Dragon’s Crown for PS3, PS Vita Melting Faces on August 6th

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Dragon’s Crown for PS3, PS Vita Melting Faces on August 6th

Dragon’s Crown has had a long development process – especially for those of you who remember E3 2011 when Ignition first mentioned the game. But now ATLUS and Odin Sphere developer Vanillaware are putting a stake in the ground for August 6th, 2013. If you’re not familiar with Dragon’s Crown, it’s a 2D multiplayer action beat-em-up exclusive to the PS3 and PS Vita that features four-person co-op play, six character classes, skills that can be leveled up, and all the dungeon-exploring, orc-slapping, treasure-seeking action you can shake a magical staff at. If you’re not familiar with the date August 6th, please consult a calendar.

Dragon's Crown for PS3 and PS Vita

One of the reasons development took so long is the painstaking detail that makes every character, background or combat animation worthy of the artistic vision of Vanillaware. The intricacies in the artwork are immediately noticeable on both the PS3 and PS Vita versions. Speaking of, we’re working right now on making sure that gamers can take their saved games with them on the Vita. So while Vita adventurers can’t party up with PlayStation dungeoneers, it doesn’t mean they have to stop leveling and looting if they have to leave the living room.

Dragon's Crown for PS3 and PS Vita

The other thing that’s immediately noticeable about Dragon’s Crown are the fantastical player characters. The Amazon, Dwarf, Elf, Fighter, Sorceress and Wizard all exude extreme character designs to emphasize their powerfulness. The outlandish character design stands out from the hordes of goblins, orcs, myconids (evil, sentient mushrooms), and other dangerous creatures that populate the world of Hydeland. Oh, and in case you were wondering: yes, you can fight dragons in it.*

Aug. 6 will be here sooner than you think, so make sure to stay up to date with Dragon’s Crown on the official game website and right here on the PlayStation Blog.

*There will also be a crown in the game.

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  • Platinum trophy, guys? :)

  • Man! I really want both the Vita and PS3 versions…but 80$? I’m hoping for a PSPlus deal to get both if even only a slight discount. Still…the game looks wonderful.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Please, please, please consider a demo.

    Honestly, it completely baffles me when games don’t have demos. You can get away with it for a tried and true game, but Dragon’s Crown is anything but. DC is a hybrid beat’em up with RPG elements….I don’t know anything else to compare it directly with, so how am I supposed to know if it’s the type of game I’d like? It looks great, but I don’t buy games for visuals alone.

    I already have a nice backlog in Vita titles as is (and don’t even get me started on my Steam library), so without a demo, there’s really no reason for me to take the plunge on an unknown.

    • Noted – I’ll pass along your sentiments, and trust me when I say that you’re not the only person asking about a demo. I don’t know if we’re at the point where we can change that, but having fan support never hurts.

  • As this was originally announced as a Vita title, that’s definitely the version I plan to buy. But after I saw a while back that it was being developed for PS3 as well, I was curious. If there’s no cross-buy or bundle price (like, say, both versions for $75 or something), then I’ll probably just stick with the Vita version. Unless, as DaMann22 said, there are separate trophy lists. Then I’ll most likely both both versions at launch, discount be damned. Been waiting a long time for this game. And with Muramasa Rebirth coming this year as well, the Vita is finally starting to heat up!

    PS: Add one more fan of the original Odin Sphere. Bought it for PS2 and as a PS2 Classic. Actually, the ONLY PS2 Classic that I own. :D

  • this is grade A awesome-sauce right here folks!!

    please include Japanese voices.

  • I’ve been super excited about this game since it was first announced. Unfortunately, the character design (especially the Amazon and sorceress) is turning me off. I don’t recall any other VanillaWare games being so…in your face?…

  • It makes me cringe that the official answer to my question was “We have no idea, there are two conflicting opinions internally”. Serious question since I’m not in the localization business; how hard is it honestly to NOT remove the native audio? Is it a legal issue? Why on Earth would you even want to entertain the notion of taking it away?

    • It’s not that they are conflicting opinions – there are decisions that haven’t been made yet. The issues with keeping it in or out are business issues that are still being discussed. Bottom line, I had one expectation of what was going to happen to the audio, but production told me something different. Neither of which are set in stone or things I can talk about in any detail until that decision gets made. I was trying to tease you without getting in specifics and you’re calling me out on it, so there’s an actual response for you.

  • #41 – infamousXX87XX

    I’ve certainly played Odin Sphere, and that is precisely why I am so hoping that Dragon’s Crown and Muramasa Rebirth will make their way onto European shores as well as North America.

    I never got round to playing Muramasa: The Demon Blace on Wii though, which is a shame. Again – please bring these games to the EU store!!!

  • To those other comments…
    This game would’ve been a $15-30 if the original devs/publishers didn’t hand over the project to someone else. However, the new devs/publishers added WAY more content than was originally intended and so the price tag went up. This game falls along the lines of Muramasa: The Demon Blade- so if you enjoyed that game you should enjoy this one as well. Wait for the review, which I’m sure will be great, then buy the game.
    I’m going to pre-order it along with demon blade.

  • Shame on people for whining about price. 2D =/= cheap.

    Heck, we see so few 2D games these days because it’s so much work to create them over slapping out a generic 2.5D game. *looks at Nintendo and 90% of their games*

    Have had these preordered for as long as I can remember. Can’t wait to finally get it on my Vita and PS3.

  • Will all the characters have their own storys or will they all be going through the same story

  • I’m a huge fan of this type of game, and I’m glad they’re making a comeback with varying results. I’ll be buy the D&D 2 pack, which were created by the same guy as Dragon’s Crown I heard. And I LOVE how the gnr has gotten deeper with longer branching story lines, leveling and side quests.

    But I’m also used to these games costing 10 bucks, twenty tops. As much as I WANT to support this game,at $40 for the vita version and for some strange reason MORE for the PS3s version, I’m very curious as to just how much depth this game contains compared to the old DnDs or say….Castle Crashers? Like is there loot like a proper RPG where my weapons and armor actually change when I eqiup pieces? Is it like 20 hrs worth of campaign to clear it start to fin?

    I hope equipment changes visually at least for that price, I want some revolution like that for the genre to warrant it for 50 bucks. And all the released info has just been the character models.

    • I can’t get into specifics just yet, but we’ll be revealing all the details on the game’s depth in due time. But trust me, it’s got depth in spades.

  • Considering price and the sad lack of CrossBuy it seems as if I’ll definitely get the PS Vita version of Dragon’s Crown. Portability is king and the PS Vita proves why sincere traditional handheld gaming tromps both home console and cell phone gaming for those of us who live our lives away from the beloved living room.

  • Will all the characters have their own storys or will they all be going through the same story? OH and this game has definitely got be good if atlus is publishing it im still on persona 4 golden on my vita and i got it day one, although i have put it down for a while to max all my spells and what not on the soul sacrifice demo

  • My only issue with the price is that the game is ten dollars cheaper on the Vita despite it being the exact same game. What exactly is the ten dollars for? Am I paying for the luxury of not playing it on a console that runs on a battery?

    I’d pay a hundred if that was the standard price; but it irks me that the Vita users get the same product for cheaper for seemingly no reason.

  • Seeing as the game has one story arc will there be different endings? or all the same? oh and will there be extra missions/ side missions for on and offline

  • Please tell me it’s not region locked. After Persona 4 Arena, I’ve been very paranoid with Atlus PS3 releases.

  • Will the ps3 version have a day 1 digital release on psn? If so, will it have preorder bonuses if the retail version does?

  • btw, i could personally care less about original japanese voice acting in these games. Dual Audio option is always the best case scenerio, but publishers should always put local dubbing efforts into the game above all else.
    Otherwise the localization just comes across as incredibly lazy, specifically what Koei has been doing with their games recently.

  • This is easily my most anticipated game of the year. I am in for both the vita and ps3 versions.

  • 40 bucks for a 2d game..smh..it should be 20.so ….no thank you..i appreciate all your hard work ..but id rather spend it on a full 3d game like Sly or that has also cross buy for one price….or buy a few PSN/PSV games..i shall pick it up when its on sale..THANK YOU :)

    • When you actually go hands-on with Dragon’s Crown, it’ll make you leave your 2D bias behind. Trust.

  • I have been waiting so much for this game and it’s almost here. Just some months more!

    Is there going to be a PSN version to download?

  • booo No CROSS-BUY or CROSS-PLAY… May i ask why the delay if u couldnt implement Cross-play?

  • First, let me put in my vote for 3D Dot Game Heroes as a PSN download! So many people haven’t played that awesome game and it’s not easy to find on shelves any more. Furthermore, it would be a perfect game to play on Vita. Make it happen! ;)

    This game has a great art style! Some questions about this game:

    1) are there GLBT playable characters or story elements? After the bizarre self-loathing cop-out at the end of Persona 4 Golden, Atlus needs to do better in this area.

    2) One set of trophies for both PS3 and Vita? If not, do they both have Platinums?

    3) I agree with @47 on the over-sexualized female avatars. Make the male avatars as hot/nude, or give the women some more dignity.

  • Interested! Amazon and Sorceress for the tits!! :D

  • I agree with those who find the supernatural female proportions disturbing, but I just went on the DC website. The art is beautiful and the story sounds fun so I’m going to seriously consider this. And yes, Atlus is great so once again I will plead: Demon’s Souls for Vita!!!!!!!!

    • “Demon’s Souls for Vita”

      Just put that on a post-it, and putting that post-it on some (more) important (than I am) peoples’ monitors. :D

  • Sooooo excited for this game :) Easily my most anticapated game of the year for me!!!! Thank the gods they still make 2D games. That pissed me off people complaining about the price though. Well worth the money and more IMO!

  • I’m definitely hyped for this.

    Also, words cannot describe how much I love Atlus. <3

  • looks very nice but i would like to play this game in a cross platform. Go ahead Atlus1!!!! I hope for the next arcade you implement the crossplatform the vita needs games.

  • rlly exited for this game coming to my ps vita!!, P4G was a great game so I just waiting another big title from ATLUS

  • Thanks, august 6th is perfect for psvita

    japanese audio?

  • I know that the date is for the NA release date, but I still plan to import. So I hope it’ll be free region like all PS3/Vita games are supposed to be.

  • I’m very upset that there is no demo planned for this game. The gameplay looks like a lot of fun – but no demo = no purchase.

    Also, no cross-buy is a other demerit for this game.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this game back when it was first revealed (it was the game that made me purchase a Vita in the first place) and ever since Atlus took over publishing duties it has shot up in my most wanted list. Hopefully this game will be a success for Atlus and Vanillaware and we’ll see more games from the two in the future to come. Vanillaware is going to dominate the Vita this summer with both this game and Muramasa Rebirth.

  • PS Vita day 1 purchase for sure!!! I loved Odin Sphere & already have Muramasa pre-ordered as well.
    Thank you very much Atlus for the Vita lovin’, so excited for these & pls keep them coming.

  • I just wanted to chime in and also give my praise for Persona4Golden. I think it’s a truly beautiful game and I’m already excited for the new PS Vita title Mind Zero which hails from the makers of P4G.

    I’ve always admired and continue to adore Vanillaware and Atlus. The artwork and video game designs of Muramasa, Grand Knights History, Dragon’s Crown and Mind Zero show that 2D games are still relevant and it’s sad to see some people decrying these games as cheap. It is my prayer and hope that both Mind Zero and Grand Knights History will be released in Europe and North America on the the PS Vita.

  • Yeah another excellent game for PS Vita!!!!!! there’s no cross buy awe well i’ll get the PS Vita version definitely.

  • im definitely John Hardin for the responses regarding the JPN audio.

    knowing Vanillaware(which all of their games are dual audio one way another) i think it’s safe to assume it’s gonna be the same here as well.

    for me all i ask is can you please put a limited edition run?

    i already plan on cancelling my vita version(after just cancelling the PS3 a few days ago) and revert back to PS3 since the game is gorgeous as hell.

    if you put a limited edition run, i’ll buy both copies in LE Day 1!!!!!

    thanks again for the responses, really appreciate it!

  • Hmmm reminds me a lot of Dungeons and dragons which was great at that time. Its a 60$ game or a PSN title? The multiplayer is online and offline?

  • August is gonna seem like forever…….

  • I really like Kamitani’s attitude towards his work, it’s something I really respect.

    Will they be including those three dwarves he showed Kotaku as DLC?(lol)

    Actually will there by any sort of DLC characters? Would be wonderful to see what other characters they could add.

    Also, all this non-news about Persona 5 is making me worried that it’s not going to be for PlayStation consoles. Will you say something to sooth my worried soul?

  • @John Hardin

    If Atlus truly loves their fans, then can they please give us a Persona collection with HD remastered P3 fes and P4? :)

  • The PS3 version is a definite must-buy for me. Although, a few points…

    1) I do think, for people who are wondering whether a 2D game is worth the price, a demo is an absolute must-have. People who haven’t played Odin Sphere are going to be hard to sway if they can’t get a taste of the game beforehand. Might want to do that.
    2) Please let there be either an English dub or dual-audio. I really get annoyed at European looking/influenced characters speaking Japanese. Muramasa should be in Japanese, since it takes place in Japan. This is more medieval and needs English, imo.
    3) I really wish there were plans to bring Persona 4 Golden to PS3. Not all of us like to play portables and I’d pay a full new-release prices to play that on my big ol’ HDTV.

    Just some thoughts, while you’re putting post-its on people’s monitors.





    I have four questions, please.

    1) Are you planning a sequel for this game? Because it deserves TONS of sequels.

    2) Will you, please, bring it to Europe?

    3) Will Persona 5 be on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, please? Can you share some news about the game or you can’t?

    4) Do you plan on making a sequel for Catherine? Because it is awesome.

    Thank you very much.

    • <3

      1) Agreed, but it will depend on a number of things once august rolls around

      2) I don't have any details on what's going to happen with EU, but we're not ignoring it.

      4) There's nothing planned, and I don't think the game's endings set it up for any kind of sequel (maybe it'd have to be a prequel or spirtual successor kind of thing?) but yeah, it's awesome and totally would be cool.

  • People are complaining about price!? Do people not know the amazing quality of games Vanillaware has made? Not to mention the stellar games Atlus has always been a part of. I would gladly pay 60 bucks for this game. August 6th can’t come any sooner. Day 1!

  • Great news, so glad to finally hear a firm release date. Been waiting for this title forever….definitely picking it up.

  • oh man ~ August 6th ?! that’s long wait ~~~
    and I want KOF 13 on my Vita ~~~~~~~! ( o_O ||| )

  • Dear Atlus,

    PLEASE localize Grand Knight History. You are our only hope.

    Thank you for Dragon Crown. I will certainly buy it on launch.

  • I am very interested in playing this game especially since i haven’t stop playing P4G or P3P and it seems like a good change in pace

    Plus its Atlus and they haven’t disappointed me yet

    Now the question remains is PS3 or Vita?

    • That’s a difficult choice. I’m personally more of living room gamer, but I had Dragon’s Crown on a test Vita for a recent business trip. Couldn’t put it down, length of the plane ride wasn’t even noticeable. (other than the federally mandated periods where electronic devices MUST be shut off, naturally)

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