The Warriors Coming Next Week to PSN

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The Warriors Coming Next Week to PSN
The Warriors

Hey PlayStation.Blog fans,

Fresh off the back of our 2003 stealth thriller Manhunt launching on PlayStation Store last week, we’ve got another Rockstar Games PS2 Classic coming up for you to download to your PS3.

Starting Tuesday, May 28th, our latest PS2 Classics release on PlayStation Network lets you navigate the treacherous path home for that real live bunch from Coney, as The Warriors will be available to plaaaa-ay on PS3. Grab it from the PlayStation Store next week for $9.99.

PS2 Classics Available on PSN:

Manhunt | Liberty City Stories | Vice City Stories | Grand Theft Auto III | Vice City | San Andreas | Bully | Red Dead Revolver | Max Payne | Midnight Club: Street Racing | Midnight Club II | Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition REMIX

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  • i actually still have this disc sitting on my shelf since i played a few hrs of it years ago and never picked it up again…same with ICO. and not i have ICO in the ps3 collection with SoTC & still havent had time to play it.

  • Oh this game is a lot of fun playing in 2 with a friend in your side…..but $10?…I’m sorry rockstar but this game and all your titles just like every PS2 classic in da store aren’t worth more than $5…..since no one are in HD and trophies.

    @ 50 Nano1124 – Hoou…great comment…..I’ve been asking the same thing on the blog since they changed the damn store.

  • I can dig it.

  • U guys need to fix ur ps store prices on few games like family guy back to the multiverse is supposed to be $29.99, LA Noir standard edition $19.99, Lego Batman 2 $19.99, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition $19.99, Motorstorm Apocalypse $19.99, Need For Speed The Run $19.99, Ridge Racer Unbounded $29.99, Resident Evil Operation Racoon City $19.99, Darkness 2 $19.99, So please try to keep up with ir prices thank u very much.

  • Damnit I just bought the PSP Port last week! This better run on Vita.

  • I would love to see Scarface: The World is Yours

  • @ 56 NewbOwnage – Uuooh…same here…scarface is a great game.

  • Single-Handed greatest blog entry thus far!

  • I agree with a few others about the PS1 & PS2 classics, No HD + no trophy support = me not buying this. I am so happy this didn’t happen with Okami. My girlfriend & I love that game.

  • This blog says the game is $9.99 and in the PSN Store it says its $14.99…why?

  • well its the 28th and it’s still not out yet to play on ps3!!!why?

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