Kingdom Hearts III is Coming to PS4!

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Kingdom Hearts III is Coming to PS4!

Kingdom Hearts III on PS4

You’ve been wondering if it would ever be announced.
You’ve begged for any ounce of information on it.
You’ve asked for no more spin-offs.
You’ve been asking. We’ve been listening.
And we’re overjoyed to finally announce that KINGDOM HEARTS III is officially in development.

We know you’re dying to learn so much about KINGDOM HEARTS III – characters, worlds, summons, battle systems, spells, storylinevoicetalentminigamesgummishipxehanortkeyblades….wait hold on hold on hold on… let’s all take a deep breath together….


Now that said, what we can tell you thus far is that KINGDOM HEARTS III features an older Sora as the protagonist who sets forth on adventures with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and other favorite Disney characters. KINGDOM HEARTS III will harness next generation console technologies to bring an incredibly stunning universe full of new and familiar Disney worlds to life.

So sit back, relax, grab a sea salt ice cream pop, and enjoy the KINGDOM HEARTS III announcement trailer above.

We’re happy to announce that KINGDOM HEARTS III will be coming out for PlayStation 4 and available for preorder here.

Kingdom Hearts III on PS4

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  • I don’t understand why Xbox is getting this and FF15. FFV13 (FF15) was meant to be a PS3 exclusive and now its for Xbox One also… Are you fricking kidding me?!?! For starters they don’t even have KH1, or 2. They don’t even have 1.5reMIX (yet i’d say) so why are they getting the third? Never trust Square Enix. They make great games but can’t keep to their word

  • I cried tears of joy when I saw the trailer at Sony’s E3 conference, and thought “Yes! A PS4 exclusive, and even better! Another entry in the Kingdom Hearts series!” But boy was I wrong… I am disappointed in both Sony and Square Enix, where are the 3rd party exclusives that we want the most?! Metal Gear went multi-platform, FF went multi-platform after the rein of the dominant PS2, and now this?! This is our last hope to be proud of blockbuster franchises being exclusives to Sony! There’s still a chance to fix it Sony… Do it! And make us proud again!! D:<

  • *5 Years Later*

    Currently in Beta

  • And this my fellow gamers, is how you SHUT UP dragon_ night !!! Bravo sony, BRAVO

  • If only it was just for PS4.

  • I thought this day would never come…*manly assassin tears* This is evidence that the templars are losing this fight. Hit xboxone hard and give ps4 exclusive worlds >:D

  • So excited for this, and although it would be a great grab for Sony if this were an exclusive, I’m glad it’s not. More people get to enjoy the beauty of Kingdom Hearts. (Even though everyone should be getting a PS4 anyway.) :P

  • Kingdom Heart attack seriously this amazing news. What’s the deal with all you complaining that this franchise is no longer a PS exclusive? Didn’t it stop being an exclusive after the second game years ago? @50 Seriously why hasn’t this happen?

  • @ArchAngelMai
    You need to jump off your high horse man. Don’t come on to a KH3 dedicated page and trash talk KH3. Why would you even be here if you didn’t have somewhat of an interest in it? Also did you ever stop to think that it took 7 years because they were already years into development when they were approached to make the first RPG title of the next generation? They had to tear everything down and rebuild it with next gen tech. Take your negative ignorance somewhere else.

  • can’t wait for this!

  • Not gonna lie, I was freaking out when they announced KH3 at the conference. I’m also kind of disappointed that this is also coming to the xbox. I guess at least more people will be able to enjoy this awesome series.

  • They have to release a Kingdom Hearts 2.5 before they release this game. Some people need to play the past few to be a KH fan boy. Truly a master piece need to be know through the world.

  • This is freakin’ Bull I have been a long time KH player have been waiting for this game ever since i have seen the secert ending in KH2 for the PS2 . It should have been on the freakin’ PS3 not the PS4 where the freak is it. I would like an answer Sony or Square/Enix plz long time KH player here since KH1 even played the Mini games on the DS so plz will someone give me and answer. I have even seen box shots of a KH3 game for the PS3 . So where is it at. Some people don’t have money and can’t afford a PS4 . Plus I heard that it was going to be one of the released games when the PS3 first came out.

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