PlayStation Blogcast 072: Movin’ On Up

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PlayStation Blogcast 072: Movin’ On Up
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Welcome back! We’ve finally moved into our shiny new office building, complete with a new recording space (hopefully we don’t sound jarringly different!). Due to the stresses of moving, today’s show is a bit less structured and articulate formal than usual. Naturally, we’ve got all the new PSN and retail game releases for next Tuesday, May 7th, some bonus PlayStation Plus info from our pal Morgan, and a generous dollop of the movie talk that apparently drives the kids wild. So I’m told, at least.


Stuff We Talked About

  • This month’s PS Plus lineup
  • Post-apocalipstick movies
  • Pinball
  • PaRappa, and other music games
  • Nick’s luxurious, silken beard (when do we stop talking about that, though?)
  • What, exactly, is the Mystery Theme?

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The Cast

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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2 Author Replies

  • yay.. another fighting game for the vita…how about Unit 13 for the IGC? It’s given away with the vita plus bundle. Make it happen…

  • Terrible Update we want Sleeping….oh wait.

  • One thing too It’s nice to see the may plus updates but I like it better when Morgan gave out hints like in the March update. People had to guess which set of games we were going to get I find that a lot of fun.

    PS: Please focus on finishing the soundbytes of the updates and DON’T deviate to my brother did this or my girlfriend did that.

  • TALLglassofWATER

    NO MORE FIGHTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is getting ridiculous. Yeah, we got disgaea 3, but Europe got zero escape AND they have told their members that they are working to get disgaea 3. In the meantime, US’s plus lineup for vita is a joke…. THE LAST THREE VITA IGCs HAVE BEEN FIGHTERS(zombie tycoon didn’t count as last month’s vita game, soul calibur did). All last month when people were already complaining about this: I thought to myself “surely sony will get the picture and cut it out with the fighters.”
    BUT NO, apparently tekken 3, soul calibur broken destiny, the king of fighters 13, and street fighter 4 are not enough.

    It’s funny, I actually saw a comment last month were someone jokingly said “I bet we get blazblue next month,” They were being sarcastic.

    That being said: the only things in the igc this month that I am interested in are knytt underground and the pinball tables, and I already own knytt underground.

    I guess at least there are some cross buy titles in the mix, but that only masks the bad taste of the vita’s section of the igc.

    I would like to see some ps1 classics like suikoden or dino crisis, or a psp rpg like tactics ogre: let us cling together or the final fantasy III reboot.

  • I love PS+. But come on.

    So Sleepings Dogs will be great for me. Heard a lot about it. Never played it. Also looking forward to Knytt Underground. But WTF IS UP WITH ALL THE FIGHTERS in NA PS+

    Seriously. We have had tekken, sf, blazblue, sould calibur, king of fighters etc.

    How many fighter do we need? Cute the crap already and bring some actual games like EU.

    I love free stuff, but when you have the same subscription program in two regions that get different games comparisons will be made.

  • Another game I already got.. getting to the point where I need to decide whether to keep my Plus subscription, or just stop buying PS games lol

    Disappointing games for the rest of the month unfortunately; here’s to June!

  • Thanks for having Morgan on. I know schedules and all, but it would be great to have him on the blogcast a few more times other than to reveal the PS+ content.

    Kyntt is a great game. The good news is that I think you might have finally ran out of fighting games to give for US PS+.

  • love PS+… please stop with the fighting games

  • My only suggestion is to change the image of these blog cast posts to something else. The giant smiling face is creepy and a little disturbing.

  • ScorchedRusalka

    Yes, yes, yes!!!… great game, great week, great month!

  • sigh…sounds like only one good game next month for PS Plus. Sleeping Dogs. Thanks for finally giving us that. I have no interest in the crappy pinball game or Kniyt Underground. Also bored of all these fighting games we’re getting. Blazblue doesn’t excite me at all.

  • yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Blazblue and Sleeping Dogs FTW!! i’ve wanted Blazblue for a while now!

    demon’s souls and sleeping dogs in back to back months! keep it up!

  • TALLglassofWATER

    @When you guys were talking about music generated levels ~ you gotta check out the music mode on space invaders: infinity gene(square-enix on PSN). It does that mp3 generated level thing you were describing, and quite well. It’s the only mode of the game I have played in depth, but I have done so for countless hours. I had no idea that there was a ps1 game that did that with compact discs, crazy.

  • YES sleepin dawgs ♥

  • Yay! Fellow fans of rhythm games! Always glad to hear from other fans of the genre and especially those who can name more than just “Guitar Hero.” Personally, my favorite series is the Korean series DJMAX. Their arcade version, Technika, is probably my favorite game and Technika Tune on the Vita is a nice approximation that I can play when I can’t make it to the arcade. It’s doesn’t entirely capture the feel of the arcade one with its 22 inch touch screen, so if you get the chance, you should play it.

    Keep up the great work on the blogcast!

    (Are you going back and sending PSN codes for past winners of mystery theme? I guessed one once but I never got a code or anything. Just curious.)

  • I like the fighters. :) Been enjoying every single one.. and going to do the same for this one. We got Disgaea, We got Zombie Tycoon… discount on Guacamelee and other indie titles.. seriously. Learn how to use PLUS wisely.. cause there’s so many benefits to having it.. not just the freebies.

    Even got Sly Cooper for 13$… and the Metal Gear games for about as cheap.

    Keep up the great work.. and know that the negative feedback is miniscule compared to the love for PS Plus your customers have!

  • we need more fighter games way to many fps

  • Lots of comments! I hope this amount of comments keeps up for every episode! This one should be farm fresh indeed, started playing it now!

  • By the way guys, I hope the move to the new office is going well! One of the guys that are on our podcast (The DLB-Network Podcast) works there too as the PS offices and said the new offices are nice but different – they will really take some getting used to, he says lots of sun shining in and glare on their screens, haha, time to invest in curtains!

  • Will Sleeping Dogs have discounted or free DLC?

    I didn’t listen to the entire podcast. Sorry.

  • On the subject of rhythm games, does anyone know whatever happened to Kickbeat? Haven’t heard any info on it in a while, hopefully it was not abandoned :(

    @andyscout I’ve wanted to check out Technika Tune for a while now, but I really want it to go on sale.

  • Not sure how the PS+ membership is going to work after the PS4 comes out, but I know I’m going to need a couple more years to get through my backlog of free games. Sleeping Dogs!? Looks like I may have to start at the top of my backlog list and work my way down! I was hoping for Okami HD also, but I’m not about to complain. We’ll need something good for next month anyway.

  • @66 very upset that sly4 got the discount, i just bought it retail last month :/

  • Seriously all the complaining about another Fighting game for the Vita? If you want to complain about Vita games, complain that there is not enough content in general.

    What game do you want from PS+ for Vita? Seriously, give me something reasonable. Personally, as much as I love my Vita, I would not mind there not being a Vita game for a month if SOE figured out a way to push some of their internal studies into pushing out some more quality games like LBPV and Gravity Rush. Maybe figure out a way to get some of those 3DS JRPGs onto the Vita. Hell get some of those JP Vita games translated for the West.

  • BlazBlue is actually pronounced like Blaze Blue. The word is spoken many times in the story.
    It is a great fighter that supports online play though, and it even has a good (and very deep) story mode for every character, so while the complaints of too many fighting games is warranted… it’s not that bad of a thing this time.

  • I heard you talking about Final Fantasy XI.

    They are celebrating their 11th anniversary.

  • Will listen to this

    Pass this word up to corporate, please.

    We need a mobile browser compatible version of the PSN Webstore, HTML5 of course

  • I doubt anyone dislikes fighters more than I, but NO WAY am I complaining!!

    Free games is what it is. And I will add all to download, cause maybe I’ll like them in the future.

    In the meantime, I’ll play others that I’ve gotten free before or got at discounted price, or that I paid full price for.

    Even the argument that EU gets better games is not quite holding water as much as before….Sleeping Dogs….a very prominent example of this.

    Makes me believe that Morgan is going to bat for us as best as he can, given the (obvious) dynamics of Sony/publishers/developers relations.

    You have my thanks, Morgan and the PS+ team, more so on behalf of those who may appear as not being so willing to grant theirs.

    I am still looking forward to VLR in US PS+……..

  • I cannot recommend Pinball Arcade enough, it’s great having classic pinball tables on my PS Vita on the go. Please get it, and support the devs and get some DLC tables. (Twilight Zone, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dr.Dude/Firepower, and Elvira and the Party Monsters/No Good Gofers are the best ones to start with, although you can’t go wrong with any of them.)

  • I am so happy that we are getting sleeping dogs Tuesday this has been a game I have been wanting to play for a while now. Also its great that we are also getting Knytt Underground it looks like a fun and interesting With pinball arcade I feel the game is totally wrong the physics don’t seem right and the ball is kinda floating around in the game and doesn’t feel right. Maybe its just the demo and its just really buggy or maybe the team at Farsight doesn’t make that good of pinball compared to the team at Zen studios. Does anyone else think the comparison of those 2 studios and the pinball they make is totally different?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ saab01

    You must not play real pinball very much. The physics in Pinball Arcade aren’t perfect of course, but they’re much closer to the real thing than any pinball video game has ever been before. Unfortunately, there are a lot of glitches in the game that keep can disrupt the flow of a good game, and it keeps the game from ever reaching greatness. The potential for greatness is clearly there, but sometimes FarSight can’t seem to get out of their own way.

    Zen’s physics are their own. It’s like they’re borrowing from reality at times, but they mostly exist in their own world, or their own vision of how pinball should play. Which isn’t a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. I love both games. They’re both incredibly fun, and just like real pinball, all the tables included within are timeless. Pinball just never gets old. I’m a pinball junkie for life.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    “that can disrupt the flow of the game”, is what I meant to say.

    Forgot to delete that “keep”.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Sleeping Dogs, Knytt Underground, and Pinball Arcade are all wonderful choices for the May offerings.

    I own all of those, and I can personally attest to how satisfying each one of them can be, each for different reasons.

    And Sleeping Dogs in particular… well, I must say, even though classic 8-bit and 16-bit games are better than newer games OVERALL, Sleeping Dogs is one of those rare gems that succeeds it predecessors in every way. I can honestly say it’s one of the best games I have ever played. EVER. It’s in my personal Top 10 of all time, across all generations of gaming.

  • Just stacked up my PS Plus subscription for another year with my Crystal White PS3. I’m good through Jun 2015, hope that 500GB HD will be enough!

  • Morgan. Use your power to get VIb Ribbon on PSN. Willing to pay top price for such a great music game. Only half joking but you guys should google this import. Please reply if you have played this music game before.

  • Did you all figure out what was that high-pitched noise at around the 48 minute mark? It kind of sounds like something in a water line.

  • I can confirm that the PlayStation 2 version of Final Fantasy XI is still playable.

  • Still fine with more awesome fighting games coming for vita/ps3, of course casuals may not like it because they are really bad at the competitive nature of the genre and they find it intimidating, but for us hardcore gamers is a really good deal because they offer plenty of replay value for us, thanks sony.

  • Morgan,

    Kudos on landing Sleeping Dogs! I really like that pick, just as I liked Demon Souls and Spec Ops. On the big name titles that you guys are bringing to the PS3, you are hitting it out of the park and I couldn’t be happier. Also, I’ve loved the sales and hope you guys continue with them. On a side note, I think it would be really cool if you guys talked with the companies you work with and set up a whole month of sales down the road where DLC is exclusively on sale. I don’t buy DLC until I’ve finished a game, so it would be a really good reason for me to dig out / redownload some of my older games.

  • Lastly, I know you’ve heard this, but I want to add my voice into the argument. I’m really discouraged that my Vita is getting yet another fighter. I’m sure Blazblue is a good figther, but I’m seriously exhausted of the genre. Sure, I’ll download it, but it probably won’t be played much. I played Tekken a decent amount, yet then we got Soul Calibur and I really haven’t touched my Vita since. I know the other games, Knytt and Pinball, are cross-buy, but you have to see where everyone is coming from. Three months of featured fighters is too much. I don’t mind getting PSP games, and I would rather have three of those that are from different genres than another fighter. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want variety. There seems to be a trend where you guys get stuck on one genre, and the reason I like Plus is because it lets me sample games I wouldn’t regularly buy (ex. Sleeping Dogs and Demon’s Souls). As a huge supporter of the program, please! No more fighters for at least a couple of months! Then you can give us Skull Girls, which I think is about the only fighter we haven’t received. Okay, that was hyperbole, but you get my drift.

  • Thanks for listening. And again, I am looking forward to Sleeping Dogs and Knytt.

  • I was thinking about buying some fighting game with netplay, and here comes blazblue. thanks psn+

  • This is a pretty solid lineup. I’ve actually been looking forward to trying out Sleeping Dogs, and the Extend edition of Blazblue. Knytt Underground’s demo also intrigued me a little bit.

    Pinball Arcade, however, is an odd choice.

  • Less chit-chat, more business — wth is this?

  • thekingofreyes3

    I know what the mystery theme is but I can’t send the answer I tried clicking on the link but nothing happens ;__;

  • @thekingofreyes3 Just copy the address and send an email to that address. I’d probably put Mystery Theme or something like that in the subject line.

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