Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 Arrives This June

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Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 Arrives This June

UPDATE: When purchasing Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 for your PS3 system, you will only receive the PS3 versions. We are not offering cross-buy for this product.

There’s been a slew of exclusive PSN games over the years. We want to get them in your hands, so we’re rolling out the first in a series of Best of PlayStation Network collections!

Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1

The Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 collects four diverse PSN exclusive games to give you a taste of what the PlayStation Store has to offer. If you haven’t had a chance to dive into PSN yet, these collections are a great place to start.

When Vikings Attack!

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - Editor's Choice

When Vikings Attack! is an energetic third person adventure featuring fast-paced battles pitting up to four co-operative players against the Viking hordes. You can also take on your friends in the “Versus” arenas in a 4-player battle royale.

Sound Shapes

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - PS Vita (PSN) Platinum

Sound Shapes is equal parts instrument and game giving everyone the ability to make music. Play through a unique campaign that fuses music and artwork into a classic 2D platformer, featuring artwork by Pixeljam, Capy, Superbrothers and more, with music by I Am Robot and Proud, Jim Guthrie and Deadmau5. Create your own unique musical levels with all of the campaign content and share with the world. Sound Shapes creates an ever-changing musical community for everyone to enjoy at home or on the go.

Tokyo Jungle

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - PS3 (PSN) Bronze

Tokyo Jungle has over 50 playable animals to choose from, unleash your inner beast to hunt your way to the top of Tokyo’s post-apocalyptic food chain. Whether in Story or Survival Mode, you never know where your next meal will come from or the dangers you’ll face, so be prepared for anything and everything. Forage through this desolate but dangerous city to complete story-based challenges using a variety of survival skills, from all-out attack to stealth. Beware– you are not the only animal out there hunting for survival!

Fat Princess

Fat Princess made her return last year in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Now experience her original story in Fat Princess where you can choose from five distinct character classes and charge head first into battle. Upgrade your team and the castle defenses as you work with your team to save your princess. There’s a catch, though—the other team has been feeding her delicious cake, a treat she can’t resist, making her harder to escort back to your castle.

Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 will be out on store shelves on June 25th for $39.99. That’s a savings of nearly $15 off the PlayStation Store price!

While you’re cruising through the Collections section, don’t forget to pick up Jak and Daxter Collection for your PlayStation Vita, ready to pick up in stores on June 18th for $29.99.

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6 Author Replies

  • Would have been sold to me if Fat Princess wasn’t in there. Who hasn’t played that one yet?

  • DesolatiionAngel

    Only interested in playing chubby princess, are people still playing that online ?

  • Tokyo Jungle, man… What a premise. My sis can vouch for Sound Shapes, and Fat Princess is a staple, but I’unno ’bout When Vikings Attack!. Haven’t tried it myself.

    Shame that there’s still the problem that Journey’s collection had, of installing disc-requisite games. I’m sure some folks would be double-dipping just to’ve avoided taking up HDD space, or to easily bring it to friends’ places, but this entirely defeats that point. Maybe it has partly to do with DLC compatibility…

  • Should include all DLC at least. And I agree that old games on PSN need price changes.

    Also Fat Princess on Vita. Please and thank you.

  • Nice collection, possible playstation plus addition?

  • @44 I was going to ask you a legitimate follow up question since you seemed informed, but mentioning Xbox One and Boogiemen here just shows me your childish attitude towards consumer awareness. Next time stop after actually clarifying information instead of making this about something it is not, now for all I know you are biased towards one brand and trying to push the product regardless.

  • I only have Tokyo Jungle and that was pretty fun (had to get over the part about killing other animals though T^T ), but wow… I did not fully understand the reason behind why the city was full of animals and no humans but when I played through the whole Story Mode…. I was really surprised. I really liked the whole story behind the game a lot and it really actually got me at least to care about each animal I was playing as.

    Definitely looking out for this and future Volumes since I have not tried the other three and I hear good things about them :)

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Good stuff.

    Ignore the whiners.

    Games don’t necessarily drop in price just because some time has passed. Other factors are involved, geniuses…

    “It’s 2 years old so it should be cheap!”


  • Are Limbo and Closure ruled out from such a collection since they aren’t exclusive to PSN? Those are my two favorites and would love to see them on a collection like this.

  • Should bring Tokyo Jungle to Vita, pleeeaaase?

  • xFuzylilManPeach

    Ive already played Sound Shapes and Tokyo Jungle, but not Vikings or Princess. Hmmmm, ill see whats in store for volume 2 when it comes out and maybe get that :)

  • CaptnBrainslide

    While I’m a fan of releases like this on physical media and game collections in general, I probably won’t wind up getting this one, I already own 3/4 of them and if its programmed so you can’t run the games off the disk, I’d not be actually saving anything on my hard drive by picking this up. I would advise that future collections be designed to have an option to install but also an option to run off disk, that’ll lure more people into re-buying some games they already have. Any DLC should really be included too, that’d attract more people as well.

  • Kojima-Yoshiyuki

    Heres hoping okami hd , scott pilgrim and super puzzle fighter hd make it to a collection disc, I love this idea of putting out psn games on a disc

  • + ast123456 on May 22nd, 2013 at 4:02 pm said
    Can you guys please do something like this for the PS Vita?
    It would be amazing and it makes perfect sense!

    I am strongly agree with the post up the top.Vita Vita Vita

    “I’ve got vita in my pocket every I go but not much new games to play”

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