The Drop: Week of May 27th 2013 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of May 27th 2013 New Releases

Fuse follows a team of four elite agents obliterating enemy strongholds using fringe-tech gadgets and lethal teamwork. The members of Overstrike 9 are comprised of an ex-mercenary, Interpol’s most wanted thief, a gifted young scientist and a decorated detective. Collectively, they are the agency’s outcasts.

But a shadowy organization threatens to wipe out humankind. Thanks to each agent’s unique talents and a tendency to completely ignore protocol – Overstrike 9 is the only option left. Fuse blends developer Insomniac Games’ flair for exotic weaponry and immersive storytelling with a touch of humor in this 4 person co-op action game for PS3. Enjoy this week’s The Drop.


What happens when humans take possession of volatile alien technology they were never meant to have? Find out the hard way in Fuse, a four-person co-op action shooter that puts players in command of contact team Overstrike 9 — four elite agents, each with their own unique skills and experimental weapons. In story-driven, cooperative action, players must thwart a rogue paramilitary organization called Raven from stealing the deadly alien energy source known as Fuse. Your team — Dalton Brooks, Izzy Sinclair, Jacob Kimble and Naya Deveraux — will pursue Raven around the world, from the fortified desert facility to underwater bases, island strongholds, icy mountain peaks, palatial hideouts and beyond.

Even solo players can experience the unique attributes of each agent by using the game’s LEAP feature to switch between the four characters at will during combat. Each agent is equipped with unique skills and weapons not only integral for survival, but that also allows for unexpected and extraordinary results. Experimental Fuse weapons give players unique capabilities that expand their strategic options in and out of combat. Players can play either online or offline and level up along unique character paths, allowing players to unlock more powerful Fuse-driven abilities as the game progresses. In addition, the game’s progression system is unified between different play modes, allowing players to continue improving their agents regardless of how they play.

81ls5VZabWL._SL1500_Grid 2

Part of a long string of blockbuster racing games (including TOCA Championship Racing, Pro Race Driver and the original Grid), Grid 2 challenges players to be fast, be first and be famous as they enter a stunning new world of competitive motorsport. Following the success of Race Driver: Grid — which set new standards for damage, AI, visuals and introduced the Flashback time rewind feature (now adopted by many racing games) — Grid 2 will again raise the gameplay and technological bar for motorsport gaming and remain true to the series’ core value — it’s all about the race. Grid 2 will also introduce the new TrueFeel Handling System, which uses real physics to hit a sweet spot between accessibility and simulation to deliver handling that is approachable yet challenging to master.

Going behind the wheel of a handpicked selection of automotive icons spanning four decades and three continents — USA, Europe and Asia — players will race their way to the top of Grid 2’s new, evolving world of motorsport. From Paris to Dubai, Miami to the sun-kissed California coast and beyond, beautifully created city streets, licensed circuits and edge-of-control mountain roads will become home to the most visceral and exhilarating races in games. Grid 2 also sets new standards for a racing multiplayer experience with an entirely distinct and extensive gameplay component and unique progression system. Deep customization options and integration with RaceNet will offer further immersion and connectivity to extend each player’s GRID 2 experience.

Mountain Crime: Requital — Someone is killing the guests at a mountain resort, and you could be next if you don’t figure out the mystery and solve a Mountain Crime! Take the role of a doctor who’s summoned to a remote hotel to tend to a patient, and hold on to your sanity as you discover the first victim moments upon arriving at the retreat. Search for clues, crack brain-bending puzzles, and read newspaper clippings that reveal the hotel’s horrific past in this Hidden Object adventure!


  • Mountain Crime: Requital

the-warriors-cover255993PlayStation 2 Classic

The Warriors — A battle of gigantic proportions is looming in the neon underground of New York City. The army of the night numbers 100,000 strong, and tonight they’re all after the “Warriors” — a street gang wrongly accused of killing a rival gang leader. The Warriors must make their way from one end of New York to their turf on the other side of the city. All that stands between The Warriors and their survival are 20 miles and thousands of street gang members. The army of gangs owns the streets and there’s no turning back, The Warriors must fight for their lives and learn the meaning of loyalty as danger and uncertainty emerges from the city night.

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  • fellow PlayStation gamers. Please help us by spreading the word ***

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ TitleOne

    Ha! Look at that! Only 13 minutes later! You’re clairvoyant!

    Goofus just can’t resist the urge to be a jackass, I guess.

    And I’m pumped for Grid 2. Looks like a good one.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    You know that sound effect on The Price Is Right when a contestant loses that goes: budum budum bum…brrroooooooooowwwwwwwwwww…

    I hear that in my head every time I read one of Goofus’ posts. And sometimes it’s one of those slapstick comedy type sound effects you hear, such as when someone walks into a lamppost or slips on a banana peel… BONK! WHOOOOOOOOOP!


  • missing new ps vita stuff :( i have a lot of money in my wallet but still nothing “big ” for vita.. need some AC like, or another big game :)

  • We need some new DLC for playstation allstars battle royale , I love this game!!

  • Any chance that we can get a cool racilng game for our Vita’s Instant game collection soon? Maybe WRC3 or Most Wanted.

  • Wow! So many games for vita!!!

  • Hell yes! I’ve been waiting years to play Grid 2 and now it’s finally being released Tuesday. I’ve already got the game preordered on P.S.N which hopefully means I will be able to start downloading it 3:00 a.m EST on Tuesday! :)

  • i have The Warriors for PS2,game is classic! I only wish Rockstar would make a sequel with an updated gang vs gang multiplayer.

  • WOW! Look at the Vita support….. NOTHING!! If Sony is trying to do its best to make sure that the Vita crashes and burn then Sony sure is doing one hell of a good job!

  • @60 just wait til July, not one retail release date. Better than last year though, there was one game for 3 months and it was football I believe.

  • On A side note, my god fix pinball arcade for vita. Its almost time for the new ps+ update…

  • PiotrRasputinBR

    Great! I’ll be waiting for PINBALL ARCADE, if not asking too much.

  • still my sony music is not working I guess that’s why it was 12.99 instead of 59.99 for plus this yr wow and to think id waste half my odsp on music that don’t work

  • DarkKnightLuigi

    I have been wanting to play The Warriors game for a long time. I hope that buying all these games will allow me to be able to transfer them onto the PS4 when it comes out though. I have a huge digital library of games that I can’t even fit them all onto my PS3. And if I buy a 500gb PS3 it would barely fit most other games actually.

  • We’re desperately needing Final Fantasy 12 in PSN, VITA would be a instant win, but PS3 would work.

  • I’ve been looking forward to Fuse for a long time!. I’ve got my copy preordered.


  • @65 If you want more hard drive space, just buy yourself a 1TB hard drive. They have them available on Amazon for around $75-$80.

    I’m going to be doing that soon myself.

  • I wish The Drop would drop some prices…

  • @55,66 You both are totally right.

  • would like sanctum 2… whats the deal??

  • @72 yeah i’ve been interested in Sanctum 2 as well.

  • Thats the weakest of all drops I’ve seen….Grid 2 is the only game that worths some attention but I wont be buying at the high price…will wait for a demo or price drop…and The Warriors is completely out of question with the price they’ll ask for.

  • No games for the Vita?! Wow… I thought the Vita was the best portable console ever :D

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Welmosca

    You could do what I just did… pre-order Grid 2 on Amazon! Yeah, it’s $59.99, but they’re throwing in a $15 Amazon Gift Card and the Headstart Pack, whatever that is. After tax, my total was $65.39, which means the game was really $50.39, after deducting $15 for the gift card.

    $50.39 is what I would pay if Grid 2 would have been on a store shelf for $46.23 + 9.0% tax here in Calfornia. That’s more than $13 off the regular price!

    That’s a pretty good deal for a day one purchase, don’t ya think?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    How the hell did I misspell California? It’s all my keyboard’s fault, I swear.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Ryumoau on May 27th, 2013 at 10:27 am said: “@72 yeah i’ve been interested in Sanctum 2 as well.”


    After you play it, you’ll just end up hating it and saying it’s a waste of money anyway.

    You’re not a gamer. Just leave, please.

  • no vita?

  • It’s about freaking Time!!! Mountain Crime: Requital is coming out, What was the damn hold up !??
    Now when are this kind of games ( Hidden object games) coming to the PS VITA!!!!??????
    SON OF….. other then that keep up the great job , ya’l have yourselves a great week now ..

  • Welmosca The Warriors is to much ? Please be Joking. you do realize that all… well MOST ps2 Classics are 10$ right ?

  • Can we some TimeSplitters games on the PS2 classics? Maybe Star Wars Battlefront as well?

    My friend is pumped that The Warriors is coming

  • More than enough content for me, I have no complaints.

  • will “the Last of Us” be Day 1 digital? if so, any possibility of bonus DLC if we order through PS Store? would rather start purchasing most of my games digitally but retailers seem to have the extra bonuses for buying with them…

  • Psvita is on fire, so many demos, so many games lol.

  • The Warriors is a pretty good game but for a ps2 brawler I would rather like to get Urban Reign.

  • Man…weak.

    Hurry up already, E3.

  • @62 & 63
    What is the problem with Pinball Arcade? I admit I had trouble downloading it on my Vita the first time. I simply canceled the download(had to restart the Vita holding the power button) then went in and it downloaded fine. I did notice later(I think it may be part of the problem that it’s a cross buy selection) while downloading it onto my PS3 that it downloads both the PS3 and Vita versions. I believe the Vita is probably attempting to get the PS3 version as well.

  • @BirdyKilla420 (#16)
    Effing yes.
    DJ:FFNY was one of my favourite fighting games on PS2. Great story (especially at the time, and for a fighting game), great customisation, fantastic multiplayer. Add online fighting and it would be an instant buy.

  • I can’t wait to ignore FUSE and watch as it fades away quickly from the minds of gamers everywhere! Like the world needs another co-op focused 3rd person shooter with bland art, unlikeable characters and loose aiming…

    GRID 2 looks and sounds genuinely cool though, and I don’t even like racing sims. I’m hoping for a demo so I can at least try it out though.

    Overall though, not the most exciting week. I’ll probably stick to games on my back catalogue for the time being… maybe hit up Amazon to hunt down some older games I’m CERTAIN have to be a steal by now. I am in the mood for a racing game, and I noticed SEGA Rally Revo is pretty cheap right now. Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed recently dropped under $30 for a NEW copy (buying later is soooo much smarter than buying games used). And games like Motorstorm – any of ’em – are all pretty cheap now as well. Yup; sorry new releases, but I’ll probably go peruse the oldsters this week instead.

  • @+ Welmosca :

    Really? You’re going to complain about paying a measly $10 for the Warriors? Christ some gamers are spoiled. Where does this sense of entitlement come from? You want they should just give them to you for free? That it wasn’t worth the time & effort of the programmers and artists at Rockstar Vancouver to work on this thing for years? They don’t deserve compensation?

    You’re aware that this game shipped initially for $50, right?

    Stop being a baby. The prices for PSOne and PS2 Classics are just fine. More than fair, in this or any universe.

    …except all those dumb Dora the Explorer/Go Diego Go games. WTF is the deal with all of those on the PS2 Classics, Sony. You have no Wild ARMS, Ape Escapes, Dark Clouds, Timesplitters, etc. But you made sure to get every Dora game on there? That is super insulting.


    LAME! Last week we got nothing new…this week we’re getting…wait for it….Nothing new…AGAIN!

    Could someone please remind me why I bought a VITA?….Oh…Yeah…for the games…..WHAT GAMES?!

    My only hope right now are XSEED, ATLUS and Aksys..since SONY is too busy sucking balls…

  • Parappa 2 as a Classic please?

  • Where is my preorder for FUSE??? It said when I bought it I could download after 12:01 Eastern Standard Time. Here it is almost 3 hours later and still no download. I’m getting sick and tired of false promises from PSN. This is not the first problem I’ve had getting what I’ve paid for when it was promised but I promise it’s gonna be the last.

    This does not speak well for the PS4 when you can’t even meet simple promised deadlines for paying customers. Get your act together Sony

  • Now it just says “Try free demo”. So people can play the demo before I can even get what I paid for??? You gotta be kidding me with this.

    Customer support from Sony is the worst I’ve ever seen. I will not waste any money on the PS4 and will tell everyone I can what a lousy network service you have

  • @96 How can you say that? Microsoft is much worse than Sony. Have fun wasting your money on their console. I won’t be surprised if your getting bad service with them as well such as paying fees for used games.

  • Spyro 1 was the first PS1 game I bought for my PSP, way back when you couldn’t access the PSN directly from the PSP, you had do DL it on your PC first. Sure would be nice to play it on my Vita.

  • Who said anything about Microsoft. You couldn’t give me that POS console. I’ll just be putting the money I would have spent on a PS4 and all the money I spend on PSN towards a gaming PC and be done with it. Tired of fighting with Sony with the PS3 and tired of no games for the vita (real games not that mobile game style stuff they’ve been putting out). The only ones losing out will be Sony

  • Crisis…..Core?

  • @ 76 PrimeroIncognito – Hey I agree thats a good deal…I’ll try to buy there then…looks good.Thanks man….ha you’re funny lol no problem with “Calfornia”….And btw I agree 100% with your comment on #78.

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