Dying Light on PS4: Techland’s Post-Apocalyptic Playground

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Dying Light on PS4: Techland’s Post-Apocalyptic Playground
Dying Light on PS4: Techland’s Post-Apocalyptic Playground

E3 is always an exciting time for the world of gaming. Never more so than this year, with the new console generation offering new opportunities and new, wonderful technology for us developers to tinker with. It’s also a special show for Techland.

We’re thrilled to give media their first hands-on demo of our biggest and most ambitious project to date, Dying Light. But there’s more! You, the gamers, are the most important people in this project, so before the show we’re giving you a glimpse into the unforgiving world of the game.

The city, devastated by a deadly outbreak, is a battleground. Witness the survivors’ desperate race to a cache of supplies. Free running from here to there is only a part of the challenge. The real test is trying to stay alive through the night, when the infected become more active and even more deadly. This is your world now, every day and every night, so run! Good night, good luck!

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  • I’m with #4 on this one…
    … Its hard for me to appreciate a game when a trailer sort of does the “false advertising” bit of releasing a CGI trailer that looks NOTHING like the in-game graphics engine… Sorry.
    Just had to say it.
    So many third-party studios have done this in the past and I honestly don’t appreciate it at all. I understand that they try to set a “tone” and give a vibe for what a game is striving for, but it’s like cheating IMHO.
    My two cents!

  • What is Cole doing in this game?

    This is like Mirrors Edge + Infamous + Zombies = This game!!!

  • That trailer looks sweet. Still we’ll know more once we get a gameplay trailer. If there is a cool focus on free-running I can see it being an original take.

  • Good trailer and catchy song, But i bet this game will be pants. Its the makers of dead island must i say more.

    Best wait for the reviews people. Oh the picture above looks very like the first debut trailer of Resident Evil 5 way back in 2005, when chris redfield is blinded by the sun.

  • H-7aiderinho10-

    looks great :)

  • CommandingTiger

    Oh, is this exclusive to PS4?
    Well, that would make competition to ZombiU.

  • Mirror’s Edge meets Dead Rising…. I’m sick of zombies

  • After two days, we all know that hides Playstation ))

  • alexsteelersfan

    Anyone else think this looks like a rip off of Infamous? I mean seriously! Just take Infamous, replace plague victims with zombies, and talks away Cole’s super powers and boom: you got yourself Dying Light. Come on, the guy even looks like Cole but with longer hair. Same yellow jacket-jumpsuit-thing. Same parcour. Oh and i forgot, he even has a club with is electrically powered.

  • alexsteelersfan

    *take* not “talks”

  • so many game reveals and no lose of steam looks like a great game the most interesting games for next gen are Driveclub infamous second son Killzone Shadow Fall. Project C.A.R.S. i’m hopeful that someone buys the old developer zipper and SOCOM makes a return to PS4.

  • @61: Zipper is dead. SOCOM can return if Sony ever wants it to, but it’d be developed by someone else.

    One of the guys who worked on SOCOM on PS2 has a kickstarter for a tactical shooter like SOCOM, so you should go check that out. Probably the best you’ll see. I think it’s PC only though, not sure.

  • Seeing the trailer I thought this was being made by splashdamage (brink). i will need a demo for techland’s next zombie game.

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  • Infamous + Last of Us + Left for dead = Dying light XD

  • Isn’t this kinda like Zombie U?
    If yes, I’m buying this day one. I played Zombie U at a friend’s house and, although heavily flawed, the concept is amazing.

  • So to top it off, a parkour zombie survivor game. neat. Honestly the whole zombie thing has been way too over hype these past couple years. Gaming needs some originality. Also, I noticed he’s kind of dressed like Cole from Infamous and has an object in his hand that’s just like Cole’s melee weapon. First thing I thought of. Honestly Headlined “Dying Light on PS4”, I thought the title was indicating something like Xbox’s 3 lights of death or whatever it’s called. Like there is a light for the PS4 to know when you’re SOL or something. Well I’d give it a try on PS4 if it came out for Plus and I had a PS4 at the time. That’s just my personal opinion. I never really been a fan of zombie games. Movies, were cool for a bit, but now there’s just way too much hype in it.

  • @kileysmith92 – Advertising scheme? Really? Really? PS blog goes to this now? Wow.

  • cmon now the reason his wrench lit up with electricity was cuz this is made by dead island creators, soooooo they were showing off the fact that they still support heavy weapon customization

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