Malicious Rebirth Coming to PS Vita

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Malicious Rebirth Coming to PS Vita

Today we have great news for everyone – the long-awaited “Malicious Rebirth,” a fast-paced action game for the PS Vita, is coming to PSN later this year.

Malicious Rebirth

You will be summoned by the prophets once again to take control of the “Spirit Vessel” in full 3D. You’ll be forced to rise to the challenge in order to bring peace back to the Kingdom; the character and stage you select is entirely up to you. You can jump right into epic boss battles in any order, but remember that bosses in later stages become much more challenging.

Malicious RebirthMalicious Rebirth

You’ll also use the Mantle of Cinders to dive, glide, defend and perform various types of attacks. In Malicious Rebirth, there are more levels, bosses and powers to acquire than in the original PS3 version, thus making the Mantle much more powerful! The key to survival lies in your timing with Aura, which you can use to heal yourself or perform powerful attacks on well-defended bosses, so you’ll want to go for chain attacks to acquire Aura quickly.

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing more information so check back frequently. In the meantime, check out our new images and leave your thoughts and questions in the comments!

Malicious Rebirth

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  • Finally! This is the version I’ve been waiting for. :)

  • Games after games are getting announced for the vita, loving all the support. E3 is going to be huge for the vita!

  • more games X) awesome!

  • The hits just keep on coming!!

    Don’t let up on the VITA support SONY!!

  • I was pleasantly surprised by Malicious when I got to play it free though PS+. Despite it being terrible it actually somehow manages to be fun to play once you get the hang of it.

    I don’t think I’d buy this despite enjoying the original, But I sure would like to see it come to Plus for free. ;)

  • OMG I Thoth that the have cancel this. So long without hearing anything.

    Cant wait I love the ps3 version and I always Thoth that was a perfect fit for vita

  • I remembered reading some where that over 200 games would be coming to Vita this year, this past week has been an insane amount of information. I better go play the PS3 version of this!

  • Please be retail. Can’t afford to keep downloading full games. Your memory cards aren’t cheap.

  • This game kicked my arse on ps3. But gonna give the Vita version a try.

  • The other one on psn is digital so I can pretty much guarantee it’ll be digital. And I believe it was 100 games coming out this year and im sure 70% of those are digital, like most of the games released this year. Im just hoping they will drop the sd card price at e3. :: fingers crossed::

  • But I cant wait! More vita games!

  • game looks fantastic…but i would love to see an update of some AMAZING PS VITA SAINTS ROW..GTA..GT..GOD OF WAR…INFAMOUS..and a REAL MOTORSTORM..not that petty mini car racing crap!..SMH

  • Awesome! Have been waiting for news on this. Day 1 purchase here.

    Off topic-
    I have been a Sony customer for years. I have bought numerous PS1’s, PS2’s, PSP’s ,PS3’s and a Vita. I have spent thousands on PlayStation games and buy about three PS3 games a month. I have invested in a three- thousand dollar LED 3D Sony Bravia TV and own multiple wireless Sony Blu-ray players. If you follow in Microsoft’s trend of restricting media and requiring online connection these will be the last Sony products I purchase. I love Sony products and games but enough is enough. Please, do the right thing here, Sony.

  • Cool to have it on vita now :) great work guys!

  • Never played Malicious but it looks sweet. Hope there will be a demo!

  • Greats news.

  • looks good. Always pumped for new PS Vita games!


    Hope you guys include a Platinum trophy :D.

  • YOU JUST MADE MY DAY SONY! Can’t wait to play this on the Vita! Have to start Malicious over on my PS3, HD crashed :(

  • GhostBoosterver1

    I’m not satisfied i, you have to do more if you want me sony

  • So no cross-buy?

  • Hope there’ll be a demo. Looks neat and I’m hungry to play more games on my Vita.

  • the ps3 version was cool..but im more excited for the vita version!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tried Malicious on Plus, and I just didn’t ‘get’ it. At all. Cool for those who like it though, rock on. :)

  • Price point?

  • Seems like the perfect fit for the system!

    Cannot wait to play it!

    • Thanks for noticing!
      In conjunction with the twin stick controls, you will also be able to use the touch screen on the PS Vita.
      Please stay tuned for more.

  • to be honest im glad this game is comming to the vita. i chose sony as my game system because as a young child my favorite games were jak and daxter. and now an HD remake for the vita, sony when im 21 i want to sign up and work for you guys you are awesome people

    • Hi C6Nl-f6N8-9Q8N,
      Thank you so much for your kind words!
      Please join the team when you are ready :)

  • i finished The Malicious on PS3 several days ago and i was left with hunger for more so this is perfect i can’t wait to take over the vassal again, Day 1

  • Picking this one up for sure. :)

  • Yay, more Vita games. Please don’t repeat last year’s mistake and forget to include Vita content during the E3 presser. You must know that the Vita owners are ravenous, demanding and never satisfied so please feature Vita content during E3.

  • What code did you just post? It’s already been consumed.

    Price on the game?

  • I’ve been a fan of the one on the PS3,seeing this coming to the West makes me very happy. Thank you :)

  • Hopefully the framerate is actually a stable 30fps.
    They couldn’t do it on PS3, but I guess we’ll see when this releases.

  • The ps3 version of this game was god awful. Terrible controls, almost non-existent story, and short play length. Why would anyone want this on the Vita?

  • I’m glad the Vita is getting more games, but I really tried to get into this particular title on the PS3 and I couldn’t find anything to keep me playing, the game has really awkward camera controls/lock-on system, some tediously long boss battles and a somewhat steep learning curve.

  • There’s no way the vita can handle the same amount of enemies as the ps3 version had…


  • Very glad to see this coming here! I loved the PS3 version, so this is a definite buy for me!

  • Awesome News :)

  • I played it for free through PS plus but it was so surprisingly awesome that I will buy this over PSN!

    • Thank you for playing the PS3 version! We hope you enjoy Malicious Rebirth also!
      Please stay tuned.

  • I love my VITA.
    Livin’ la VITA Loca!!!!

  • my vita now feels like a king lol

  • Yes another announcement for the vita, keep the support up. I have one question though, i got the malicious as ps+ free game, and i like it a lot. will this version have enough new content to warrant a purchase?

    • Yes, there are more bosses and new features that are new only available in Malicious Rebirth.
      Please stay tuned!!

  • Wow, I was totally not expecting this.

    I got Malicious for free on the PS3 due to PS Plus, and I stopped playing because I don’t have that much time to game on my house. So seeing this get localized is great!

  • Eh this game didnt really grab me on a console but maybe itll be better on handheld

  • I hope the camera on the Vita version is better. It’s really an issue I hope they fix on the PSN version too, but I’m not holding my breath. Cool game in concept, but some things bother me about it like the camera and “3 continues only” system.

  • In response to number 5 for malicious rebirth free for PS Plus members don’t get your hopes up. Haven’t played the 1st game yet but glad to see a sequel to a stellar game coming to PS Vita. These are the top- notch titles that the PS Vita needs as well as original IP’s with variety & excellent pricing on games.

  • What’s the major difference between this one and the PS3 version? I paid for the PS3 version, and didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have.

  • hopefully its only 20$ and not too big -.-

  • Platinum Trophy?

  • YES!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just like how I waited what seemed like an eternity for the Hot Shots DLC, I’ve also been waiting with as much anticipation for this game. I’ve wanted to play this game ever since I saw the very first gameplay videos show up on Youtube when it was initially released in Japan. Now it looks like I’ll finally get my wish, and then some with all of the extra content and what not (the extra content being the reason why I’ve waited to purchase the game).

    One question though… when you guys say “later this year,” do you mean not until winter or is it more along the lines of 1 or 2 months?? Because I sure hope it’s the later… everyone’s waited so long for this game and I’m not sure how much longer we can wait since we now know release is imminent as proven by this blog article. Either way I will wait because I have to… it’s just so hard knowing it’s for sure coming in the “near future.”

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