Splinter Cell Blacklist CO-OP: 2 of 4 Mission Types Revealed

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Splinter Cell Blacklist CO-OP: 2 of 4 Mission Types Revealed
Splinter Cell Blacklist CO-OP: 2 of 4 Mission Types Revealed

For those who missed the last couple of posts I did here, my name is Zack Cooper. I’m the Splinter Cell Community Developer (ComDev).

Recently we shared the Spies vs. Mercs reveal trailer, and just a few days ago, the CO-OP trailer.

What we bring to you today is a fresh look into the CO-OP experience. This time we’re really going all out!

Splinter Cell Blacklist on PS3

Ubisoft Shanghai is doing the maps, and we are incredibly proud of what they’ve been putting together. As you may know, they’ve got a rich history in the Splinter Cell franchise, having led the charge on Pandora Tomorrow and the current-gen version of Double Agent.

Here at Ubisoft Toronto, we’re tasked with making sure everything fits appropriately into the grand package of Splinter Cell Blacklist. Not only are there 14 unique missions… there’s a ton of variety contained within those missions.

There are four different mission types — two of which we’re talking about today. They’re given to you by the different characters on the Paladin (Sam’s mobile command center that houses 4th Echelon).

The Isaac Briggs missions are the CO-OP campaign missions, in that they’ve got their own storyline which is tied into the core Blacklist narrative. Those missions have to be played with a partner (split-screen or online). Briggs has tactical expertise, being former Army and CIA, and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty should the situation call for it. His missions have all sorts of exotic sequences, and play to the three playstyles (Ghost, Panther, Assault).

The Grim (Anna Grimsdottir) missions are great for the hardcore: the Ghosts. She’s focused on intel and analytics, chasing leads for valuable data. She wants you to get in and out, and to complete the objective without leaving a trace. The missions Grim provides need to be completed without detection – if you’re spotted, you start from the beginning.

Splinter Cell Blacklist on PS3

We’ll be providing more details about Single Player, Spies vs. Mercs, AND CO-OP as we get closer to the August 20th launch date… but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this brand new ComDev video.

I’ll be sticking around for the rest of the hour to do another Q&A… so let me know what’s on your mind!

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  • How many maps will there be available to play in , before dlc , for spies vs mercs ?

  • What about the mobile app? Will we saw it soon?

  • Just seen someone mention conviction , there is no chance well ever see a conviction port on the ps3 is there ? I know you work on blacklist but is there any hope for it to come out , even as just a downloadable game ?

  • Any Uplay rewards, guns, wallpapers e.t.c.?

  • Will there be different objectives for SvM (besides hacking a terminal) ?

  • Are there going to be daily challenges or even weekly challenges for online to unlock extra XP ? Cause u use XP to buy upgrades and stuff don’t you ?

  • PS4?

  • Will there be manual saves? Or will there be checkpoints and auto saves?

  • Will we see more familiar faces from legacy Splinter Cell games not mentioned yet?

  • No HUD in Perfectionis mode?? (like in Hitman Absolution)

  • Zack , follow me back on twitter ? @jacknevalainen ;) u tweeted me back once :D

  • Thanks again Zack for your answers ;)

  • Hahahahaha your funny zack , u’ve made my day !! Thanks for all the answers , mabyee one day hope to play a match of splinter cell with you ;)

  • I gotsta boogie, guys!

    Thanks so much for taking part. The hour goes by so fast!
    …unfortunately the rest of my work doesn’t.

    Thanks, as well, to Sid, Justin, and the Playstation.Blog for having me once again!
    You guys rock and your community (and that of Splinter Cell) is awesome!!


  • This might have been mentioned already but just one more question.
    Will BlackList be available with Steam, such as downloading DLC’s and so on.
    Thanks man!!!!
    I gotta leave now, bye all.

  • zack, will splinter cell blacklist be for the next consoles? maybe you cant say right now, but im hoping you guys will release this game for the next consoles even if it takes 2 years. but splinter cell blacklist looks amazing and i dont want to play it for only a few months. maybe we can find out more on E3

  • Glad to see you on the PS Blog again Zack! I don’t have any questions (you’ve answered any possible one I might’ve had) but I’m glad to see you’re taking time to respond to every comment. I hope we see more authors do that.

  • Hi Zack, thanks for doing this. When will we learn more specifics about the PC version?

  • Ah, too late :(

  • alright split screen i need this game!!! i love SC and with split screen even better!

  • Nice co-op is always welcome….I’m looking forward to this game because I love stealth…its way more thrilling….and I have played all the splinter cell games besides the failure conviction….btw I have just a question is it just The Isaac Briggs missions that can be played in split-screen or all the co-op missions?….I’m hoping for a yes but anyway I’m already loving the Ghost missions concept…can’t wait.Blacklist is turning into a must buy.

  • Wait for E3? Sorry i dont Watch the Microsoft E3 zack…..

  • This is definately something that i would checkout for sure, co-op is the new thing nowdays.

  • hidden_phantom98

    will there be a beta or demo soon?

  • **** this game. I am a traditionalist when it comes to games. As a huge fan of the original trilogy, the series has strayed WAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO FRICKIN FAR, and everything that I loved about the classic series is now gone. I no longer have a reason to play the series since it sucks now, after Chaos Theory (the best stealth game of all time).

    Also, this game does not carry the Michael Ironside seal of approval, so you have been warned. The new guy who does the voice sucks, and it sounds nothing like Sam Fisher.

    The series is dead. So, screw you Ubisoft. I hate you for ruining what was once one of my most beloved series of all time.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Strangest comment section I’ve ever seen. All these accounts with no avatars seem to be plants…

    Are you guys asking and answering your own scripted questions?

  • Zack, will the FN Five Seven pistol be included in Blacklist?

  • Is there going to be a Day 1 Digital release on the PlayStation Network Store?

  • Will splinter cell conviction be included on the blacklist disc? I really would like to have that game too.

  • @ 16 JFiest1 – How you dare to ask that question here?…..you’re rotting the PS Blog community.

    @ 76 PrimeroIncognito – Gotta agree with that…I think some of them are the same person with different accounts.

  • can you do the coop missions with a AI partner?

  • Ubisoft can you make splinter cell conviction for ps3? I’m sure there is a lot of people that will buy it if you did make it for ps3. I will be getting blacklist but I would like to play conviction first.

  • looking good so far :)

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