PlayStation Blogcast 072: Movin’ On Up

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PlayStation Blogcast 072: Movin’ On Up
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Welcome back! We’ve finally moved into our shiny new office building, complete with a new recording space (hopefully we don’t sound jarringly different!). Due to the stresses of moving, today’s show is a bit less structured and articulate formal than usual. Naturally, we’ve got all the new PSN and retail game releases for next Tuesday, May 7th, some bonus PlayStation Plus info from our pal Morgan, and a generous dollop of the movie talk that apparently drives the kids wild. So I’m told, at least.


Stuff We Talked About

  • This month’s PS Plus lineup
  • Post-apocalipstick movies
  • Pinball
  • PaRappa, and other music games
  • Nick’s luxurious, silken beard (when do we stop talking about that, though?)
  • What, exactly, is the Mystery Theme?

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The Cast

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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2 Author Replies

  • Could you consider adding time stamps for the podcast, so we can skip to when you, say, talk about PS Plus?

  • Parappa is way too expensive on the PSN store guys. Reduce the price please.

    And you guys should have put the Parappa games and the PSP Jak and Daxter games up for sale for the PS All-Stars Heritage Sale.

  • Rumored about Sleeping Dogs in May. Is that true?! So excited !!!

  • when i picked up soul sacrifice @ gmestop yesterday they had a poster sleeping dogs ps plus INC so im guessing its true

  • we need to slow down the fighting games on the IGN i think we already have every fighting game for ps3 and vita.

  • Plus May
    -Sleeping Dogs May 7
    -Pinball Arcade (Arabian Nights,Ripley’s Believe it or not,Theatre of Magic, Black Hole)
    -Knytt Underground
    -Blaz Blue Continuum Shift Extend (vita)

  • The audio volume seems lower than usual, guys.

    Also, kickass PS+ lineup!

  • Sleeping Dogs for PS Plus May 7th <3

  • Love the surplus of Vita games for May, thank you.

  • About time with a game like Sleeping Dogs, SpecOps was nice too, didn’t like Demon Souls for it’s age, if it were Dark Souls then yes if it were even DLable. How about Resistance 3 for PSN? Are those servers still online?

    Too many fighting games but how about Tekken Tag 2? I’d play that.

    KEEP THIS UP so we don’t have to keep whining about what they get in EU!!!

  • The audio is way too low on this week’s episode. Podcasts are normally loud and clear on my Nexus 7, but I have to hold it up to my ear to hear you guys talk clearly for this episode. Please try to make sure the audio is back to normal for future episodes. Thanks.

  • Oh my gosh! I won the mystery theme!! Thanks guys!

  • Oh jeez….enough with the fighting games!!!!!!!!

  • CoffeeKillquest

    Yes Sleeping Dogs is awesome.

  • Fun way to announce the next ps+ games. Especially excited about Knytt Underground!

  • Nice! Sleeping Dogs is a welcome addition.

    But ANOTHER fighting game for Vita? Come on guys! Id love to have more than one genre in existence on Vita PS+. Morgan even responded to the complaints of too many fighting games so its not like you didnt know people were getting annoyed by it.

  • soundandvision77

    Seriously? Another fighting game for PS Plus? Did anyone even read the comments on last week’s PS Plus post?

  • SlashGashTerror1

    Kinda pissed cuz i just bought sleeping dogs yesterday and threw it out(which i regret)…..but its nice to see such a good game for may….im really excited to see whats in store for june with the 1 year anniversary of the Instant Game Collection

  • SlashGashTerror1

    *threw out the receipt i meant

  • Parappa will be missed…

  • This was one of the best podcasts you guys have done. The 4 person dynamic really brought a lot of energy and back and forth that made it lively. I also found myself laughing aloud at some of the jokes and such (Parappa body pillow?!). Hope Justin and Morgan can be on more often. Good stuff!

  • Tuns of fun good work guys thanks!!

  • Sin, I’d love to see the occasional video podcast. It was cool to see at E3 last year and I miss it.

  • lol I mean “Sid”.

  • Very much enjoyed this episode – thank you guys for the fun talks, thanks Morgan for the PS+ May lineup (looking forward to it) & thank you Justin for dropping by as well. Maybe try having a 5 person episode with Aram hopefully.

  • Knytt (ke-nit) Underground is a great game. The three level breakdown is what makes it feel like something someone who enjoyed Guacamelee would also enjoy.

    Also, Nick and Sid, Machinarium pronunciation as confirmed by Jakub Dvorský from Amanita Design:
    “the right pronunciation is both MACK-inarium and MASH-inarium. we prefer the latter because it evokes machines.”

    So, there you have it. Another pronunciation conundrum bites the dust.

  • great podcast this week but i gotta know whats nicks reason for not wanting to finish the walking dead u guys touched on it but i gotta know what cause his trama

  • great games I cant wait for these games and thank god I didn’t buy some of these! ps+ is really awesome! cant wait for next week! also u guy7s are doing a great job!
    I realy love ps+ and it worth every penny! awesome games every month!
    no complaining here, I never stop playing my ps3!
    AWSOME UPDATE! YOU GUYS AT PLAYSTATION KICK ASS! AGAIN YOU GUYS MAKE XBOX LIVE LOOK LIKE CRAP! keep up the great job and games coming! ps+ 4 life!

  • also SLEEPING DOGS! is a really great game for any who has not tried it get ps+ its FREE 4ps+!
    keep up the great job! im playing that game like crazy! ill keep blogging!
    ps+ 4 life!

  • bt1234567892010

    Sleeping Dogs and Knytt Underground on Plus?

    ahhh I love you guys :D

  • bt1234567892010

    also, guys I think Knytt Underground is cross-buy, chances are you’ll get both the PS3 and Vita games free….so, you get a Vita game besides a fighter, okay?

    on another note I forgot to mention earlier, I’ve played the original BlazeBlue continuum shift, and it’s honestly a really good fighter, much better than SoulCal, or Tekken, or SF…or KoF…., but it’s really hard, easier than Tekken or KoF, but it’s still challenging to play.

  • never mind i read the issue i know why he does not want to finish the game now all i can say is wow pretty rough issue

  • Can you please add Parappa 2 to PSN? It should’ve been there during the Inheritance Sale. Think about it- gamers should know these classic characters for All-Stars, more profit from All-Stars AND the PS2 Classic. Win-win.

  • How open world is Sleeping Dogs? I never really paid much attention to it before but now that it’s gonna be free I wanna know a bit more about it.

  • Wild Arms. :D

    Speaking of… Wild Arms 6. Send word to SCEJ to get Media.Vision up on that ish on PS Vita. It needs it!

    Also, all the Wild Arms games on PS2 would be great on PSN… or even better an HD Collection. :D And on Vita. :D

    No? D:

    SCE needs to put more effort into supporting it’s RPGs. You got nothing, and when you do, you (SCEA) rarely even localize them. Hmph. *throws things*

  • wow 3 fighting games in a row? , before I got my ps+ I heard people saying it’s great , so I wanted to try it out on my vita, I bought it in 3/18/13 and I’m happy I didn’t waste money on 1 year of ps+ , good thing I bought the 3 months because all I saw is fighting games in a row, the only things I used my ps+ on are 2 games were on discount and TBH if I didn’t have ps+ I would had only paid 15$ more to get these 2 games , my ps+ ends on 6/18 , I guess no more ps+ for me . I don’t mind having 1 fighting game but 3 games in a row , what about the people who don’t like fighting games? and no here I’m not crying nor angry I’m just saying my opinion and TBH I’m happy I tried the 3 months and not the 1 year of ps+ .

  • I think you are going to run out of fighting games soon for PS+.(I hope so….)

  • Watch Blazblue for PS+ come out when Divekick comes out, or some other fighting game that pops up out of nowhere.

    Just like the last two times we got fighters from Plus. We also got new fighters (DoA5+ / Guilty Gear Superlongsubtitle). smh Your timing and variety leave much to be desired Sony.

    I love me some Blazblue, and it’s nice I’ll be able to have a digital alternative to my cart but sheesh. Spice it up. We don’t need thousands of fighting games.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    I agree with everyone, please stop filling PS + games with fighting games.

  • And a resounding, yes, the Tree Tops are tough. I died my first go at it as well. I got to the blades (with much trouble). Then died. Said “NO I HATE YOU” to the developers on twitter and went to beat the game (which I hadn’t done yet. Beat the game, went back for all the other masks first. Came back to the tree tops. Did really well getting back up to the saws, and got it fairly quickly.

    I was so proud. D’:

    I think Guacamelee has the perfect balance of difficulty. Some of the areas in Hard gave me a lot of trouble too. xP

  • PS+ talk starts 10 minutes in. You’re welcome

  • Sorry Sid, but I am positive that it is pronounced “Blaze Blue” not “Blaz Blue”. Also I’d love to see other genres for PS Vita games :)

  • yes you can tell us where to skip to its called a table of contents at the begining of the show i know you guys edit this before posting it sorry if i sound angry its bc of another fighting game like really 3 in a row im so tired of this CRAP so glad i only paid for a 3 month plus membership because i will not get another membership till i see better games i.e. no more fighting games

  • vita downloads get paused on sleep firmware 2.11

    i know old firmware used to have this problem and they fixed it in subsequent vita firmware but as from firmware 2.11, everytime i put my vita to sleep, either press the power button or let it sleep by itself while downloading a game, by the time i check my download progress, the download has been paused, its so annoying. i used to put my vita to sleep while it downloads :smileysad:

    is it because power saving mode is enabled or what? its so so annoying…

    why has it not been fixed. is it a bug? even the power saving mode is confusing when u read the manual.

    i want my vita to save power but not pause my download. come on sony. fix that

    someone help me, some guys on neogaf also got this problem.

    i guess its a bug because i used to put my vita to sleep everytime i download something. even when the option auto disconnect from wifi was enabled. now that setting is gone and has been replaced by power saving mode. i turned it on but what is so weird is that it will pause my downloads but if i push a download from sony webstore, it will download the stuff. that is sooo weird

  • thanks commenters for telling the ps plus content saved me the trouble of downloading this “playstation” podcast lol

    dang i beat sleeping dogs already… i guess i can use the freebie to get the dlc …. i hope theres a discount for it soon … it was discounted in europe

    and i have blazblue already it was my 3rd or 4th vita game that i bought …maybe more traffic will come to that games online now

    at least were getting pinball arcade ive been loving zen pinball 2 and been wanting to get more boards so thats cool :)

    and knyt underground omg thank goodness i didnt buy it lol ive been wanting that one for a while now

    well thanks again guys

  • i also support re-releases of the wild arms ps2 games …an hd collection would be awesome but its 4 ps2 games so i dont see that happening lol ps2 classics is more than enough… i never played parts 4 & 5 nor the part 1 remake, just wild arms 3, it was one of my favorites, good music on that one

  • So the rumours were true. Thank you Morgan and team for Sleeping Dogs!

  • Thanks Sid and Blog team for this wonderful Blogcast. Of course, the highlight of it was Morgan’s reveal of the PS+ games for May. First, the reveal of Sleeping Dogs was very exciting! I have toyed with buying this game for a while, but have remained hopeful that it would eventually come to PS+ in the States. A combination of GTA and Arkham City has me very intrigued, with a great storyline to boot! I was also similarly pleased to see that Vita would be receiving 3 games this month in Pinball Arcade, Knytt Underground, and BlazBlue. I am looking forward to Pinball and Knytt, as I have not had the opportunity to play those games. Unfortunately (fortunately?), I bought BlazBlue during a PS Store sale a couple months back for $19. I have not had the opportunity to actually play it yet (got caught up with LBP Vita and Persona 4 Golden…now playing Persona 3 Portable), but I’ve heard nothing but good things. I hear that it has some very in-depth stories for its characters in its single-player arcade mode, which reminds me of Mortal Kombat. I’m not a big fighting game fan, but if true, that goes a long way towards making the game enjoyable for me. Keep up the great work team!

  • Dat Plus line-up!

  • whatasandwich21

    Yes Sleeping dogs! I remember it came to Europe in march and i thought it was coming to NA, was super sad, so excited to play it, right there worth the price of my plus membership.

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