not a PS3 exclusive, not even a PS3 game. Talk about false advertisement! That trailer 7 years ago was one of the main reasons I got my PS3 in the first place.

    Now they’re doing the same thing, not even mentioning when it’s going to be released. For all we know it could be another 7 years. Meh! Maybe my kids will tell me about the game someday.

  • This game looks great! I can’t wait to FINALLY play it :)

  • I really hope you deliver. I have waited 7 years for this! :D

  • For once, I actually agree with a majority of these comments.

    In fact, I agree with a majority of the whole PS gaming community.

    In the blog post for Kingdom Hearts 3, you, Square Enix, said that you’ve been listening to us when it came to the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. But this is more important than that.

    Do you really know how important, how special, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are to the Playstation? I know, bring this to the Xbox One for more revenue. But they don’t understand any of this. Xbox gamers aren’t going to buy a Playstation consoles just to understand the previous Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts games. They have the last Kingdom Hearts game in the Xehanort Sage and the newest Final Fantasy game. But that’s it, they are getting the newest and the latest of something they don’t know about.

    (continues on next post)

  • (continues)

    People were so excited when Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 were announced. Those were big, BIG titles at would have made you, Square Enix, millions in revenue alone. Do you know why? Because we are loyal customers. We, Playstation gamers, have always been buying your games since the beginning.

    Yet, you turn your backs because of the fear that you, Square Enix, might suffer the same fate as THQ.

    So, what does this mean? Does this mean that you, Square Enix, lost faith in the Playstation gamers? You don’t think that we will buy enough so you can remain strong? If you want more sales, bring both games to the PS3 as well; many gamers aren’t going to buy the PS4 right away. But going to the rival company as well? It is almost like an insult to your loyal customers.

    I don’t know if you, Square Enix, will see what I say or even care about what I say. But just remember: The customers are always right. The customers can make the difference between a strong company or a company in ruins. Just remember that.

  • 7 years since first announcement, wow I’m old
    still bums me out there was no news about The Last Guardian

  • I’ve been predicting this change for months, so when I watched it happen during the conference, I squealed like a pre-teen girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

  • A-MA-ZING.
    Is all I can say.

  • @39
    Don’t worry, The Last Guardian is scheduled for PS5.

    We’ve been waiting a long time for this, so when will it be out? Hopefully sometime during 2014, not any later, it’s been 7 years now, don’t say “you didn’t had the time”.

  • I had lost all hope waiting for this game. 7 years, man I feel old. Then SE drops this and I’m sucked in like a moth to flame. This trailer is amazing and the voice acting is superb. Hoping that the English version won’t suck. I hope we get to see a NA release in 2014/2015. I don’t think I can wait another 7 years, lol. I have always been a fan of turn based attacks but I like the fact that Nomura is trying something new. I knew that once the PS4 was announced to launch this year that SE was probably going to move Versus to the new console. If only it was still PS exclusive. That would be my only gripe.

  • You just betrayed your fans square…you should know that your fan base is on PS…we waited 8 years for this game and now you’re releasing for xbots too who didnt even knew about it.Great you just lost my support.Also good luck dealing with xbox limitations and crappy tech.

    PS:Some subtitles are wrong.

  • I think the action looks cool and the way the characters help each other in battle seems organic to me.

  • The reason I don’t like this game going Multi-plat is because now Square is going to have to down scale their game to port to other consoles. When you are working on one sole console, you get games like Heavy Rain, Uncharted, killzone 2. When you’re working to put a game into other consoles, you have to reduce the quality because you are working on more than one product. It’s a huge slap in the face especially for KH fans. This most likely means KH 1and2 are going to go Multiplat since the 3rd one is going. You can’t understand the 3rd game without playing the 1st or 2nd.

    I bet KH3 could have looked like the cutscenes of their games instead of looking like the HD verstion of the PS2 versions. But since they had to port, they’re reducing the graphics

  • Giving that its so early in the life cycles of the new systems I don’t think it will be scaled down that much but I do agree it would look better if it were to be an exclusive title. Plus I really don’t believe Xbox people care about these types of games that much that’s why they are buying a Xbox but square needs all the sales they can get right now. It’s cool though because in the end I know Sony has our backs when it comes to exclusive content

  • needs more cute girls

  • Can’t they at least give us an approxiate launch date? At least a year? I mean, can’t they just stop talking about this game until they actually have a date? …

    I suppose that now at least the game is official, it has an official name, and now it’s listed in the stores (so I can pre-order it). Still… they didn’t give a date, or even a window for the launch. I fear we might not see it before 2014 or more…

    And don’t talk about KH3, please. The game is being made by the same team, it’s gonna take at least another 3-4 years before it’s on the market. I really dislike hearing from a game and being able to buy it only 7-10 years after… It doesn’t make sense.

    Anyway, I’m pre-ordering since some stores have an E3 discount (you pre-order 3 titles or more, and you save 20$ per game, for all the games you take). Man, that’s real nice. I’m taking KH3, FFXV, Beyond, MGS5 and thinking about others to add, like The Division, and Watch Dogs. 40$ each, but it’s still far under the 60$ I’d normally pay for them, lol.

  • Meh. I’ve been pretty disappointed with every FF game since X. I’ll probably pick it up when it’s cheaper and check it out.

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