The Warriors Coming Next Week to PSN

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The Warriors Coming Next Week to PSN
The Warriors

Hey PlayStation.Blog fans,

Fresh off the back of our 2003 stealth thriller Manhunt launching on PlayStation Store last week, we’ve got another Rockstar Games PS2 Classic coming up for you to download to your PS3.

Starting Tuesday, May 28th, our latest PS2 Classics release on PlayStation Network lets you navigate the treacherous path home for that real live bunch from Coney, as The Warriors will be available to plaaaa-ay on PS3. Grab it from the PlayStation Store next week for $9.99.

PS2 Classics Available on PSN:

Manhunt | Liberty City Stories | Vice City Stories | Grand Theft Auto III | Vice City | San Andreas | Bully | Red Dead Revolver | Max Payne | Midnight Club: Street Racing | Midnight Club II | Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition REMIX

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  • RAD!

  • Hell Yeah!

  • YES! Ajax gonna wreck havoc again :D

  • Please can you help me?
    Still can´t download pinball arcade for vita and got no aswers on the right topic.
    “The connection to the server or device has been lost (NP-2244-2)

  • Yes!!!!!!!It would be super cool if RockStar did an HD remake or an entire re-boot of the game and movie.

  • PS2 classics gotta luv em!!!!!!!

  • Gaaaaammmuuurrs come ouout and Plaaaayaaay

    Very cool to see this game on the network. I had no idea that this game was done by you guys at Rock* though.

  • Aw c’mon. Any news about HD remake with trophy support??!!!

  • @cadelaoBR

    You need to call Sony. I’m quite sure this isn’t the place to get help for your problem.

  • My husband and I loved, loved, loved this game on the original Xbox. Great story and voice acting, 720p widescreen, and the merging split-screen co-op play was fantastic. I was really surprised when The Warriors movie release on bluray didn’t include a demo for a PS3 version of the game.

    I sadly won’t be buying this one, after buying Bully on PSN. The washed out palettized textures, dialogue nearly unintelligible due to low-quality audio, and the total lack of upscaling makes playing in a PS2 emulator or via Xbox 360 backward compatibility a better bet.

    The fact we got a native version of Okami, which looks and plays great, for about the same price as this emulation is making me hold out for a native recompile with updated audio assets, like it was for the Grand Theft Auto titles on iPad. While I want the physical controller, it’s not worth 2-3 times the price, and just shows that a native “port” of these games *could* have been done for PS3.

    Once there is a native version of these great games, I’ll gladly pay $5 to “upgrade” to the HD version or $15 for the HD version itself.

    PS: Since Capcom did such a great job with Okami HD, here’s hoping they release Zak & Wiki HD as well!

  • ……………. NEXT!

  • Online Multiplayer support?

  • Bring PS2 classic support to the Vita!

  • i wish youd just add some kind of trophy support on these classic games, then id buy them

  • Great news! too bad the PS2 Classics emulator on PS3 doesn’t support coop.

  • yes yess YESS finnaly. il def be picking this up next week. Glade RockStar is including this Classic. also did anyone else get a Papo and Yo Message in there inbox for a Discount at 7$ ???? hmm idk but this is mines next week.

  • NO HD..NO BUY..the reason i have a PS3 is for the HD GAMES.Yes this game is a CLASSIC..but to not make it HD just makes ROCKSTAR look LAZY.This is the same reason i didnt get SAN ANDRES..SMH

  • nYcFrEeWiLL82 none of the ps2 Classics are in HD. so Sad ppl like you dont purchase a game just becaus it dont support HD Graphics.

  • I’m with the ones that say, if there’s no HD and no trophy support, there’s no buy! If I wanted to play PS2 games, I would dust off my PS2 and play them. These games all need to be remade with HD graphics and trophy support if they want my money. That’s just my opinion.

  • LOL Smfhhh

  • First Manhunt now this, this is truly incredible!

  • If I all ready owned or played a game I need an incentive to buy it it again. I can understand not taking the time to upgrade a game to HD but trophies are a must.

  • The people at Rockstar are some of the laziest devs I’ve seen. They always release their old games and don’t bother to update them at all.

    On top of that, they their PSP releases are priced at $20 when they should be $10 like the PS2 classics. You guys are awful. Get real. I haven’t purchased anything from you in years and I won’t be purchasing GTA V.

  • Holy…I remember this game! lol

  • I agree that some of the recent releases were great in their time. i.e. Manhunt, Fatal Frame, including this one, and they could be awesome once again with an upgrade to compliment the newer generation systems. Look at what happened with Fatal Frame 2, They just threw it out without cleaning it up and it had a lot of problems graphically and with the audio, so they had to pull it off, (hopefully to fix it). While they’re at it, why not upgrade it to HD and add trophy support and do the same with the other Fatal Frame games? Now, that would get people’s attention!!

  • dear friends, is there a chance to get in this classic section (ps2) blody roar 3 and 4? (in the near future)

  • Rockstar if you read this PLEASE make a next-gen Midnight Club game!

  • i would LUVVVV to get these games in HD to and spend the extra 5 to do so but i will not let that stop me from Enjoying a Classic in its Original Form. nopeeeee

  • Nice! The Warriors was an awesome game!

  • loved the warriors played all the time at a friends house never owned it myself I guess its time to change that :)

  • @15 what are you talking about I played GTA SA co op just last week on my ps3

  • This game was a real hidden gem on the PSP! I’m thinking about getting the PSP version for my Vita.

    Those of you who don’t have a Vita, will definitely want to check out this new version on the PS3, especially if you are a fan of the cult classic movie that inspired it. Good Stuff!

  • I have this on my vita great game, just wished I had people to play with lol

  • My personal favorite Rockstar game and favorite movie-based game. THANK YOU!

  • Crazy_Candy_Man1


  • I still have the Warriors on the PS2 but I’d recommend to everyone if you haven’t played it already.

  • RockStar, I seriously hope you are making a new Red Dead!

  • Can you dig it? Can you dig it? CAAAN youuu dig it?!

  • @4 i called PlayStation and they said to try later tonight or tomorrow morning the system is down they gave no specific time so be on the look out.

  • I want to play PS2 classics on my Vita!!

  • Any chance for a price-drop of the PSP version to match?

    Also, thanks R* for actually making use of the PS2 Classics, I’m surprised hardly any other publisher/developers are jumping aboard it. This just leaves Manhunt 2 left to join the crowd for your back catalog?

  • This is good news I loved this game & the movie xD

  • This is my favorite R* game! Can’t wait to replay it again, I remember having a friend over and we beat it twice in one night.

    We had to use a cheat code or two in the end though ;)

  • Thanks Sony been wanting this for awhile now. I guess you were listening!

  • Any chance of getting the .Hack// Series on PS2 Classics anytime soon

  • @39 Thanks for your feedback

  • “Warriors come out to play, Warriors come out to playayyyy”

  • @45

    Yes, that! I would gladly pay for that!

    and all the new age kids crying over hd and fake images, god have mercy on your soul if you had to play games just a few years before.

  • Where’s Fatal Frame 2? Any news on the fix? :D

  • Is it possible to separate for the classics to PS1 category and PS2 category.

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