The Last of Us Multiplayer Revealed

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The Last of Us Multiplayer Revealed
The Last of Us Multiplayer Revealed

Over the past few days we invited media to play our The Last of Us multiplayer mode called Factions. Most of these impressions are available online now but you’ll be seeing more as our review embargo on the game ends very soon. The multiplayer is an extension of the themes you’ll find in the single player game. The moment-to-moment survival present in the single-player campaign is integral to the multiplayer. You’ll feel tension and need to be intensely alert at all times. We want to show you a glimpse of what the gameplay looks like.

In Factions you’ll have to pick a side and roll with the Hunters or the Fireflies. Each player starts with a small clan of survivors that you need to keep alive and grow. There are two modes in which you can accomplish the growth and survival of your Clan. In Supply Raid, you’ll have to scavenge the area and keep your team alive. Your team has a pool of twenty reinforcements. Once the reinforcements have been exhausted, the match will go into sudden death. In Survivors, you’re going to have to be extremely vigilant. There are no respawns. Once you’re gone you’ve been eliminated until the next round. It’s a best of seven rounds in which the first team to win four rounds wins the match.

molotov throw TLOU mpFirefly pins Marauder TLOU MP

The core gameplay is very tactical, featuring the same crafting system found in the single player experience. Stealthy players can do well by using Listen Mode to locate enemies and flank them with silenced weapons. Teamwork is essential – fallen teammates can crawl to their allies and be revived, so players who stick together will excel. Melee combat is a brutal affair, and after downing a player you have the choice of performing an execution move. There are many more layers to explore, from the robust loadout system to the in-game economy. We can’t wait to see you online!

Pre-Order The Last of Us to receive some cool multiplayer items via the Survival DLC Pack. Pairing with the initial game offerings if you buy the Season Pass you’ll be entitled to receive even more multiplayer content when we release newly created DLC we’re planning for the game.

The Last of Us is available globally June 14, 2013.

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  • Wait so at launch there’s only 2 modes? PLEASE ANSWER THIS: What is the file size of the last of us on PSN? Have yet to preorder because I want to know whether to go digital or buy it on disc.

    • The file size is roughly 26GB for the digital version of the game.

      Yes, two modes and the multiplayer game has another aspect to it that we’re excited to see people’s reactions to.

  • SocialClimber_85

    Okay why would you add multiplayer when the tone of the game is clearly not one that requires it.
    This is a gimmick to get people to buy the game and you don’t really need it. I can already hear the same complaints that came with the release of Tomb Raider multiplayer. It just looks so generic and not special which to me doesn’t really match the work you all did on the development of the main game. Plus trophies for a tacked on non co-op multiplayer mode are frustrating because I feel like I have to play the multiplayer modes.

  • @SocialClimber_85 Looks awesome to me,I can’t wait for next week!

  • @3 It looks pretty awesome to me, it can’t be anywhere near as terrible as Tomb Raider’s was, not to mention this is made by the people who made Uncharted 2, which had one of the funnest multiplayer I’ve ever played. Multiplayer isn’t a bad thing, more people want to buy a game if its multiplayer is good because there’s a higher chance of them to keep playing it, where as A LOT of gamers play a games story maybe once or twice and then sell it back and don’t care about it anymore.

  • But can we customize our character and give him/her funny hats? I want to wear Drake’s desert scarf or his ring on my survivor.

  • What’s this other “aspect” in the multiplayer that you mentioned? Another mode or something?

  • Are the “Infected” in multiplayer ?

  • OMG… that teaser was great. If what I read yesterday about certain MP matches lasting weeks / months, I’m even more giddy. I love the idea of a “slow burn” multiplayer. It would be like playing a game of chess with a pen pal.

    I have a feeling Sony is going to have you guys show off MP at their E3 presser on June 10th :P

  • How many Maps total ?

    Do all the maps support each game mode ? or are the maps designed for each game mode ?

    How Big are the maps ?

    Disappointed that the “Infected” are NOT in multiplayer, was hoping for Asymmetrical game play between “Infected” vs “Humans”

  • Wow, guys I don’t want to sound stupid or repetitive, but I fell in love really bad with TLOU.
    Now the multiplayer looks like a pararel game,what better than that??

    Just thank you Sony and Naught Dog, guys you did a great job, I already pre ordered this, and you make me feel like I did the best thing in my life, and it is!!


  • Looking great 1st day buy and if the mp is anything like Dayz im hooked . Only thing im not looking forward to was an article on ign that said snipers could restock their own ammo …… really ND !!! Dont make camping easy for the bambis please i beg you , almost every game is ruined by noobs camping and contributing nothing to the team ,now they dont even need to move from their bush to get ammo.

  • Hoou I’m impressed…its been some years since I last got this excited with a MP since I really hate stupid online on games and I’m the 1st to go against it,great trailer….but couldn’t expect less from the same ND dev team of UC2…UC2 has the best MP I’ve ever seen and played so I was expecting something good….anyway what really matters is the SP and MP its never needed but if the MP is great then its worth to get addicted with.

    PS:That demo…top notch all over it…I just fell in love with it…it was good to watch it but play that baby OMG is priceless I can’t help but play everyday.Thank you so much ND…you make the difference.TLoU has potential to be the best game ever created.

  • Also wondering will there be a web based lobby/stat track community page for TLOU ,like Rockstars social club or BF3 battlelog .

  • Wow no hoard mode for MP? This would have been the perfect game to have a hoard mode.

    And how come there wasn’t a beta for the MP? Does it mean you guys feel like the MP is good enough without a beta or do you feel like the MP is just tact on which is why there wasn’t a beta?

  • Naughty Dog, need we ever have doubted you? I don’t think anyone that really knows you ever could. Its common knowledge that with Naughty Dog attached to any games name, its gonna be pretty dang sweet!

    Now, at the end of the trailer, it says “Only On PlayStation” (of course) but, unless my computer is about to explode, I couldn’t help but notice at the end, my computer screen in red said “Temp” in red Atari-like letters. Are you hinting at an upconverted version of “The Last of Us” that you’ll announce at E3 for the PlayStation 4? Why else would it say “Temp” as in temporarily. Its not going to any competitors platform. So what gives? Cross-Play with the Vita and PS3 through a free PSN store App? One player on the Vita, and another on the TV?

    What does TEMP mean? MY PC still hasn’t flashed it again, but I’m willing to bet if I play that back, it’ll say TEMP again. That’s not normal and I would usually say looks tacky on a screen like that. What are you all up to?

  • Even though that Infected are not in the multiplayer, I’m excited through the roof for the game even more. You can really feel the isolation, desperation for reasons and canniness to outsmart your enemies is very well present here. Naughty Dog, thanks once again, for… being you.

  • @3 stop being a downer. first of all, naughty dog wasnt required to put it in. but they did to have more playability for the game and appeal to more people. i for one like multiplayer being an option in games. will that increase sells and make gamers happy? yes. is that a bad thing? no. and why are you assuming most people are not going to like it. will some people complain, of course. but please tell me one game that everyone likes and no body complains about. you can’t. finally, you dont have to play it. im sick of people complaining about having to get multiplayer trophies because they dont want to play it. i understand if the server is dead and multiplayer is no longer an option so you can’t get the trophies. but your argument makes it seem like you are too intimidated to even play it. if you’re worried about getting you a$s kicked online, then just stick with single player and platinum some other game. you havent even played it and you’re talking crap like its terrible? makes you seem pretty petty.

  • SocialClimber_85

    Well I guess I shouldn’t judge it before I play it.
    I hope that it blows my low expectations out of the water. It’s just been a lot of let downs with multiplayer lately in AAA Titles. I hated the MP in AC3 too. But I too loved the MP in Uncharted 2 I hate being someone that complains
    so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

  • thank you naughty dog for making a game that is appealing to more than just one type of gamer. this multiplayer looks awesome. i loved uncharted 3’s multiplayer and im excited to see what new stuff you guys put into this game. and it makes sense to have a deathmatch with the theme of the game. if the world was coming to an end im sure we would see something very close to this going. groups of people or clans trying to control certain areas for a surviving advantage or supplies. makes sense to me.

  • Yes. It did it again. What’s up with the Temp???

    Come to think about it, how awesome would it be for your Vita to be your backpack? Where you just look down and all of the mixing options are on a touch screen or your smartphone where you can just select everything without opening up an actual menu. So far as I know, that’s a totally unique mode. Could make an advantage to having a Vita. Easy of use during a moment of intense action to be able to on the fly do that on a touch screen. Although you still don’t have L2 or R2 on the Vita which still poses a problem for Remote Play games on the PS4…

    Oh well. I’m psyched! I’m infuriated however that Sony Computer Entertainment America manufactured so little pf the Pandemic Edition’s of this game. Every Gamestop around here said they only got TWO for Pre-Order. Could ya’ll hook me up with one? Amy Hennig said with Uncharted 2 that she got a couple games to just give away. Please!?!

  • @19 and if you are disappointed that sucks for sure, and i do see your point to where alot of games are just adding it as a gimmick. sometimes multiplayer is just sort of thrown into the game and isnt done properly at all. i want you to enjoy every aspect of the game, and im sure naughty dog does too. just dont expect to hate it, try it first.

  • @ 3 SocialClimber_85 – OMG what a fantastic comment…this may be the best comment I’ve ever seen.

  • Are you gonna share more info about the MP or is this it? You guys barely went into detail about the weapons, currency etc. :(

    And how about another contest before the game comes out?

  • Review embargo… Uh-oh!

    Lately review embargoes have only been used to muffle bad reviews in order to secure pre-orders/day one sales.
    This made me wary.

    I want the game, but as stated, the embargo makes me clutch my wallet tightly.

  • @Neo
    yeah man i was wondering about the temp but i figure it some vita app , if its coming out on ps4 and they are not telling us ill be cursing them all the way to the store where ill be buying it for ps4 as well :)

  • @21 dude i would get killed so fast if the vita was the backpack…. haha that would be awesome but i think having to put down the dualshock to pick up my vita would become a problem. even the touch screen probably wouldnt be as easy to use as this quick access menu looks.

  • Naughty dog is a amazing studio I can’t wait to play the game :-) and From what I’ve seen of the single player and multiplayer it looks great

  • Took them guys 50 years to pull out a smoke grenade or a shotgun. For multiplayer, that just screams come kill me. No thanks.

  • fresherthanyou94

    Uh… Ok, are you guys hiding something that you haven’t told us about the multiplayer yet? I mean obviously we don’t know everything, but is there anything BIG we don’t know that might change our opinion on it? I mean yeah, it looks great imo, but it doesn’t look like anything too special. I was really hoping for something like infected on the map or even an open world sort of multiplayer about surviving (the latter being a huge stretch, I know, but damn that would have been awesome… The former being more along the lines of what I expected, but we didn’t even get that). Is there something that REALLY makes TLOU’s multiplayer stand out? I mean, I’m still buying this game for singleplayer, but I will play the Multiplayer eventually after the story.

  • Why does it say TEMP at the end of the video?

  • Can you justify as to why the Infected are not included in multiplayer? After all, they are a big influence for this games development.

  • @Eric
    plz more PSN AVATARS ^ ^

  • Please add infected into the mix!

  • Who else here has the Post-Pandemic Edition pre-ordered? So f’ing pumped!

  • The people knocking the multi-player clearly haven’t played Uncharted’s multi-player because that one rocked!

  • co-op co-op co-op co-op!!! :D will there be co-op?

  • Oh yeah.. the trophies. Do they have any multiplayer trophies? I hope not. Hope it gets nothing like what Tomb Raider had. Multiplayer isn’t my thing but wont even bother trying for the platinum if I don’t like the online

  • 26 GB? And when does this game come out? No way I’m getting the digital version. But I’ll get the disc version as this game has had so much hype.

    I would have even more hype if there wasn’t a NY Mets logo posting this. Just kidding. :D

  • Ok I’m not looking to play MP in this game, but after seeing that OMG!!! Awesome!!!

  • How can people say this looks generic? I’m surprised by how unique it looks. I’m looking forward to playing it!

  • This game has done something I have never experienced before, I am excited for a multiplayer mode. Even with Uncharted I was skeptical, but with this they are really taking the themes of the game and carrying it over to something that looks refreshing. Obviously I am going to dive into the single player campaign first but I am excited to give this a try.

    This game is going to be a masterpiece.

  • Is there only going to be “competitive mode’? I will be very disappointed if there is no “coop mode.” It seems Naughty Dog is only thinking of the “competitive mode” players and not those of us who enjoy “coop.” Please have some “coop modes” available for us. We spend a great deal of money on upgrades etc. too.

  • I loved Uncharted 2 multiplayer. UC3 felt more Call of Duty’d up to me. This looks very interesting. I enjoy slower paced action for 3rd person cover shooting action. You have my interest piqued!

  • @25
    Almost every big game has a review embargo. Every big game. Basically ND gives reviewers the copies but they want to make sure they’ve had plenty of time to play it before they put the review out. Otherwise you’d have the critics nobody has heard of posting it the day they get the game just to be the first. Plus, if you get reviews a week before the game is out that’s called confidence.
    Anyways, MP looks awesome! I put about 8 hours into U3 and U2 multiplayer and I enjoyed myself. This looks a lot more tactical than those. I don’t see how it will work if you have a whole bunch of people trying to run and gun like CoD. Will be interesting to see.

  • What a huge missed opportunity. Why not have a co-op mode where you and one or more friends have to make it through an area full of infected people? Generic deathmatch modes with only slight twists really don’t interest me.

    I was disappointed with the single player demo, and now I’m disappointed by this multiplayer news. Thanks for being upfront so I can go cancel my pre-order.

  • I dont get why it took you so long to reveal that multiplayer mode… and this post is nothing more than what all other sites have already revealed. I thought that the waiting for the reveal was due to a BIG thing about it and you are coming here with a post half long of what we already saw, I dont know that is just weird.

    Dont get me wrong, Im getting the game on day 1 and the multiplayer looks good but that was a weird marketing strategy I guess.

  • @19 you should ALWAYS try something before you judge….that goes for everything not just games.

  • xFuzylilManPeach

    I’ve been interested what the MP would be exactly, i’ve been trying to not to watch or read any media of the game before it drops, but i figured this was alright. But to be honest, id be just as happy if the game didn’t have the multiplayer modes, but since it does i guess ill be playing it with quite a few of my friends.

  • Is there splitscreen in the multiplayer? PLEASE ANSWER!!

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