The Last of Us Demo Now Available in God of War: Ascension

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The Last of Us Demo Now Available in God of War: Ascension

The Last of Us on PS3

If you were wise enough to purchase a copy of God of War: Ascension, you can now pop that disc into your PS3 and download the demo for The Last of Us. Instructions for installation came with a voucher code inside the Ascension case, so find that flyer and get to downloading! If you’re having trouble finding the flyer, just insert your God of War: Ascension disc into your PS3, select “The Last of Us™ Early Access” on the main menu, and you’ll be taken to the PlayStation Store to download the demo. Once downloaded, simply find it on your XMB and install it to start playing.

The demo features the Outskirts level of The Last of Us, in which Joel and Ellie, along with Tess, will encounter multiple Infected enemies. Runners and Clickers have distinct behaviors and methods of attacking you. You’re going to need to explore the environment and scavenge your surroundings for items and objects that might give you the kind of offensive or defensive advantage that suits your play style.

The Last of Us on PS3The Last of Us on PS3

If you’re already sold, this demo should sate your hunger for the full game until it launches (just over two weeks from now!). If you haven’t read or seen much about The Last of Us, hopefully this demo will pique your curiosity to pre-order The Last of Us today. The Last of Us will be available June 14th, 2013.

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  • I know i dont get why this freeloaders think they should some how be getting this demo you lucky you can even get the demo and for god sake they should have alist have giving psn plus players a 1 day head star so we dont have to deal whit all this freeloaders hitting the download puton a million times

  • NaughtyDog:
    @Naughty_Dog: Once the PS Store goes online the #TheLastofUs demo will be available to owners of God of War: Ascension today:

  • got to the download old psn screen but still getting error.

  • @RXL209 – I’d rather deal with these errors every day that buy an Xbox One. And most of my games this gen are on 360.

  • #46, how so? Am I showing that I’m not mature because I have patience? Or is it because I’m not complaining about something that isn’t a big deal? The demo will be up regardless and I’ll be able to play it soon enough before the game launches at my gamestop. I have 100s of PS3 games I can play until the demo is up. Just relax…its not the end of the world.

  • why don’t ps plus members get this demo so dumb

  • FREELOADERS?! ITS A FREE DEMO? You’re crazy!

  • This is why I prefer xbox! you dont have to deal with needless game installs, over 500mb update game data, and they actually have an online infrastructure that WORKS!

  • #51…I wasn’t aware that I got GoWA for free. Could have fooled me. Well…I’m already downloading the demo, have a good one people.

  • Biggest. Troll. Post. EVER!

    Stay classy Sony.

    I think this will discourage me from buying this on PSN. If this happens for a DEMO, imagine what will happen when the actual game releases.

  • #57 then stick to Xbox. Nobody is clamoring for your money. Easy as that.

  • It’s downloading!!! FInally!!!! Playing it right now!!

  • How do I change my avatar?

  • i got it to work, when ypou hit download a blank page with a close button underneath will pop up, i waited for about 5 minutes and the downlaod tab appeared

  • I’m am so disappointed again!! I usually don’t say much.. But today is a big fail for you guys. I can’t defend on this one. Just fix the problem already and let us know something!!! I hope the ps4 launch doesn’t go the same way!!!

  • all this for 132 MB … ?

  • I was able to get the initial download and now the full demo is downloading

    Have some patience people!

  • This game is literally the only reason I bought a ps3, or id NEVER mess with a system so messy

  • Yea it is a free demo now cuz they made it so so this freeloeaders can get to play it what i mean is this

    this demo should have being a psn plus exclusive for thos of us who pay not this freeloaders who think they should get everything for free if it was not for them we psn plus players will have being [aying this game oready not being here going troo the 1 million freeloaders quoe

  • God I pray the Ps4 isnt a fail like the PS3. Cuz the xbox one looks like the biggest piece of trash ive ever seen.

  • the 132mb is the initial size, when you open the game it starts to download everything else, takes about 5 mins

  • Its only 132 MB. There shouldnt be this much difficulty. And, as usual, no one from Sony is saying anything

  • WTF is THIS!?!? Some how I actually managed to download the 132MB demo file. I installed it and launched it…..but now I’m faced with ANOTHER screen with a timer countdown and a progress bar. What is it doing? Downloading more files? Unpacking from the Ascension Blu-ray?

    Sony, if it was your desire to sour gamers’ first impressions with this game, then mission complete.

  • #66 finally someone smart enough to understand its not a big deal. You at least show me that gamers aren’t a bunch of whinny children, thank you. Hope you enjoy the demo.

  • GOTY No place to doubts

  • #68…holy crap. You should definitely stop playing games and learn how to make sense.

  • GOTY 2013! No place to doubts.

  • I thought you were leaving happydude. Go play the demo like you said you were going to be doing. A 132 MB file should’ve been done by now.

  • Idk bout these other guys, but if I’m PAYING for a subscription services, sorry my opinion means more than you who don’t. And smh @ these sony ponies trying to act like this is ok. Like were just supposed to go, “Oh no harm no foul, you dont have to put the demo up when you say, whenevers fine.” you guys are idiots.

  • …and why is atlas hammer got locked to be purchased at ps store but its not at the psn store i was leveling it up to lvl 3 >__<

  • Error Code #80029780 – This means Sony has messed up again while leading you to believe everything is fine because they will not admit a problem and would much rather fix it behind the scenes without saying anything.

  • its 130mb then a 20-30 min download in game

  • is 132mb total o ready have it install and all i’m saying is this free or not it will have not had being if it was not for them looking to get people to buy god of war for what i can see and all i’m saying is this PSN plus players Should have got a 24 hour early head star so we don’t have to deal whit the freeloaders thes all and if you get mad freeloaders went i call you a freeloader then pay for psn plus and freaking support your gaming company something you dont know how to do wish is what make you a freeloader

  • #77, who said I was going to play it now? I have better things to do. I just wanted to have it downloaded. Also to reply to your question, I came back to continue to read all the whinny people’s complaints.

    #78, go away you troll. You make Sony look bad. Nobody complaint years ago when plus wasn’t even out yet. People like you need to grow up. I’m also assuming that you forgot to read the line where I said that I am a PS+ member and just had my subscription end. I’d rather spend the next 400 bucks on my books than for a online sub that isn’t mandatory. If you don’t like how sony does business you have other companies that you can pesture…because that is what you are, a pest. Grow up…its only a demo to a game that wont come out until the 14th of June. Now I really don’t have anything to say to you and any other whinners on here. Get a life guy.

  • #82…lmao…I hope you’re are just kidding on that grammar. God its awful.

    Happy gaming to all the people that aren’t complete fools.

  • Playstation is definitely having it’s problems this morning. took a half in hour to sign me in to my account and right after I send a email nevertheless. Honestly, the delay of the game alone has us waiting even longer than we should. Now only GoW fans can get the demo early? I don’t like that. At least give it to plus members as a exclusive as well. The only Exclusives seem to be GoW. Bull… Well I waited an extra month for this game alone. Not getting to the demo isn’t going to kill me.

  • Meant 83 =p

  • dont you freelooaders know what freaking good internet means i means not dls i mean real internet for god sake you guys want eve3rything free and cheap is not hard to pay for some nices internet serves if you stop being so cheap trust me internet is not allot i have a 60mbps Fios serves all for only 120$ a month get to it

  • I love how this guys keeps sayin his broke ass couldn’t afford plus for a month or year but he had enough for a $400 book you’ll use for one semester and be done with. Way to make that dollar stretch guy.

  • @happydude633 – Don’t be rude especially if you mess up on your grammar too. That’s not right.

  • You have better things to do and yet, you’re on here bashing people tell them to get a life? Your logic is so misplaced, it’s quite laughable. Go outside bro.

  • FINALLY DOWNLOADING! Good bye friends and peons! its been real! ………

    A real pain!

  • I finally GOT THROUGH! I enter the PSN store after entering my ethernet cord instead of the wi-fi, selected “view downloads” and was able to get it!

    anyone else having problems, just keep trying to re-enter the store and if you have an Ethernet cable cord, try plugging that in the back of you’re ps3 instead of using wi-fi.

    good luck!

    now i must play The Last of Us demo! INSTALLED! YAY!!!

  • @ATES – for 130mb it takes me less than 5 minutes.

  • @Galibis please be quiet you are the one being entitled thinking that being a plus member should give you everything first and people paid 60$ for GOW:A more than a plus subscription please just be quiet you make no sense. Anyway back to starring at the download

    p.s a plus member and GOW fan

  • Why has nooone gave impressions of the game yet? Some have been in at least 20 mins. Is the game good?!

  • @ LSMJGO Yeah, I have no idea why he thought he was entitled to it first.

  • 400$ for a mac and cant pay for psn plus yea ok FREELOADER ALL THE WAY is all i see whit you happydude You a freeloader learn to love it dont know why you so mad whit me bud all i say was PSN PLUS PLAYERS YES THOS OF US WHO CARE AND PAY FOR THIS SERVES so it can get better is call SUPPORT your GAMING Company dont know if you know what it means but we PSN PLUS PLAYERS should have got a 24hour head start over you freeloaders thes all so we dont have to deal whit the bs the was THIS we pay we should get VIP serves went it comes to anything DEMO WISE

  • Works now.. patience people. Instead of trying over and over again, if you got the error you should of researched that it was a common error that was being worked on. You guys have no faith, mistakes happen, nobody’s perfect no matter how well planned out it was.

  • lsmjgo yea you know why i think so cuz I PAY FOR IT YEA I SAY IT I PAY FOR IT if it comes to me a pay costumer and a freeloader who should get it first i mean the demo yes i think it should be thos of us who freaking pay bro i know you looking for cool kid points whit this freeloaders so i will let you pass for now

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