The Last of Us Multiplayer Revealed

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The Last of Us Multiplayer Revealed
The Last of Us Multiplayer Revealed

Over the past few days we invited media to play our The Last of Us multiplayer mode called Factions. Most of these impressions are available online now but you’ll be seeing more as our review embargo on the game ends very soon. The multiplayer is an extension of the themes you’ll find in the single player game. The moment-to-moment survival present in the single-player campaign is integral to the multiplayer. You’ll feel tension and need to be intensely alert at all times. We want to show you a glimpse of what the gameplay looks like.

In Factions you’ll have to pick a side and roll with the Hunters or the Fireflies. Each player starts with a small clan of survivors that you need to keep alive and grow. There are two modes in which you can accomplish the growth and survival of your Clan. In Supply Raid, you’ll have to scavenge the area and keep your team alive. Your team has a pool of twenty reinforcements. Once the reinforcements have been exhausted, the match will go into sudden death. In Survivors, you’re going to have to be extremely vigilant. There are no respawns. Once you’re gone you’ve been eliminated until the next round. It’s a best of seven rounds in which the first team to win four rounds wins the match.

molotov throw TLOU mpFirefly pins Marauder TLOU MP

The core gameplay is very tactical, featuring the same crafting system found in the single player experience. Stealthy players can do well by using Listen Mode to locate enemies and flank them with silenced weapons. Teamwork is essential – fallen teammates can crawl to their allies and be revived, so players who stick together will excel. Melee combat is a brutal affair, and after downing a player you have the choice of performing an execution move. There are many more layers to explore, from the robust loadout system to the in-game economy. We can’t wait to see you online!

Pre-Order The Last of Us to receive some cool multiplayer items via the Survival DLC Pack. Pairing with the initial game offerings if you buy the Season Pass you’ll be entitled to receive even more multiplayer content when we release newly created DLC we’re planning for the game.

The Last of Us is available globally June 14, 2013.

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  • Is there splitscreen in the game? PLEASE ANSWER!

  • This game will DEFINITELY be a wait one year to buy, and i hope i dont HAVE to play the multiplayer to get a platinum.

  • is there an online pass?

  • HyperModexMonsta

    Interesting, I can’t wait for this. I haven’t played the Uncharted MP before, is it good? I got feeling that once i get this wonderful master piece, I will be so addicted that I don’t want to leave my room^^ Even though I’m disappointed that the infected are not in the MP, that will stop me from playing this game and the MP. BTW, the demo is incredible (hard difficulty is interesting to play)

  • HyperModexMonsta

    I mean to say “that will NOT stop me from playing this game and the MP.” Sorry for the error and DP

  • i want to start by saying that ND is my favorite developer but wow i thought this multiplayer was “the best ever”….and you dont even put infected in the multiplayer??? wtf guys….im still getting this game but i’m really disappointed….having the infected in the multiplayer would really amp up the survival factor that this game revolves around

  • People never play multyplayer. there is not one game i have where i log in ans search for a game only to get a no players available icon. anyways the single player game itself looks amazinggg and il def be getting.

  • It would be really great if the infected could eventually make an appearance in multipayer.

  • Aloso, i just noticed this game got a 10/10 from IGN…. Wow thats amazing nighty dog. day one buy.

  • …like in a co-op mode. A co-op, or horde mode would be sweet.

  • I just watched Colin’s IGN video review. I gasped at how beautiful the game looks. I always do that for Naughty Dog games, lol.

    I luckily have never suffered from depression but I get the idea that this will change starting sometime after midnight June 14th? I hope that downloading and playing tech works because I intend to stay up all night playing.

  • Dear Naughty Dog
    Could you please add the gamespot staff as enemy npc models as a DLC for me to practice your sweet melee combat on .
    Thanks in advance

  • so will their be no infection v humans in this or will it be a dlc to the game this game needs a mode like that

  • I’m a bit disappointed. Initially, I had hoped multiplayer would be strictly co-op, both online and offline. No PvP.

    Eventually I warmed up to the thought of a PvP multiplayer, assuming it was going to be barebones. It’s an end of the world ordeal, supplies are limited, scavenging is a must. Everyone starts on equal footing with the same weapon, no killstreak(medal kickback) or perk(booster) system. Weapons and items are randomly spawned across the maps.

    Back when there wasn’t much known about the game, I conjured up some rough ideas for multiplayer modes.

    A King of the Hill mode. During a skirmish for supplies, the infected are spotted nearby. Both teams must fight over a secure location as the infected rush the scene and eventually overwhelm the losing team.

    A CTF/Plunder variant where teams fight over vital supplies.

    A FFA variant similar to Resistance: Fall of Man’s Conversion mode. 1 life as human, then respawn as the infected. Victor is deemed Master Mushroom.

    Personally, I’m not too bothered about only 2 modes existing. Quality over quantity, as they say. (continued)

  • I suppose it’s to be expected that boosters would be in the game, but I’m still disappointed about it.

    Loadouts feel out of place based on the game’s universe. Sure, there’s the argument that if it’s the end of the world, you’d try to make sure you were well-supplied and would have a reliable loadout for combatting any opposing forces, but for the sake of balance, barebones is my preference.

    Wallhacking (listen mode) is a very big turn off. :| That coupled with the inclusion of loadouts and boosters really puts me off. It’s a shame, because the rest of the multiplayer looks like it could be pretty fun.

    I think I’ll wait to buy this, since it seems I’ll be primarily playing it for the story. I have other games in my backlog to complete. At least the story does look like it’ll be great. :)

  • Ok so I gave up….I waited 72 hrs. to refill my SEN wallet and it is still not working. I’m afraid Sony doesn’t want my money to pre-order this game. And NO don’t tell me to use another CC or PSN card because I want to use the same PS card I’ve ALWAYS used which rewards me Sony pts. for every PSN purchase! Sorry guys but I’m a bit frustated at the moment!!! ='(

  • DeezNutzzNBoltzz

    I know Infected are not in the MP but could you please figure out a way to incorporate them into the game. A dlc co-op, Infected patrolling the maps in a new game mode. The Infected are one of the main aspects of the game that is drawing people and if you add them in the future then you guys could draw an even bigger crowd to your game, unless there is a surprise then I shall be waiting. It’s what everybody is asking for so I just ask that ND delivers.

  • Hope there’s a hoard mode. Even if it’s added later.

    I think that would be fun. I like primarily co-op modes. Not so much competitive.

  • Looking amazing I love the trailer this game hopefully will let me put down black ops 2. I am so sick of that game Hopefully the single player is short but sweet so we cant get into the amazing multiplayer at least that’s what I see from this video.

  • no infecteds in multiplayer?i think you have to put some mode to survive together with friends against bandits and/or infected(AI in this case) and explore to find suplies to my clan to make the description of the days count….this is my doubt:
    so why is this “survive 12 weeks”?i’ll just play a match and won suplies to my “clan”?but in fact is not a clan for example
    one of days says hostage taken…will i really rescue someone?will i kill bandits or infected(AI) to save someone?or just play a commom match?

  • this needs infected in the multiplayer….like i said…just adds to the survival….they gave every1 the wrong impression about how survival will work in MP…i was expecting to have to deal with other players while looking for supplies and infected as well…killing each other is just too easy…but if i had to constantly watch my back for the infected too…it would be crazy suspenseful…like a survival horror game should be

  • Eric Monacelli Answer meh pweez! The last of us will only have 2 multiplayer modes? and we are only able to play 4 v 4 match? i hope theres a tdm or other games mode that is a 5v5 so we can play mp with our friends. Or possible DLC for more Mp content. that would include more mods. Woudnt hurt

  • nice!

    but i’ll play the game on december

    too many backlogs :(

  • @ 54 HyperModexMonsta – You missed a fantastic experience UC2 MP is the best ever created…in the other hand UC3 is one of the worst lol.

    ND please make a co-op survival mode like in UC2 with waves of enemies but of course instead of normal enemies lots of infected with stealth gameplay included.Also a really nice thing would be a co-op adventure like in UC2.

  • Finally a game that made me get over ‘Uncharted 2’. That said, it had to came from the same guys ‘Naughty Dog’. Here is an unbiased review of the ‘The last of us’ –

  • Stoked for this.

    Been waiting since the first video game out.


  • Only one more day!!

  • you can create your character or just customize it ?

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