Press X to Ninja: Warframe on PS4

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Press X to Ninja: Warframe on PS4

Do you like Ninjas? What if they were in space? What if you could slash enemies, blast them with guns and obliterate them with crazy exo-armor powers? Would you like to level-up, build a Space Dojo with your friends and hang out, dueling each other and trading wall-running stories? Good news! Warframe is your ticket to all of that and its coming to PlayStation 4, for free, at launch! Not only that… we’ll be showing the world Warframe on PS4 next week at E3 (gulping Tums as we speak)!

Warframe on PS4

Our team has been polishing the demo and cramming in as much as we can to ‘wow’ everyone who gets there hands on it at E3! On Friday we showed the rest of our development studio Warframe on PS4 for the first time and the reaction was unanimous – 1080p Warframe is smooth and beautiful! Like kids with new toys, playing with the PS4’s toolbox of goodies has our minds spinning with design ideas for Warframe…

Warframe on PS4

I love the DualShock 4. The triggers feel awesome and the touch pad is a sweet addition. Right now, we’re using the touch pad to activate your crazy Warframe powers on the run with a flick of your thumb or finger. Want to lunge and smash with your Rhino Warframe? Swipe your thumb up on the touch pad and you’ll charge like a battering ram into a group of helpless enemies.

Warframe on PS4

One of the cool things about Warframe is the Alerts system – throughout the day, missions of opportunity come up and players can squad-up for stellar rewards. To get these notifications when you’re away from the system, we have created an iOS and Android Companion App called the Warframe Nexus. Players can customize their alert settings to show them only the missions and rewards they’re interested in, and while it’s very useful, it’s only the beginning for the Nexus.

Well, I’m off to play the latest build and get my Ninja on (the start screen on our demo literally says “Press X to Ninja”). I hope you check out our new trailer and stay tuned for more details throughout the summer on Warframe!

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  • Press X to Jason, and now Press X to Ninja?? HMMM, INTERESTING STUFF YOU HAVE HERE!! =)

    Haha, nah but this looks really awesome though

  • All sony fans will love this game…. because its for us and Pc and Ps players…. plus Xbox won’t get this game cuz it’s free for everybody and all they want it’s money

  • Oh wow…those were some badass ninjas,great trailer…ninjas and space…I dont think that was done before….you just got my attention…I really wanna see some gameplay…I’m an extremely huge fan of Ninjas…but this is a MMO right?…to be free to play must be a MMO…damn that is so sad…that just lower my excitment to 10%…also these graphics aren’t PS4 graphics(unless this game is multiplatform)just saying I’m not a graphics whor*.

  • Not tryin to steal the spotlight from warframe, but this tidal wave needs to keep on goin. Bring other pc games like Blade & Soul, Marvel Heroes and Dungeon defenders 2. Smite and league of legends would be nice :)

  • @Welmosca

    Its not really a mmo, since you have a team of 4 and you don’t see randoms walking around. Its more like Mass effect 3 multiplayer.

  • Looks really stinkin’ cool! Although I’m just a little concerned by the Free to play whole thing. I would really like explaining on how the free to play model works. Does the game have a single-player campaign or is it based around missions? I myself would prefer a story based campaign.

  • Hype!

  • This is going to be great. I’m proud to be part of Sony’s family. I had PS1, PS2 and I have a PS3. Can’t wait to put my hands on PS4. Next gen is going to be awesome!!! Let the games come!!!

  • I hope it supports cross-platform play.

    And for the non-fanboy PC users who would like to have account sharing/transfer, I hope that’s there too. (I’ve never played it on PC, so wouldn’t matter but the feature is great and should be there… was mad when Free Realms didn’t have it)

  • This is why i’m all in for ps4 Games is what going to win this new gen coming up and microsuck is going whit tv if i want to watch tv i use my cable wish i dont use cu I CAN WATCH EVERYTHING FOR FREE ON THE INTERNET

  • I’m pressing X to Ninja already. One question though, can we expect every feature included on the pc version after all it’s updates at launch?

    There were several new classes, maps, modes, etc. Is all that going to be available on day 1?

  • Since Yesterday when I read about Warframe on IGN, I went to your website to download the PC Version because I was curious about what the game would be like. I’m playing it with a Logitech F310 controller that closely resembles the form factor of a PlayStation Controller. After playing quite a few rounds, I can honestly say that this game rocks. The AI is smart and enemies come at you in droves. Graphically, the game is quite fluid and ran at a nice, never laggy and consistent framerate on my laptop. Even though the game is in open beta, I already felt like I was playing a polished console title. For those of you reading this and thinking about getting a PS4, trust me, Warframe is going to be huge. Its a free to play title that feels nothing like a free to play game. The optional purchasing never intrudes on the game play, nor does advertising feel forced upon the player. Overall, its a very natural gaming experience that is challenging, fun and fast paced. Combine this with huge levels and a solo campaign that is just fun as its multiplayer counterpart and you have a free to play game that could easily stand as its own $60 title. The fact that we are getting this on the PS4 is icing on the cake.

  • I watched a few videos of this game being played and was very interested in it. Glad to see it coming, and at launch no less. Fantastic!

  • I’ll give this a try for sure :)

  • will this have a remote play feature? cant wait for the PS4

  • There is NOT a genre of “new-gen” gaming I hate more than MMO stuff that involves shooting. But GOD DAMMIT if this thing doesn’t sound AMAZING.

  • Played this on PC, it’s a lot like Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, controls feel similar and gameplay is fluid. Nice to see PS4 will have it for free as well.

  • I was completely sucked into that trailer. Cannot wait to see more.

  • @ 55 SHINSPIKES – Thanks for the heads up….that feels better.

  • I have a question. I was a big fan of the original Dark Sector trailer. The one in space with these characters. My question is will any of the support characters or storyline be referenced or used in this game? Also is this the game that the original dark sector was supposed to be?

  • DEATH to the FREE TO PLAY business model!

  • This is great news! I’ve played the game on the PC, and every time I play it I always think to myself that Warframe would play so much better on a console

  • TheBlackFerrari

    It looks sexy, I just thought those soldiers looked a little weird other than that i think its a great and original idea and i just hope that we will be able to play co-op or something in the game because it looks like it would be a great game to play a 4 player campaign co-op game!! :)

  • will you need playstaion plus to get it

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