Malicious Rebirth Coming to PS Vita

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Malicious Rebirth Coming to PS Vita

Today we have great news for everyone – the long-awaited “Malicious Rebirth,” a fast-paced action game for the PS Vita, is coming to PSN later this year.

Malicious Rebirth

You will be summoned by the prophets once again to take control of the “Spirit Vessel” in full 3D. You’ll be forced to rise to the challenge in order to bring peace back to the Kingdom; the character and stage you select is entirely up to you. You can jump right into epic boss battles in any order, but remember that bosses in later stages become much more challenging.

Malicious RebirthMalicious Rebirth

You’ll also use the Mantle of Cinders to dive, glide, defend and perform various types of attacks. In Malicious Rebirth, there are more levels, bosses and powers to acquire than in the original PS3 version, thus making the Mantle much more powerful! The key to survival lies in your timing with Aura, which you can use to heal yourself or perform powerful attacks on well-defended bosses, so you’ll want to go for chain attacks to acquire Aura quickly.

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing more information so check back frequently. In the meantime, check out our new images and leave your thoughts and questions in the comments!

Malicious Rebirth

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  • ^^^continued^^^

    Anyways, thanx again to everyone who made this possible. You guys didn’t HAVE TO bring this to the Vita but you did anyways!! The reason I say that is because the Vita isn’t the most popular/profitable platform right now to release games on. That display of following up on a long-term promise IMO makes this US release that much more of a big deal… ESPECIALLY with all of the special treatment this version is receiving in the form of extra content as well as having to go through the long process of translating the text/dialog. Keep the good work and know that I’ll be a day #1 buyer, 100% all the way!!

    • Hello zepified,
      Thank you for your comments! We’re very excited to bring this to the US. Please keep voicing, we always listen and strive to do the best we can :)

  • yeah can’t wait for this =)

    my day is complete if this game have a platinum =)

  • Hopefully it’s better than the PS3 version… I liked the concept but the controls were terrible and poorly conveyed and the story was literally a book. We all know how much fun it is to read text on a television screen for extended periods of time. Definitely one of the weaker Plus games.

  • im stuck on the mad queen

  • I’d be really happy to see this free for PS+ a few months after its release just like its PS3 counterpart and I’d be OVERJOYED if it will be free right on the release :D

  • Nice~
    Can’t wait. :3

  • Another great game for the Vita! I’m so happy my favorite console is getting such amazing support. :)

  • i will check this out. Sony any news on bring NOVA 3 to the psvita

  • thanks for bringing this SCEA!

  • I already played the japanese version and its cool, cheap and small game. (if NA psn keeps the same price)

  • So glad to see more VITA love – this should be good!

  • Go to Google

    Search “Let’s Get FlatOut Head On PS Vita Compatible”

    Click on the first result.

    Sign the petition please.

    Thank you

  • When (If) they make a second Malicious, I have some cool ideas for it. In the Level hub make it have different ways of getting to levels (mind you this will, at start restrict places) like use the Lance to get so high and far to reach one platform, then use the speed from the wings to get past a dangerous path, and so on like than, after each trial is a new couple of levels… Just an idea.

  • Been waiting for this version, this is the one I wanted for my PS Vita all along, thanks!!

  • JessieSushiKyon

    FINALLY!!! been waiting for this!!!! muhahaha!! ^^

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  • Love that people here didn’t even know about this version despite it coming out in Japan ages ago and being announced before we even got the PS3 version.

    Just goes to show that anyone who come onto the PS Blog and whines about “no games” on PS Vita is ignorant.

  • yessss been waiting for this

  • I was expecting this! , Avalon answer my question in thier official twitter account(wich is in japanese) and they said they were expecting news soon. So im happy they keep those words and finally bring this incredible game to western lands!. Thanks!

  • Awesome Awesome Awesome News…this is one game I’ve had my eye on coming to the west! Now (with this and Muramasa, Killzone Merc and Soul Sacrifice – Still playing Persona 4) my PSVita gaming need for the year 2013 is sorted. Thanks alot Sony – you guys are the best! Please as a sidenote, I am a rabid Playstation/Sony fanboy, and I desperately cant wait for the PS4, that said, I am also fearful I wont be getting the PS4 if Sony decide to go the *that company which must not be named* route. Please Sony we gamers love you and hope and pray you side with us gamers…you wont regret doing so. Thanks :)

  • Previous game had a lot of frame rate issues, if it’s fixed on the Vita I’ll definitely give it another go.

  • @Dais a bit off topic but can you report kileysmith92 in to sony for this. it’s a scam and this person ran it on 2 other posts I seen so far. (Music unlimited and Dying light)

  • wow and wow. I just got my vita and i love it! the future is now.

  • personally, i would buy this game, however, this game needs to be released on cartridge as well as on psn, i am SICK and TIRED of all this digital download crap! put games on the store shelves or the vita is gonna die a horrible death like the psp did!


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