Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 Arrives This June

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Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 Arrives This June

UPDATE: When purchasing Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 for your PS3 system, you will only receive the PS3 versions. We are not offering cross-buy for this product.

There’s been a slew of exclusive PSN games over the years. We want to get them in your hands, so we’re rolling out the first in a series of Best of PlayStation Network collections!

Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1

The Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 collects four diverse PSN exclusive games to give you a taste of what the PlayStation Store has to offer. If you haven’t had a chance to dive into PSN yet, these collections are a great place to start.

When Vikings Attack!

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - Editor's Choice

When Vikings Attack! is an energetic third person adventure featuring fast-paced battles pitting up to four co-operative players against the Viking hordes. You can also take on your friends in the “Versus” arenas in a 4-player battle royale.

Sound Shapes

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - PS Vita (PSN) Platinum

Sound Shapes is equal parts instrument and game giving everyone the ability to make music. Play through a unique campaign that fuses music and artwork into a classic 2D platformer, featuring artwork by Pixeljam, Capy, Superbrothers and more, with music by I Am Robot and Proud, Jim Guthrie and Deadmau5. Create your own unique musical levels with all of the campaign content and share with the world. Sound Shapes creates an ever-changing musical community for everyone to enjoy at home or on the go.

Tokyo Jungle

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - PS3 (PSN) Bronze

Tokyo Jungle has over 50 playable animals to choose from, unleash your inner beast to hunt your way to the top of Tokyo’s post-apocalyptic food chain. Whether in Story or Survival Mode, you never know where your next meal will come from or the dangers you’ll face, so be prepared for anything and everything. Forage through this desolate but dangerous city to complete story-based challenges using a variety of survival skills, from all-out attack to stealth. Beware– you are not the only animal out there hunting for survival!

Fat Princess

Fat Princess made her return last year in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Now experience her original story in Fat Princess where you can choose from five distinct character classes and charge head first into battle. Upgrade your team and the castle defenses as you work with your team to save your princess. There’s a catch, though—the other team has been feeding her delicious cake, a treat she can’t resist, making her harder to escort back to your castle.

Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 will be out on store shelves on June 25th for $39.99. That’s a savings of nearly $15 off the PlayStation Store price!

While you’re cruising through the Collections section, don’t forget to pick up Jak and Daxter Collection for your PlayStation Vita, ready to pick up in stores on June 18th for $29.99.

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6 Author Replies

  • I remember seeing this rated on the ESRB some time back. I have all of the games, but this is a definite must have for anyone who hasn’t played them.

    Great bundle.

  • Nice!

  • Also, I’m guessing that because it’s “Vol. 1,” that is indicative that there will be a “Vol. 2” in the future, right? ;)

  • I have not played any of these yet. So it’s def a must buy for me.

    Question: Will Sound Shapes be Cross-Buy enabled?

  • A best of PSN without Journey, weird.
    Sound shapes is absolutely awesome though.

    • Journey has its own awesome collection with Flow, Flower and three mini-games from thatgamecompany which can’t be found anywhere else!

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    I have not purchased any of these games so this collection interests me. However i do have a few questions.

    1) Will Sound Shapes and When Vikings Attack be playable on Vita for free if i buy this collection?

    2) Will this be like the Journey Collection in which I have to install each game individually to play, or can i play them right off the disc?


    • 1) No, Sound Shapes and When Vikings Attack! will not be free Vita downloads if you buy this collection.

      2) Yes, you’ll have to install the games individually to your HDD. The disc is still required for the games to run though.

  • Does this collection include the Vita version AND the PS3 version of each game? …or the ones that are playable on the Vita.


  • To add to BossmanCCrowder1’s questions, I’d also like to ask if these games include any/all respective DLC content?

    Specifically I am familiar with Tokyo Jungle’s DLC content and I am hoping it would be included on disc.

    I am a bit archaic in my love for physical media, so while I already own Tokyo Jungle, I would love to own this set if it comes in a ‘complete’ form (i.e. with all DLC).

    Never got around to grabbing Fat Princess either, so excited about that.


  • Are we gonna be able to play Fat princess on the psvita? if so then im buying, i really want to play Warhawk, Fat Princess and Dead Nation on the vita.

  • Great stuff! Is this going to available in Europe too?

  • Glad this will let more people experience Sound Shapes. It’s one of my favorite games in a long time. I’d love to see a sequel – with a more robust create mode – on PS4.

  • Tokyo Jungle is the best!

  • Oops i have just noticed that this is a ps3 collection, bah im not interested so i’ll pass. Please sony stop treating the vita badly, i dont understand why you guys didnt work a deal with Insomniac so they could have assigned a very small team within the studio to handle Full Frontal Assault port, please work a deal with them to bring Resistance Fall of Man 2 and a full Fledge Ratchet and Clank experience to the psvita, i really hope the vita comes back to life at E3.

    oh and Warhawk on the vita would be beyond EPIC!!!!!!

  • when vikings attack and tokyo jungle?!


  • @6 and @9, I would really like to know the answers to both of your questions. I also saw the side note at the bottom about the Jak and Daxter collection on Vita. Will the PS3 version be patched so that they support cross-save? Also, will they share trophy lists?

  • I’m done buying PS3 games and will only buy them to benefit Vita, why I’m getting PS4 and don’t plan on being on PS3, I’ll either be on Vita or PS4, sadly I’ll hae to buy GtaV tho. everything else is vita versions from now on

  • can’t wait for Jak collection June 18th. Also can you guys let Gamestop in canada know. i ca’t pre-order the Jak collection here in toronto canada

  • hmmm not bad

  • My character is in When Viking Attack! :)

    Anyway I already have all of these games but good for the people who don’t.

  • This is awesome!!

  • @5 Journey has its own collection as The Journey Collection with Flower & Flow.

    @6 2) Most likely it’ll be like The Journey Collection, and the disc is required to play. It won’t be like The Sly Collection, which ran all 3 games off the disc.

  • @14 If I’m not mistaken there is a full fledged Ratchet experience for the Vita.

    Launched Yesterday in North America and today for Europe!

  • Note to Sony: Please consider releasing Best of PSN discs for the PS4 in the future. There are many ps3 psn games that I wouldn’t mind buying again if it finally meant that I could remote play them on my Vita.

  • Nice titles!

  • great bundle indeed

  • Fat princess is a very fun game, you can waste a lot of time in that one…now I want to install it again.

  • I want Fat Princess on Vita. Please make it happen Sony

  • Glad I did not buy these games yet… This is awesome!

  • wow, this is a must. Sound Shapes is genius.

  • I already own what I want from this. Honestly, I don’t see what the point is. Even the pricing is’t that competitive, especially when you consider how many times these games have been on sale in PSN, but I guess some people are too old-fashioned to download a game.

  • Fat Princess is so much fun. I hope this gets more people playing online again.

  • You show Sound Shape’s Vita GotY award, which is very confusing since you say in a reply that all games are PS3 versions only. Not everyone reads comments, so I suggest you make that clear in the post.

    On a related note, it’s extremely lame that the Vita isn’t included in this. Vol. 2 better be all Vita games.

  • Also, forgot the add. I think $40 is too much…that’s $10 per game, which is “normal” pricing. It should have been priced at $30 so it’s more like a buy-three-get-one type of deal.

  • i Have every single One of these games. 3 of the 4 are some of my top PSN games out of my 100+ collection. When Vickings attack is fun but not one of my favs. Fat Princess was the first psn game i got and i Luv it. . Sound Shapes i got Free from Earning points but man i hade a Blast with it and one of the best i ever played and still do. Tokeyo Jungle is my Top TOP psn game i ever Experienced. best 15 i spent in years. Replay Value is HUGE. great games

  • I am sorry to tell you this, but this time EU accounts get better discount/deals!
    I really want some fighting game discount on the price for the PS3 AND PS Vita, this is the only mistake PSN EU did.
    C’mon i want MK9 on my PS Vita at 9,99 bucks!

  • Can you help me? Still can´t download pinball arcade for vita.
    “The connection to the server or device has been lost (NP-2244-2)

  • You guys at Sony need to stop being lazy and look through the psn store for clearances. There are too many old games like Fat Princess that are still $15. That makes no sense. It should have a permanent price drop by now.

    Its the only game in that collection i don’t have.

  • Oh that looks good but I already have Sound Shapes and Tokyo Jungle…and the only game worth there that I dont have is When Vikings Attacks….but anyway thats a good deal for those who dont own them.

  • Will this bundle be available from the Playstation Store

  • So No DLC of any kind, None of these are cross buy unlike if I bought them online yet you still value them at the full cross buy price, and I have to install them all on my HDD but still require a disc inside my PS3 to play?

    So pretty much the almost “15$ savings” is them removing your VITA versions of the games.Which really is not a savings at all then. It’s just spending less money for less content. Needing my disc to install and play games is simply stupid, I can understand the benefits for larger scale games but with these network titles there is no reason at all for it besides trying to end the sale of used games.

  • Excellent selection of games once again, if you haven’t played them go get them.

  • Look like a great collection, however, the only game there that I don’t have is Tokyo Jungle, and I plan on picking that up the next time its on sale in the store. To me, the collections seem rather redundant since all of the games have been on sale at some point and those of us who have had our PS3s for a while probably already have them.

    @37, You said it, brother! When games are first released at retail, they cost $60, but the price drops within a few weeks. So why isn’t the same thing true on PSN? My guess is it has a lot to do with sheer greed on Sony’s part, and the developers probably have something to do with that too. That is why I rarely buy anything on PSN anymore unless it is on sale. When I first got my PS3, I always shelled out my money the minute new games were released, only to have them pop up a few months later at half price. Then there is also Plus. There is no telling which games are going to go on sale or will be given for free in Plus, so I’ve found that the safest way is simply not to buy anything unless it is on sale.

  • @ OneMoreVillain: “…but with these network titles there is no reason at all for it besides trying to end the sale of used games.”

    I have to say it, you’re completely wrong on this. High Velocity Bowling was exactly the same way. It’s not to stop used game sales. It’s to stop you from buying the disc, installing the games, then trading/selling the disc and still playing the games. You can play them as long as you have the disc, and when you’re done playing them you can trade the disc in (though you would probably want to delete the games at this point, to get your HDD space back). There is nothing “anti-used games” about this feature, it is completely logical. There is no code that ties the game/installs/disc to your PS3 console forever, like the Xbone. Stop trying to find the boogieman around every corner. He isn’t there.

  • I only own Fat Princess, and the rest of the games interest me. although it would have been nice if it included the Vita Versions of Sound Shapes and Vikings. If anything ill probably buy it when its on sale/used. If not ill just buy them individually since i can get the Vita versions along with that.

    Missed out on a great opportunity with that. I hope with Volumes 2+ you guys dont make the same mistakes with that.

  • This looks fun I haven’t played none of these titles.

  • Already have them all but this is a great bundle for those wanting to jump in.

  • unfortunately none of these titles interests me, and btw this collection is ssoooooo not worth $40 needs to be lower.

    here’s an idea: release Okami HD on disc! ;)

  • @33 first off, most of these games arent 10 dollars on psn. sound shapes, tokyo jungle and fat princess are $15 on psn, when vikings attack is 10. so this colleciton is a $55 value for $40, which is a great deal. also the purpose of this collection is for people without internet on their ps3. alot of people especially alot of kids, dont have internet on their ps3. some people live in areas, even in america, where high speed internet is not an option and can only get dial up. so with that being said, this collection isnt for you. also i already have tokyo jungle and sound chapes, so i can just buy fat princess and when vikings attack, this would be a good present for my 8 year old cousin who doesnt have internet on his ps3.

  • Can you guys please do something like this for the PS Vita?
    It would be amazing and it makes perfect sense!

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