Dying Light on PS4: Techland’s Post-Apocalyptic Playground

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Dying Light on PS4: Techland’s Post-Apocalyptic Playground
Dying Light on PS4: Techland’s Post-Apocalyptic Playground

E3 is always an exciting time for the world of gaming. Never more so than this year, with the new console generation offering new opportunities and new, wonderful technology for us developers to tinker with. It’s also a special show for Techland.

We’re thrilled to give media their first hands-on demo of our biggest and most ambitious project to date, Dying Light. But there’s more! You, the gamers, are the most important people in this project, so before the show we’re giving you a glimpse into the unforgiving world of the game.

The city, devastated by a deadly outbreak, is a battleground. Witness the survivors’ desperate race to a cache of supplies. Free running from here to there is only a part of the challenge. The real test is trying to stay alive through the night, when the infected become more active and even more deadly. This is your world now, every day and every night, so run! Good night, good luck!

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  • Keep em coming Sony! Looking forward to the gameplay reveal.

  • Is this PS exclusive?

  • Excellent job with the trailer!! It strongly conveyed the difficulty in staying alive from the zombies. And when he finally makes it to the supply cache, that bit of emotion that was shown on his face, only to be cracked in the head by a fellow living human…Good stuff!! Here’s hoping the game play matches what the trailer has imparted on us.

  • Yeah we get it, you can make pretty CG trailers.

    I suggest that in the future you just come out with some gameplay to start. Because when I read about this elsewhere they said, “from the developers of Dead Island” and I just laughed. Prove you can impress with just gameplay before you rely so heavily on CG to get attention.

  • Hope its not like Dead Island where the trailer didn’t represent anything at all from the game. I liked Dead Island a lot but it was misrepresented in a CG trailer. Still this might be awesome (BTW was that the reaper vampires from blade 2?)

  • Hmmm Mirror’s Edge meets Dead Island? Sounds pretty cool. And based on the trailer I’m assuming this is a first person game?

  • hmmm looks interesting. :3

  • I’m confused. Is that supposed to be Cole?

  • definitely will play ..

  • Is this PS3, PS4, or Vita or all the above? Are we supposed to just guess?

    And if that main character has shorter hair, he’d look remarkably like Cole

  • @ JTruF210: No, it has been confirmed as a next-gen multi-platform release, so PC, PS4 and X1. It’s not like we need any NEW zombie exclusive game… *looking at The Last of Us drooling over my keyboard*. We already have one and an awesome one btw. It’s like they say, the more the merrier. Especially if the game’s going the Dead Island route.

    What I would like to know is:

    is this game going for only co-op only (like Dead Island)? or will it be possible to see some local Co-op?
    is the trailer hinting at some kind of game invasion feature? and if not, at a customizable character too?

  • sorry… I meant online co-op only (like Dead Island).

  • You really have to take this trailer with a grain of salt. Remember the last pre-rendered trailer by Techland? That cause some huuuuge overhype.

  • If this game gets co-op, I hope it doesn’t be like Dead Island co-op. By that I mean don’t allow players to use the same characters. Give the game a decent story. Dead Island was a GREAT idea but a poorly made game. Well the running around was ok. The story was just stupid and didn’t make much sense. The lack of cut scenes was the worse thing about it as-well as the bugs. Hated the way we talk to people on the game for missions. And what was up with seeing all 4 characters in cut scenes but not when running around? Made no sense either. I know online was a solution for that but was wrong with having AI team in single player

    Hope this game gets done properly cos I’m giving your games another chance and if yas mess this one up too then I’m never looking at your games again.

  • @10 Mando44646

    Can you not read? The title says “Dying Light on PS4”. How can you even miss that? It’s only next gen platforms and PC.

  • Looks really interestng =D can’t wait for it on PS4!

  • You have my attention.

  • Holy mother of god, this game looks really intense!!

  • @10 Mando44646

    Apparently, it’s coming to PS3 & X360 also.

  • Im getting really tired of zombie games..that being said i am not looking forward to this..looks amazing though..but im alot more interested in saints row 4 and GTA 4 and 2K14 -(since it finnally has my fav player on the cover!! lol) which will come out for the PS3..therefore im not even looking forward to buying a PS4..anytime soon..smfh..what they should do is NOT REALEASE THEM FOR THE PS3..but ONLY the PS4..its not fair but its GOOD FOR BUSINESS!! because if that were the case i would SO GET A PS4 DAY ONE!! :p

  • Looks a little to InFamous :P

  • Looks like its got the style of free running like mirror’s edge … I am ok with that.

  • I agree with #4. You guys suck at impressing with actual game play.

  • It’s this and next generation game, and it said that the next gen version will be much better as the old one will have to be very scaled down.

  • And it’s for PS and Xbox

  • And PC lol

  • I need to see gameplay. Techland has been misleading with their trailers in the past.

  • I agree with #4, as well

  • Looks pretty cool to be honest and the music in the background works perfect with the trailer. I hope to hear more details soon about the game.

  • So are we making our own characters?

  • Honestly Sony is a very smart company , their not greedy like microsoft & they really know how to satisfy their customers !!! I LOVE SONY <3

  • awesome i love this game and definitely gonna get it for PS4

  • Can’t wait to play it. I’ma big fan of the Call of Juarez series so I’m hoping this will include the lovely narrative focus of Bound in Blood.

  • Looks like a poor man’s inFAMOUS.

  • CommandingTiger

    Ahh… not another Brainless Zombie Game…

  • Not into zombie stuff but this looks incredible. Trailer was exciting. Music went good with it too haha

  • Mirrors Edge + Zombies = This! SO EXCITED!

  • Great trailer, guys (and gals)
    I have not been this excited / moved from a cinematic trailer (for a horror game) since “Dead Island.”
    Now, I just hope the game can evoke the emotions a trailer can. This is definitely on my radar. Looking forward to seeing more on it in the future.

  • @10 Mando44646
    @15 anti-altair16

    The trailer state it’s coming for the PS3 and PS4. Cross generational at least. Are you certain about it coming to the 360 as well? if so, we could put Xbox One on the list, no doubt.

    Not so sure I’ll pick this up just yet. I want see how it plays first. But great trailer, no doubbt about that.

  • Mando44646 – Why can’t you guess that it’s the PS4? Look at the title. It says it’s PS4.

  • @39
    I’m sure it will be a multiplatform title (PlayStation / Xbox)
    It is by Techland (and the same group of people who did the first “Dead Island.”)
    And from the screen shots I’ve seen, it looks like “Dead Island” meets “Mirror’s Edge.”

  • @2
    It says for PC and PS4
    360. Or X1 was not mentioned in the press release. It says it will release simultaneously with the PC version, MS is mot mentioned.

    So excited for a new horror IP, I hope its true survival horror!

  • @39 and 41
    See Siliconeras press release on it, MS is not mentioned.

  • Looking forward to it!

  • Is this a PlayStation 4 exclusive?

  • I just found out that its not, oh well, Hopefully Uncharted 4 will be revealed, if its not, ill be suprised

  • Awesome! cause all America ever needs is more Apocalyptic / zombie games cause we sure don’t have enough. *eyeroll* zombie games will soon become the next fps, and also those are the most ugly male characters i ever seen , and i agree with everyone, at first i did think the guy was cole :( Game creators i know you CAN do better

  • I know this is not a PS exclusive….I’m sorry but that at 1:05 was completely ripped off from Infamous 2.Anyway the CG is cool but cant tell about the game.Also I’m glad that is coming out for PS3 as well.Hope its good.

  • Looks interesting, but if this is in fact from the developer of dead island like I heard, then I am not expecting much, nor am I expecting anything of this graphical fidelity (yes I know this was a CG trailer).

  • Can’t wait. I loved DEAD ISLAND…. espeically the level up and crafting mechanics, you guys better implement that into this game. I want more rpg mechanics like that, please!

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