PlayStation Plus Update: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Free For Members

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PlayStation Plus Update: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Free For Members

Hey PlayStation Plus fans, the first thing you might notice this week is the notable lack of Morgan in this post. Not to worry, he’s taking a quick break as we ramp up to E3, and I’ll be trying to fill his shoes in the meantime. With that sorted, on to the content!

We have two Timed Themes this week that Plus members will want to check out. Vita fans need to also be sure to pick up BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend for free. Beyond that PlayStation Plus members are getting a handful of discounts for PS Vita and PS3 games. Check out the details below!

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May 28th PlayStation Plus Update

PlayStation Plus Update 5-28-2013

Fuse (Timed Trial)

PSN Price: N/A, Free Trial for PS Plus members

When a volatile alien energy source called Fuse falls into the wrong hands, the CIA calls in an elite contact team to retrieve it: Overstrike 9. Join up to three friends in co-op play as you deploy lethal teamwork and fringe-tech weapons to take down the rogue paramilitary corporation behind the theft.
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (Timed Trial)

PSN Price: N/A, Free Trial for PS Plus members

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
Sly Cooper and the whole gang have returned with another epic adventure for the PlayStation 3. The pages of the Thievius Raccoonus are disappearing and Bentley, now keeper of the ancient master Thieves book, must round up the gang and save the Cooper Clan legacy from being destroyed forever.
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members (PSN Price: $24.99; PS Plus Price: Free)

Blazblue CSE
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND is the definitive version of the Continuum Shift series, which includes character balance tweaks, a new character, Relius Clover, story modes for all previous three DLC characters: Platinum, Makoto, Valkenhayn, new modes, and improved online multiplayer!
Hamilton’s Great Adventure (PS3)

50% Discount for PS Plus members (PSN Price: $4.99; PS Plus Price: $2.50)

Hamiltons Great Adventure
Hamilton’s Great Adventure puts your problem solving and timing skills to the test. Outsmart the enemies, rush through the levels and collect all the bling in this co-op action puzzle game.
Draw Slasher (PS Vita)

30% Discount for PS Plus members (PSN Price: $5.99; PS Plus Price: $4.19)

Draw Slasher
Meet Hanzo. He’s a ninja. While he was training ‘out there’ the Pirate Monkey Zombies™ – stupid, ugly, smelly, rotten and disgusting creatures – kidnapped his family. Take control of his awesome blade and aid him in the quest to free them.
Germinator (PS3)

25% Discount for PS Plus members (PSN Price: $7.99; PS Plus Price: $5.99)

Germinator twists the bubble genre, wiping away match-three. Crash germ bubbles into those of the same color to combine, grow and explode into splattering goop. 150 story and puzzle levels, local multiplayer, unlimited arcade mode and crazy multi-colored bubble germ personalities will keep you cleaning house.
Germinator Bundle (PS3 and PS Vita Bundle)

40% Discount for PS Plus members (PSN Price: $9.99; PS Plus Price: $5.99)

Germinator twists the bubble genre, wiping away match-three. Crash germ bubbles into those of the same color to combine, grow and explode into splattering goop. 150 story and puzzle levels, local multiplayer, unlimited arcade mode and crazy multi-colored bubble germ personalities will keep you cleaning house. Move controller support adds a messy good time!

Last Chance (Leaving on 6/1)

Instant Game Collection



  • Metro: Last Light Season Pass

You’ll find all the content detailed above with their Plus benefits active when the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow.

So tell us, what are you most excited for this week? Your comments and feedback matter, so leave them below, or, if you’re looking to engage with more of the PS community, make sure you head over to the PlayStation Community Forums to discuss this week’s news more, find other topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. As Morgan always says, “See you in the comments!”

PlayStation Plus Update 5-28-2013

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  • No #47 that wouldnt stay there lol that 1 hour needs to go up! XD that would be cool too

  • what do you mean the pinball arcade doesnt work #50? i have it on my vita right now and played it already lol …. (havent tried the PS3 one though…. and i might not try it ever since its a separate trophy set)

  • I bought Sly Cooper: Theives in Time during last months sale and have to admit its quickly becoming one of my favorites! It’s all the stuff I miss from last generation games while still being current gen with a fresh twist. This is probably a genre that gets overshadowed by all the shores and fighting games, so its nice to know a few studios are brave enough to even attempt it. This is why I’m a playstation fan! Sony gets that gamers want variety.

  • @ #31 im pretty sure there wont be anything for PS Plus next week just because theyre gonna make some big reveal for E3 and itll make it worth the wait :)

  • #52 Every time I have tried to download it over the past week, it has given me an error message. And I know that I’m not the only one that is having problems with this.

  • Cool I love me some Blazblue…and Hamilton’s for $2.50….damn I can’t resist that…will buy without doubt.Also that Draw Slasher game…I’ve never seen anything about it….looks good.

  • I personally think the best fighter on the Vita is Mortal Kombat, but that’s purely personal preference.

    I donno, fellas, some of the best games on the Vita has already been available on PLUS.

    I was happy to see Knytt Underground, Pinball thingy, and Germinator.

    I hope more games like that become available. Indie games that deserve some lime light!

    Bring ’em, Sony!

  • Excited to play BlazBlue on my Vita! Nice. Keep the good games rolling in. Having a blast with pinball arcade!

  • The game developpers would decide the price and time lenght rental of the play time. They could give the opportunity to rent the games online while giving the developpers a cut of the cash.
    That way, it would support the gaming industry.

    It is completly Optional, and not a mandatory stuff like microsoft is offering on trade games.

    You could think of various ways to make it work too.
    Maybe some gaming Netflix where, if you’re a PS+ member, you get 2 hours of free gaming time that isn’t restricted like on PS3 (On PS3, once you start the free trial, you have to play the whole hour or else it’s gone.)
    This would be mandatory to the rental service I talked about earlier, just like now on the PS3 with the disc based games on PSN

    Other stuff such as what online rentals are offering, you get to pay a monthly fee to rent games unlimited as opposed to a specific game or time restriction. (royalty fees still would go the developpers accordingly to wich game the gamer played on an overall % based as opposed to timed one) This would also be a seperate service to the one above, most likely would get older games instead of new ones.

    Overall, you would support the gaming industry while being true to the gamer.

  • I also have a problem with Pinball, not able to install on my vita (have not yet tried in my ps3)

  • Pinball Arcade fix, please.

  • Ok there were zero responses to anyone last week on the playstation update so I’m going to try again this week. Will we be getting a monthly preview for playstation plus on June the 3rd or will you be making us wait for E3. Also for that matter will we receive any content at all for the week before E3. I am not asking you to tell me what content just a yes or no on if we should be expecting a playstation plus report on that day. Hopefully this week things are better to where we get a response. Also I am curious why on the poll this week there isn’t an option for nothing for me this week?

    • jason,

      Sorry for the delay in reply. There will be an update next week, yes. Thanks for keeping me in check!

  • i’ll give Blazblue a chance because my best friend likes it, but please no more fighting games after this. We need more rpgs.

    Also, please give us the Witched and Knights sale that EU had weeks ago. So many great rpgs were on sale in that deal. It was better than anything NA had been offering in months.

  • Every week that passes by I’m more and more disappointed to have the north american version of PS+! It would be nice if they gave us a game to choose every week from a select list, rather than just throwing any forgettable game that they find. Will definitely not be renewing at the end of the year…

  • @60 i’d love a gaming version of netflix. Especially considering i only play games once before i move on to the next one, which makes me not willing to spend $60 on new games.

    Also, why is there no option of ‘Nothing for me this week’ in the PS Plus poll? Thats very sneaky and misleading. People have no choice but to vote for BlazeBlue, simply because its the lesser of the evils. I hope Sony doesn’t take that tainted poll as verification that we want more fighting games. :/

  • @ 53 DarkDuckJustice – I dont like double posts….but I must say what a splendid comment…I was a bit worried with the fact that it wasn’t sucker punch making Thieves in Time but the game is fantastic…Sly’s genre is extinct nowadays so the devs are really brave I agree with you.This gen is all about greed but there are still good devs making real games.And those games are sadly underrated but in the other hand they are the best.

  • Why is the Germinator bundle even on sale? the vita game is free and the ps3 version is $8, So for 2 more dollars, I can get something thats is free also in the bundle?

  • Opps never mind that last post of mine. I thought The PS+ price was first

  • Here are a few recommendations for sales or IGC.

    Ico shadow of the colossus
    Lego Batman 2 (or any of the lego games)
    Katamari Forever
    Resistance 1 & 2
    The Sly Collection (this just had an amazing sale and I’m really disappointed I missed it.)
    Valkyria Chronicles
    Transformers Fall of Cybertron
    Borderlands 2
    Ni No Kuni
    Bioshock Infinite

    I know the last 3 aren’t going to happen, but a man can dream… a man can dream.

  • @Dangisuckatgamin what’s wrong with having two vita games in one month? Vita owners pay the same price for Plus as PS3 owners, so I see nothing wrong with both getting an even number of games. Besides only 2 out of the however many games can’t be played on PS3 and that’s <50%

    @Xanzar, I believe Phantasy Star Online to is coming to the US (eventually). Though let's hope it's sooner rather than later…

    @gusty81 (#55) Have you tried downloading it from your download list? For some reason lately my Vita's been getting stuck on the the "preparing to download" screen if I try to download a game from the Vita PS Store. So I have to turn it off, turn it back on, and download from the download list and it works just fine.

    @ItaChu (#54) Yeah that's what I was thinking, but I would still like some official confirmation though.

  • Comon Germinator was recently free and this week it’s a discount? I understand maybe some people want to keep that game if they’re no longer a plus member, but do some other discounts on other games instead. How about fixing Pinball Arcade?

  • what’s with the games that were recently on igc now having a discount sale? I just got them for free…and woot another vita fighter that I have already played. Also, fix pinball and where’s velocity ultra! :(

  • Great for BlazBlue but… GERMINATOR? It’s free, why now discounted? And… PINBALL ARCADE!!! I can’t install it on my PS Vita… please fix it.


  • this month was horrible.not that it matters what we all think.right now im feeling kind of ripped off with ps+ .it kinda of feels like going to a yard sale and getting bad game for cheap just because . come sony give the people what they want.good games and deals to make plus a beter value for all.

  • Did not care for the last two fighting games, but I’m a big Blazblue fan, so I’ll definitely jump on this.

    If you want to keep giving us PSP fighting games though after a good Vita game, how about Duodecim Dissidia? :)

  • Odd… no Morgan?

  • I like how you removed “nothing for me this week” in feedback, it was constantly winning wasn’t it? XD
    Do you have any fightings left for PS Vita? oh how could I forget, PSP library still has pleanty of them for you to offer as PS+ freebie.

  • I can not even download pinball arcade, what’s the point if I can not download the game… aghhhhhhh

  • Why are the trophies obtained during the “free trials” does not add up when you buy the game? So I stop playing the “free trials”

  • Hahaha at first people used to complain about discounted games/games on sale becoming free soon after, now I guess it’s the other way around?

    And I’m still hoping one day Sony gives us the option to buy games that we downloaded for free.

  • The only compelling content for me this week are probably the Timed Trials, I already own BlazBlue and I am just a little exhausted of fighting games that we have been getting for the last 3 months. I personally love and own a lot of fighting games, but I would like some variety in the content for PS Vita (even though its game line up had been flooded with fighting games for a long time) and the nature of fighting games you just tend to pick one and master it.

  • See that I said I would like some variety, not get rid of fighting games in the line up completely. Also, I am confused as to why there is a discount for Geminator when it is in the IGC?

  • BlazBlue baby oh ya!!!! I am pumped for this game !!

  • With last week’s gigantic Ultimate Edition sale, I would’ve loved to have seen a sale on the “season pass” content that was being sold with the full game. Some of us own a lot of those games and it would’ve been nice to have an option for those that are only interested in the DLC, because they already own the full game.

  • I also would like to see some of the next games some day on IGC

    1. Assasins Creed 1 or 2
    2. Dead Space
    3. Warp
    4. Flower
    5. Toy Story 3 The video game
    6. L.A. Noire
    7. R.E. Operation Raccoon City
    8. Star Wars the Force Unleashed 1 or 2
    9. Worms Ultimate Mayhem
    10. F1 Race Stars
    11. L.A. Noire
    12. Uncharted Dual Pack

  • OK, this is really confusing. . . Why give us Germinator Vita for free last week, and then put the bundle on sale this week? So in reality, it’s $5.99 for the PS3 version. Also, why do they insist on giving out the entire PSN library of fighting games in Plus? There is only so much of fighting games that I can take, and right now I’m at my limit. Give us some more RPG-type games. Or if not a traditional RPG, then how about something more like Sleeping Dogs?

  • lol people are complaining that fighting games isnt for them, well fck them its a free game! More people are complaining that why a vita game since they dont have a vita, that sucks for you if you are the less fortunate and cant get a vita or wont buy one. I been asking for since 2009 if there is ever a time when the armored core series is coming to ps store, I get no response. I dont want some vagrant story or more resident evil. Put out a game that was on the playstation before it became a multiplatform game. oh yeah, can you also consider a ico/soc free game. Just look into it.

  • thanks for Blazblue but enough of fighting games please!!!! i would like to see MLB The Show for Vita in the IGC.

  • another figher……….the others are still on my harddrive waiting to be install……too bad i’ll simply delete them. please give us something better than arcade next month. giving out sleeping dogs was cool, but shoving weaker titles along with it was not fun.

  • is there any chance rayman origins vita is added to the IGC same as EU??? i really want it for US psn. please any chance. a reply would be nice.

  • pretty Cornyyy… cant wait for the Warriors.

  • BlazBlue is my favorite fighting series, and now I can take it portable! Thanks for the great upgrade, please keep giving us more full games like this and less indie/puzzler ones ;)

  • When will Sony add Metal Gear Portable ops and ops+ to the PSN store for Vita? I would like to buy these games for Vita please.

  • I’d like to point out for people asking for less fighting games/more RPGs that, as much as I personally would LOVE more RPGs, that’s probably not going to happen any time soon. And it’s not because Sony secretly hates us, or hates RPGs, or has a cheap service, or any of that nonsense. It’s because of two things publisher willingness and PSN availability. While the first one is speculative, I highly doubt most publishers are willing to let their RPGs, which don’t really drop in price that fast and are well sought after in the retail market by enthusiasts once they become uncommon, into the IGC, where as fighting games thrive better the more people they have playing them, and are franchised in manners that makes making one free attractive to a publisher.

  • Continuing, PSN availability, however, is a hard fact – there’s just not that many available on PSN for the PS3, particularly in comparison to other genres, and most of the PSN exclusive RPGs are, honestly, kinda crap. They can (and should) be offering more PSP RPGs, but that doesn’t help the majority of people clamouring for more RPGs in the IGC. People need to get in contact with PUBLISHERS, not Sony, and ask them to start making their RPGs available on PSN. Readding PS1 Classics to the IGC would also create the opprotunity for a great influx of RPGs. But, there’s also the catch 22 of most of the available RPGs being several years old, which in turn would lead to people just complaining about getting “another old bargain bin game”. It’s lose-lose.

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    With E3 coming up next month, I think the June Plus update will be great.

  • Here are some games that I hope join the IGC this Upcoming year

    Beyond good and evil hd
    I am alive
    Castle crashes
    Unfinished swan
    Odd world strangers wrath hd
    Siren blood curse
    Under defeat Hd
    Tokyo jungle
    Resident evil 4 hd
    Papo and yo
    Sine mora
    Okami hd
    Max Payne
    Demons souls
    Crazy Taxi
    Daytona USA
    Big Sky Inftinity

  • I didn’t mean demon Souls that was a typo.

  • If you want a beat down add me tomorrow Lm_The_boss

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